This is my first hungergames in a LONG TIME. I haven't been on in ages.

Look for my 200th Hungergames which I am continuing.

So same procedure.

This is a pre-quell game... right before 50th Games

Put your tributes on the comments ---> no "on my profile" just put everything

I want the Name, Age, Main Weapon, District, and Biggest Fear

Training Scores will be posted on Dec 16, 2013

2 TRIBUTES MAX (as of Dec 15, 2013)

Arena will also be posted on Dec 16, (or 17) 2013

Games will be on and after Dec 18, 2013

For next hunger games (100th) tell me in the comments, after your tributes if i should add Capitol Tributes

Good Luck and may the Odds be Ever in you Favor

Tributes (CLOSED)

District Name Age Main Weapon Biggest Fear Training Scores
1 Male Bronze Lucrian 17 Spear Being Stung to Death 11
1 Female Amber Zeola 17 Throwing Knives Mutts 11
2 Male Shuppet Jorrvaskr 16 Bow Fear 10
2 Female Emily Fry 18 Sword Fighting (only knows basics) 12
3 Male Marco Zapdo 14 Crossbow Avalanche 6
3 Female Petra Mines 17 Knife and Traps/Electroniques Spiders 7
4 Male Juan Oceanus 16 Trident Earthquake 10
4 Female Atlantica Celesta 17 Trident Death 11
5 Male Bill Wiggins 15 Spear Getting Stoned 6
5 Female Holly Marien 17 Bow and Arrows Being killed in the dark 5
6 Male Tyler Deadlocks 18 Shruiken Fire 6
6 Female Hayle 16 Sickle Acid Rain 6
7 Male Marco Oaksdale 17 Knives/ Trident/ Axe Tsunami 9
7 Female Chakra Fatalis 17 Dagger and Sycthe Mutts that are bigger than her 9
8 Male Joshua Matthington 14 Throwing Knives People bigger than him 2
8 Female Zoey Haist 18 Throwing Ax Fire 9
9 Male Troi Clan 15 Dagger/Spear Death 7
9 Female Regia Ritina 13 Knives People dying 3
10 Male Mark Zevernburg 17 Knife/ Branch Drowning 9
10 Female Alexandra Marrow 14 Sword Mutts 6
11 Male Matty Woodrow 14 Sword/ Chained Sickle Drowning 5
11 Female Sierra Tulip Croft 14 Small Combat Knife/ Blowgun (w/ poison darts)/ cleverness Scared to die/ scared of large animals 7
12 Male Willie Fry 13 Bow and Arrow/Dagger Being alone/Killing someone 6
12 Female Charlie Fry 17 Bow and Arrow Too many risks 10


Tributes Odds
1M 4-1
1F 4-1
2M 3-1
2F 4-1
3M 11-1
3F 8-1
4M 5-1
4F 4-1
5M 14-1
5F 16-1
6M 7-1
6F 11-1
7M 10-1
7F 10-1
8M 27-1
8F 6-1
9M 17-1
9F 14-1
10M 18-1
10F 16-1
11M 13-1
11F 14-1
12M 19-1
12F 9-1
The Arena:Cornucopia in Middle of Snowy Forest. Surrounded by forest (snowy... goes far) to north of forest is misty mountains. To south are wheat fields. To west is labyrinth. To east are more forests (not snowy but cold)


Carreers: Bronze Lucrian 1(M), Amber Zeola 1(F), Shuppet Jorrvaskr (2M), Emily Fry [(2F) will try and make sure her siblings are not killed at all costs], Juan Oceanus (4M)
Other: Atlantica (4F) and Tyler (6M)
Other: Willie Fry (12M) and Charlie Fry (12F)



Juan Oceanus POV

This is going to be LONG.

Just as soon as I saw my surroundings I knew it would be a long one. It might be a games where we all starve to death. Its very cold and there are lots of forests and mountains. Might as well try

LET THE 49TH HUNGERGAMES BEGIN!!!!! booms Cladius' voice

60 Seconds on the clock. I know this procedure

I look at my fellow careers. I'm sad... Atlantica wants to join somene else. I think about what would happen if I won

(30 Seconds)

If I won... Wait I can't think about that I gotta focus

10 Seconds




Bronze starts to smile mischeviously



He throws his token to District 3 next to the ground

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!! Limbs went flying



Tributes are distracted



I run as fast as I can, get a spear and stab Matty. BOOM!

First Blood

Sierra Tulip Croft's POV

I ran to the cornucopia, picked up a sword and backpack and went away. I saw Matty getting stabbed by the STUPID CAREER. I have to get away.

I started running but D1 walks in my way and its only a matter of seconds before I see the blade slicing the air towards my neck


To be Continued...

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