I was twelve. who thought it would happen. this morning i woke up made my syblings breakfast because mom wasn't there for some reason and i couldnt leave them all alone. the oldest one is 4 i dont think we'd have a house anymore if i did. I left them at 11:00 for what I said was shoping at the hub. I was really going to my first reaping.

Candice yerety screams in the microphone: its time to pick one couragous boy and girl to compete in this years hunger games!

sounding so excited to watch people die.

Candice: of course ladies first

as she picks out of her oversized fish bowl I think about the stories my mom told about great aunt Katniss. the first two victors of the hunger games are in your family they'd say. then I hear candace say well i think we have a suprise!

our female tribute is primrose mellark!

yes, my name is primrose before my dad died of a bakery fire a year ago he begged my mom because while aunt katniss was in th arena primrose would love it there at the old bakery.

i walk up onto the stage and give blank stares to people from school.

then i see my brothers and sisters without the babysitter i hope they think i won a prize.

as as i cry trying hard to hold the tears back I see that Katniss and Peeta are right behind me as a suprise. they will be my trainors.

ok ok says candice time to pick the boy tribute

mear nearway is our male tribute

o no o no not him anyone but him

we finnaly are put on the train

aunt katniss holds me tight and says she knows I'll win witch i wont then she stands up to pick up the phone

prim, your mom... she... ummm...

when you come back as a victor your mom wont be there and she'll never be there again they found her in the woods and you know what that means....

chapter 2

Mear Nearway

my worst enemey

the kid who loved anything that would catch on fire

my dad would be alive if it wasnt for him mydads leg was on fire from the bakery fire and mear got a hold of some gasoline. it caught my dad on fire and we were never told how to get rid of fire.

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