Do you like the title? XD. But really, it will leave you STARVING for more! I know I left starving -_-. Well this is a quick blog for my review for the movie, by the way, I didn't read the books so I don't see any differences in the movie with the book.

Nine stars out of ten. It was amazing. Priceless. Couldn't have been any better. The feelings were sent out perfectely to the audience, the suspense was thrilling, the love scenes were heart-breaking, the blood and gore was bloody amazing and the deaths of friends made me cry my heart out. It was awesome. But.. I do have an exception. The ending. I was quite dissapointed with the ending really. I mean, for the Team Peeta and Team Gale fans.... who does Katniss end up with?

Now this is just MY opinion because I really like Peeta and would of loved to see if Katniss ended up with Peeta, please don't hate for that. But yeah, the ending was dissapointing. Also, Rue's death was the saddest thing yet to me which made me want to scream when I was sitting there in the cinema with my popcorn in my lap.

But, it was also really good because of the costumes, the effects, the drama, the very un-cool white pale lady who chose the names for District 12. Lol. I don't see how I could have made it better myself except for the ending of course which I really think was changed from the book even though I haven't read it because I mean... all movie directors do that.

But also what dissapointed me was Gale's weak character. I'm not offending any Gale fans of course but... He appeared very little and when he did, I didn't see him they same way Katniss did. See what I did there? LOL.

But yes, Gale dissapointed me. After his appearance in The Last Song I thought he would do better. Not that his acting was bad but I thought be would play a character that would appear more often. What I also really liked was that I knew most of the actors and actresses. I mean normally when I watch a movie and I'm not familiar with the actors and actresses in it it just makes me feel like a complete stranger. But I knew a lot of the actors such as: Josh Hutcherson

Jennifer Lawrence Alexander Ludwig Isabelle Fuhrman Liam Hensworth Amandla Stenberg So that was lovely, it made me feel good. But what I did dislike is that Alexander Ludwig was Cato. I mean, when I saw him I thought, 'Oh this is great! He's going to be awesome!' but instead he died which was a bit sad even for Cato because... I like Alex. BUT CATO DESERVED TO DIE!! No offense to any Cato lovers out there... BUT HE DID!!

What was thrilling is Isabelle Fuhrman taking place as a villian again. First in Orphan now in The Hunger Games... this girl is a hero. But, this has nothing to do with the movie, sorry. Back to the subject. What I also slightly disliked was the fighting between Katniss and Peeta at the beginning. Why does Katniss have such a problem with Peeta? I mean, why did she not take his hand? Why did she hate him and attack him when he admitted that HE liked her? What the heck man? Now, this is a problem for me and might not be for you but I don't see why Katniss hated him so much at the beginning. What was strange is that Glimmer seems to have a great big relationship with Cato even though she's in District 1 and Cato is in District 2. Also, why was Cato with the other Districts when he was supposed to kill them? I suppose they were all trying to kill Katniss but really... it just confused me at first. Now this confused me a lot. What happened aft Why? What happened? Was the black man Rue's father? How are we supposed to know that? WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED? I really didn't understand that part which was tortue for me because I didn't understand it. Sorry. er Rue's death? I mean, Katniss did the weird finger sign and yeah but then everything exploded. I mean, why? What happened? Did the man do it because he was angry because of Rue's death? Was he Rue's father? How should we know?

And what the heck does the kiss-hand-three-finger thingy mean. I am serious. What. Does. It. Mean.

But other than that it's it's it's it's it's it's- LOVELY!! But yeah, I highly recommend for you guys to watch it you haven't already... Yeah. :)

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