Okay so this is going to be made up of 10-12 people in teams of five/six.  If this is made then I will make the 2 teams and then you will elect a team captain.  There will be a homework assignment for everybody and who ever wins gets a super power. The homework assignment will be like a finish the sentence kind of thing in which you will come up with the best answer or solution.. ex. What do you think is the best arena and why?? Some super powers can Keep you safe or save someone else.  Then comes the Week Assignment.  It will be a blog about something.  After that I will pick a winner.  Who ever wins team is safe.  Then the losing teams team captain will pick  3 team members who they think did the worst job (it can include themselves) and they will be up for elimination.  Then  each person from each team will give there nomination. 

I am basing this of The Ultimate Glee Games, Big Brother, The Biggest Loser, The glee project, The Hunger Games and My own blogs Mixed together in one thing.  It's Going to be based on hunger games but im using layouts from those like the homework assignment.

How to sign up?Edit



Team Name Suggestions:

SPREAD THE WORD  Im not popular on here but I go here a lot!

please and thank you please and thank you - GLOZELL GREEN/ KOOL-AID LADY

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