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  • SceneQueen998

    i wrote a chapter of this for a english prodject where we had to make a fanfiction, tell me what you think!

    (This part is Annies POV)

    I really hate The Hunger Games! I know I should love it because I'm in a Career district, 4. But I just hate them! I mean every year I watch someone I know or have seen before get slaughtered. You start to build up hope as they make it farther and farther. Then of course they just…die. I can't say I wouldn't fight if I were chosen. I would! I think of what my father always said, "Annie, honor will always be honor. But life is an exciting ride that you can never get back," he told me that when I was five years old right after my cousin Sindra was reaped and killed. She made it to the top two.

    "Wake up you freak!…

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