Ok yea the title says it all. I am writing Gale's point of view as he watches Katniss in the games and his life and reactions.

Into The Woods

There is this girl. The only girl for me. She is perfect. She just doesn't know it yet. Katniss. Her dark black and brown hair is pulled back in a braid. I swear braiding is another sense for girls they just do it. But anyway I sit in the forest waiting for her. The forest looks very pretty today, the birds chirp loudly and the rush of a small breeze blows past my face. And out run Katniss from underneath the brush. She smiles. I always tease her about how she only smiles in the forest. We start to collect berries, fish, and hunt. Somehow we get on the subject of having kids. Katniss doesn't really want any. Dang it. Well I want to have kids. I lov um. Posy makes me want them she is as sweet as Prim. I really want to have some when I am older. I know a ton of girls like me but Katniss is the only one I want to be with. Then we get on the subject of the hunger games. Those things are horrible. And my name is in the reaping ball 42 times because I have to sign up for the teresse. I don't want any of my younger siblings signing up.But this is my last year and I will have to start wroking in the mines to provide for my family. Both me and Katniss' fathers died in a mining acident. So I provide for my family by hunting and selling things. I see Katniss throw a berry and I throw one and we both catch them in our mouths. We laugh and keep hunting. I hope Katniss doesn't get reaped then I would have to volunteer to bring her home. But that won't happen and Prim's name is only in there once so there is no chance of her getting reaped and Katniss volunteering. That would be weird and will never happen. I turn my mind to hunting and see a squirrel fall a arrow sticking out of its eye. I love Katniss

Getting Ready for the Hunger Games

I told Katniss to wear something pretty. I am not ok with the idea of the Hunger Games, who is other than Capitol people and the careers. I have my stinkin name in there 42 times. My family needs me and I know Katniss would take care of them, but what happens if I don't come back. But my real fear is that Katniss will get reaped. That would run my life. I can't let that happen. I would have to go. To protect her. But that is selfish, leaving both of our families, starving and poor. If she gets reaped I stay and watch over both of our families. I cry at the thought. I finnish getting dressed and walk out the door. To hell.

The Reaping

I stand fitgiting at my collared shirt. The reaping is about to begin. And I have my name in that boy bowl more than anyone else in the District. I got so annoyed when the mayor's daughter said something about going to the games. I mean there is no way she will get reaped. The most likely person to get reaped is probably Katniss. That freaks me out. And then we have to watch these things. This is my last year and I just hope that I will be in the mines before the games start. I hate watching them. Our tributes usually die like the first day. Then that Capitol freak steps up to the stand. I feel fire burn in my eyes. These people are horrible. She goes to the girl bowl and fumbles around. Then she picks out the worst name ever. Worse than Posy if she was picked. Primrose Everdeen. I know what Katniss will do. I feel tears dripping down my face. Her words burn in my ears. Prim is screaming. I run and grab her. Carrying her off. She clings to me sobbing. I turn and meet Katniss' eyes then are welling with tears. Then Prim tries to break free I hold on to her tighter. I hear the boy name Peeta Mellark. That baker boy. He is in the games with my precious Katniss. I set Prim down in her house and she just collapses and sobs into my shirt. I tell her Katniss will win. Even though I love Katniss, I doubt my own words.

The Goodbye

I run to Katniss after they are let go. I am freaking out. I run to her and grasp her hands in mine and tell her. Tell her that she must run, get a bow and arrow, and find some water and food. I tell her that she is amazing with a bow and that she can win. I honestly think what is the big difference between killing a human and an animal same idea. She seems disturbed by this so I change the subject. I promise to protect Prim and her mother. I feel a strong rush of emotion. And Katniss says that she won't come back. I tell her that I know she can and will. Then they come. The peacekeepers, they drag her away and pull me back. I try to yell the words I had been meaning to tell her for the longest while, but they get stuck in my mouth. Those simple words that would have changed everything. I Love You.

The Chariot Rides

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