Ok guys so everyone has been doing Lunaii games or contests so I am too

But there is a twist we do Lunaii's of what the tributes looked like at death

I got this Idea from CLOVE1001 Thank you!!!!!!!! I mean with her dead Glimmer so yeah

There will no limits on amount of people entering

Send me the lunaiis

First Death- Glimmer!

Winners! This was really hard!


I especially liked the vacent dead look in her eyes


I guess she just looked the most dead and was like peaceful yet messed up

Special Honor-Clove

Well she inspired this and I really love the way her Glimmer looks

  • Nate's Glimmer
  • Clove1001's Glimmer
  • Nectarine's Glimmer
  • Anna's Glimmer
  • TomGurl's Glimmer
  • Effie's Glimmer
  • Foxface's Glimmer
  • Hungergamesrock's Glimmer
  • Movie's Glimmer
  • Everdeen's Glimmer

Second Death- Rue Soooooo sad I cry just thinking about it

  • Clove's Rue
  • Foxface's Rue
  • Anna's Rue
  • Effie's Rue
  • Hungergamesrock's Rue
  • Nectarine's Rue
  • Everdeen's Rue
  • Movie's Rue
  • TomGurl's Rue

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