• I live in Cold Lake
  • I was born on March 16
  • My occupation is Network Systems Technician
  • I am male
  • Santrap322

    "The Hangar. The Dungeons. Special Defense. Somewhere food is grown. Power generated. Air and water purified. 'Thirteen is even larger than I thought.'" Mockingjay, P80

    District 13's underground bunker complex can only be described as the ultimate vision to desperate architect that needed to protect a substantial portion of a state's population from a cataclysmic attack or disaster. Perhaps not even just protect but also sustain for an indefinite period of time; described to have a considerable system of elevator paths to take them to the complex' many locations, it must have been a massive feat of engineering. To consider the size of this complex would be to think of planting an area the size of Bagram Air Base underground in several diffe…

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