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    The Failure Games

    September 17, 2014 by SerpentKing999

    Yeah. Hi. New games. Fun times.

    I swear, my games are literally annual at this point.

    1. There are none.

    While this isn't a rule, there is something I'd like to mention:

    If you have any advice for me on how to improve my writing, please let me know. I'm always striving to improve my writing, so constructive criticism is appreciated.

    All of the tributes are guilty (or not) of some sort of crime, ranging from just being a generally useless and unproductive person to intentionally killing fifty people for no reason.

    There won't be any chariot rides or training, because all these people are "failures" and deserve treatment as such.

    Instead of a bloodbath, everyone will be herded into a large room and given a bag full of supplies and a random weapon, …

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  • SerpentKing999

    Yeah, so...I'm making another games. Happy days. This one'll be a Quarter Quell, with twice the number of regular tributes among other things. Also, ZOMBIEZ! I'll only be doing the games, because I'm no good at Reapings and I don't feel like doing Chariot Rides or Training Scores. :/ So...yeah. I feel like this intro should be longer, but screw it.

    1. Limit of 6 tributes per person (I may make exceptions, I dunno)

    2. I won't accept tributes I don't like. But luckily, I like most tributes as long as they aren't completely ridiculous.

    3. Reservations last 2 days.

    4. You can send your tributes supplies by asking for them in the comments. I'll let you know how much an item costs. Everyone starts out with $500.

    Every Quell must have its twists.

    1. Do…

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  • SerpentKing999

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to my 5th Games! (even though I didn't finish the last 2 I did...) These will be the last games I'll ever make (well, I think they will be...), so I'll try my best to finish them. The Games this year will be a Quarter Quell, because I've only done one once, and that was just with my tributes (plus, it took too long to finish, because I have so many tributes). I'll just be skipping straight to the Games, so sorry to those who'd want me to do Reapings, Chariot Rides and things like that.

    The theme is...well...uh...twice as many tributes, I guess? Maybe zombies? Any ideas, guys?

    So, uh...for tributes, I'd like this information. Detailed descriptions are appreciated, but not mandatory.



    Gender …

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  • SerpentKing999's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time since I was last (active) on this wiki...let alone writing Hunger Games on it...but I'm back! Let's just hope it's for longer than last time...

    Now, for the task at hand. I'll accept up to 4 tributes from each user who submits them, with a limit of 2 boys and 2 girls for each user. I'd appreciate it if they were realistic, but...they don't have to be. As for the information, I'd prefer:




    Appearance (With a lunaii, or whatever stuff this wiki uses for tributes now, if possible)


    Weapon(s) of Choice






    (Crossed out names are dead)

    D1 Male: Cream Donahew

    D1 Female: Naarah Tompkins

    D2 Male: Stuart Hummes

    D2 Female: Geneive Terrion

    D3 Male: Generator…

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  • SerpentKing999

    I wish I didn't have to say this, but my life has gotten superultramega busy lately, and I don't think I'll be able to get back on this wiki for a while now. I know I haven't been on this wiki that long, but I had no idea my life would get so hectic when I joined. Luckily, it's only a temporary thing. I'll be gone for, maybe...a month at least, and three months at most. Also, another reason I'm leaving is all the conflict. When I joined, everything was nice and peaceful, but now this wiki is like a city burning down, with a riot happening, with a t-rex with a laser walking down the streets shooting people (okay, that's a bit much, but I'm trying to get my point down). Anyways, I look forward to when I get the chance to come back. Well, thi…

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