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  • Rueflower

    A series of chapters in both Annie and Finnick's perspective. Starting before Finnick's games. Most of this is my own ideas along with my own options and imagination. I will start later today.

    Annie Cresta:

    I fumble mindlessly with the pin that my mother is reaching for. Its smoothness consoles my racked nerves. The way that even when it is bent to acomidate hair, it always goes back to normal. Just like the District will after the hunger games. My hair lays in an elegant gather of curls, upon the top of my head. My mother twists the pin from my grip and lays the last strand on the bundle, then pins it in place.

    My heart is beating faster than ever, I can hear it as it hits my chest in frantic beats. My hands clench my blue dress, as I begin …

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  • Rueflower

    52nd Hunger Games

    July 7, 2013 by Rueflower

    Ok this is my last attempt. If I do not Finnish these games, I promise, I will give you my address and you can come and stab me as many times as needed. I wanted to Finnish most of my games but they disappeared. So please send in tributes.

    - only districts 1-12 basic protocol - this is not random I choose everything - start with two tributes per user - try to follow this tribute format, as close as you can get, not exactly




    Age (optional):

    Backstory (not too long please):


    Appearance (optional):

    Weapon of choice:

    Other Weapons:




    Alliance (Wanted Allies):

    Games Strategy:

    Private Training Strategy:

    Training Strategy:

    Bloodbath Strategy:

    Other Information:


    Interview Strategy:


    Reaping (wh…

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  • Rueflower

    I know I said this a while ago and aded away again but now I am ready to stay focused on here again. For those of you who don't know me I was on this site a while ago and was a member for a very long time. But now I am back. Could someone tell me who has let since the old days?

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  • Rueflower

    Yes I am starting a new hunger games. But it isn't like the others. It isn't amazingly fun or creative. It is how the Hunger Games actually go. It is true to the facts and what really happens. People die, this isn't a funny matter. I saw the movie on opening night. I admit I was excited but then after watching it something clicked. This woman didn't just write these books so we could gush over them. This a possible actual future for us. Children all over the world fight like this everyday. I am here to reveal to you. So many kids at school act like sick filthy Capitol people. They mock the capitol yet they are excited when Cato goes and kills a kid with his bare hands. It makes me sick. These amazing books make grown men cry( my dad who I …

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  • Rueflower

    OK have you guys seen those choose your own adventure books well I am making like a hunger games one.


    11 ways to end. 4 to win the games. 7 to loose.

    You have been chosen to be part of the 25 Annuel Hunger Games and the first Quarter Quell. You are put into a tube and brought up to an arena. You are wearing a parka with snowpants and snowboots. Everything is very hot and warm. You step onto your plate and see that the arena is a giant ice cap. A forest is on both sides and caves are in the corner of the ice cap. Near you is a tent(what your luck), small spear, and one bag.You count down 5....4....3....2....1...Dong! What do you do next....

    You run into the thick of the battle and grab all you can from the cornocopia....Go to Chapter 2


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