OK have you guys seen those choose your own adventure books well I am making like a hunger games one.


11 ways to end. 4 to win the games. 7 to loose.

Chapter 1

You have been chosen to be part of the 25 Annuel Hunger Games and the first Quarter Quell. You are put into a tube and brought up to an arena. You are wearing a parka with snowpants and snowboots. Everything is very hot and warm. You step onto your plate and see that the arena is a giant ice cap. A forest is on both sides and caves are in the corner of the ice cap. Near you is a tent(what your luck), small spear, and one bag.You count down 5....4....3....2....1...Dong! What do you do next....

You run into the thick of the battle and grab all you can from the cornocopia....Go to Chapter 2

You grab the few things around you then run....Go to Chapter 3

You run period.....Go to Chapter 4

Chapter 2

You run towards the cornocopia and grab your favorite weapon, a few packs, and a smal tent. Another tribute stabs you in the arm with his spear. You drop the tent and run. You throw one of the knives you got from you bag at another tribute and stumble off leaving a bloody trail in the snow behind you. Do you....

Go to one of the caves....Go to Chapter 5

Go to the forest.... Go to Chapter 6

Chapter 3

You run off with the tent, spear, and bag. Inside the bag lies some small packets of dried fruit and meat, a few small knives, a bandage, and some iodine. You keep running but someone yells Stop! You don't but stop when they say "Do you want to ally?" You turn around and it is the careers. You got a 10 in training and they want you. What do you do....

Say no then run away as fast as you can towards the..... if forest go to Chapter 6, if the caves go to Chapter 5

Ally with them they mean it....Go to Chapter 7

Chapter 4

You take off without anything and run as fast as you can. Where do you go....

The forest....Go to Chapter 6

The caves....Go to Chapter 5

Chapter 5

You run towards one of the caves and find it unoccupied. You sent up camp for the night. If you have a tent you use it, you also find a small sleeping bag inside of the tent pack. If not you are cold. You find some small rabbits hiding in the back of the cave and kill them so you can eat. You have a nice meal of rabbit stew and melt some ice with the fire you have built in the warm and dry cave. If you have iodine you purify the water if not you boil it. You dose off and fall asleep. You awake to the sound of a tributes boots they are very light and don't cause a ton of crunching. A small boy, a 12 year old from District 3 appears. He looks freezing. You are suprised he made it this far. But he got a 9 in training which is really good. What do you do....

Kill him....Chapter 8

Ally with him....Chapter 9

Chapter 6

You head towards the forest and climb a tree. The tent is no help but you decide to keep it and pull out a sleeping bag out of it too( only if you got a tent) You eat some crow that you caught. It isn't much but it tastes good. You decide to go to sleep and try to stay warm. In the middle of the night you find that you pinkie finger has frostbite you need heat. You are almost frozen to the tree and feel sick. Do you....

Make a fire even though it will show your location....Chapter 10

Go back to sleep and try to stay warm....Chapter 11

Get up and start moving, hunt for some animal with a thick coat so you can get a new blanket or coat....Chapter 12

Chapter 7

You have joined the alliance. All of the tributes are bloodthirsty except the District 2 boy/girl (depends on your gender boy for girl, and girl for boy). But they welcome you in and give you food, a new coat, some new weapons including you favorite, and some company. They are planning to just go around and kill tributes and then split when they are the last ones left. Stupid plan but whatever. You set up camp for the night and fall asleep. In the middle of the night you hear one of the tributes talk about leaving the careers. They are debating weather they should take you or not. They finally decide to.They wake you and ask you if you want to. What is your answer....

You go with them....Chapter 14

You stay with the careers....Chapter 13

Chapter 8

You throw go up to the boy. He smiles at you and then you throw you arms around his neck and choke him until he dies. You feel kinda bad but you have to survive. And win this to get back home. You walk away and wait for the hovercraft to come and pick up the boy. You see a small knife fall from his pocket as they hovercraft lifts him up. You are sure he would have killed you if you had allied with him. You are hungery and out of food. Do you go and....

Hunt for an animal...Chapter 12

Go hunt for a tribute and steal their food....Chapter 15

Chapter 9

You tell the boy to come in. He eagerly runs up to you and smiles. He pulls out a small knife and gives it to you. You give it back to him and tell him that he should keep it. He smiles and you give him some extra rabbit stew. He slurps it up and you see a silver parachute come out by the front of the cave the boy runs and gets it. It is District 3 rolls. They are thankful you allied with him. You eat two and then go to sleep. The boy wakes you up in the middle of the night and says he can hear someone coming. You go outside to check and sure enough here comes the careers.They see you and start coming. Do you...

Run off without half of your stuff so you can get away....Chapter 17

Stay and fight....Chapter 16

Chapter 10

You start a fire which is very hard and begin to warm up. You feel much better All of the sudden a girl, not very small but agile jumps into the clearing. Smiles. And then stabs you in the heart. You don't have time to think and you fingers are still quite frozen. She smiles as she leaps out of the clearing and leaves you to bleed to death. Which you do. The End GO BACK AND TRY AGAIN!

Chapter 11

You go back to sleep and freeze during the night. The End GO BACK AND TRY AGAIN!

Chapter 12

You go off into the forest to hunt. You are starving and cold. You walk, this keeps you warm and alive. Finally you come across a dead deer carcus. Some meat is left on it. You pick this up and make a trap like you learned in the training center. You wait in the brush as a wolf comes by and gets caught. You kill it and make a coat. Yeah you are warm. You keep going. Not quite knowing what to do. You suddenly hear a drilling sound and see bevers cutting down all of the trees. They are trying to draw you towards the ice. Do you....

Run towards the ice to be safe....Go to Chapter 21

Stop and encounter the beavers....Go to Chapter 19

Chapter 13

You say no and they just leave. Then you awake the careers and they go after them. They come back saying that one they killed and the other they injured badly. Sure enough a cannon goes off at that moment. They smile and laugh and thank you. Except for the kid from 2 who looks uncomfortable. But he or she smiles at youu then looks away blushing. You keep moving and kill a few other tributes. But then you realise that there are only 5 tributes left. The other careers have figured this out and decide it is time to split. The two leaders attack one another while you escape with the boy or girl from 2. One of them dies. You suddenly see beavers cutting down the trees pushing you into the ice cap. Do you....

Go and encounter the beavers....Go to Chapter 19

Run towards the ice..... Go to Chapter 18

Chapter 14

You say yes and leave. The careers hunt you down and kill you. The End. GO BACK AND TRY AGAIN!

Chapter 15

You go and hunt for a tribute. No one is in sight and you eventually starve and freeze to death. The End GO BACK AND TRY AGAIN!

Chapter 16

You decide to stay and fight. You throw the boy a few weapons and you prepare to fight. But the boy runs back into the cave. Great you will die alone. But you keep your stance. He comes out hold a dynamite stick? and some fire on a match. He smile lights it and throws it towards the careers. Two die imeadietly. Two cannons go off. One is injured and 2 avoided it. Aparently that was all he had. Because he stands here and then charges. He is better with a knife than you thought. The injured one is now dead and another is now injured. You charge as well and finnish off the other injured one. But the last career stabs toward you. The boy runs and the sword its him instead he falls to the ground as you slice off the arm of the other career who stumbles away. You pick up the boy who died you didn't even know his name. You begin to cry and bury him in a animal pelt. he ws a great ally more bread comes and you eat some. Suddenly the cave collapses. All your stuff gone. You scream. Then you see the other tributes. This is the end. Do you....

Charge....Chapter 20

Wait for them to come to you....Chapter 22

Chapter 17

You run off with the boy. The careers are not far behind. They throw a spear and hit the boy. Then they kill you. The End GO BACK AND TRY AGAIN!

Chapter 18

You sprint towards the ice and get ready to fight the final fight. It is over. You are eaither going to live or die. The boy or girl from 2 is at your side. You prepare to charge. Every tribute runs at the same time you cut off ones head and stab another. 4 of you left. The boy or girl from 2 shoots another one. 3 left. Then the girl or boy gets hit and you scream. They lay down on the ground spiting out blood onto the red snow. You cry and see that the other tribute is dying. They must have been hit or something. It is the two of you left. you realize you love the other tribute they smile up at you and cough again. Then you lean down and kiss them. Do you....

Kill yourself so they can win and not die....Chapter 23

Do you let them die and win....Chapter 24

Chapter 19

You go to one of the beavers and try to pet it. It snaps off you middle finger. You yell"If I still had that finger it would be up at YOU!" Then you scream in pain and slap snow onto the wound. The beaver looks at you evily.Do you....

Stay and get eaten by beavers....Need I make a Chapter you are DEAD! GO BACK AND TRY AGAIN!

Run onto the ice and fight....Chapter 20

Chapter 20

You run onto the ice. And yell a battle cry. You shoot 2 tributes. And decapitate another one. Finally just as you are about to finnish off the last two. The ice cracks and everyone fall into it in the water almost frozen this is a battle of waiting out the others. You prepare to die or fight. One of the other tributes comes at you it is a 13 year old girl. Do you have the heart to kill her she reminds you of the little boy from 3.What do you do....

Kill her....Chapter 25

Wait and see what happens....Chapter 26

Chapter 21

You run onto the ice and go. You keep fighting . Finally there are only 3 left includng you. The ice cracks and you are in the water. This is a test of time. Do you....

Attack others..... Chapter 25

Wait....Chapter 27

Chapter 22

All of them come at once you freak out. Then you think of the little boy. Do it for him you kill all of the other tributes and WIN THE 25 HUNGER GAMES AND 1ST QUARTER QUELL!

Chapter 23

You take a dagger out of your pouch and raise it to your chest. The District 2 tribute crys out"NOOOOOO!!!!!!" Then you stab yourself. Pain barely comes and you die as you see your love being pulled into a hovercraft and winning the games for the both of you.The End GO BACK AND TRY AGAIN!

Chapter 24

You hold their hand as they leave and kiss them one more time as they are lifted into the air. District 2 sends a very late sponser gift a beautiful necklace with a chian and picture of 2 little birds kissing. You begin to cry as the hovercraft lifts you up. You are the victor. YOU WON THE 25 HUNGER GAMES AND 1 QUARTER QUELL!

Sometime the other tribute seems to visit you in you dreams and one day you are called back to them.

Chapter 25

You attack the other tributes. Sadly this exausts you and you eventually drown. The End Sorry! GO BACK AND TRY AGAIN!

Chapter 26

You wait for the girl to come. But suddenly someone hits her from the behind and she is gone. You cry out in sadness. These people remind you so much of your younger siblings it is heartbreaking. You run the tribute who killed the girl through.And then you realize you have won. YOU WON THE 25 HUNGER GAMES AND THE 1 QUARTER QUELL!

Chapter 27

You wait it out and turns out you are good at surviving. It takes all day adn night but the other tributes kill on another and drown, adn freeze. YOU WON THE 25HUNGER GAMES AND THE 1 QUARTER QUELL!