aka Natalie

  • I live in Narnia
  • I was born on October 20
  • My occupation is Being epic
  • I am Female i think
  • SapphireDoesHG

    Hello there readers! I have RETURNED FROM MY LONG SLUMBER 

    No i was just lazeh... SORRY!

    Well I am back with another hunger games :)

    You can do 1 male and 1 female tribute :)

    Basically this is a RANDOM HUNGER GAMES

    Meaning that anything that my mind comes up with will be in

    Some rules

    I Don't Care if you complain about your tribute dieing (i shall just use these funny gifs i found to reply)

    I dont care if you have arguements

    Lets just say I DONT CARE IF YOU COMPLAINN :3 cuz i am nice. and i have funs gifs.

    Also if you reserve someone then you do not make the Lunaii in 2 days or less, the reservation shall be off. Things you must put. *=REQUIREDD

    • Name:
    • Age:
    • Gender:
    • Height:
    • District:
    • WOC:

    (You can choose later) Allies:

    (You can choose later) Enemies:

    • Lunaii:


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