Yes I am starting a new hunger games. But it isn't like the others. It isn't amazingly fun or creative. It is how the Hunger Games actually go. It is true to the facts and what really happens. People die, this isn't a funny matter. I saw the movie on opening night. I admit I was excited but then after watching it something clicked. This woman didn't just write these books so we could gush over them. This a possible actual future for us. Children all over the world fight like this everyday. I am here to reveal to you. So many kids at school act like sick filthy Capitol people. They mock the capitol yet they are excited when Cato goes and kills a kid with his bare hands. It makes me sick. These amazing books make grown men cry( my dad who I have never seen cry) they are afraid that this might actually be our fate. So this is the games that will change my and hopefully your perspective on the hunger games. That it is serious and it may be a great book, don't get me wrong I still love it but we need to get that this might be realistic and that it does deal with serious things. I will write every tributes perspective on the reapings, chariot rides, interview, and I will go through every live tribues mind in the games. I WANT ALL NEW TRIBUTES, THAT ARE EALISTIC NOT ALL POWERFUL ACTUAL KIDS! They must be original and not off your page.

District Girl Name Boy Name Girl Score Boy Score Placement Kills
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