aka Gabe

  • I live in Fairfield, Ohio
  • I was born on October 9
  • My occupation is umm...
  • I am Boy
  • Ruthlesskiller457

    I really would like you to submit tributes. Include a pic (a lunaii). Please note that if all tributes are not in within a few weeks, each week I will fill in a District. :)

    District 1 Male: Melanic Shinx, age 18, user CallamD97

    District 1 Female: Glama Greengate, age 18, user X-Nicci-x

    District 2 Male: Drew Adams, age 16, by KEWLBEN

    District 2 Female: Snezhana Kiminski, age 17, by bleedingheart777

    District 3 Male: Jack DeSonne, age 13, by Anon...

    District 3 Female: Lucky Dawn, age 18, by Anon...

    District 4 Male: Hunter Riptide, age 18, by CallamD97

    District 4 Female: Lilanna Maganachi, age 15 by KEWLBEN

    District 5 Male: Alex Blue, age 15, by Anon...

    District 5 Female: Farrah Lionswell, age 12, by X-Nicci-x

    District 6 Male: Ben Woodrew, age 16 by KEW…

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