Hey it's rueflower. I thought because everyone is doing all these great games I should follow the trend. Please go spam on some blogs because I want to start asap. I hope I can satisfy your writing needs.You can put your Lunaii on your page for me to pick up or I can make them for you.Here is what I need.













District 1 Venus Natalya Ares Natalya Girl Score: 9

Boy Score: 8

District 2 Sarah Mae

Xenophilius Vectorae Hectojhapois Chrysantheneman

6 8
District 3 Liliana Jones Crick Storm 9 9
District 4 Justina Flaber Wayne Manna 4 6
District 5 Molly Brechin Jake Tucker 6 7
District 6 Ruth Less Lechee Maloni 9 9
District 7 Willow Small

Shadow Menare

6 5
District 8 Cross Stitch Mikey Bob 2 1

District 9

Willow Thorne Elder Thorne 6 7
District 10 Kennedia Wilo Asher Nevids 7 8
District 11 Anise Bergamot Buck Caleb 8 9
District 12

Serena Wolf

Kakeru Satsuki

5 6
  • Ares Natalya District 1
  • Venus Natalya District 1
  • Xenophilius Vectorae Hectojhapois Chrysantheneman District 2
  • Sarah Mae District 2
  • Crick Storm District 3
  • Liliana Jones District 3
  • Wayne Manna District 4
  • Justina Flaber District 4
  • Jake Tucker District 5
  • Molly Brechin District 5
  • Lechee Maloni District 6
  • Ruth Less District 6
  • Shadow Menare District 7
  • Willow Small District 7
  • Mikey Bob District 8
  • Cross Stitch District 8
  • Elder Thorne District 9
  • Willow Thorne District 9
  • Asher Nevids District 10
  • Kennedia Wilo District 10
  • Buck Caleb District 11
  • Anise Bergamot District 11
  • Kakeru Satsuki District 12
  • Serena Wolf District 12

I can't wait soooooo enter your tributes!

Note: I will put in the arena and outfits for tributes later because I don't want you using the arena in your skills.Thx

Arena + Outfits

The arena is area of barren tundra and frozen forests. 20 miles long and 60 wide. Each 20 miles in the wide is a different terrain 2 are forest and 1 ice caps. I can't get the picture but it is two opposite sides forest and in the middle of the ice cap is the cornocopia and in each corner of the ice cap has a cave.

The tributes outfits are of course underclothes, a pale blue long sleeve shirt, black snowpants, silver boots, pale blue socks, and a light black and silver hooded jacket. All items are water proof and water tight. (immportant key)


Ice Spider:This tiny spider crawls inside people and freezes them down fromthe inside then lays its eggs and dies inside the person. The babbies then burrow out of the body and go on their way.

Bark Bug: Looks like bark but is really a toxic bug that releases fumes when it is cold and it is highly sensitive to human flesh it will explode into an acid fire it touched.

Frost Bee: When it has used its stinger it grows another one the only way to destroy it is to put it in acid fire. If stung the subject gets frostbite wherever it is stung then the frostbite quickly spreads. Killing the subject within 3 days.


District 1

Venus Natalya:

I stood infront of the mirror. Troubled over a really hard descision, what to wear to the reaping. I mean I want to look my best if I am going to be reaped or volunteer to win the games. Finally it came to me, I have to have something stunning, that would be my custom -made black diamond studded dress. That screams WINNER!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if the stylists will be able to beat that for my carrige ride and interview. Well I am getting ahead of myself. Suddenly Ares walks in while I am ajusting my corset. GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yelled at him his blank expression came over his face, as it often does. Then he said I looked stupid. Finally a hovercraft came and my family and I were transported to the reaping platform area. I has to wait while a red carpet was put out and the woman who would choose the names stepped out my mouth dropped. She was wearing the same dress as I was but with a long train, striped skin and 8 inch black diamond studed heels. My face turned red in anger. Stay calm I think. The woman clearly says that she will choose the girl first. In antisipation I bite my newly done nails. "Stepanine Seldon," she calls out. I watch as one of the poorest girls in District 1 stepps up. She looked about 12, thats when my soft side hit me. She would be an inoccent little girl thrown into a huge disaster, in which she would surely be a victim. I hardened my wit, she'll make a fool of District 1 if she does go into the games. I have to do something about this outrage. "I volunteer," I clearly shout with all the force I can. And step up onto the stage as the girl scampers off. Proudly holding my head above the abnormally short capitol woman trying to look better in the dress than her. Everyone mutters around me. "Well now for the boy, Ares Natalya"she says. My jaw drops like a hundred pound brick. I would be facing my brother in the games. He steppes up onto the stage in his matching to mine outfit, struting as he goes, I am soooooooo confused. THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then a man, a peacekeeper smiles, he mouths the name, Temperance. I freeze in place, I will see my sister for the last time, maybe, in a few days I will see the girl, a slave because of me. I lower my head in shame as the crowd disappears.

District 2

Xenophilius Vectorae Hectojhapois Chrysantheneman:

"Whoa, Xeno," Jake yelled. "Ok how did you figure that out are you sure you aren't from District 3, sure, I mean thanks I know it is the day of the reaping, and you woke up to do this problem for school for me but wow dude that is just awesome." The librarian came by gave me a smile and told Jake to be quiet. Ahhh, just another day reaping day is so overrated. I mean even if I were a tribute. I pull Jake away from the library as he scribbles down his last homework answer. Which I can see from a distance is clearly wrong. Stepping lightly I push my way through the crowd getting a ok spot for me and Jake to see the reaping. Yawning, I wait for what seems an hour and start swinging my mini mace around I got it for my key chain from Mike the other day. Suddenly I stop mid yawn a woman in a gray suit steps up to the stand. Owwww, I think she is wearing a suit entirly made of granite. How does she hold that up. And her hair looks like bird pooh.I mean white speckled black. Weirdo. She steps up next to the major and clars her throught. "Ladies first," she dumps her hand in the bucket of names for girls and calls out the name of Sarah Mae. Uhhhh, that annoying, silly girl at school, darn, well she won't last long. Now she picks up the boy name the paper is extremly long. Only long enough to fit my name. I wriggle in excitement until she pronounces it wrong and I have to go correct her. I step up to the stand everybody knows I will be the better chance. I am so smart. I smile no one even volunteers. I don't care. Because I will win for sure.

District 3

Liliana Jones:

I step out of the hollow tree I slept in last night. The birds awoke me, they bring down my day clothes and I quickly slip them on. I have a long day today it is reaping day. My eyes crackle a bit that electricity from last nights lighting storm must have left some remainders. I finished my collage credits for this year really early. Infact too early. Now all I do is try to get better jobs than the last. I still am having flashbacks in my sleep and can't get a good nights rest. I set off into town people move around me out of fear of my lighting its not my fault I have a special chemical in my eyes that conducts electricity. I mean I am not normal but I want to be. And I am learning to control it. The reaping platform stand in the middle of the town like the gallows it stands quietly waiting for its next victims. People finally start to gather around the platform trying to avoid me. Ahhhh, how come the only people I get along with are the ones like my perfessors. Then on the outskirts of town I see him the boy. Crick Storm. He is super mysterious, I mean even more than me he lives in the old abandoned shack in teh middle of town. They say it is haunted and I believe it. He really scares me with his spider comunications. He actually talks to spiders. People clear as he walks straight up to me and ends up standing next to me. Uhhhh, those red lips and white hair freak me out. And that scar people say a spider once got in a fight with him and it wasn't pretty but not and ordinary spider I mean a huge one. Finally the capitol geek steps out and calls the names. "Liliana Jones,"I gulp and walk to the stand. Then a pure evil thought strikes my head. People would fear me but respect me even more if I win these games, and in this case my eyes will be my best friend.Then all the sudden I realize someone is calling I volunteer but not for me, for a 18 buff boy. Then I relized who the new boy tribute is, Crick Storm walks patiently up to the stand and smiles at me.

District 4

Wayne Manna:

Reaping day. There is one way to discribe it. Evil. That's why I knew I was going to die. Because I didn't stand a chance. Yes, I did the stupid and volunteered for a little kid. But I couldn't help it his tiny frail body shook with fear. I couldn't stand it and before I knew I called out the stupid words of I volunteer. Well now I am stuck on a darn stupid train with huge buff kids that I am supposed to go and fight with to the death. I didn't stand a chance. But I just couldn't watch another little kid die in those games now everyone at home will watch as I die. Well to make things better that annoying girl was reaped and now I am stuck with her. Oh great I will proboly die because my ears will fall of with her loud annoying talking. I swear if she doesn't be quiet I will ring her neck. Blah, blah,blah. Annoying. Well so the lady that picked the names looks just as annoyed as I do at least someone shares my pain. So now I will just try my best to live maybe if I don't die within the first few seconds. Well I have to go to bed but I can't sleep what finally makes me doze off all my worry is the figure of the capitol woman. Wearing a bikini like she would ever swim in it. It wasn't even waterproof and those heels 10 inches I think. Well at least I have something to think of before I die so I can look happy while my dead form is carried away.

District 5

Jake Tucker:

"WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!"were the first words I heard that morning. Sam stood above my in a goofy getup. He was wearing a alien mask, puple boxers, and a pink tank top. Where he found this stuff I had no idea. He twirled around like a ballerina at center stage. "What are you going to wear to the reaping," he asked. Crap, I had forgotten about the reaping. Molly was going to pick me up in...., holy cow, 3 minutes. I threw on some normal clothes and stood ready at the door. Molly, as she walked down the walkway, I could feel my eyes watering, she was so pretty. I blinked and came out of my trance when she approached. Suddenly Kyle pushed me into her. "Are you going to kiss her or what,"he said. "Or what," I responded as we set off. This time that capitol woman was wearing a mini skirt with a tank top both changing colors wherever you looked. She had all colored hair and 7 inch high heels. "Ladies first,"she said as she stuck her hand in the jar fingering a final paper. I could feel tension all around me. " Molly Brechin,come up here you lucky girl," she said. My trought went dry I turned to Molly she was as white as a ghost. Slowly she let go of my hand that I didn't even notice was entwined in hers. And quietly walked up to the stage in shock. The capitol woman shook her around a bit testing her nerves. Then quiet clapping came."Now the boy, Jake Tucker! "Nothing had prepared me for this, me and Molly in the games together fighting to the death. This was not good. Sam and Kyle's faces had now turned from sillyness to shock. I was doomed. I stood on the stage with a same expression as Molly, pale white shock. I could feel her sweating. "I promise I will protect you, you will be home in no time," I whisper to her. I am not planning on coming home. Suddenly she passes out in my arms. In a wave of heat and alarm I catch her."Ahhhh, love," says the capitol woman, like she would know what love is. I snarl in discust. This will be a disaster. One I will not come waltzing home from.

District 6

Ruth Less:

I have no family. It was a simple phrase. No one to call my own. But I don't really care. I was an orphan and where do orphans go? To an orphangae. Thats where I live. Well so everyone knew it was reaping day and were all worried. I decided to play a fun, harmless trick. Yes, I am a shape shifter and have been since I was like 2. So this time I think I will be a spider, no to easy to be stepped on. How about a cat, yeah sly just like I am. So I suddenly see a kid turn into a cat next to me. Right, that other shape shifter kid annoying. I wish I was more special. So now I have to think of something else to be. Huh, how about a fox even more sly. Well I am on my way. Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder. A man with a gun stands above me. I morph back into my normal human form. A bullet stands out in my arm. The man looks at me horified. "One of you freaks again thats the 3rd one I have shot get out ya monster," he says. Uhh, the pain is killing me. But I want revenge. I morph into a panther. And prounce on the dude ripping into him. I leave after he goes limp and walk off as if nothing happened. Crap, the reaping has started. The woman in a outfit that keeps changing form. I can so outbeat her. Then she calls out the girls name while I am studying my bloody nails and wiping my shoulder. Then I come to my senses. People are staring at me I was reaped. I smile and step up to the stand and motion to my shoulder. Quickly some doctors come to my aid and fix me up quick. Crap now I look weak. Well at least they know I can stand a bullet. The boy then come up to the stand. I guess they called the name while I was being fixed. Darn it is another shapeshifter the one that turned into a cat. Uhhh, life is never fair. So that is the story of my reaping. But there is one difference between other kids. I am going to win.

District 7

Shadow Menare:

My dad, Kane, pushes me on I don't want to go to the reaping. It is horrible I can't wait for my birthday this next week, because it marks the celebration for only one more reaping that I will have to have my head in. Yes, I will finally be 18. No more problems. Little did I know this would be my unlucky day. But then again I wondered if some little kid would be reaped and then I would fall for them and finally volunteer. That was my weak spot. I love sweet things like not food well actually I don't mind sweet food but I mean like cute things. Well so we get to the center of town where the reaping is held and the capitol lady comes out in bark pants and a leaf strapless top. It looks unpleasant but is seemingly pretty. So she dips her hand in the bucket of names and pulls out the girls name. I have to tell myself that I can't volunteer for a girl just in case a cute one walks up. Then she calls the name out the name Willow Small. Well I don't have to worry about accidentally volunteering for her I mean she is the most annoying person ever, but you know she is kinda cute. Now the woman dips her hand in the boy bowl and she picks up a name brings it up further than drops into the bowl and quickly picks another name. She unravels the paper and calls my name. I am in shock. I was going to spend my birthday in the hunger games training or even in the games itself. I was horrified. I stepped up to the stand as everyone starred and a few people clapped sadly because they felt it was respectful. Yeah right. Then everyone leaves. As I step down from the platform, I realize my family won't even see me when I turn 18, infact they will never see me again.

District 8

Cross Stitch:

I am scarred, I don't want to be in these games. They are horrible. All I know how to do is live, barely and to sew how will that help. I will die. I was entering the factory this morning and I realized that it was reaping day because no one was there. So I walked into town now one even looks at me until I trip over a mans foot. I wish I had a family. Then a woman comes up to draw the names and she picks up a girls name. Her dress is more like a giant poncho that was hand stitched by one of our weavers. She then calls out the most horrible words I have ever heard. Cross Stitch. That is my name right. This is not good. So I go up to the stand managing not to trip.And just well.... stand. Then she calls a boy. It is that other orphan named Mikey Bob. Well at least I won't die alone. I begin to cry I don't care what people say. I am going to die. I am going to die.

District 9

Willow Thorne:

It was a usual day. I got up and trained for a few hours getting ready for the reaping wasn't a rush. I just put on normal clothes and went outside. Our house in the good part of town or Victor's circle was great. I wasn't worried if I got reaped today. I went to the archery shoting rage behind our house and practiced. I got out before Elder that means I get the best targets. Oh crap there he is already practcing. Then Marlin Sensinendy our guardian, walks up and tells us that the reaping is going to start any minute and he has to be there because he was last years winner. So I flung my arrows and bow down and ran. But of course Elder got there faster. Whatever. The capitol lady was dressed up in hunting gaer camoflage and all. Like she would even know how to hunt. Our mentor stepped up to the stand and patiently waited as the major gave a breif speech. Then the name calling time was here. The capitol woman drew a girl name. Willow Thorne. The words filled me with dread. I didn't realize how scary this was before. I remembered some of the stories that Marlin had told us of the horrible things that happened in the games. Nightmares he said. So I walked up to the stand my face a chalky white. Then I fainted as the called the boy name Elder Thorne. My brother. I went out cold. When I woke up Marlin was in my face his eyes heavy with tears. I was going into the games with my brother. This was not good. Elder was sobbing int he corner. I don't think I have ever seen him cry. I joined their mourning. Until a peacekeeper came and dragged us away. To the train. I caught what I believe was my last image of my town and Marlin.

District 10

Asher Nevids:

Arella didn't have school today. The reason. Reaping day. I walked with her passing meadow after meadow. I yearned to get to the Wilo meadow so I could hear her sing, Kennedia. Her beautiful perfect voice. It calmed my troubled soul. I walked quickly and then I could hear the birds from her meadow and I began to run but singing did not meet my ear. I made sure I was inthe right spot and looked all over. She wasn't there. Then I remembered. Reaping day. I ran and ran pushing through meadow after meadow. Finally me and Arella reached town. The reaping had already started and a small tiny girl was walking up to the stage. Theank goodness it wasn't Kennedia. Then I heard her voice. Its sweet flow and magical tone saying the rough evil words of I VOLUNTEER. I screamed out in horror. As she stepped upto the stand her hair swaying inthe wind. I had to do something. I had to volunteer. It was selfish and rude and mean to Arella but I didn't have a choice. When the boy a steady 18 year old was reaped I instantly volunteered. Then I felt a tugging on my hand I looked into Arella's face it was tear stained and red. "No, you can't leave," she said quietly. I told her to go and ask old Mrs. Pottermore to watch her while I was gone or well forever until Kennedia came back she would take care of Arella. I knew she would I had complete faith she would win I would protect her. I had a little to much faith. Then I took my place with Kennedia on the stand and my life began all over again.

District 11

Buck Caleb:

Everyone thinks I am a jerk. The truth is sometimes I can be but I don't want to be. Well so it was reaping day and the usual was going on. Everyone was worried my dad is the major so we had to be in town early. I helped set up the reaping stand while everyone else was in the meadows. Well so my dad is standing there and then gives the same old little speech. Finally the capitol filth sleps out in a butterfly wing dress. It took our district forever to catch those buterflys without damaging those wings. So much work time lost to a stupid cause. I wish I could tear that dress apart. Uhhh. Well so she calls the girl name a Anise Bergamot. Her older brother was like screaming everywhere. No one volunteered for her. Like anyone would. Pathetic. She will be an easy takedown. She is poor and weakened by her hard work days in the sun. Then the boy name comes. James Buttermounth. A week little kid. Well I intend he will die in seconds so I volunteer. Finally I am in the games. I smile at my father who oddly does not smile back. I don't care. So now I stand with that girl then a wave of her emotion hits me. She looks as if she is trying to hold in tears. I fell a sudden need to protect her get her back to her family they need her she holds them together. I feel oddly nice and protective something I haven't felt since I was little. I smile and my mother who is very late smiles back at me hoping all of her training sessions with me will go into my victory. But I don't know if I will be the victor the thing is now that I feel this way I want it to stay, I am going to protect this girl.

District 12

Kakeru Satsuki:

I get everything I want it is the truth. That is why I am a tribute in the hunger games I wanted it. Well so the girl that was reaped like is a pretty good fighter I have to admit. I am happy to have her as my partner though she has taught me so much. It was reaping day and the capitol woman whore pink diamond studded overals and a hat that matched. That would be way too much for even me to afford. But so she picked the girl name first. The usual. The girl is......ummmmm...... oh yeah Serena Wolf. What kid of name is that. I know right. Well whatever. But then she like calls my name I was like way excitied. I am going to the Hunger Games. Then I think back to last years games our tributes were out in seconds. Then I smile because I am better than that I get what I want and I want to win.

Chariot Rides/Interviews

If you want to know more about your clothing look up the terms on google

District 1

Boy: Wearing a cream suit with pearls studded everywhere that when you take out the flower in his pocket it shots pearls into the crowd/ for the interview Ares is wearing a amazing copper suit made entirly of light copper

Girl: Wearing a cream strapless mini dress that has the same pearl features as the boy, draped in jewels and flowers/ wearing a mermaid style copper dress which has slits at her mid calf and neckline that reveal her fancy designs that are drawn using stencils

Chariot: The horses are cream and are decorated in pearls as well and the chariot is a giant pearl

Score: 7/10

District 2

Boy: In the basic peacekeeper costume except this one when the hat is pressed shoots out beams of light that project images of parts of District 2/ wearing a action suit that is thick black and tight the suit when at different positions changes color and stone like apperance

Girl: The girl is in a peacekeeper dress that is super cute with thick straps and layers of ruffles and also has the same features as the boy/ the girl is wearing a similar suit but one that has booty short bottoms and turtle neck longsleeve top

Chariot:The chariot is designed to look like the layers of earth and the horses are painted like the layers of earth as well

Score: 5/10

District 3

Boy: Is in tron like suit that lights up and shoots fireworks into the sky/ in a sly suit that has a tie made entirly of spider hairs

Girl: is also in a tron getup but in a mini dress that shoots up rockets/ her dress is based off of a storm and has a swirlly grey patterns all over with an ocassional streak of white to signify lighting

Chariot: is more of a hovercraft ship and pulled by electronic horses in tron like form


District 4

Boy:Is wearing blue swimming trunks that are covered in sparkles much to his dislike/ is in a beta fish inspired suit with a long fancy orange coat that turns red as it goes down with spikes like a betta fish on the ends

Girl:is wearing a match to the boys bakini also covered in sparkled has a lot of sparkling designs that look like scales across her skin/ the interview dress is a long stapless poofy dress that like Fleur Delacore (no idea how to spell her name) in Harry Potters wedding dress in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 has two birds on it the district 4 girl has the same design except for the birds are replaced with orange red betta fish that create the outer layer of the skirt

Chariot: Is a giant fish bowl in which they swim horses look like part of a giant wave dyed blue and have their manes sweep up into a giant wave like headress

Score: 8/10

District 5

Boy: wearing slacks and a lab coat with a collared grey shirt/ is what looks like strands of DNA weaved together to make a pair of shorts and a t-shirt

Girl:wearing a nice business dress with a lab coat on top/ wearing a flapper like dress that is also made of what looks like DNA strands

Chariot:A giant ball of DNA strings the horses are decorated in DNA


Distirct 6

Boy:Is wearing a suit that morphs with him and he morphs into all kinds of animals in the outfit/ is in a similar outfit but one that inhances the appearance of the animal he morphs into by making it more handsome and perfected

Girl:same as the boy/ same

Chariot:Is a giant head of changing animals the horses seem to change breed


District 7

Boy:long brown pants that resemble bark and a perter pan like shirt made of leaves/ is wearing what a fairy might wear a tunic of leaves with a acorn shell hat and a pair of bark nickers

Girl:long brown skirt and a leaf made tank top/ her intire dress is made of cherry blossoms that are stiched together very carefully it is a tube top dress with a long train

Chariot: The chariot is a combo of different trees attached to eachother The horses are covered in leaves


District 8

Boy:is wearing a giant poncho with multi colored stripes and a cowboy hat with jeans/ the boy is wearing a crosstiched tie and a pair of slacks

Girl: wearing a giant poncho that is designed as a dress/ she is wearing a crosstiched half top and a kiaki skirt

Chariot:A giant weaving loom in whish the tributes weave cloth the horses are wearing ponchos too


District 9

Boy:is in traditional english hunting attire/ wearing a camoflauged jumpsuit which once belongsed to a american solider but has been recreated

Girl:wear a long velvet side saddle hunting dress from the traditional england/ is wearing a camoflauged mini dress with poofy sleeves

Chariot:is a bow a very large bow with old Eniglish horses pulling it


District 10

Boy:is wearing a cowboy outfit that looks like Woody from toy story's/ is wearing a suit intirly made of hhides of livestock

Girl:is also wearing a cowboy outfit that looks like Jessie's from toy story/is wearing a tent dress made of animal hide

Chariot:is a lasso folded up and the horses are western style


District 11

Boy:Is wearing a tux made of bright pink rueflowers/ is in a yellow tux

Girl:is wearing a ballgown made of bright pink roses / is in a bright yellow straped sundress

Chariot:is a giant rose which opens up revealing the tributes pulled by horses draped in rueflowers and roses


District 12

Boy:in a coal miner suit covered in dirt/ is in a green overal suit studded with emeralds with a green beret

Girl:in a coal miner suit covered in dirt/ is in a pink overal suit with diamond studding on it with a diamond studded headband going from dirty to pretty as to symbolise the diamond in the rough

Chariot:is a giant piece of coal and horses are black

Score:3/10 then after interviews7/10

The Games-Day 1 Let's Take a Bloodbath

Venus Natalya:

I shouldn't have done it. I am a horrid person. But it was the right thing to do, right? What happens when they find out? Will they try endlessly to kill me or even worse kill my family. I sit in the hovercraft and begin to cry. "I know you're scarred but it will be ok you might win," said my clothing designer Kalleri. I started sobbing harder. And now I am in this... this... game with my brother. I wipe off my tear stained face. Then I tell her what I did last night. "I...I let Temperance go, I couldn't stand her being my Avox so I broke into the quaters and helped her get out as a... well I guess I owed her. By now she is proboly in a forest some where. Kalleri looked shocked. I started to cry again. Wait I can't look stupid like this in front of the other careers they might kill me for the wet spot on my jacket and the stains on my face. Kalleri luckily brought make so she can fix me up. Finally the hovercraft stops. It is time to get off. I am panicing. I wave a final good bye to Kalleri and walk into the unknown. A snowy tundra meets my eye. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Lushious evergreen forests on bothsides of me and a cave in every corner of what I guess is an ice cap. Then I think of what color the snow will be by the end of the games if I make it that far. Blood red. Then from almost exactly across from me I see someone fall, an explosion, then "LET THE 52ND HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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