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Okay so In this Hunger Games, Each District will be assigned a element.  Each element has a special power.  Please sign up :)

The Elements

District Element Mentor Power
1 Elemental (All Natural Elements) Orgin - Master of all Spirits Summon Orgin-Massive damge against Love, Holy, and Time
2 Fire Efreet - Spirit of Fire Summon Efreet-Massive damage against Fire
3 Earth Gnome - Spirit of Earth Summon Gnome-Massive damage against Wind
4 Water Undine - Spirit of Water Summon Undine-Massive damage against Lightning
5 Lightning Volt - Spirit of Lightning Summon Volt-Massive damage against Water
6 Ice Celsius - Spirit of Ice Summon Celsius-Massive damage to Fire
7 Wind Sylph - Spirit of Wind Summon Sylph-Massive damage against Earth
8 Darkness Shadow - Spirit of Darkness Summon Shadow-Massive damage against Light
9 Light Luna - Spirit of Light Summon Luna-Massive damage against Darkness
10 Love Corrine - Spirit of Love 2 Lifes
11 Holy Colette - Spirit of Holy Angels Can heal wounds halfway
12 Time Maxwell - Master of Time Can stop time so that they will not die.

I used The Tales of Symphonia Summon Sprits and 1 character names. :)

How Will Powers Work?

Well If someone comes across their opposite I will use (which I use for everything) to find out who will use it against who.  You can use it once but then your mana runs out and you have to eat a gel.

Ex: Blank summoned Luna .  Mana 100=>0  Blank it's gel 0=>30

I know it's hard to explain but Im sure you might understand when The games start.  Pleas Sign up and spread the word!

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