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Whats up with all this drama?

Ever since I came back everything has just gone wrong. Don't deny that we've had a lot of drama on here. I'm not going to say what it is since I dont think I have the right to talk about others like this so I'm just going to say it but not with their names.

First with ___'s ban everyone has been hating on one specific person.

Then with the whole Clovelyy blog thing.

A lot of users are getting depressed and leaving.

And then with all the trolls.

Someday this wiki is going to die out. Abandoned. But we can stop that. I know most of you dont know this but the same drama happenened on the wiki that I left. It was an amazing wiki, one that everyone adored and it was filled with users. And then it was destroyed. Not by trolls. By us.

Us. The users.

I just think its sad and I wish the wiki was like it was 4 months ago. When we all loved each other.

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