OMG i just finished the last book of the Hunger Games Mockingjay. I cried so many tears! I absolutely loved it! Its sad that in the end Gale gets a job in District 2 and never sees Katniss again. What a JERK!!! I thought he loved her, he didn't even try!!! Then why'd Prim have to die that was so horrible and who the heck killed her? I know it was the bombs but who sent them? Was is Snow or Coin? I'm glad Katniss assasinated Coin she was no good. I'm happy that they have a good president now President Paylor. In the end what the heck did they mean by "But there are much worse games to play." Does that mean theres going to be another book? But what would it be about? I mean for heavens sake shes in her thirtys! What could it possibly be about? I geuss time will tell.

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