These are my top 3 people for some roles! *Note*- I do say "an unknown" for many of these roles, because in my opinion an unknown would do a great job portraying them. Feel free to comment about my choices and to tell me who you think would do a good job!


1. Hailee Steinfeld (You may recognize her as Mattie Ross from "True Grit." She looks like Katniss, and we all know she can act like a determined girl who always gets what she wants!)

2. An unknown (Okay, there are a ton of people who are currently unknowns who would love to play Katniss that would do a great job. Why should we count them out? Lionsgate is holding open auditions, after all.)

3. Malese Jow (Malese actually looks somewhat like Katniss. I've never seen her act, but if we can't get an unknown or Hailee to play Katniss, I'd have to say that Malese would be my next choice.)


1. An unknown (I haven't seen any actors that make me go- Whoa! He mustmustMUST be Peeta, like I'd seen with Hailee. The rest of the guys I list are what, in their early 20s or something? That would be kind of awkward for Hailee/a young unknown to kiss. With an unknown, we can actually find a Peeta who looks a lot like he's supposed to, and make it not so awkward to see them kissing. /I personally think that someone who is currently 15 or 16 would make a great Peeta!/)

2.Jake Abel (Some of you may have seen Jake as Luke in "The Lightning Thief." He looks somewhat Peeta-like and can act pretty well. Again, it doesn't make me go whoahemustbePeetaorelse, like it was when I realized that Hailee should be Katniss, but.)

3. Chord Overstreet (He sort of looks like Peeta, and can act pretty well. You may recognize him as Sam from the amazing TV Show, "Glee," showing that he can also sing, although singing well is not a requirement that a potential Peeta should have, it's an added bonus :P)


1. Elle Fanning (Okay, Elle just screams Prim. She's perfect for the role, although I do think that the Fanning family has had so much fame that it wouldn't hurt to share with some other family. But yes. She's PERFECT.)

2. An unknown (Okay, this is mainly because I'd like to be Prim myself. But I also know a lot of unknowns who would jump at the chance to be Prim! Again, we should give the unknowns a shot.)

3. Ryan Simpkins (She looks kind of like Prim....she'd be good.)


1. An unknown (This is the same situation as the Peeta one. I haven't found any actresses that would be a perfect Rue. I believe that the best Rue is an actresss that is currently unknown.)

2. Jamia Nash (Jamia seems like she'd be a really good Rue. She can sing, which is one of the requirements of being Rue, and from some of the pictures that I have seen she looks the part.)

3. Jadagrace (Jadagrace would be another good Rue! The only adjustment would be that she couldn't have that wild hair, but the hair/makeup people on set could probably fix it.)


1. Dakota Fanning (Dakota would be amazing as Madge! The only problem with casting her as Madge would be if they cast her as Prim there would be a Fanning overload! I know the townspeople are supposed to look somewhat alike, but if they cast Dakota as Madge and Elle as Prim, Madge and Prim would look too alike.)

2. AnnaSophia Robb (AnnaSophia would make a GREAT Madge. She looks like Madge and can act, so why not?)

3. Sophia Linkletter (Sophia looks a lot like Madge, and from what I've heard she can act! She's really pretty, and would be a great Madge!)

So, there's my casting choices for a few roles. G'bye!

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