I really would like you to submit tributes. Include a pic (a lunaii). Please note that if all tributes are not in within a few weeks, each week I will fill in a District. :)

District 1 Male: Melanic Shinx, age 18, user CallamD97

District 1 Female: Glama Greengate, age 18, user X-Nicci-x

District 2 Male: Drew Adams, age 16, by KEWLBEN

District 2 Female: Snezhana Kiminski, age 17, by bleedingheart777

District 3 Male: Jack DeSonne, age 13, by Anon...

District 3 Female: Lucky Dawn, age 18, by Anon...

District 4 Male: Hunter Riptide, age 18, by CallamD97

District 4 Female: Lilanna Maganachi, age 15 by KEWLBEN

District 5 Male: Alex Blue, age 15, by Anon...

District 5 Female: Farrah Lionswell, age 12, by X-Nicci-x

District 6 Male: Ben Woodrew, age 16 by KEWLBEN

District 6 Female: Kezaiah Bianca, age 15 by TheEmoticon24

District 7 Male: Rome Faite, age 15, by X-Nicci-x

District 7 Female: Lila Woods, age 12, by Madrigalmagic

District 8 Male: Lorren Eelight, age 17, by X-Nicci-x

District 8 Female: Amelia Starr, age 16, by Madrigalmagic

District 9 Male: Arnoldo Heebsh, age 18 by me

District 9 Female: Elissa Delvillar, age 15 by me

District 10 Male: Buck Billiar, age 13, by me

District 10 Female: Shaneka Mckanic, age 16 by me

District 11 Male: Chin Liao, age 15, by bleedingheart777

District 11 Female: Sage Calun, age 13, by Madrigalmagic

District 12 Male: Shane Stone, age 18 by me

District 12 Female: Timinthia Talia, user Rainfacestar, VICTOR!!

Tribute ParadesEdit

District 1: Melanic and Glama come out in a stunning glass chariot, painted to look like a gem. They are both wearing a silver jumpsuit under a net of precious gems. The gems gleam and refract the light, lighting up the chariot. Rating: 7/10

District 2: Drew and Snezhana come out in a marble chariot, covered in white powder and styled to look like famous statues. The crowd is unimpressed. Rating: 3/10

District 3: Jack and Lucky come out wearing black jumpsuits with cords on their heads. When the connect the cords, their suits emit a soft glow. The crowd loves it. Rating: 8/10

District 4: Hunter and Lilanna come out in pristine outfits made of fish scales, dyed a deep purple. They have crowns that are filled with water and resemble waves. The crowd likes it, just not loved. Rating: 6/10

District 5: Alex and Farrah come out and they are dressed in a dress and tux that refract the light and sparkle. DULL! Rating: 3/10

District 6. Ben and Kezaiah come out and their chariot looks like a Capitol train. Their outfits are covered in cogs and they have motors atop their heads. On tassels that hang off of the clothes are attached small train tracks. It's different, so the crowd gives some support. Rating: 8/10

District 7: Rome and Lila come out and they are dressed in clean sheets of paper. They pull out pencils and start to draw love notes to the denizens of the Capitol. Rating: 6/10

District 8: Lorren and Amelia emerge dressed in a variety of fabrics, ranging from denim and thick quilted fabric to lace and ribbons. Meh. Rating: 5/10

District 9: Arnoldo and Elissa come out and their clothes are made to look like multi colored rows of grain. On their heads are crowns full of wheat. Rating: 6/10

District 10 comes out dressed as farmers with bandanas and fake lassos. The crowd has seen this before and will see it again. Rating: 2/10

District 11: Chin and Sage are wearing a tux and dress with patterns of apples on them. Both of them are throwing apples out to the crowd. This really sucks. Rating: 1/10

District 12: Shane and Timinthia emerge wearing baggy coal miners outfits. BOO. Rating: 0/10


The arena this year is an arena based on many ecosystems. In one area, there is a meadow that leads into the woods. In another, there is a swamp. In yet another, there is an arctic jungle. And in still another, there are deserts and a 12 island archipelago.

Sorry, Something really weird happened with the scores.Edit



Melanic Shinx, District 1 Score: 9 ||| Rome Faite, District 7 Score: 6

Glama Greengate, District 1 Score: 10 Lila Woods, District 7 Score: 4
Drew Adams, District 2 Score: 7 Lorren Eelight, District 8 Score: 8
Snezhana Kiminski, District 2, Score 11 Score: 11 Amelia Starr, District 8, Score: 5
Jack DeSonne, District 3, Score: 5 Arnoldo Heebsh, District 9, Score: 9
Lucky Dawn, District 3, Score: 6 Elissa Delvillar, District 9, Score: 4
Hunter Riptide, District 4, Score: 8 Buck Billiar, District 10, Score: 3
Lilanna Maganachi, District 4, Score: 9 Shaneka Mckanic, District 10, Score: 2

Alex Blue, District 5, Score: 6 ||| Chin Liao, District 11, Score: 8

Farrah Lionswell, District 5, Score: 7 Sage Calun, District 11, Score: 4
Ben Woodrew, District 6, Score: 5 Shane Stone, District 12, Score: 3
Kezaiah Bianca, District 6, Score: 7 Timinthia Talia, District 12, Score:5

Games, Day 1Edit

Buck Billiar, D10, Plate.Edit

When we rise up, I immediately start to survey the arena. To my left is the woods. to my right is the continuation of the meadow. And directly in front of me, behind the Cornucopia, is a group of islands. 3, 2, 1! The gong rings. I run to the Cornucopia. The boy from 2 is running at me. He grabs me by my shirt and says "You'll regret turning us down." I kick him in the shin and he lets go, and I run off into the woods.

Drew Adams, D2, CornucopiaEdit

Aggh! That stupid brat kicked me in the shin! Well, now he's gone. But I don't care. He's mine. Just as I'm about to turn and head to the Cornucopia, I hear a whistling. I duck as the arrow lodges itself into the chest of the girl from 10. She keels over, dead. I run and throw a knife at the atttacker, Ben Woodrew I think. He falls, with the knife in his back. It will be a couple seconds before he's dead. I'm about to pick up a spear when I feel the warm ttrickle of my blood. Then, all at once, the pain hits. It's so intense! I look back and see the 12 year old girl from District 5. She gives me a smile as if to laugh. But she looks over and sees something else, and darts to the islands. The girl stabbed me in the neck! And I die.

Lilanna Maganachi, D4, CornucopiaEdit

"Hunter! Hunter!" I scream. He sees me and starts to run. When he gets here, I tell him that we should run. He's no safer with the Careers than out in the wild. And by he I mean we. I am so scared. He refuses, says that I am more concerned about my own safety than anything. I start to cry. He shoves me away and I hit the ground hard. I grab the axe that I had and start to fight. I kill the girl from 3, the boy from 12, and the boy from 5 before I know what I must do. It will be good for both of us. I walk up behind Hunter and throw the axe. He ducks, though, and it sticks in the face of the boy he was fighting, I think from District 3. I punch him in the nose and run away, away from all this. I run into the arctic jungle.

Timinthia Talia, D12, Woods.Edit

I can tell from the tree top that most of the fighting at the Cornucopia has gone down. Only two tributes remain fighting, but I can't find out who. The tribute runs away, and the Careers back away to let the Capitol retrieve the bodies. Then I hear the cannons. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Seven. The tirbutes must have been able to avoid a lot of fighting. I ran to the Cornucopia earlier and sustain a small wound from the Girl from District 4, but I'm fine. I snagged a sleeping bag, some food, and a pack. In the pack are some weapons, food, and a coat and gloves. These would come in handy for cold weather. I think a ways back I saw some kind of arctic place. I settle down in the warmth of the sun and fall asleep.

Kezaiah Bianca, D6, ArchipelagoEdit

I hear a rustling in the brush behind me. Then he comes out. My bow loaded, he steps forward with his hands in the air. The word "Allies" barely leaves his lips before my arrow lodges in his throat. The boy from 7. The gurgling, the guttural sounds, the spurting of blood all over the ground, it's more than I can take. I shoot him a second time, out of pity, in the eye. He falls backwards on his knees, and his cannon booms. I retrieve my arrows and wash them off in the ocean. I walk away, trying to hold the tears back. Then another cannon booms. Wonder who that was.

Glama Greengate, D1, CornucopiaEdit

I wake up to the sound of the anthem. When I look up, I see 7 faces in the sky. First is Drew. I wonder how the heck he died. Next are both from 3, the boy from 5, the boy from 6, the girl from 10 and the boy from 12. It's been a long day and I'm just ready to go to sleep. But just as I drift off, I am awakened by another cannon. I wonder who that was. Probably that idiot Lilanna. I finally decide that I won't be able to sleep, so I go to get something to eat. But, I hear a clang inside of the Cornucopia. When I look, the girl from 11 jumps out, looks at me in horror, and runs. I pick up my sword, a nice one that thickens near the blade. She trips. I run, and before she can get a scream out, I jam it into the back of her head. No cannon. I twist it. BOOM! That's what I like to hear. "What happened?" says Hunter. In answer, I hold up the girl's body.

Deaths TodayEdit

Drew Adams, District 2, killed by Farrah Lionswell

Jack DeSonne, District 3, killed by Lilanna Maganachi

Lucky Dawn, District 3, killed by Lilanna Maganachi (both tributes from District 3 are now dead)

Alex Blue, District 5, killed by Lilanna Maganachi

Ben Woodrew, District 6, killed by Drew Adams

Rome Faite, District 7, killed by Kezaiah Bianca

Shaneka Mckanic, District 10, killed by Ben Woodrew

Sage Calun, District 11, killed by Glama Greengate

Shane Stone, District 12, killed by Lilanna Maganachi

Day TwoEdit

Farrah Lionswell, D5, MeadowEdit

I walk, really wishing I had some water. I mean, I hopefully have good sponsors. They could send me some. But, as I look at my knife, I realize it's covered in the blood of the boy from 2. Why did I kill him? Has the Games really turned me into an animal? No, I tell myself, He was gonna kill you first. I hear a rustling and from behind the tall grass comes the 12 girl. She tells me her name is Timinthia. "Would-" she stutters "would you like to make an alliance?" It takes me a moment to consider this. She could kill me. I mean, she's bigger than me. Not by a lot though. The words escape my lips before I can stop them. "Sure." And as we walk, we find a creek with a boy drinking from it, I think from 8. He looks up and says, "Hi." His mouth is still open when Timinthia shoots an arrow into his neck. He screams and falls, dead. The cannon comes and he slinks into the water, staining it red. We quickly gather water from an un-tainted portion of the water. I look at her. "What?" she says. "He looked like a threat." And, for some mildly creepy reason, I can't help but laugh.

Timinthia Talia, D12, MeadowEdit

Farrah is laughing when I realize that the boy from 8 is my first kill. My plan has been to go at it docile, then kill when I had to. But, he was my first unnescessary waste. Waste. How could I describe it like that? That people are just something to be thrown away? I go to the boy's body. It's already almost bled white. I grab my arrow, and quietly apologize. But, I give a hopeful smile as I realize that his pack is chock-full of stuff. Food, medicine, and a note from his grandmother. It reads: Lorren, I have faith in you. I miss you. Please try really hard to come home. Love, Meemaw. I almost cry. Knowing this hopeful woman wanted her grandson to come home and she just watched him die. She'll hate me. I lay the note in his cold, lifeless hand and curl his fingers around it, knowing he would have loved to return to this "Meemaw."

Chin Liao, D11, Arctic JungleEdit

Ha. What do I care that 8 tributes are dead? Then another cannon. Make that 9 dead. This will just be an advantage for me. Me and the girl from 1 were the last ones fighting at the Cornucopia. She cut me deep in the arm and I cut the back of her knee. I come to a waterfall. It is frozen. I hit it with my sword, hoping for a little bit of water to spurt out. I'm so thirsty. I hit it a second time, and that's when chaos happens. The waterfall breaks, sending an icicle the size of my sword through my chest. I feel the sickening crack of my sternum as it pierces my heart. Gasping and flailing, I scream. I scream until it becomes a shout, and eventually a whimper. I see my blood begin to pool up around my head on the hard packed snow. I utter a saying in Chinese and then it all fades away. BOOM!

Snezhana Kiminski, D2, CornucopiaEdit

I walk, disgusted. That butt face Elissa triedos to throw her knife at me. I catch it in mid air and run at her. I throw the knife, and it sticks in her cheek. Her long brown hair glistening, I pull out the knife and slit her belly wide open. Her stomach seemed to smile at me. But no cannon. "Why don't you just die?!" I yell as I throw the knife into her throat. I take my sword, cut her head off, which sounds her cannon, and kick her face in. That's better. I take her pack, throw it beside my feet, and grab my knife. I decide a little hunting can't hurt. So, I walk off, not even bothering with the others.

Hunter Riptide, D4, CornucopiaEdit

I see two silver parachutes falling. I grab the one labeled "Hunter." Melanic grabs the one with his name on it. He comes over and steals mine! I yell at him and push him, really thinking how immature I'm acting. He falls backward and hits his head on the Cornucopia. He doesn't move. Snezhana starts toward me, knowing she intends to hurt me, when he wakes up. "Ughh," he groans. He wakes up and socks me in the nose. It hasn't healed from where Lilanna punched me at the Bloodbath yesterday. Soon blood starts to flow. I open mine. A trident, and a nice golden one at that. The prongs are extra long. Melanic has a sword, a nice thin one, but it still has some force behind it. I'm itching to try it out, and then, as if by luck, the perfect target comes running by. The little boy from 10. I throw it, and with a sickening thud, it sticks. He yanks it out and runs, and I wonder how he is able to live after that. I run and thrust the trident into his neck, and I see why he was able to live. Only one prong had hit, collapsing his lung. His cannon sounds and I laugh, as I stab him multiple times for sheer pleasure. I then take his token, a straw neclace, and spit in his eye before I leave.

Arnoldo Heebsh, D9, CornucopiaEdit

I decide that it's time I made a break for it. I haven't killed anyone, and if they see that I'm useless, they'll kill me. I walk to them, and start to chat with them as I idly draw my knife. I walk and pretend to put my arm around Melanic, and then I push him down. I grab a spear, thrust it into his neck, and stick the shaft into the ground so that he hangs in the air. He'll die before anyone can help him. I pick up my knife and throw it at Hunter. It misses, and proceeds to slam itself into Melanic's thigh. Blood is running down the shaft of the spear. Hunter grabs my shirt, trident ready to strike, when I pick him up like a feather and toss him. He hits the ground hard and know that he is too winded to chase me, know that he'll go back to try to help Melanic. Surely he knows it's futile. I run into the forest, and I see Hunter. He is knelt beside a now grounded Melanic, screaming Snezhana's name. Snezhana? That's when I remember that she wasn't at the Cornucopia. Melanic's cannon booms. BOOM! Glama is surely by Melanic's body now. She had gone to pee when I attacked him. Suddenly, I slam into something. I see Snezhana teasingly waving her sickle, and it's sickly curved blade sinks into my flesh, and I look at the ground. I see the bloody arm. My arm. She pulls out an axe and throws it into my neck, and I lay there, and the last thing I hear is my cannon. BOOM!

Snezhana Kiminski, D2, CornucopiaEdit

I stare at the dead boy on the ground. He looks so much cuter dead. I think of the Arena and the Games and the real reason I'm here. I hear the strains of the anthem in my head

The horn of plenty

The horn of plenty overflows

Panem will rise above

Panem shall rise above

May our nation never fall again

Yeah, what a horn of plenty. I hear the anthem and there are six faces. Melanic is the first to appear. Then the boy from 8. Both from 9. Arnoldo still lies dead at my feet. Then the boy from 10. Then the Chinese one from 11.

I quickly move so they can get Arnoldo's body. It's already starting to stink. I look at a greaving Glama and a very confused Hunter. I make a mental note to kill him when Glama's not around tomorrow. He's been giving me a shifty look ever since the Games started. I snuggle down into my sleeping bag when I hear Glama and Hunter starting to fight. He screams at her and she lunges at him, punching him in the nose. Man, talk about unlucky. He calls her a word I will not say and she grabs a spear. She hurtles it and it sticks in his throat, pinning him to the ground. She takes a sword and swings. His body slinks down and his head lands at her feet. His cannon booms. BOOM! That leaves 8 of us. Me and Glama are the only remaining Careers in the Arena and there are no boys. Weird. I am sure the Capitol will try to lure us in with a feast or something. With that fresh thought in my head, I drift off to sleep.

Deaths todayEdit

Melanic Shinx, District 1, killed by Arnoldo Heebsh

Hunter Riptide, District 4, kiled by Glama Greengate

Lorren Eelight, District 8, killed by Timinthia Talia

Arnoldo Heebsh, District 9, killed by Snezhana Kiminski

Elissa Delvillar, District 9, killed by Snezhana Kiminski (Both tributes from District 9 are now dead)

Buck Billiar, District 10, killed by Hunter Riptide (Both tributes from District 10 are now dead)

Chin Liao, District 11, killed by icicle (Both tributes from District 11 are now dead)

Day 3Edit

Lilanna Maganachi, D4, MeadowEdit

Aha! There she is! The little 12 year old from 5! I killed her partner, how much harder can it be? I take my wire that I got from a parachute earlier and unwind some of it. Her partner, from 12 I think, starts to scream, but I run and kick her in the face. She falls, knocked out. I run up behind the girl, who from 12's scream I learned her name is Farah, and wrap my wire around her throat. I twist the spool and pull, and I can hear the sound of the wire slicing into her neck. Blood starts to spray, And her cannon fires when the wire is halfway through her neck. BOOM! My wire comes out quickly, spraying my face with blood. Ha! Who can't fight now? I walk away, with a new kill and a lot of blood on my hands.

Glama Greengate, D1, MeadowEdit

I run and I see the girl from 12 on the ground. But she's not the one I'm looking for. I leave her behind, and as I walk, I see her slowly regain consciousness. "You've got 10 seconds to run, 12!" I say. She's gone in 8. That's when I hear Lilanna. She gasps as I walk by, a fatal mistake on her part. I grab her by her shirt collar, which is now stained with blood, and she starts to plead with me, asking if she can join up with us. "Us?" I ask, "It's only me and Snezhana now." I say. I drop her and she runs. I throw my knife into her upper thigh right by her butt, severing the hamstring. She falls. I grab her by her hair, and jam my knife into her chest. I feel two ribs crack as the knife enters her heart. She screams, and I cover her mouth as I peel the knife out at a diagonal. I let her slide slowly to the ground, laughing to myself. I take two steps as her cannon sounds. BOOM!

Snezhana Kiminski, D2, MeadowEdit

Oh, God! What happened? I heard a cannon. I see the blood, but who died? That's when I hear a giggle. She comes at me before I can stop her. Glama! She stabs me in the upper left arm. In retaliation, I throw my knife. It cuts into her cheek so far that it scrapes her teeth. She screams, a fair amount of the sound coming from the flap on her cheek. She rushes at me, cutting my back with her axe, and I jam the awl into her throat, and she falls. BOOM! I grab my awl and nudge her body with my foot. Yes, her token is a nice one. I take it and leave. When I look up, the anthem starts. The faces flash. 3 faces. First is Glama. Then comes Lilanna. So she managed to die off after all. Then the girl from 5. I can't help but laugh at Glama, what an idiot. You don't mess with a Russian.

Day 3 DeathsEdit

Glama Greengate, District 1, killed by Snezhana Kiminski (both tributes from District 1 are now dead)

Lilanna Maganachi, District 4, killed by Glama Greengate (Both tributes from District 4 are now dead)

Farah Lionswell, District 5, killed by Lilanna Maganachi (Both tributes from District 5 are now dead)

Day 4Edit

Lila Woods, D7, ArchipelagoEdit

I am still weeping about Rome when the trumpets blow. Have I won? Now, there are still five of us. It's Claudius Templesmith, inviting us to a feast. Well, that's useless. It is about an hours walk from here. I'm fine up in my tree. Then he says, "If you care about your lives, you'll come." Nahh. I don't believe him. He says I have a half an hour to get there. Impossible. Suddenly, a flock of birds, probably seabirds, descends on the tree next to me. They then swoop down on me, stabbing and butchering me. I scream loudly, and soon, blood begins to flow from my mouth. The last thing I feel is my lesh being ripped apart by their strangely toothed beaks. I fall out of my tree and hit the ground hard, leaving a bloody streak on the trunk. My cannon. BOOM!

Snezhana Kiminski, D2, CornucopiaEdit

After the announcement of the feast, I hear two people running at me. It's the girl from 8 and someone else. The one from 6, I think. Suddenly an arrow comes whizzing past my head. I see the girl from 6 reloading, when she suddenly grabs the only loaf of bread. Seriously, you would think that the Gamemakers would be decent with the food. "Get back here you brat!" I scream. I grab her by the hair, and slam her face against the Cornucopia. By the way that her nose is scrunched up, I can tell she will be dead in a couple seconds. I just have time to slit the throat of the girl from 8 when 6's cannon booms. Then 8's. Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen the 8 girl that much. She barely eluded me at the Cornucopia. Well, now that's fixed.

Timinthia Talia, D12, CornucopiaEdit

When I get to the feast, I see two bodies already on the ground. The girl from 6 and the girl from 8. I do a little math in my head, and I figure out that me and the girl from 2 are the last ones left! I free an axe from the Cornucopia just as she comes at me with her knife. I dodge and cut her back. She throws the knife into my thigh, kicks me down, and yanks the knife out. I spring up and swing my axe at the same time that she swing her knife.


A cannon booms. Who was it?

I take my weapon from her head. I managed to deflect hers, but it lodged in my arm. I look at the beautiful girl lying on the ground, her sheet of hair, now stained red by her blood.

Ladies and gentleman, the victor of the 15th annual Hunger Games is...

Timinthia Talia of District 12!


24: Shaneka Mkcanic, District 10, killed by Ben Woodrew

23: Ben Woodrew, District 6, killed by Drew Adams

22: Drew Adams, District 2, Killed by Farah Lionwell

21: Lucky Dawn, District 3, killed by Lilanna Maganachi

20: Shane Stone, District 12, killed by Lilanna Maganachi

19: Alex Blue, District 5, killed by Lilanna Maganachi

18: Jack DeSonne, District 3, killed by Lilanna Maganachi

17: Rome Faite, District 7, killed by Kezaiah Bianca

16: Sage Calun, District 11, killed by Glama Greengate

15: Lorren Eelight, District 8, killed by Timinthia Talia

14: Chin Liao, District 11, killed by falling icicle

13: Elissa Delvillar, District 9, killed by Snezhana Kiminski

12: Buck Billiar, District 10, killed by Hunter Riptide

11: Melanic Shinx, District 1, killed by Arnoldo Heebsh

10: Arnoldo Heebsh, District9, killed by Snezhana Kiminski

9: Hunter Riptide, District 4, killed by Glama Greengate

8: Farah Lionswell, District 5, killed by Lilanna Maganachi

7: Lilanna Maganachi, District 4, killed by Glama Greengate

6: Glama Greengate, District 1, killed by Snezhana Kiminski

5: Lila Woods, District 7, killed by seabird mutts

4: Kezaiah Bianca, District 6, killed by Snezhana Kiminski

3: Amelia Starr, District 8, killed by Snezhana Kiminski

2: Snezhana Kiminski, District 2, killed by Timinthia Talia

1: Timinthia Talia, District 12, victor!