• Sammyjojohnson1

    I was twelve. who thought it would happen. this morning i woke up made my syblings breakfast because mom wasn't there for some reason and i couldnt leave them all alone. the oldest one is 4 i dont think we'd have a house anymore if i did. I left them at 11:00 for what I said was shoping at the hub. I was really going to my first reaping.

    Candice yerety screams in the microphone: its time to pick one couragous boy and girl to compete in this years hunger games!

    sounding so excited to watch people die.

    Candice: of course ladies first

    as she picks out of her oversized fish bowl I think about the stories my mom told about great aunt Katniss. the first two victors of the hunger games are in your family they'd say. then I hear candace say well i thiā€¦

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