Hello, everyone! These are my first games ever, and im pretty psyched. All spots are now taken. Sorry if you wanted one.


When submitting tributes, please put:

Name, district, age, skills, best weapon(s), personality, strategy, and token.

All reserved spots are held for 48 hours before they become available. Limit of 2 tributes and 1 reservation per person.

District 1:

M: Cygnus Bulstrode (Kills: Cat Ifes, Elliot Helos, Dawn Rosemary, Ebony Black)

F: Violetta Bulstrode (Kills: Ebony Black)

District 2:

M: Brass Sater (Kills: Loli Gardner, Poroporo Arula, Cat Ifes, Elliot Helos, Dawn Rosemary, Ebony Black)

F: Trifle Woods (Kills: John Grass, Cat Ifes)

District 3:

M: Elliot Helos (Kills: Violetta Bulstrode, Dondo Grouge, Cygnus Bulstrode, Brass Sater, Dawn Rosemary, Ebony Black)

F: Melody Roni (Kills: Ebony Black)

District 4:

M: Dondo Grouge (Kills: Rick Wattson, Cat Ifes)

F: Ronda Grouge (Kills: Isi Wood, Cat Ifes) VICTOR

District 5:

M: Stone Wore (Kills: Ebony Black)

F: Isi Wood (Kills: Ebony Black)

District 6:

M: Simon Nickel

F: Ebony Black (Kills: Sage Verde)

District 7:

M: Blaze Shadows (Kills: Seero Lylac)

F: Dawn Woods

District 8:

M: Cat Ifes (Kills: Selena Graay, Ebony Black)

F: Loli Gardner

District 9:

M: Rick Wattson

F: Selena Graay (Kills: Ebony Black)

District 10:

M: Seero Lylac (Kills: Stone Wore)

F: Poroporo "Poro" Arula (Kills: Ebony B;ack)

District 11:

M: John Grass (Kills: Ebony Black)

F: Rose Ash (Kills: Ebony Black)

District 12:

M: Sage Verde (Kills: Dawn Woods)

F: Dawn Rosemary

Will add the rest after a most tributes are submitted.

Forget that, I'm adding the rest NOW.


Everyone starts with $2500.


Dagger: 50

Long Knife: 100

Shortsword: 130

Longsword: 150

Throwing Knives (12): 150

Basic Club: 150

Spiked Club: 180

Small (Spiked) Mace: 180

Large (Spiked) Mace: 200

Hand Axe: 200

Flail: 200

Spear: 250

Javelin: 250

Slingshot w/ 24 Rocks: 250

Large Scythe: 300

Blowgun w/ 12 Darts: 300

Bow w/ 16 Arrows: 330

Large Two-Handed Scimitar: 350

Shurikens (16): 380

Greatsword: 600

Gravity Hammer: 1500

  • Gravity Hammer crushes the victim under his/her own weight by augmenting gravity.

Epic Katana: 1500

  • A katana made of a metal strong enough that it can cut through bone with little trouble.


Note: 10

Empty Water Container: 50

Loaf of Bread: 70

Crackers: 70

Beef Strips (5): 130

Dried Fruit: 150

Full Water Bottle: 180

Iodine: 180

Bag 'o Various Fruit: 230

Gallon of Water: 250

Bandages: 250

Matches (6): 250

Basic Medical Kit: 280

Backpack w/ Burn Med., Fever Pills and Poison Ant.: 350

Socks: 350

Jacket: 380

Blanket: 380

Sleeping Bag: 400

Heavy Jacket: 430

Night Vision Glasses: 450

Binoculars: 450

Backpack Full of Random Supplies: 480

Tent w/ Sleeping Bag: 900

The Arena

The Arena is made up of a large island, a medium-sized island, and 2 smaller islands, all surrounded by ocean. The large island is made up mostly of plains, which cover all of it from the middle to the lower-left, lower-right and lower-middle areas. A muddy stream runs through the middle of the plains, and tributes are lined up along that river when they are starting. The left to upper-left areas are made up of barren wastelands, with several craters from explosions and poisoned ponds scattered to and fro. At the upper-middle area, there is a destroyed city which, unknown to the tributes, has working electricity and running water. Unfortunately, the area is also filled with savage mutts. At the upper-left area, there are TONS of mountains. Icy mountains. Inbetween the plains and the city, there's a forest with plentiful fruit and game, though there are also wild dog mutts. The Cornucopia is situated at the edge of the forest on the plains.


Zilla-like Mutt: This mutt is nocturnal and begins wandering the streets of the destroyed city, searching for prey, before leaving when the first rays of the sun show in the sky.

Wild Dogs: Special wild dogs trained to crave meat. Not necisarily human meat, just meat. They hunt in packs throughout the plains and the forest.

Cockroaches: Human-sized cockroaches that live in the city. They only attack at night, which leaves the city completely mutt-free during the day.

Eagles: Larger than humans and strong enough to carry them away with one claw, if they capture a tribute they bring them to their nest and feeds them to their babies. Soar through the skys of the icy mountains.

Virus/Plant: Not exactly a mutt, but anyway... they are distributed through the sky and take control of the dead tribute's bodies, turning them into zombies of a sort.


Chariot Rides

I don't really feel like righting about the chariot rides right now.

Training Scores

Cygnus: 10

Violetta: 9

Brass: 11

Trifle: 9

Elliot: 12

Melody: 7

Dondo: 9

Ronda: 9

Stone: 8

Isi: 7

Simon: 8

Ebony: 10

Blaze: 10

Dawn: 9

Cat: 1 (He just sits there and does nothing)

Loli: 6

Rick: 7

Selena: 8

Seero: 11

Poro: 8

John: 8

Rose: 9

Sage: 11

Dawn: 7

Day 1: Heavy Casualties

3rd Person:

When the tributes rise, they see it's heavily raining. It's hard to see and hear because of that fact, but the Cornucopia is clearly visible. It's in the middle of a sunny patch. The gong rings. Everyone makes a mad rush for the Cornucopia. It's quite a distance away, so no makes it there for about 10 minutes before Cat arrives, grabs a dagger and a backpack, and runs off towards the wastelands. "Darn, he's fast." mutters Brass under his breath as he reaches the Cornucopia just as most of the group does. He stabs Loli Gardner through the stomach with a spear he found lying on the ground, then he finds a spiked mace. "Oh yeah," He says.

1st Person- John:

I reach the Cornucopia just as about 17 others do. Rose comes rushing right past me, a backpack on her back, being chased by Trifle. I manage to grab a weapon before a trident goes flying into my leg. I fall over writhing in pain. I feel myself being dragged towards the forest before I black out.

1st Person- Seero:

I reach the Cornucopia and manage to grab a shortsword before I am attacked by Stone Wore, the tribute from 5, I think. He is slashing at me wildly with his war axe, when I manage to find an opening through his wild slashes. I stab him through his side and he falls over, dead. The cannon booms. I take my shortsword and begin to leave when I see my district partner, Poroporo, fighting Selena, that one tribute who wanted to join the careers. I don't really have time to think though, because I see that crazy career, Cygnus, running towards me. I decide to retreat to the mountains. I look over at Poroporo again just in time to see her get smashed by Brass, who was holding a spiky mace. I continue running but trip over a dead version of Simon Nickel, who is eaten almost to the bone. One of his legs are missing. I suspect a mutt. I manage to get up and escape though, and I find a backpack near Simon, presumably the one he picked up before he was killed.

1st Person- Trifle:

"Argh! I can't believe that loser got away from me, and worse, dragged her district partner with her!" I yell. "Calm down, Trifle. I got that tribute, I think his name was John Grass or somethin', in the leg, remember? He's not gonna survive an injury like that for very long." Dondo says. I'm standing near the Cornucopia, in the sunlight (the rain was cold) when I hear a shout come from Brass. Dondo, Ronda, Violetta, Selena and I rush over to see Cygnus getting dragged into the forest by Elliot. Dondo tries throwing some tridents at him, but the rain alters their trajectory, making them hit the ground rather than flesh. Someone else, I think it was Violetta, starts to chase after him just as he disappears into the forest. "Should we go after them?" Ronda asks. "Nah, there are too many mutts in there. They'll all be dead by tomorrow." Brass says and walks back to his guard post. I merely sigh and walk back to dry off in the sunlight. That leaves five careers.

1st Person- Cygnus:

I feel helpless as I feel myself being dragged through the forest, paralyzed. I'm angry on the inside but there's nothing I can do about it. When Elliot attacked me, he struck my spinal cord, leaving me paralyzed from the shoulders down. I'm cursing at him, but he seems to be ignoring me. Then I see Violetta running towards me, holding a spear pointed at Elliot when he drops me against a tree and ducks just as the spear goes sailing over his head. Then he runs off. Violetta goes up to me and kneels down and asks if I'm okay. I just stare at her. I would punch to vent some rage if I could, but I'm still mostly paralyzed. Then I see a shape walk up behind her and hit her on the head with a strong, thick branch. She falls over knocked out. I realise I'm no longer paralyzed and get up and run, leaving her behind.

3rd Person:

Elliot drags Violetta through the forest until he finds a suitable tree with thick bark. Violetta wakes up, head hurting from being hit, and finds herself tied up in vines. She gets dropped against the tree by Elliot, who begins to interrogate her. But she knew nothing of the career's plans. He decides he has no use for her. He forces her mouth open, reaches in, grabs her tongue, and starts to pull. Violetta puts up a fight of course, wriggling and writhing while her tongue started getting pulled harder and harder. Just at that moment, her tongue ripped, and Elliot stumbled back, but regained his balance. "Speak no evil," He says. Then he drops her tongue on the ground beside her and laughs hysterically while walking away in the direction of the destroyed city. The cannon booms shortly after he leaves, indicating Violetta is dead.

1st Person- Isi:

I check the contents of my backpack while sitting on a bed in the destroyed city. I'm dismayed to find no water, but decide I don't need any since there's running water in this place. I look out the window and see the sun starting to set. I hear a scream come from the street below, and see Sage Verde chasing Dawn Woods. Sage, however, has no idea he's being followed discreetly by Ebony Black. Sage throws a big rock from the side of the street at Dawn, and it hits her square in the head, knocking her onto the pavement facefirst. In the distance I hear a cannon boom. It's at that moment that a sword protrudes through Sage's neck and he falls over dead. I see Ebony pull out her sword and leave. I get some sleep, and wake because of a knock on the door. I realise I forgot to turn the lights off. I look out the window and see the moon shining brightly in the sky. Cautiously, I walk over to the door, push it open and dodge to the side and press myself against the wall. But nothing happens. "You done?" I hear a voice say. I go standing into the doorway, weapon ready, but I see Cat Ifes standing their with his knife at his side. 'What do you want?" I ask cautiously, weapon still ready, eyes fixated on him, ready to attack at the slightest movement that spells trouble. "To make an alliance." He says.

End of Day 1 (Cygnus makes it back to the career camp btw)

Day 1 Deaths

In order of appearance:

Loli Gardner (speared by Brass Sater)

Stone Wore (stabbed by Seero Lylac)

Poroporo Alura (smashed by Brass Sater)

Simon Nickel (eaten by mutts)

Violetta Bulstrode (bled to death because tongue was ripped out by Elliot Helos)

Dawn Woods (blunt trauma to the head caused by Sage Verde)

Sage Verde (stabbed through the neck by Ebony Black)

Day 2: The Calm Before The Storm

Some important stuff happened during the night, so I'll sum it up here:

Seero Lylac discovered secret tunnels near the mountains.

Cat Ifes and Isi Wood made an alliance.

The gamemakers released a zilla-like mutt onto the streets of the city. It left at dawn, but will continue to appear.

Elliot Helos arrived at the destroyed city.

Rick Wattson is killed by careers. (Specificly Dondo Grouge)

Dawn Rosemary arrived at the destroyed city.

Alright, that's the stuff that happened during the night. Continuing now.

1st Person- Cat:

I wake up with a headache today. Must'a been from all that running. Well, at least I have a teammate now, but our alliance needs more members if we are to fight back against the careers. Well, I guess I have no choice but to wait. I wake up Isi, saying "We're heading for a different place now. We need to gather more members for our team, and the best way to do that is to look." "Can't we just do that tomorrow?" Isi says. "Did I mention there are giant cockroaches here?" I say. That's enough to get her going. Well, I guess first we should look for John Grass and Rose Ash.

1st Person- Rose:

I finally find a suitable place to hide; a cave in the forest. I have to be careful though, because I've seen wild dogs around, and this might be a den. Just then the silver parachute hits me on the head. I almost yell out, "OW!" but that would give away our position to who knows what, so I keep my mouth shut. I find some bandages and medicine in the parachute. I thank whoever sent this in my head and begin to fix up John's leg. Soon, his leg almost looks normal. I check the cave before dragging him in and collapsing on the floor. (She didn't rest during the night)

1st Person- Ronda:

"Oh yeah! I'm the best!" Dondo says while dancing around. "Calm down, he wasn't even that good. Plus, I killed two people, so HAH!" Brass says. That causes Dondo to stop bragging, which I'm thankful for, because even I was getting irritated at him. "So, what's our plan?" Selena asks. "For you to go around the forest and look for tributes." I say. "By myself?" She has a look of shock on her face, "Yes, by yourself. We would go with you, but who would watch the camp? Definitely not Cygnus." Dondo points to Cygnus, who's rolled up in a ball on the inside of the Cornucopia. "*sigh* Fine." Selena says and stomps off. She had it coming, anyhow. "So, what's our actual plan?" Cygnus says, suddenly standing up. "Hmm, well... it seems most people are headed towards the upper area, so I suggest we start with the mountains, then do a sweep going across the upper portion." Trifle says. "Interesting plan..." Brass says. "Well, who votes for Trifle's plan?" Everyone's hand raises. "Perfect." Trifle says with satisfaction.

1st Person- Seero:

I'm starting to shiver as I walk towards the silver parachute that fell just a few feet away from me. It contains a longsword and a sleeping bag. Hmm, maybe I'll head for the destroyed city. It seems warmer there. While I'm contemplating what to do, an eagle swoops down towards me. But it's no normal eagle. It's the size of a thunderbird. Yup, I'm leaving right now. I run in the direction of the destroyed city and dodge the eagle. A fellow tribute, however is not so lucky. I see the eagle carrying a tribute towards the peak and make it out to be Melody Roni. Well, no way I can help her now. I continue towards the city.

1st Person- John:

I wake up, and the first thing I see is Rose talking to someone. My eyes focus, and I see it's Cat Ifes. What's he doing here? I must have shifted or something, cause Rose turns towards me, smiles, and says "Oh, you're awake!" I see someone else behind Cat and ask "Hey, you're Cat Ifes, right? Who's that behind you?" He introduces her as Isi Wood, then I remember her face. "Well, they're saying they want us to join their alliance." Rose says. "Do you think it's a good idea?" "Hmm... well, I guess it could be beneficial... okay. We'll join." I say.

End of Day 2 (I know not much happened, but at least Melody was attacked by a giant eagle.)

Day 2 Deaths

Rick Wattson (speared by Dondo Grouge)

Melody Roni (eaten by eagle)

Day 3: The Allies' Last Stand

3rd Person:

The careers had gotten most of their supplies packed up and ready to go, when they heard a scream from the forest. It was Selena, no doubt.

1st Person- Cat:

This girl is putting up a good fight; she's already been injured, yet she still runs away and throws various items at us. Most of 'em aren't even sharp. Eventually we catch up and I deliver the finishing blow. Then we hear a large group coming towards us. It's got to be the careers. "Weapons, ready!" I say just as the careers burst through a patch of trees.

1st Person- Isi:

John is the first to die. He gets stabbed by a throwing knife thrown by the girl from District 2. Next, they aim for me. All I see is them turning towards me before I'm falling, trident through my throat, and I see the District 4 girl yelling, "I got her!"

1st Person- Cat:

This was all turning into hell, and fast. Rose manages to get away, but I get surrounded by careers. I manage to evade most of their blows, looking through my pockets for a weapon. I see an opening inbetween one of their legs, and I do a corkscrew through it. While I'm flying inbetween their legs, I feel a knife stabbing into my leg. This causes me to hit the ground and slide across. But the careers are there before I can get up, and the last thing I feel is multiple weapons going into my chest.

1st Person- Rose:

The cannon booms, indicating that Cat has died. That means I'm the last member of the alliance left; John was hit by that throwing knife, Isi was hit by that trident, and Cat... well, I don't know about Cat. But I can't take being alone. It's too... lonely. All by myself. I never even told John that I loved him... I can't do this. I just can't. I slip the noose around my neck and stand on top of my backpack. I tie the other end of the rope to a strong branch, and kick the backpack from under me.

1st Person- Dondo:

"Well, that's 4 tributes down with one fell swoop. If only it we're all this easy." I say. "If it was, it wouldn't be fun, would it?" Ronda says. "So where to next?" I ask. "I doubt there's anyone in the wasteland... I think we should go to that city." Trifle says, pointing towards the city.

1st Person- Brass:

It doesn't take that long to get to the city, but when we do, we realise just how huge it is. "Alright, let's split up into teams. Trifle and Ronda, search the western side. Oh, and Dondo, go with them to protect them. Me and Cygnus are the other team." I say. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, Dondo goes with us to protect us? I do not agree with that. Do you, Ronda?" Trifle says with anger on her face. "I agree with it completely..." Ronda says, with a hint of fear in her voice. Then they hear the zilla mutt roar. "Okay, I'm fine with it, too..." Trifle says, also scared. "Let's go." Dondo says, then they get up and leave. "C'mon." Cygnus says, and I get up to follow him.

3rd Person:

"Man, how big is this place?" Dondo asks with annoyment. Ronda suddenly stops. "What's wrong?" Dondo asks, turning around to look at her. Suddenly Trifle starts to back up till she's right beside Ronda. "E-e-e-e-e..." They both say. "D-Dondo, b-behind you." Ronda finally gets out. "What? What's behind me?" Dondo says as he turns around then he sees Elliot standing about an inch away from him. "Hi." He says. Dondo yells in fear and stabs him, though not very deep, through his shoulder. "Well, that's not very nice." Elliot says. Dondo pulls out his trident and prepares to spear him but he's not there. Then a finger taps his shoulder. "Over here." Dondo turns around and stabs. But it doesn't hit anything. "Missed me." Elliot says, then he pulls out his katana from the scabbard. (He got the katana from a house.) Dondo manages to jump away, and Elliot starts to run at him. Dondo throws a trident, and it stabs Elliot's leg, but he merely stumbles and continues running, though in a more limping fashion. Dondo continues to throw tridents, but Elliot dodges most of them. Then Elliot is behind Dondo, in a post-slash position. The cannon booms. There's a thud as Dondo's head hits the ground, then a few seconds later, another as his body hits the ground. Ronda screams. Trifle grabs her hand, and they run. "Run while you can, fools. Run while you can." Elliot says in a creepy sort of way. Then he maniacly laughs.

End of Day 3

Day 3 Deaths

Selena Graay (stabbed by Cat Ifes)

John Grass (stabbed by Trifle Woods)

Isi Wood (skewered by Ronda Grouge)

Cat Ifes (stabbed by Cygnus, Brass, Trifle, Dondo and Ronda)

Rose Ash (suicide)

Dondo Grouge (decapitated by Elliot Helos)

Day 4: Peace and Quiet

3rd Person:

The clouds have finally cleared. The sun is actually shining. Birds from some random area are singing. Animals, not mutts, are roaming around peacefully. Some squirrels start to help each other find nuts. All the tributes that aren't careers or Elliot make promise not to attack anyone today, and to only fight in self defense. The day is relatively uneventful, 'cept Brass stabs a squirrel who threw a nut at him.

End of Day 4

Day 4 Deaths

Squirrel =(

Day 5: Roaring Destroyer

Night On Day 4

3rd Person:

Trifle peeked out the door making sure no one (Elliot) was there. When she didn't see anything, she signalled to Ronda it was safe, and they tip-toed across the street, aiming to meet up with the other careers. Then they heard it roar. It was directly behind them, and the street lights around it suddenly turned on. "Don't move. Maybe it'll go away..." Ronda whispers. "Now I actually wish Dondo was here." Trifle says. "Wait... you didn't care that Dondo died?" Ronda says, starting to get angry. "Ehehe..." Trifle says with embaresment. Then the zilla mutt wacked Trifle, sending her flying into a lamp post with such impact that it made a dent in it. Trifle hit the ground and coughed up some blood. Elliot suddenly appeared and scooped up the blood in a bottle full of blood, saying, "I'll take that." Then he was gone. "D-dammit..." Trifle says, unable to get up, because the impact definetly broke a few bones. "Ronda runs away, yelling, "Sorry Trifle, but you dissed my brother!" Trifle curses to herself as the zilla mutt's jaws clamp down around her.

Day 5

Ronda stopped to take a breather. She had been running non-stop for about an 2 hours, and she was getting so tired that she could fall over any second. There was a hotel nearby, so she stumbled over to a room. When she opened the door, Elliot was standing in the doorway. "Wassup?" He said. "Outta the way." Ronda says, nudging him to move. He sidesteps, and she flops onto the bed and falls asleep immediately. "Well, I guess I can wait to kill her. Now, where are the other two?" Elliot says, thinking for a while before moving out into the hallway.

Brass and Cygnus weren't having any luck with finding tributes. So far, they hadn't seen anyone or anything, for that matter (except for the SQUIRREL). They had seen Seero, but he got away before they could do any damage. "We should split up." Brass says. "We'll cover more ground that way." Cygnus nods his head and they go off in different directions. Unknown to them, Elliot was watching. "Perfect..." He says, then maniacly laughs. "What was that?" Brass wonders. Elliot decides to slip away before they find him.

End of Day 5 (short I know. Brass and Ebony got their sponsor things btw)

Day 5 Deaths

Trifle Woods (pwned by zilla mutt)

Final 8 Interviews


Cygnus' father shows up for the interview. He's so drunk that he merely collapses on the floor.


Brass' brothers, Iron and Steel, show up for the interview. They state how they believe he can win, and how they can't wait to celebrate his victory.


No known relatives. Or friends.


Ebony's parents and brother show up for the interview. Her brother says he wants her to stop all of this and just come home. He's clearly not thinking straight from the way he's acting.


Dawn's super-hyper aunt shows up for the interview. She talks so fast that no one can understand what shes saying, so they just end her interview prematurely.


Ronda's father shows up. He says that she needs to win to make up for her brother's failure.

Day 6: Madness Of The Soul

1st Person- Cygnus:

I walk down the lonely streets of these ruins, and can't help but remember Violetta. I fall to one knee, unable to find the resolve to continue searching. I can't help but remember the way she smells, the way she looked at me, the way she smiled. ELLIOT WILL PAY FOR THIS... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

3rd Person:

Cygnus stands up, wearing the mask of an insane smile on his face. He sees Elliot standing about 2 feet away, staring a challenge at him, one hand on the handle of his katana. They both stare for a while, waiting for the other to make a move. It's Cygnus who attacks first. He runs towards Elliot, pulling out his sword and slashing the air like a madman (which he is). Elliot pulls his katana out of the scabbard just in time to block the attack, but Cygnus doesn't relent, repeatedly striking at Elliot's head, until Elliot finally manages to parry one of Cygnus' strikes. He uses the opportunity to jump away and get some distance. Then he get's in a pre-slash stance. "You will pay! FOR VIOLETTA!" Cygnus yells out, charging at Elliot full on while laughing maniacly. Then there is the sound of sword striking flesh, and both are in post-slash positions. Elliot falls to one knee, with a huge gash in his side gushing blood. Apparently Cygnus' strike hit an organ. though not enough to make it irepairable. "HAHAHAHA!!! Is that all you got? You couldn't even scratch me!" Cygnus yells out, becoming cocky. Then there's a thud as his arm hits the ground. He screams out in pain, alerting Brass to both of the insane tributes's position. Elliot takes a drink from his bottle of blood, causing excess blood to gush from his wound. He stands up, and turns around to face Cygnus, one hand on his wound, the other on the handle of his sword, face pale from loss of blood. "It's about time I finish you." Elliot says with malice.

Day 6 Pt 2: Madness Of The Mind

3rd Person:

Elliot started walking towards Cygnus, who was still down on both knees. "No... get away from me! GET AWAY!!!" Cygnus started yelling at Elliot. Elliot didn't listen. He seemed to be in a kind of trance. His eyes had dilated so that they became cat-like. It was revealed that his tongue was forked. He raises his katana, ready to end Cygnus right then and there. Then Elliot ducked, and a spear went sailing over his head. He turned and saw Brass running at him with his other spear. "Like a lamb to the slaughter." Elliot said, then he dropped his katana and sidestepped Brass' thrust, grabbing the shaft and bending it 'till it broke. Brass was undetered, however, and pulled out his spiky mace. Elliot picked up his katana, ready to evade, and took his hand of his wound, causing blood to spill out. "That doesn't make sense..." Brass says with awe. "Elliot should have died from blood loss... well, I'll just have to finish him!" Brass yells out, getting ready to swing. Elliot begins to get dizzy and stumbles forward, then catches himself and dodges a blow by Brass. The blow strikes a wall, and the spikes get stuck in it. A cannon booms. Brass looks at Cygnus, and sees him collapsed on the floor, dead. Elliot drops the katana and springs onto Brass, hands clamping down on Brass' throat. Brass was starting to lose conciousness, when he saw Elliot's katana. He reached for it, but couldn't grab it. He leaned farther as everything was getting fuzzy, then his hand clamped around the handle. He pulled it towards him and stabbed Elliot through the stomach. Elliot got up and stumbled back, trying to pull the katana out, but it was useless. The whole blade of the katana was prodruding from his back. Brass got up, saying, "It's finally finished." But it wasn't over yet. Elliot staggered towards Brass, and pulled out two daggers from his pockets. "What? But he shouldn't be able to-" Brass stops as Elliot's daggers go through his left eye amd right ear. "See no evil... hear no evil..." Elliot says as he falls to his knees. The cannon booms, and Brass slumps to the ground. "I did it, bro... I got revenge for you..." Elliot says, remembering his brother who was killed by refugees from districts 1, 2, and 4. Then Elliot falls forward, and the cannon booms signafying the end of Elliot and the brunt of the careers.

End of Day 6

Day 6 Deaths

Cygnus Bulstrode (bled to death because of Elliot Helos)

Brass Sater (stabbed by Elliot Helos)

Elliot Helos (bled to death because of Cygnus and Brass)

Day 7: Seed of Destruction

3rd Person:

Seero was prepared to fight, staring Dawn, the tribute opposite to him, with caution in his eyes. Suddenly something landed in front of them. They both lowered their weapons and walked up to investigate. "What is that?" Dawn says. "It looks like some sort of seed..." Seero says with wonder. Then he realises something. None of the dead tribute's bodies were picked up by hovercrafts. "Oh my god..." He says. "What? You know what it is?" Dawn says. "I have an idea... look behind you." Seero says. Dawn turns around and see's a zombie form of Cygnus, arm still missing. "But he shouldn't be alive!" Dawn says. Then she realises what Seero already had. It was the seed. It was some sort of virus that brought the dead tributes back to life. Elliot and Brass rose up from the ground next to Dawn, and Cygnus lunged onto her. Seero ran, only hearing the sounds of Dawn getting eaten by the fallen tributes. As Seero reached the outskirts, he witnessed Ronda getting attacked by Dondo, who couldn't really do anything cause he didn't have a head. She stabbed him into the ground with her trident and ran towards the forest. Seero decided to follow from a distance.

Blaze had reached the spot where the cornucopia once was, only to find nothing but a spot of land rising in the air. He leaped up and grabbed the edge, then pulled himself up just as dead forms of Violetta, Poroporo, John, Rose, Isi, and Loli made it. They couldn't jump ,however, so he was safe. He looked into the forest and saw Ronda and Seero running towards the floating piece of land, being chased by Cat, Stone, Rick, Melody, and Selena. Ebony, who was carrying a scythe, sliced through Loli and Rick and leaped for the floating ground just as Seero and Ronda did. Ebony's hold was broken as the piece she was gripping broke off, causing her to fall into the crowd of zombies below, which had just been joined by Brass, Cygnus, and Elliot, whose mouths were covered in Dawn's blood. Seero and Ronda managed to climb up, not looking down to see the horrifying scene of Ebony being ripped apart below. Soon, Ebony's cries of pain stopped, and all that was heard was Elliot laughing maniacly. "I... don't want to fight anymore today..." Seero says, looking like he was about to throw up. Ronda and Blaze both agreed for peace until the next day. Blaze started a fire out of his backpack and some rocks, and Seero found a stick and put a marshmallow from a bag of marshmallows he found on the stick and put it over the fire. Blaze asked for one, and soon they were both roasting marshmallows. Ronda sat silently nearby, not feeling like talking about anything. The clouds had gathered together again, but no rain was coming down. Suddenly the noise form the zombies stopped. When Blaze looked down, there was nothing there. Seero decided to drop his backpack to see if they were still nearby. When he dropped it, it hit the ground and electricity coursed through it endlessly, causing it to disintegrate. "Whoa... don't want to fall down there." Seero said. "Well, at least we're safe in this floating arena." Blaze says. Then they stop talking. No one says a word for the rest of the day, save Blaze sometimes asking for another marshmallow.

End of Day 7

Day 7 Deaths

Dawn Rosemary (eaten by Cygnus, Brass, and Elliot)

Ebony Black (eaten by Violetta, Poroporo, John, Rose, Isi, Cat, Stone, Melody, Selena, Brass, Cygnus, and Elliot)

Day 8: Final Storm

3rd Person:

Ronda wakes up. The first thing she sees is Seero, standing, looking at the sky. "What is it?" Blaze says as he walks up. "Look at that lightning. It's going towards the sky, not towards the ground. What a magnificent sight." Seero says. Ronda stands up. "Let's go." She says. "Alright." Blaze and Seero say. They grab their weapons and stand in different corners of the floating arena. Lightning strikes, and they all become locked in combat. Blaze strikes at Seero, who dodges it and blocks a stab from Ronda. He does a barrel roll out of the way just when they attack each other. Blaze's sword connects with Ronda's arm, and Ronda's trident connects with Blaze's hand. Blaze then throws a knife at Seero, hitting him square in the chest. Seero stumbles back, then falls off towards the electrically charged ground. Before he can hit it, though, he gets caught in a stream of backwards lightning. He disintegrates and the cannon booms. And so there were two. Ronda Grouge, the career from district 4, and Blaze Shadows, the tribute from district 7. They fought for a while longer before Ronda was knocked off the platform by Blaze. Unknown to him, however, she grabbed onto the edge. The clouds cleared, and what did Blaze see? A DOUBLE RAINBOW! THen his neck was snapped as Ronda broke it. He fell to the ground below the platform and disintegrated. Ronda, however, was not unscathed. One leg was so badly damaged that she would walk with a limp for the rest of her life. The rest of her body had cuts, scratches, scrapes and bruises that would take very long to heal. She may have won, but she still wishes she had died. The horrors of the arena were still on her mind as she was escorted home by her father, and they would never go away. It couldn't be helped. But still, the saying was actually right. Double rainbows DOES equal double winning.

End of 1st Hunger Games

Victor: Ronda Grouge

Day 8 Deaths

Seero Lylac (disintegrated)

Blaze Shadows (disintegrated)

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