Hi guys! How you doing today? :D, Well I'm good so I was thinking of making a blog today. By the way, if you jumped up and hollered "YAYAYAYYAAYAYAYAYYAA! MUFFINS!" when you read that... I love you. :D! I love everyone don't I? Anyway, I was just reading a blog by someone who I will not name about... shout outs to people in a very.. weirdish somehow rudeish way? I apologize if you know who you are if you got offended by that.


Anyway, I've been on this gllouurrriooousss wiki for almost a month (YYYAAAYYYY! MUFFINNSS!) so I thought I might make a blog like this other person I will not name but with nice shout outs to a few friends on here! I'm sorry if I didn't put you on here but it's either because

A( I haven't met you yet

B( I don't like you by much and don't want to offend you

C( I'm wayyyy to lazy to type about over a million people. (That's probably the most reasonable answer LOL)

Anyway, let's get started! :D

Rainbow Shifter

Oh Rainbow :). You are an amazing friend. You are extremely epic and random which makes us like TWINS, we both loovvveee Cato, Clove and Marvel and you were super nice when I met you! You invited me to a wiki you were an admin/chat mod on and I joined it and I go on it every day now because it's so much fun to roleplay with you! I ended up being an admin/chat mod on there which made me feel great so I cannot thank you enough for that. When my computer was going peanuts you would do the work I wanted to do on that wiki for me without a complain and you always try hard to stay up late just to talk to me which makes me feel like chocolate. Yes, chocolate, sweet and adored (hopefully you don't eat me though).

You introduced me to loads of fun people and we both Private Message a lot and go bazookas and be random which I haven't been able to do in a long time so I can't tell you how happy that makes me. You never get offended when I call you by your funny nickname that at first was a typo. Rainbow Shi-ter. You showed me your Pain Games which is loads of fun to work on and just let me say.

You are amazing. Brilliant. Funny. Weird at times. Epic. Random. A great roleplayer. A warrior :D. I'm so happy I have you as a friend. :).


Well first of all let me say you are hilarious. You are very special to me because of this loonnggg list of compliments:

1. Hilarious

2. So sweet!

3. One of the best guys in the world.

4. Stunning

5. Unbelievable

6. Twisted, tangled and creative mind!

7. Active

8. Chatterbox

9. Skillful

10. Wondeerrrrfulll to everyone!

11. Veryyyy clever!

12. Caring

13. Never rude to anyone! Not even naughty users!

14. Very on-guard

15. You're always the better person, no matter what!

16. You gave me that awesome nickname! (Scarrie)

17. You love fat cats! :D

18. You love Paramore!

Right now, I don't have time for all attention on you, I have to write more about other people, believe me there is a lot more than 17 nice compliments about you :D. You're really creative with stories which makes me laugh, you're always on chat so I can talk to you often and get to know you better. We were both very suspicious about a sockpuppet user which made us have a little 'adventure' which was very funny! We both love random stuff which makes me jull of BANANA MONKEY JOY! I can trust you with almost anything I have to hide. You're very thoughtful so I know that if somethings wrong I can go to you for advice. And.... YOU LIKE ONE DIRECTION! Now that is one brilliant band and theyre soooo cuttteeee. You stood up for me when a user I will not name was being slightly rude to me and they apologized. Luke you are brilliant and I couldn't be happier to be your friend. When you're sad you come to me for advice and it makes me know that you trust me! :D. You compliment me so much I could burst and explode. You're a great chat mod and watch out for others feelings so I feel safe when I'm online. You listen to Paramore which makes you EPIC! I'm happy I met you. :).


Allie, Finnick isn't the only boss here this time. Really I think you should have named yourself AllieisBOSS (how cheesy right? XD) because well really... You are! You are awesome and an epic roleplayer. You don't go much on The Hunger Games wiki chat anymore because you go on my (Katie, Rainbow and our wiki) wiki which makes me full of happiness... and bananas. You really know how to pick up a fake fight and make me laugh my head off, especially with that Maximum character you made up. I still apologize for doing that harsh (FAKE) reply but hey, girl, you were looking for it. I hope Fernando didn't hurt Maximum too hard on the shoulder :).

You really are BOSS and compliment me all the time and it just makes me feel like a teddy bear :D. Soft, loved and always huggable :D. I love the way you talk, funny and mostly random. I make you laugh a lot which you bring back down hard and you are never sad. You are always bright and ready for a quick chat. I love to roleplay with you. You always give it a little twist and god girl! You make Finnick seem much more when you roleplay! The way you show his emotions and talk and act! Wow! You almost make me turn green of envy!

You make up the funniest words and apologize when you do something wrong in the strangest ways! You joined Tumblr just to follow me and reblogged most of my posts which you thought were funny which made me think 'Wow, I'm funny? Yeah go alpacas. I'm funny'. We are like twins.

Like I said before, it's not only your time to shine in the spotlight. Time for some other aaaammaazzzinnggg people :D.

The Hunger Gamer

So wait. You're half alpaca, a pony, very annoying, a Death Eater and love the word 'bloody'? AWESOME! I'm half alpaca, very annoying, a Death Eater, a pony and love the word 'bloody' too! Another guy friend who I thought was a chick. O.O. Wowie. I'm one silly alpaca/Death Eater/annoying person/pony.

Let me start off this long compliment by saying you are one of the most random people I have ever met. Which makes you one of the most bloody awesome people I have ever met. You joke around all the time and cuss sometimes but with the weirdest made up words! I don't know a single person whos mean to you and you always say whatever I write is either:

A( "Interesting."

B( "Weird but funny/awesome."

C( "Alpacaish."

Hold it up buddy. You like My Little Pony? Holy chiz! So do I! It's my guilty pleasure. :D. Omg, and you're a smexy farmer? NO WAY! Nah, I was kidding :D. Well I haven't known you for the longest time but I've known you long enough to know that when you pick up a fight you make it into the most strangest thing ever in history. And you always win every fight. Like the American teams thingy arguement! :D. Wait... you're American!? WOW! I'm not! But Americans rule! :D. You are never mean, you aren't emotional which makes you plain weird, but then again, I love weird people. You talk a LOT which makes you a chatterbox and I give you the weirdest nicknames (which you don't like by much) and eventually something happens to them and end up in the funniest ways.

For instance:

I gave you the nickname BOOPER! :D. Then a user, typoed it to BOO*ER! :D XD. Funniest thing yet, may I say. So yeah, ROCK ON!!!


You are lots of fun to talk to. I sadly don't have much to say because mostly you Private Message with me and barley talk on main chat which I have to admit is a bit dissapointing. But when we Private Message it's a lot of fun but since our messages are PRIVATE I'm not going to mention what we talk about. But when we do talk you normally don't talk much but I do which is awesome because I love talking and you joined our wiki which made all of us really happy so thanks so much! :D, hopefully I get to know you better.


Ok like, I know I briefely just met you... But girl you are FRIGGIN AWESOME! First of all because you let me call you by your awesome new nickname, Jessie. Second of all, you made my cry my eyes out (I'm using a special robot to type now since I don't have eyes) with your amazing fan fiction of Peeta and Katniss. Seriously guys. Read Jessie's fan fiction. You're a Twilight-lover, vamp-gurl, sucker for chocolate, Harry Potter head, and ASIAN. Asian people are so cool. :O. You are a super nice girl and I know you are slightly new but you were extremely amazingly and epicly ranodm and nice. You did so many smileys you drove me bonkers! You agree with almost everything I say.

We both LOVE Harry Potter, writing stories, Twilight, Green Day (YAY) and LLAMAS! You listen to Paramore just like me! Which makes you even awesomer! Right now I can't say much more since this is the first day I met you but still... you rule.


Holy chiz Fin. Another Asian! :O! What is it, Asian day? I liked you the second I saw you because your avatar was NYANCAT! And, ADVENTURE TIME!

I love both :D. And you're Asian! Your username has little square boxes which made me laugh at first... Square boxes :D. We are like seriously twins. We are so alike you even call me "twin"! That is just plain awesome man! You like llamas just like me (even though alpacas are awesome too). Partly also because when Luke (Justafox) today told us he got bullied you stood up for him and tried to cheer Luke up. :D. Fin you are so thoughtful of others, funny and a nyancat lover :D.

You ship Peeta and Katniss, just like me, so I love you for that. TEAM PEETAAAA!!! :D! You think Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are an inresistable couple, like me. We are both awesome. You listen to Green Day (YAY!). And like.... YEAH! :D.You are super nice to newbies and everyone else, even though you're new it seems to me like I've known you forever :D. We are both fourteen (EPIC NUMBER). You are pretty dang tall for a fourteen year old though. :D.

Zeph Katana

Zach. You. Are. A. Creep. No kidding but seriously, this guy will give you a heart attack. Seriously, the first day I met him, he showed me this friggin scary comic with Japanese cartoons. You know what happened? I screamed "JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE SHIZZLES!" and fell off the edge of my bed. No lie. You are:

A( A creep :D.

B( An awesome vampire dudddeeee.

C( Hilarously weird.

D( A joker.

Yeah. Everyone knows you're one of the funniest guys on here, be honest with yourself. Come on. Be honest. But yeah. You post the weirdest and coolest things on Tumblr, you can be a real perv sometimes though :D. I have no idea how you came across our rolepay wiki but when we were talking on there you said the weirdest and funnies things. Even when I get mad at you.... ah shizzles. I can't stay mad at you. XD. Zach, you're weird, a vamp dude, a guy with great taste in music and a seriously seriously seriously great friend. You followed my Tumblr which made me pretty happy and reblogged like seriously almost of all my posts. Although you say my most awkward posts on chat to EVERYONE you have to admit that they're pretty damn hilarious.

You also like My Little Pony! HELL YEAH! MY LITTLE PONY! You like Derpy and Fluttershy and ship Rainbow Dash with a pony I can't remember! Lol! Dude, you are awesome. Be honest. But be careful with this guy... He'll eat you alive with his vampire ninja skills.


Awww heyyyaaaa Toaster! :D! How you doing? Ok I must be the luckiest girl ever to be friends with this fun Toaster. You are hilarious, random, funny, nice, sweet, caring, a bit evil though O.O and my BEST FUDGIN FRIEND FOREVA!!!

We can laugh and talk about anything together, but I bet if anyone heard us they would think we're mental. Well we are! :D! You also are the coolest roleplayer ever. We are so weird and I instatly loved you when you first came on chat. No really LOOOVVEEDDD! Will you marry me? :). Don't make Toaster angry cuz she'll beat you with her epic butterfly ninja skills. HHOEEYAA! You're sweet, awesome, you interrupt any conversation and makes us die of laughter and awww I'm just so jealous of you :).

We both plan evil schemes all the time so watch out for your llamas! We can talk all day long and it still wouldn't be enough. No matter of time is long enough for us to be friends. Lets start with forever. Toaster is like my second half. But she smells bad ;). No kidding.

Toaster, I hope you think of me as a best friend too, ah cheese. Of course you do! I'm awesome! Haha ok Scar, a bit too overload. But yeah, you're a great friend.

That's it for now... BYE! :D

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