• SapphireDragon127

    If there were no Games, which tributes would be together?

    Katniss/Cato: Ok. I think this might work out...but Cato is more like Gale than Peeta. It would be a love/hate thing. Let's just hope that Cato knows how to bake.

    Clove/Cato: YES!!! I am a total Clato shipper. They are from the same district, and they are a lot alike. Totally!

    Glimmer/Cato: Uggh. No. Glimmer is a prissy valley girl. They weren't together in the book. End of story.

    Marvel/Glimmer: Maybe. Marvel is an egghead. I'm not sure if Glimmer could stand that.

    Peeta/Glimmer: I think Peeta and Katniss were meant to be together. I don't like this pairing.

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