Hi everyone, this is going to be my first games, and I’m quite new, so I’ll be using this to make a sort of introduction.


1. There is a maximum of 3 tributes, I may increase that if I have a lack of people joining.

2. Stay active, it may give you a better chance. ;)

3. Reservations last for 2 days.

4. Please use the tribute template, although I’ll also accept RP links.



Age: (12-18)


District: (1-13 or Capitol)

Appearance: (Lunaii or description)


Weapons: (2-3)


Strengths: (2-3)

Weaknesses: (2-3)

Fears: (1-2)


Name Age Gender District Weapons User
Lucius Venom 18 M Capitol Crossbow, Bow, Dagger TheDarkAssassin1155
F Capitol
M 1
Penelope Sylvester 17 F 1 Sword, Mace ~Ms-Clueless~
M 2
Luna Tick 18 F 2 Sickle, Hand To Hand 1Echo2
Quentz Electrison 17 M 3 Spear, Mace, Hand To Hand Theoryofthelifeofdoom
F 3
M 4
Samantha Fisher 17 F 4 Knife, Throwing Knive, Spear 1Echo2
M 5
F 5
M 6
F 6
M 7
F 7
Saibi Deller 12 M 8 Axe, Throwing Knives, Sword Theoryofthelifeofdoom
F 8
M 9
F 9
M 10
F 10
M 11
F 11
M 12
F 12
M 13
F 13

The Twist

Greetings, people of Panem! I am President Gull, and welcome to the 550th Annual Hunger Games! This, being a Quarter Quell, will incorporate a change to the normality of the arena, and now it is time for the announcement. ‘For the 23rd Quarter Quell, to symbolise the glorious Capitol having to work with people they usually would not even associate with during the rebellion, tributes will be forced into alliances of 2, not chosen by the tributes themselves!’


  • To be picked when all tributes have been selected


Each tribute earns a certain number of credits to be spent on them based entirely on their individual training sessions. For every point earned in training, the tribute is sponsored 50 units.


Axe: 220 units

10 Arrows: 200 units

Bow: 200 units

Blowgun: 110 units

10 Blowgun Darts: 60 units

Dagger: 160 units

Flail: 260 units

Hammer: 240 units

Katana: 300 units

Knife: 100 units

Machete: 190 units

Mace: 280 units

Sabre: 250 units

Scythe: 230 units

Sickle: 220 units

Spear: 240 units

Sword: 250 units

6 Throwing Axes: 260 units

6 Throwing Knives: 240 units

Trident: 300 units

Whip: 80 units


Cereal: 90 units

Chicken: 200 units

Dried Fruit: 80 units

Dried Meat: 100 units

Fruit Basket: 140 units

Glass Of Juice: 180 units

Leg Of Lamb: 160 units

Steak: 220 units

250ml Water: 200 units

500ml Water: 300 units

1 Litre Water: 400 units

Medicine: All medicine is 250 units, simply specify what type of medicine is required. Instant Relief is the only exception, which is 500 units.

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