i wrote a chapter of this for a english prodject where we had to make a fanfiction, tell me what you think!

(This part is Annies POV)

Chapter 1:

I really hate The Hunger Games! I know I should love it because I'm in a Career district, 4. But I just hate them! I mean every year I watch someone I know or have seen before get slaughtered. You start to build up hope as they make it farther and farther. Then of course they just…die. I can't say I wouldn't fight if I were chosen. I would! I think of what my father always said, "Annie, honor will always be honor. But life is an exciting ride that you can never get back," he told me that when I was five years old right after my cousin Sindra was reaped and killed. She made it to the top two.

"Wake up you freak!" screams the same annoying voice as my best friend Dian Wave. I open my eyes and what do you know? It's her. "What do I owe this pleasure?" I ask rubbing my eyes. Dian grabs my exposed foot from under the covers and yanks me off the bed! I hit the ground hard! "If you weren't a Victor I'd beat you down!" I say rubbing my now throbbing head! "Oh calm yourself. If I was your mentor I'd do that every day!" she says. Dian has been a mentor for three years now with the Finnick Odair! She one when she was only 12! She's a prodigy! Now she's just a normal sixteen year old like me. Except of course her house which is the size of the Capitol!

She picks out a pink dress for me to wear. I personally hate that one but it is the Reaping and she doesn't particularly enjoy this day. We leave the house.

"I don't get how you live in that house all by yourself!" she says as we exit.

"I just can't leave it. Not after…," I trail off.

"Yea yea I know. You don't have to say it. I know the story," says Dian brushing a piece of her golden hair away from her blue eyes.

"Dude, you are so lucky!" I shriek.

"Why?" she asks. I find that funny because she is practically the luckiest girl in the whole District!

"You get to be a mentor with Finnick!" I say clapping my hands like a complete idiot. But what do I care? I am a fricken nut job!

"Will you stop?" she says obviously embarrassed.

"Or what? Are you afraid I'll do something crazy?" I ask.

"Yes," she says bluntly.

"But when do I ever do anything like that?" I ask sarcastically. She rolls her eyes.

When we get to the city square we hug each other. "Good luck," she says. "Don't worry…..I don't need it," I reply. She cuts through the crowd up to the stage and takes her seat next to Finnick who smiles at her. Dude if that was me I'd die! I stand by some of my other friends. We talk about how amazing Finnick looks until our escort comes on stage. Her name is Envy Skyler. Everyone gasps at what she is sporting this year! An obvious color theme of navy blue! Like seriously everything is navy blue! Not kidding! Her hair, lips, skin, eyes, clothes, you name it! Yuck! She taps the microphone sending piercing sound waves through the crowd. We all cover our ears in annoyance. "Hello one and all! Welcome to the 70th annual Reaping! I say to mix things up we start with the boys!" she calls.

She pulls out a slip of paper, "Amex Destrian," she calls out obviously pronouncing the name wrong. "I volunteer!" screams a boy with jet black hair and green eyes. He's big and muscular like a giant brick! Yikes! He mounts the stage.

"What's your name?" asks Envy.

The boy puts his arm around her as if they were old friends and steels the mike, "James Sway. Remember it!" he says and then walks over to the side.

"Now for the girls!" says Envy.

For a split second I lock eyes with Finnick!

Oh no I've been starring!

"Annie Cresta!"

He must think I'm an idiot….that was my name!

Everyone turns and looks at me. I see myself on the screen. I swallow all of my emotions and start walking towards the stage. I can see myself on the TV, sly and clever looking. Good. I shake hands with James and then shake hands with my new mentors. First is Dian. I'm about to say something but she gives me a look that says not now. Next is Finnick. His grip is tight and he looks down at me with his deep green eyes. Then I'm taken away.

But strangely all I can think is, Oh my gosh! Finnick Odair just shook my hand!


I hate Peace Keepers. No respect at all for anyone other than themselves! They literally shove me into the Justice building! The walls are gray and dim. I can tell they have tried to spruce it up a bit with a few small palm trees but that attempt has failed. I guess it's just the haunting memories of all the tributes in which this was their first and last visit here. The leave me in a room with all this fancy crap. The sofa is soft though so I can't complain. My friends come in and hug me. They tell me things from "I'll miss you" to "I can't wait to be able to say I know a Victor". Neither bother me. Then they just leave and it hits me, aside from Dian I am all alone. The funny thing is, I'm just so used to it! I've been alone for three years now, ever since the accident.

I wait sitting there not even allowing myself hope that there will be another visitor. I was right, none. The Peace Keepers drag me out and pull me into the crowd of people. Flashes from the cameras blind me so it's even harder to keep my composure! I try and fabricate a sly smile. They place James and I on the train platform and allow the whole country to soak up our faces, and then the huge train doors slide close.

I feel a hand on my shoulder. It startles me, "Dian I…," I start. But it's not Dian. It's Finnick.

He eyes me and then turns and looks at Dian who is walking towards us, "You two know each other?"

"Yea, we were….are friends," replies Dian. Were? Is she already expecting me to die? No, never!

"I see. Well this makes things way more interesting," he says.

"Well that's just great! Now I know where all the sponsor money is going!" says James out of the blue.

"James, the money will be divided evenly," replies Finnick relaxed. Liar. I think to myself. Anyone can see that James is the one to win.

"We are going to talk about your strategies with you two separately," says Dian. I go first.

They take me to a room with one rectangular table in it. I sit at one side and they at the other. What, do they think I'm contagious or something? Where is my best friend? "What are your skills?" asks Dian. "I have trained with daggers and swords. You should know that," I'm cut off. "And do you plan on being in an alliance?" asks Finnick.

"Yes, I want to be a Career," I say.

The write something down on their clip boards. Why is Dian all the sudden so…..professional?

"I think it's best that you only show off in front of the Game makers. You got a pretty face so sponsor money is guaranteed," says Finnick. Oh my gosh! "I agree. As for the arena we will talk about later," says Dian.

"So, do you think you can win and why?" asks Finnick.

I stare out the window, District 4 is getting farther and farther away, "Yes…..because…no one knows what I'm capable of," I say. They nod and allow me to leave.

I sit in the lounging car while they meet with James. I'm so tired. I lay down and fall asleep.

I am awoken by the hum of the train. I sit up and rub my eyes. I'm not on the sofa anymore. I'm in a small room with only a bed and a dresser. I'm still in my ugly pink dress. Someone has brought me here. Dian can't lift me, James wouldn't help me, so that only leaves….Finnick.

Chapter 3

I get up and grope my way through the darkness to the door. I probe for the handle and tiptoe into the dark. There are five doors just like mine. I know that in one is James probably dreaming about snapping necks. In another is Finnick dreaming about who knows what. And then there's Dian. She's who I need to talk to. What have I become to her? A pawn in chess is what it feels like. I press my ear to the door next to mine. There is someone with a low snarl in his sleep. Yea, I'll bet everything I've got that's James. I walk silently across the hall and listen. "Looking for someone?" I half yelp half scream at the voice. Finnick's eyes are visible in the dim, evening light. "You scared me," I whisper. He seems surprised, "Yea, because seeing someone listening for signs of life isn't abnormal," he says sarcastically. I giggle. "So what do ya need?" he asks leaning against my door post. "I was looking for Dian," I say brushing my hair behind my ear. I must look a mess. "You guys close?" he asks. "She's the only person I really consider my family," I reply.

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