aka Matthew

  • I live in Liverpool, England
  • I was born on May 21
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • SeagullMan

    Hi everyone, this is going to be my first games, and I’m quite new, so I’ll be using this to make a sort of introduction.

    1. There is a maximum of 3 tributes, I may increase that if I have a lack of people joining.

    2. Stay active, it may give you a better chance. ;)

    3. Reservations last for 2 days.

    4. Please use the tribute template, although I’ll also accept RP links.


    Age: (12-18)


    District: (1-13 or Capitol)

    Appearance: (Lunaii or description)


    Weapons: (2-3)


    Strengths: (2-3)

    Weaknesses: (2-3)

    Fears: (1-2)

    Name Age Gender District Weapons User
    Lucius Venom 18 M Capitol Crossbow, Bow, Dagger TheDarkAssassin1155

    F Capitol

    M 1

    Penelope Sylvester 17 F 1 Sword, Mace ~Ms-Clueless~

    M 2

    Luna Tick 18 F 2 Sickle, Hand To Hand 1Echo2

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