68th hunger games Sandj3335678

This is my first hunger games! On the comments write your tributes name, gender, district, age, appearence,and abilities. You can also Make a stylist for a district.Escort and mentor. One Interviewer.One User per character so it's fair for everyone have fun and may the odds be ever in your favor! Each Mentor Can Give each one of their tributes one sponsor gift.(it can be any gift on the list below)Alllies will be made on May 24th estimated date.NEED MORE TRIBUTES!Arena will come on the 24th of May.

Each tribute starts with $500


Sword $120

Spear $150

Mace $80

Thowing Axes(4) $100

Dagger $60

Throwing Knives(6 in packet)$140


Quiver of arrows(12 arrows)$120

Axe $90

Awl $70

Silver Trident $180

Golden Trident(Better) $200


Tent $80

Backpack $20

Iodine $50

Water Bottle(4 days) $30

12 Strips of beef(4 days) $20

Loaf of Bread(2 days) $10

8 crakers $10

Sleeping bag $40

Plastic bag $5

MagicHeal(heals anything-4 uses-)$100


District Male/Age Appearence/Ability user Female/Age Appearence/Ability user
1 Arran Harthorn 16 Handsome(blond hair,green eyes muscular but skinny/Sword,strong,likeability Mysims Cammie Bradshaw 17 dark brown hair,brown eyes, light pink skin/axe,knife,sleuth,intellegence AshtonMoloLover
2 Troy Ventura 17 Spikey brown hair dark brown eyes, tall, muscular/axe,sword,hand-to-hand combat,strong Mysims Ella Dane 16 straight blonde hair,freckles(usually in pony tail)(5'9") dark blue eyes and pale skin/throwing knives,climbing trees,flexible,bow and arrows and sword Cato rocks!
3 Joey Serono 13 wavy blond hair,green eyes, skinny(but strong),tall/spear,throwing kives,smart and fast Joeyisboss Debbie Lou 12 Long curly golden hair(few strands of plain brown mixed in,gray eyes,pinkish skin,freckles The Hunger Games Girl
4 Tide Watercrest 17 Blond hair(few strands of blue in front) blue eyes, great smile,muscular(girls call him hot)/Trident,sword,throwing knives,strong,fast,swimming Mysims Hylen Janerose 15 short bronze hair, blue-green eyes and golden skin/trydent The Hunger Games Girl
5 Matthew Tarnowski 12 Black hair,blue eyes,tall/sword,bow and arrow and axe Epic123 Aurora Wilde 12 Long Dark hair,teal eyes, pale(5')/Blowgun,smart NerdDFTBA
6 Jason Johnson 17 Black Hair,brown hair,tan/hand-to-hand combat,knife,intellegence AshtonMoloLover Tamora Summers 16 blond hair, brown eyes,pale skin/bow and arrow,intellegence,sleuth AshtonMoloLover
7 Asif Perez 18 Blue eyes, Brown hair,athletic, tan/throwing axes,climbing trees,intellegence,poison axe Juani5556274 Jhoanna Parker Blond hair(dyed blond),brown eyes/dagger,throwing axes,smart Hunger Games Fan
8 Alejandro McCarthy 13 (Emily's cousin) Black hair,blue eyes,tan/spear,climbing trees, and clever Hunger Games 7869 Emily McCarthy 13 (alejandro's cousin) blond hair,green eyes,pinkish skin/knife,sword,smart Hunger Games7869
9 George Lucus 14 brown eyes, blond hair, skinny,4 pack/spear,dagger,healer, swimmer Georgey67584 Tasha Sierra 12 black hair,freckles, black hair and skinny/bow and arrow,knife,sleuth thehungerggamesisthebest
10 Christain Lome 16

blonde hair muscular(5'11")/strong,resourceful,good with any weapon

sneaky,sly and smart

NerdDFTBA Annabeth Chase 16 Blonde Hair,tan,grenn eyes/dagger, clever PercyJacksonisthebest
11 Thresh Riverdeen 18 dark skin,brown eyes,brown hair, and strong./Good with any weapon(execpt bow and arrows) smart and strong epic11 Cristina Osborn 12 Cute, short brown hair,blue eyes,small,and freckles/knife,climbing trees Rue11
12 Peter Jackson 17 Brown hair, Green eyes, strong, and athletic/Knife, smart, strong, and swords. PeetaOdair Alexandra Taylor 16 bow and arrow, knife,climbing trees,smart KatnissPeeta


Interviewer user
Kalia Springston AshtonMoloLover


Teams Names

Arran,Troy,Tide,Cammie,Ella,Hylen,(district 3)Joey

District 6 and 12 Jason,Tamora,Peter,Alexandra
District 8 Alejandro,Emily
11 and 3 and 10 Thresh,Debbie, and Annabeth
On There Own Rest of Males
On There Own Rest of Females


District Name user
1 Smeagol PeetaOdair
2 Sam PeetaOdair
3 Gwen Cheese Burger
4 Destiny PeetaOdair
5 Mary Jane escort64
6 George PeetaOdair
7 Holly DiaryOfaWimpyKid
8 May escort64
9 Carter PeetaOdair
10 Emile Reach
11 Marcus dobby
12 Effie Trinket Effie3859


District Name Chariot Male Chariot Female Interview Male

Interview Female

1 Dom Black Tux with gold rose Tight black dress with white tiara and white high heeles light blue tux with black shirt under gold dress with black tiara with emerald District 1 rocks!
2 bill Golden Greek armor,holding a spear same but as a dress roman armor same but as a dress Wikia Contributer
3 dorthy egyptian pharoah cloathing same but as a dress silver tux with white rose silver dress with green tiara district22
4 Casey blue and green jumpsuit same blue and green tux same but as a dress district22
5 Marcus suit with electric designs same but as a dress ruby colored suit saphire colered dress PeetaOdair
6 bob Green Tux with emeralds all over it and a black rose tight green dress covered in emeralds white tux white dress Wikia Contributer
7 dominic tree costume same but as a dress tux covered in leaves dress covered in leaves district22
8 Lauren Purple Suit Purple dress Blue tux Blue dress epic11
9 Hannah iron armor same but as a dress gold armor same but as a dress District 1 rocks!
10 Wendy golden cowboy suit same but as a dress same as chariot rides same as chariot rides district22
11 Fabio farmer suit same but as a dress black tux yellow dress district22
12 Cinna black suit on fire! same but as a dress light green tux red dress that when she spins the bottom shoots out flames! 12

Chariot scores:

District Place Stylist
1 1st Dom
12 2nd Cinna
2 3rd bill


District Name Style user
1 Joseph Make sure they win! District 1 rocks!
2 Enobria Teaches them to be vicious and tough! PeetaOdair
3 Howard Teaches survival skills and teaches tributes mostly to usee spears district22
4 Gabriel Teaches how to use tridents,nets,and swords PeetaOdair
5 Alex Mostly shows survival skills district22
6 Alejandra wants them to win but acts nice district22
7 John Shows them all types of skills MartyisBoss
8 George Nice, shy, but tough tv
9 Dr.Suess Teaches them defense and hiding skills PeetaOdair
10 Laura Teaches them to be strong no matter what district22
11 Sheila Teaches them to use any weapon epic11
12 Haymitch Abernthy Makes sure that one goes home 12


Cornucopia is in the middle of plains to the south and west ther is a forest to the north there is lots of mountains to the left there are wheat fields(middle of wheat field there is a huge lake)(ponds,rivers, and lakes in forest. There are weapons, bottles, backpacks(filled with supplies), and other useful supplies in the cornucopia.


Arran's interview:

Kalia:Welcome ARRAN! (clapping,hooting and cheers)

Kalia:Hello Arran


Kalia:So,Arran do u think u could win?

Arran:Yes with a cherry on top! (Laughter)

Kalia: So what's your strategy?

Arran:I'll just get a weapon from the cornucopia kill some tributes and make allies with the careers.

(buzzer sounds)

Kalia:Well, it was an honor having u here,Arran,NOW LETS GIVE IT UP FOR ARRAN HARTHORN!

Cammie's Interview:

Kalia:Lets bring Cammie Bradshaw to the stage! (clapping,hooting and cheers)

Kalia: How are u Cammie?

Cammie:I'm well and how r u?

Kalia:Im fine.What a fine perfromance u had in the chariot rides.

Cammie: thank u very much

Kalia:So do u like any one in particular?

Cammie:(blushing) well i kind of have a crush on my partner,Arran.

(buzzer sounds)

Kalia: Well, good luck with Arran and LETS GIVE IT UP FOR CAMMIE!


Troy's interview:

Kalia: Lets welcome Troy! (Crowd roars!)

Kalia:Hello Troy, How are u

Troy:Im good,thanks

Kalia:What is ur attitude for when u rise up ur tube?

Troy:I'l be vicious and ready

Kalia:u seem ready

Troy:yes i am, and im not afraid to fight my way to the cornucopia to get a sword

Kalia:You seem brave.(buzzer sounds) Well anyway u have to go,good luck AND THIS IS TROY!(crowd roars!!)

Ella's interview:

Kalia:Here is Ella! (Crowd applauses)



Ella:I think i could win because i got a 10 as my training score

Kalia:What weapon do u prefer?

Ella:throwing knives because im best at them

Kalia:(chuckles) do u know one, Enobria, used throwing knives like u?

Ella: Yes

Kalia: Well u go out there and win!(Buzzer Sounds)Lets give Ella A round of applause!(crowdCheers and clapps!)

Announcement:Sorry guys and other tributes, i don't have any time to do the other interviews but i hope u liked the ones i made! (special thanks to AshtonMoioLover who was the interviewer) But trust me the games will be great!

The Games


Troy's POV:

I rise up in my tube, sinlight blinds my eyes and when im back to focus, the count down has begun 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,,,,1 I run,i see a sword and a backpack right in front of me(i guess today's my lucky day) I see the boy from district 9 runnig straight at me fast so when he comes at me, i juke him go behind him and stab him.BOOM.First blood.Yay.

Matthew's POV:

I'm running but i know im dead when i see Ella and Troy surronding me."Let me have the pleasures" said Ella, Troy said "sure". Im just like please don't kill me ALLIES! ALLIES! but i know its over when Ella stabs me in the chest repeaditly.BOOM.

Cammie's POV:

I see Arran running and saw him run to Troy with a sword. I start running till i see two kids surrounding me. I stab one BOOM roll over but the other kid grabs me in some sort of a headlock.I'm dead.But when he's about to chock me Tide comes from behind and stabs him with the trident BOOM we go to the careers and form the alliance.

Annabeth's POV:

I quickly get a dagger, i see the closest tribute it's a boy(hopfully not from my district) and throw it at him.It was Joey. The Careers are gonna kill me but i guess there gonna kill me fast since Joey since he wasn't fully a career but anyways i just run to the forest while i run i see Hylen killing Cristina Osborn BOOM and i see the career alliance forming and tributes running away.


Tamora's POV:

6 dead in the blood bath, not much, i run to the mountains. While im in the mountains i here a noise. i look up to see a tiger mutt leap on me i scream and next thing i know im being eating alive BOOM!

Alexandra's POV:

I'm on a tree in the forest and i see the capitol seal and the anthem playing i see Joey,Matthew,Tamora,Jhoanna,George,Cristina and Peter. Peter.NOOOO! I stay on the tree crying till i fall asleep.

Day 2: Tide's POV:

BOOM!! Wasps everywhere.Hylen's still sleeping.wait.she's dead.NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


That's all i could think of. When i woke up i saw her dead.And now im being chased by like a 100 tracker jackers.i try to find a lake but i can't find a thing,i know i can't live so im just gonna face death.I just stand there and all i fell is pain.BOOM!

Cammie's POV:

We've lost 2 tributes.its just 4 of us.We're hunting in the forest,im leading the pack so while im hunting i hear a noise coming from the bushes,and then i see the girl from district 9, i can tell she's mad cus troy killed her fellow tribute so i get my spear ready.she throws a knife at hits my thigh and im hurt and on my knees. i throw my spear and it hits her in the chest,she falls to the ground.BOOM!I see a white parachute coming down to me.Yes!, it's a magiheal.I'm safe.I see Arran kiss me on the thing i know,im blushing.then i fall asleep on his arm.

Day 3:

Asif's POV:

Im running.I see Alejandro and Emily,I s†ab Emily.BOOM!Alejandro didn't give up so easily.Enraged he lunged at me,sword sticking out.I juke him break his wrist and then take out my spear and plunge it in his face.BOOM!

Day 4:

Asif's POV:

Im running when i run into the careers.OMG Im gonna die.but Not without a fight.I stab Arran Harthorn so many times before his cannon sounds.Cammie from district 1 screams and beheads me.BOOM! Alexandra's POV:

I was spying on the Careers the whole time planning to avenge Peter's death.There are only 3 careers left.I'm walking back when i step on a twig.CRACKKKK!!The Careers spot me.Cammie(who's mad as hell)grabs me in a headlock and slits my cannon goes off!!

Troy's POV:

There are only three of us left.I mean 3 careers left.right now we're running in the desert.Thresh is chasing us and he looks really angry.Thresh is running as fast as he can throwing knives at us.Then we heard a BOOM!!....i thought it was a dead tribute but i saw AN ASTERIOD SHOWER!!One hit Thresh BOOM!! One hit Ella BOOM!! It's just me and Cammie.All we can do is run and hope for the meteor rain to end.Im still running when i see a meteor come down at me which means im dead........BOOM!!

Cammie's POV:

Its the final 6.6!!!!.I can win! Though all the other careers are dead.Im just gonna have to find a place to sleep.

Jason's POV:

I can make it..I see Cammie(the last Career:) lokking for a place to sleep.I try to walk queitly to her.I raise up my spear, im about to stab her when Christian from district 10 comes out of nowhere and slits my throat.My cannon goes off.

Cammie's POV:

I just saw Jason get killed by Christian.Now he's coming for me.I get my sword and deflect his strike,he slips while trying to kill me.Now i have the Chance i plunge my sword into his face.I fall asleep right on the spot.

Day Five(the feast):

Cammie's POV:

I wake up.I hear a noise."This is Claudius.There is a feast in the Cornucopia,all that u guys need will be in a pack.Good luck getting what u need and may the odds be ever on your favors"I know this is my chance because the cornucopia is only 100 feet away from me.I run to the cornucopia praying no ttribute will kill me and get my pack and run to the mountains.

Annabeth's POV:

I see my chance and run to the cornucopia.I see Debbie Lou from 3 running too.I thought she was dead.this means that i'll have to fight.When i get to the table i throw my knife at her.Just as i throw my knife she throws the spear that means im dead.BOOM! BOOM!

Aurora's POV:

Im so close.i spot Cammie running to the mountains.I run after her and throw my spear.

Cammie's POV:

I hear something.I duck.A spear flies over my head.I see Aurora running at me.She throws a knife at me.It hits my thigh.I run at her even though the pain is killing me i quickly grab her neck and snap it.BOOM! "CONGRATULATIONS TO CAMMIE BRADSHAW,THE VICTOR OF THE 68TH HUNGER GAMES!!" a hover craft comes to pick me up.I start to cry thinking of Arran.




Death Chart Name: Killed By: How: When: user
24th George Lucas (9) Troy Ventura Stabbed in back bloodbath Georgey67584
23rd Matthew Tarnowski (5) Ella Dane Stabbed in stomach repeditly bloodbath Epic123
22nd Jhoanna Parker (7) Cammie Bradshaw stabbed bloodbath Hunger Games Fan
21st Peter Jackson (12) Tide Watercrest stabbed in back by trident bloodbath Peeta Odair
20th Joey Serono (3) Annabeth Chase Throwing dagger in neck bloodbath Joeyisboss
19th Cristina Osborn (11) Hylen Janerose spear in chest bloodbath Rue11

Tamora Summer (6)

Tiger Mutt eaten alive day one Ashton Molo Lover
17th Hylen Janerose (4) Tracker Jackers stung to death day two The Hunger Games Girl

Tide Watercrest (4)

Tracker Jackers stung to death day two Mysims
15th Tasha Sierra (9) Cammie Bradshaw spear thrown in chest day two Thehungergamesisthebest
14th Emily McCarthy (8) Asif Perez stabbed by a knife day three Hunger Games 7869
13th Alejandro McCarthy (8) Asif Perez spear in face day three Hunger Games 7869
12th Arran Harthorn (1) Asif Perez stabbed several times by spear day four Mysims
11th Asif Perez (7) Cammie Bradshaw beheaded day four Juani5556274
10th Alexandra Taylor (12) Cammie Bradshaw Throat slit day four KatnissPeeta
9th Thresh Riverdeen (11) Meteor Smashed day four epic11
8th Ella Dane (2) Meteor Smashed day four Cato Rocks!
7th Troy Ventura (2) Meteor Smashed day four Mysims
6th Jason Johnson (6) Christian Lome Throat slit day four AshtonMoioLover
5th Christian Lome (10) Cammie Bradshaw Sword in face day four NerdDFTBA
4th Debbie Lou (3) Annabeth Chase Knife in chest day five The Hunger Games Girl
3rd Annabeth Chase (10) Debbe Lou Spear in chest day five PercyJacksonisthebest
2nd Aurora Wilde (5) Cammie Bradshaw Neck snapped day five NerdDFTBA


District Name User
1 Cammie Bradshaw AshtonMoioLover

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