Woohoo! Welcome to my 2nd hunger games! Now that I have a little experience, I'm going to do more this time. I'm replacing the Final 8 Interviews with the The Reapings and Chariot Rides. There's probably going to be more days, too. If you want to submit a tribute, please put their Name, District, Gender, Skills, Weapons, Appearance, and History. Token and Weaknesses are optional. Also, speaking of appearances, I'm probably going to do lunaiis this time.


District 1: By TotalDramaRox97
  • Balcony Frocket (Dis. 1)
  • Sparkle Hinsy (Dis. 1)
  • Gamis Rais (Dis. 2)
  • Lisra Scorpio (Dis. 2)
  • Gauge Down (Dis. 3)
  • Destiny Bow (Dis. 3)
  • Ace Virus (Dis. 4)
  • Gaia Royce (Dis. 4)
  • Lawrence Tummer (Dis. 5)
  • Temper Locky (Dis. 5)
  • Dusk Shivers (Dis. 6)
  • Tinder Leafs (Dis. 6)
  • Marko Flame (Dis. 7)
  • Snow Timber (Dis. 7)

M: Balcony Frocket (Kills: Lawrence Tummer, "Ridley", Daniel Patterson, Temper Locky)

F: Sparkle Hinsy (Kills: "Ridley", Daniel Patterson)

District 2: By MetalAegis

M: Gamis Rais (Kills: "Ridley")

F: Lisra Scorpio (Kills: Claire Heart)

District 3: By Brony12

M: Gauge Down (Kills: Aaron Winter)

F: Destiny Bow

District 4:

M: Ace Virus (Kills: Jacqueline Culvers)

F: Gaia Royce

District 5: By Raeoki

M: Lawrence Tummer

F: Temper Locky (Kills: Sparkle Hinsy)

District 6: By Firecatcher3

M: Dusk Shivers

F: Tinder Leafs

District 7: By Mockingjay5

M: Marko Flame (Kills: Levae Locker) VICTOR

F: Snow Timber

District 8: By Panther12

M: Daniel Patterson

F: Jacqueline Culvers

District 9: By MyWolf~*

M: Xac Ekstorm (Kills: Dusk Shivers)

F: Levae Locker

District 10: By Werebeast1

M: "Dirge" (Kills: Gaia Royce, Ace Virus, Gamis Rais, Balcony Frocket, Gauge Down)

F: "Ridley"

District 11: By Anon...

M: Luke Heart (Kills: Lisra Scorpio, Xac Ekstorm)

F: Claire Heart

District 12: By Phoenixfeather13TheSecond

M: Aaron Winter (Kills: Luke Heart, Snow Timber)

F: Dawn Rose

After about half the tributes are submitted, I'll do Arena and Mutts and Sponsoring.


This time, the arena is only one type of land. Forest. The arena is basicly a HUGE forest.


Ants: These ants swarm tributes and rip their muscle from their bone, then carry everything back to their nest. Nonflammable.

Echidna: An echidna with claws. Big claws. And the echidna is gigantic. Only one of these is in the arena.

Spiders: Spiders that kill with one bite. They usually hang out in trees.

Monster X: An skeletal monster that attacks tributes with incredible speed and power. Only one of these in the arena.

Everything is the same as the last games, except the capital technicians have developed a new weapon they call the "shotgun glove". It is available for $2000. It extremely enhances strength.


District 1:

The escort is wearing a iridescent suit and has a pink afro. "Sparkle Hinsy." She calls out. Sparkle steps up, slightly shaking. Next, the escort calls out some random boy, but Balcony volunteers so he can keep Sparkle safe.

District 2:

This escort has a turqouise mohawk. "Lisra Scorpio." She says into the microphone. Lisra steps up with an annoyed look on her face. "And for the boys we have-" "I volunteer!" Gamis yells out before the escort can finish her sentence. "Rude..." The escort says as he walks up and stands next to Lisra.

District 3:

"Destiny Bow." The escort calls out. Destiny slowly ascends onto the stage, face pale. "Gauge Down." Is the next thing the escort says. Gauge steps up, with uncertainty in his eyes.

District 4:

This escort is wearing a suit made of sea stars. She calls out "Gaia Royce." She steps up. "Ace Virus." He steps nto the stage with a growing grin on his face.

District 5:

The escort calls out the name "Temper Locky." She steps up, and for once there is no grin on her face. "Lawrence Tummer." Lawrence begins stepping up, then trips and falls facefirst onto the stage. Temper begins to laugh. When they shake hands, Lawrence is shocked by Temper, who was wearing a joybuzzer.

District 6:

"Tinder Leafs." The escort calls out. "I volun-" Dawn begins to say before Tinder clamps a hand over her mouth and shakes her head. She steps up onto the stage. "And next, we have Dusk Shivers!" The escort says cheerfully. Dusk steps up.

District 7:

"First, we have Snow Timbers." The escort says. Snow steps up, trying to be as strong as possible. "Next, we have Marko Flame." The escort says. Marko steps up, silently promising to himself that he'll get Snow home alive.

District 8:

The escort is wearing a monkey hat. Yes, I said a monkey hat. "Jacqueline Culvers" She calls out. Jacqueline steps up, looking at the floor. "Daniel Patterson." Daniel steps up, steeling himself for this challenge that could most likely be lethal.

District 9:

Levae is called, then Xac is called. Nothing really happened, so moving on.

District 10:

"Ridley... where's her last name?" The escort says, looking for any sign of a last name. When she doesn't find any, she moves on. "Dirge." She calls out. Dirge steps up, wearing his signature skull mask.

District 11:

"For the girl, we have Claire Heart." Clair steps up, praying that her brother would not be called. "Luke Heart." She lets out a squeal. How could she fight her own brother?

District 12:


Chariot Rides

District 1:

The District 1 pair are wearing matching suits, colored so that whenver they move it seems to be a different color. The crowd is mostly impressed, wondering how a suit could change colors.

District 2:

Gamis is wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and so is Lisra. All of a sudden, a bright light flashes and they are wearing fearsome looking armor. The crowd is amazed by how this was done.

District 3:

The crowd gasps when the chariot comes out. Gauge is being shocked by his suit, which was supposed to only LOOK like he was being electrified, but it malfunctioned. His designer and Destiny are trying to pry it off, but are unable to. Eventually the current stops, and Gauge falls over, unconscious.

District 4:

The tributes are swimming around in a fishbowl pulled by horses. The crowd wonders how they could breath.

District 5:

Lawrence is eating a pizza while just wearing a normal shirt and pants. Temper is using a hose to spray water at everyone, with a wide grin once again growing on her face. This angers the crowd.

District 6:

The crowd is so angered by Temper's antics that they don't even notice the District 6 chariot roll out.

District 7:

The crowd has calmed by now. Both tributes are wearing lumberjack costumes, complete with a beard. The crowd is creeped out because Snow is wearing a beard.

District 8:

The tributes are dressed in magician suits and are waving to the crowd. Then, Daniel pulls out a wand, waves it, and they both disappear in a puff of smoke. The crowd is impressed by this performance.

District 9:

The chariot rolls out, but no one is on it. Then Xac and Levae run and barely catch up to it. They are wearing simple suits. The crowd is indifferent.

District 10:

Neither Dirge nor Ridley show up on the chariot as it rolls out. The crowd starts complaining.

District 11:

Both tributes are wearing apple suits. The crowd thinks it's stupid.

District 12:

The tributes are wearing simple coal miner outfits. The crowd doesn't like it.

Training Scores

Balcony: 9

Sparkle: 8

Gamis: 10

Lisra: 9



Ace: 10

Gaia: 6

Lawrence: 4

Temper: 5

Dusk: 8

Tinder: 8

Marko: 8

Snow: 7

Daniel: 8

Jacqueline: 9

Xac: 8

Levae: 7

"Dirge": 11

"Ridley": 11

Luke: 8

Claire: 9

Aaron: 8

Dawn: 7

Day 1: Total Chaos

3rd Person:

The tributes rise up, and everyone seems anxious. The gong rings, and the tributes make a mad dash for the cornucopia, which is situated in a small patch of meadow. Almost everyone gets there at the same time, which seems to throw everything into chaos. It's impossible to tell exactly what's going on. Then several people run/walk out of the mix. The first 2 to get out are Ridley and Dirge, who each have large backpacks. Lawrence falls over writhing in pain after Balcony knees him in the groin, then he is stabbed. Temper manages to make it out of the fray with a small backpack. Luke and Claire manage to get a fair distance away before a spear goes sailing through Claire's neck. Luke pulls out a sword and looks back and sees Lisra, which he then runs towards her and stabs her before she can pull out another spear. She falls over dead. Luke then proceeds to leave. The careers and surviving tributes disperse, revealing the dead and injured. The dead are: Jacqueline, Dusk, and Dawn. The injured manage to get away. The careers, consisting of Balcony, Sparkle, Gamis, Ace and Gaia regroup at the cornucopia and set up camp. Gamis is crying because Lisra is dead. The rest are angry that Daniel dared to betray them. "Alright, who will be our leader?" Balcony asks. "Let's take a vote." Gaia says. They vote, and Ace is deemed best fitting to be leader. "We must watch out for only 2 people. The only ones that could prove to be a threat are the pair from District 10. You know, the mask twins." Ace states. It's coincidental that just at that moment Dirge and Ridley walk through the thicket. Dirge pulls out a scythe, Ridley a longsword. Balcony, Sparkle and Gamis pull out arrows and aim at Ridley, while Ace and Gaia fight Dirge. Ridley suddenly charges, and the careers fire. One arrow bounces off her mask, but the other two hit her in the stomach. This causes her to slow, but she continues walking towards them. "Keep shooting!" Balcony yells. The next 3 arrows hit her in the chest, and her last act is to throw her sword at Gamis, who is struck in the femur. Dirge is angered by Ridley's death, and throws Ace into a tree, which breaks a bone. Then he slashes Gaia in half with his scythe and retreats. The careers have been severly damaged by this attack, but have managed to take out a threat. The rest of the day passes without much activity.

End Of Day 1

Day 1 Deaths

Lawrence Tummer (stabbed by Balcony Frocket)

Claire Heart (skewered by Lisra Scorpio)

Lisra Scorpio (stabbed by Luke Heart)

Jacqueline Culvers (stabbed by Ace Virus)

Dusk Shivers (skewered by Xac Ekstorm) (They were fighting over a pack)

Dawn Rose (unknown)

"Ridley" (shot by Balcony, Sparkle and Gamis)

Gaia Royce (slashed by "Dirge")

Day 2: Team Formation

3rd Person:

As Gauge wakes up, he is startled by his surroundings. He sits up, then remembers where he is. He's in the Hunger Games. Destiny slept right beside him, still sleeping soundly. He decides to increase their food supply and potentially get rid of another tribute by setting a few traps. But first, he's gotta check the ones already set. He walks outside the tent and sees his net trap has caught a rabbit. He grabs he rabbit, which was already dead because the net was full of knives, and put it in a plastic bag he found in his pack. Then he sees something out of the corner of his eye. He looks in that direction, but sees nothing. He decides to set a trap in front of the sleeping area just in case. He sets up an electrified net trap and goes back into the sleeping area. Whoever was there took that opportunity to reveal themself. It was Daniel. He had been wondering who was there, but now understood that it was Gauge. And since Gauge was there, Destiny shouldn't be too far. He marks there position on a map in his pack and continues walking.


Ace winced as Sparkle put a cast on his broken arm. "See, it's like I said! But now we only have to worry about one! What luck!" Then he winced again as he accidently leaned his broken arm against a tree. "Luck? You call Gaia dying and Gamis' femur shattering luck!?" Balcony said. "Well, there were some... slight sacrifices involved, but there's only one truly dangerous character left!' Ace argued. "Yeah, the most powerful of the two." Balcony said, then he got up and went to see how Gamis was doing. Gamis was in deep pain. The femur is a strong bone, and when it breaks, it HURTS. "I don't think he'll be able to walk without some kinda crutch for a while..." Sparkle says, making a cast for his leg while trying to think of something that would work for a crutch. Gamis groans in pain.

Meanwhile again...

Timber, Marko and Snow walked through the foliage, trying to find some source of food. They had made an alliance earlier, realizing that without asisstance they wouldn't stand a chance. "I haven't seen anything, mutt, tribute or animal for a while now. You think we're getting closer to the barrier?" Marko asked. "Possibly." Snow says. Timber just stays silent. Then she bumps into something. It felt cold, and metal-like. "Timber, you might want to back up!" Marko yelled. Timber backed up and saw what she bumped into. It was Dirge. All three drew their weapons. Dirge walked up to them, pushed Marko out of the way, and continued walking. "What's his deal?" Marko says. Then they heard laughing. "That sounds like that one girl from District 5. What's her name again?" Snow says. "Temper Locky." A voice coming from behind a tree says. "There she is! Friend or foe?" Marko yelled out, redrawing his sword. "Friend, I guess." Temper says, stepping out from behind a tree. She wasn't grinning. "What do you mean by 'friend'?" "We mean do you want to join our team." Marko says, being completely straightforward. "Alright. Sounds good to me." Temper says, beginning to grin again.

Meanwhile YET AGAIN...

Sparkle screamed. Balcony helped Gamis up and ran to her. What he saw wasn't exactly a pleasent sight. Ace. Dead. His hands were strapped to the bark of a tree. His head wasn't visible, and Balcony wasn't sure if he wanted to see it. He was hanging by his hands, dead, with the words "YOU'RE ALL DEAD" scrabbled on the bark below him in blood. His lungs and heart were ripped out and lying on the ground in front of him. "Who... could have done this?" Sparkle asks. "Isn't it obvious? It has to be the remaining 'mask twin', Dirge or whatever." Balcony says, looking away. Gamis throws up when he sees Ace. Eventually, he's picked up by a hovercraft.

End of Day 2

Day 2 Deaths

Ace Virus ('s kinda hard to describe. I guess I'll call it death by Dirge)

Day 3: Preparation for the Purge

3rd Person:

Aaron Winter woke up coughing. Since when did he have a cough? Oh yeah, he had gotten stabbed in the stomach, though not deep enough to do any real damage. He touched the bandage around his stomach and laid back down. What to do? He got up and checked his backpack. The supplies were all still there. He pulled out his war axe. "Well, guess it's time to hunt." He said.

Dirge sat inside the hollow trunk of the large tree, mask off, eating a ham sandwich with some sap. He got up, still eating his sandwich, and went to the entrance. What a great view of the career's camp. He was only about a mile away. Why hadn't they moved yet? Oh, wait. They're on the move. They had gathered their things, and were walking west towards where Aaron was. Dirge marked their movement on his map, drawn very precisely on the ground. He had the position of all the tributes. Some he wasn't actually sure. When Daniel had given him his map after Dirge had kicked Daniel in the stomach. Some of the tributes might have moved since the map was made, which is why he wasn't sure about some of the positions. All that he knew was that Gauge, Destiny, Tinder, Marko, Snow, Temper and the careers were all moving west. Well, might as well go that way as well. He grabbed his backpack and took out his scythe. "I didn't want it to come to this." He said as he put on his mask also put on body armor he found in his backpack. As he walked out the door, he grabbed his other scythe.

"This way..." Balcony said. "I'm not so sure about this..." Sparkle said. "Do you wan't to endlessly be harassed by Dirge?" Gamis said. "No..." Sparkle said, frowning. That caused Balcony and Gamis to laugh. Then they stopped. They saw several people in several directions. Aaron, far to the west carrying a wicked looking war axe. A group of tributes to the far north, also heading towards Aaron's position, just like the careers. Then, to the east, Dirge. Carrying TWO scythes. "That does not look good." He said, looking over at Dirge. And a bit to the south, Daniel. "There. That's who we want" Gamis said. "Let's go!" He said, and they drew their weapons and ambushed him, springing out from the brush. Daniel was startled for a second, but recovered faster than the careers expected and immediately struck Gamis in the femur. "OW! DAMMIT, AGAIN!?!?!?" Gamis yelled out. But Daniel was distracted as he attacked, and an opportunity was available. Balcony took that chance, kneeing Daniel in the groin. "OW!" He yelled out and clutched his groin in pain. "Now!" Balcony yelled out, and Gamis pinned him down as Balcony and Sparkle stabbed him. "You really like doing that, don't you?" Sparkle said. "Yes, I do." Balcony said, grinning.

I'm setting this up for an epic battle! It shall happen tomorrow!

End of Day 3 (Gauge and Destiny joined Marko, Tinder, Snow and Temper)

Day 3 Deaths

Wow, 1 death 2 days in a row. Now THAT is a coincidence.

Daniel Patterson (stabbed by Balcony and Sparkle)

Day 4: Epic War

3rd Person:

Aaron stepped back. He was being confronted by Xac and Levae. They had come from behind him and attacked, and now he was scared. Two against one? Those odds aren't to his liking, but he didn't have a choice. He ran towards them and threw his axe at Xac. Xac ducked just in time to dodge it, and he ran towards Aaron with his sword drawn. Then a spear went flying through the front of Xac's stomach. The cannon boomed. "What!?" Both Levae and Aaron yelled out in shock. Luke is standing there, another spear in his hand. He throws it, but it misses and hits a tree. Aaron lunges at him and gets him in a choke hold. Just then, the careers arrive. And so does the group of tributes, now revealed to be Gauge, Destiny, Tinder, Marko, Snow and Temper. The cannon booms. Luke has choked to death. Balcony and Marko begin to fight. Tinder, Destiny and Snow attack Aaron, who has recovered his axe. Gauge sets up several traps for enemies to accidently step on. Dirge arrived just as the battles started. He was confronted by Gamis, who shot an arrow at him. The arrow bounced off his mask, but in doing so broke a part off the right side of the mask. "You broke my mask..." Dirge said as he walked up to Gamis. Dirge grabbed his arm and broke it. Then he kicked his leg and broke it. Then he sliced off his head with his scythe. Dirge's visible eye glowed red.

Marko blocked a slash to his left, then sidestepped a stab and struck at Balcony. Balcony parried the strike and managed to stab Marko's left arm. Marko persisted, and managed to slice Balcony's torso. Balcony stumbled backwards and bumped into a tree. This tree was the one Luke's spear had embeded itself in. Balcony pulled it out and threw it at Marko. Marko caught it in mid air and threw it back, hitting Balcony in the leg and pinning him to the tree. Sparkle came from behind and prepared to stab Marko, but she was tackled by Temper. Temper punched Sparkle, and Sparkle punched her in response. That made Temper angry. Temper pulled out her sword and tried to stab Sparkle, but Sparkle did a barrel roll out of the way. Temper pulled out the sword and threw it at Sparkle before she could react, and the cannon for Sparkle boomed. "Sparkle!" Balcony said with anguish and rage at Temper. He pulled the spear out (yes, rage is that strong) and threw it at her. She never saw it coming. Marko fell to the ground. Balcony looked towards where he was standing and saw Dirge. The cannon had not boomed, however. Marko was still alive. Dirge walked over to Balcony, stabbing one of his arms and one of his legs to the trunk of the tree. "Now, how should I kill you, career? Which way would you prefer?" Dirge said, staring at Balcony with his visible eye, which was still glowing bright red. Before Balcony could reply, Dirge punched him in the face, smashing his skull and sending his head (which was still connected to his body) flying into the tree. "Huh. These shotgun gloves are more powerful than I thought." Dirge said, turning away form the battle scene and pulling his scythes from the tree.

Snow fell over, dead on impact as she hit the ground. There was a huge gash across her chest. Tinder almost joined her, jumping back just before Aaron managed to kill her. Destiny managed to sneak up behind him and scare him, which caused him to fall into Gauge's spike trap. A block covered with wooden, yet sturdy spikes came dropping down and killed him two ways in one. "Yes!" Gauge said. Then they turned and saw what else had happend while they were fighting. Almost everyone was dead. Marko, unknown to them, was still alive. But they thought he was dead, so they merely went on with many tears for their fallen comrades.

End of Day 4 (Levae is alive, too)

Day 4 Deaths

Xac Ekstorm (impaled by Luke Heart)

Luke Heart (choked to death by Aaron Winter)

Gamis Rais (pwned by Dirge)

Sparkle Hinsy (stabbed by Temper Locky)

Temper Locky (impaled by Balcony Frocket)

Balcony Frocket (death by Dirge)

Snow Timber (slashed by Aaron Winter)

Aaron Winter (crushed and stabbed by Gauge Down)

Day 5: Monster X

3rd Person:

Destiny woke up with a start. She felt something light on her nose. A feather? A leaf? Wrong. She saw it was a spider. "Gauge! Gauge!! Wake up, Gauge!!!" She whispered. "Whazit?" He said, waking up. "There's a spider on my nose!" "Why did you wake me up to tell me that?" "I think it's deadly!" "Hold still." Gauge wacked it off her face. "See? Harmless." Gauge said. The spider suddenly grew gigantic (Did I neglect to mention that in the mutts section?). "Oh jeez! It's a mutt!" Gauge said, grabbing Destiny's hand and starting to run. The spider followed close behind. "Now!" Gauge said. A stone cube came down from the trees on each side of the spider, crushing it effectively. "Phew... I think we're safe." Gauge said. "Uh... not yet..." Destiny said, pointing at something behind him. Gauge looked and saw something falling from the sky. "What is that?" Gauge said, squinting. "It looks like a-" Destiny began to say, but was interrupted by Gauge saying "METEOR!!!" They both ran screaming as the meteor came falling from the sky. They both had barely gotten past it's impact range as it hit the ground, causing a fiery explosion. As the smoke cleared, Gauge and Destiny could see something
Godzilla Neo MONSTER X by GodzillaSamurai

Monster X

standing in the middle of the crater. The smoke completely cleared, and the monster was revealed. It's skeletal body clacked as it moved, and it's eyes glowed red. It immediately spotted the two. "Oh, come on!" Gauge said, and they began to run again. The monster's incredible speed was shown almost immediately as it caught up to Gauge and Destiny almost instantly. Destiny screamed and ran even faster. The creature laughed a deep, evil laugh and followed. They were starting to race each other, and the monster caught up to Destiny. Destiny freaked out and ran so fast that she left the monster in the dust. The evil creature shrugged and decided to go back and kill Gauge. However, when it arrived it was caught in his cube trap (the one that crushed the spider). As the cubes swang down, the monster stopped both with his bare hands. It laughed. "Aw man!" Gauge said as he ran from behind a tree. The vile monster gave chase.

In the gamemaker room:

Gamemaker Ark laughed. "Man, this creature was our best creation yet!" He laughed. "Who made it?" "Um... no one knows." Gamemaker Vice replied. "Actually, no one knows where it came from." "Well, as long as it's killing tributes, who cares?" Ark said.

Gauge was panting as he leaned against the tree. Man, how lucky was it that the creature lost him? He breathed a sigh of relief. But how exactly was he going to find Destiny again?

The rest of the day passed without much activity.

End of Day 5 (Monster X! RAR!)

Day 5 Deaths

Spider Mutt (lol)


3rd Person:

Marko's eyes open for the first time in a day. He slowly got up, wiping his eyes and stretching his back. Then he saw the blood splatters. They were everywhere. There was an especially large one where Balcony died. In fact, the Gamemakers were unable to recover his head because it was so far in the tree. Marko looked around for any sign of his allies. He found nothing. A thought flashed through his mind. Where is Snow? The girl he promised to get home was nowhere to be seen. She was dead, unknown to him. He started walking, thinking that if he walked far enough that he would find someone.

Monster X snorted smoke from it's nostrils. Where are all his toys to play with? He laughed and turned, seeing the echidna mutt. The echidna mutt roared a question, asking whether friend or foe. The echidna never recieved an answer as lightning flew from all 4 of Monster X's eyes, shocking it to death. The vile monster chuckled to itself. It had finally found a target. Far beyond the echidna he saw someone, casually walking through the forest. The creature laughed and charged the tribute. It stopped before it hit the tribute. The tribute was Dirge. Dirge turned to face the monster. They stood there for a while, sizing each other up. Then Monster X charged towards Dirge. Dirge charged into Monster X's charge and punched the monster in the face, sending it flying into a tree and breaking through to the other side. The upper part of the tree fell on top of Monster X. The creature pushed it off and shot lightning at Dirge. He dodged 2 bolts, but was thrown to the ground by the other two. The monster then stood up, wiping some alien blood from it's mouth as it's injuries healed. Dirge also stood back up, but opting for a retreat. His opponent was a larger threat than he had expected. Monster X laughed.

Levae lied on the ground, thinking of all the things that had happened in the last few days. Xac had died. The career pack was gone. A meteor hit the arena. Well, that was all she could remember that she cared about. She wasn't really sure if she wanted to win, but she would still try her hardest. This she promised.

Gauge peered at Dirge, who was running in his direction. Dirge hadn't seen him yet, but Gauge set a trap just in case and hid behind a tree. Dirge tripped the tripwire, and an iron spike (don't ask where the materials came from) fell from the trees in front of him. Gauge stopped the spike with the tip of his finger, then broke it off the wire it was hanging from and bent it in half. Gauge gasped, and Dirge heard it. All of a sudden everything was silent. Gauge held his breath, not sure whether Dirge was still there or not. He was answered by a fist flying out his stomach. But his back was against a tree, so how? Dirge pulled out his hand and walked around the tree to where Gauge was, He stared at him silently for a while. Gauge began to whimper with fear. Dirge reached up and grabbed his mask.

Destiny felt Gauge's death. She didn't know how she knew, she just... did. She wondered who killed him, and thought of trying to find Tinder. But who knew how long that would take? I know. It would take about ten minutes. But she decided to try to survive on her own. She pulled an apple from her backpack and began to eat it, wondering how she was going to survive.

End of Day 6

Day 6 Deaths

Gauge Down (scared to death by Dirge)

Day 7: Sub-Zero

3rd Person:

Levae leaped to her feet. She had felt like someone stabbed her, but now she realized that it was just cold. No, wait. 'Just' isn't the right word. 'Really' would be better. It was snowing, and several trees around her had frozen solid. She began shivering. Why had the gamemakers chosen to freeze the arena? Why not to flood it, or to burn it? So many questions swirled around in her mind as she rubbed her arms. She decided to run to heat herself up. She ran, and her sweat froze. That just made her colder. Eventually, she was like a big ice cube. She was frozen, but alive.

Marko, Tinder and Destiny were all in the same situation as Levae. Dirge, however, was kept warm by his body armor.

In the gamemaker room:

"This isn't interesting enough! All the tributes are doing is freezing to death!" Ark yelled out. "Well, we could flood the arena." Vice said. "That's a stu-! Wait a sec... that's a great idea!" Ark smirked evilly.

Back in the arena:

The arena was filled with water. The water wasn't frozen, but it was cold enough taht if you stayed in you would freeze to death. The flood was so powerful that it had uprooted the trees, which were now floating like platforms. The same could be said about the Cornucopia. It was flipped upside down, but the sun managed to keep the metal from freezing.

Marko sat on a tree, thinking. In teh initial flood, only one cannon had boomed. But who was dead? And also, who was alive? He clutched his head. So many thoughts, so many factors.

Destiny sat atop the Cornucopia, glad that the metal was keeping her warm. Somehow the metal object had something inside that made it buoyant. She too wondered who was dead.

At the end of the day, many gasps were heard as Dirge's mask showed in the sky, frozen. It turned out that he had drowned because of all the weight he was carrying.

End of Day 7

Day 7 Deaths

"Dirge" (drowned)

Day 8: The Final Countdown

3rd Person:

Everyone (who was sleeping) was woken up by loud music playing through the arena. Apparently, Cladius Templesmith was holding his microphone to a speaker that was playing the Final Countdown.

Marko would've laughed, but he was feeling too sad to. He sat there, looking around for any sign of other tributes, but found nothing. He stepped onto the newly formed layer of ice over the water, and as he looked down he thought he saw something. But he decided his eyes were playing a trick on him, and went for a little walk.

Destiny ripped open the silver parachute, almost accidently cutting herself on the knife inside. She picked it up, examined it, then saw the fruit. Did I mention she was REALLY hungry? No? Well, now ya know. She grabbed a pear and sliced it directly in half, then dug her face into it and ate the delicious fruit. Since she had lost her pack during the flood, she was glad about the fruit. She finished, licked her lips, and dropped the empty skin on the ground. She heard a BOOM! come from below. She wasn't exactly sure if she wanted to look, so she just scooted back and began to eat the other half.

Levae put on the jacket and found it perfectly fit. She sighed with relief. She picked up her blowgun and shot a dart to test it. It flew straight for a while before falling to the ground. She walked over to it and picked it up, but as she did so she thought she saw 4 little red dots on the other side of the ice. She shuddered and turned away.

All of a sudden the music stopped, and Cladius' voice filled the arena. "Hello, final 4 tributes! Congradulations on making it this far! Soon, only one of you will be left! And we have something that will attract all of you to one place!" His voice boomed. Marko scoffed. Cladius continued, saying, "As you might notice, it is getting even colder now! Eventually the tempature will be -100 degrees fahrenheit, and no one can survive tempatures that low. So, the only place that will be warm enough to sustain life would be that bubble forming around the Cornucopia! Good luck!" And with that, he was finished. The music resumed. A light shined at the area where the Cornucopia was. The tempature started dropping rapidly, and the snow began to come down faster and harder. Even Levae was freezing, and the only one who seemed to be fine was Destiny, who was sitting inside an area where a bubble was starting to form, with it's edges rising from the ground slowly.

Tinder was the first to jump over the edge, which was only about 4 feet off the ground. Destiny stopped eating and pulled out her knife. "Truce." Tinder said, pointing towards Marko, then Levae. "...truce." Destiny responded, lowering her knife. Marko jumped up and grabbed the edge, which was now about 8 feet off the ground, and climbed over the edge. Levae made it as well, but almost had her fingers cut off as the bubble shut just as she dropped down. The Cornucopia sunk down, but iced over almost immediately. Levae pulled out her blowgun, and Destiny raised her knife. Marko and Tinder had lost their weapons, so they merely raised their fists. The music boomed louder.

Levae shot a dart, and it barely missed Destiny, who ran at her with her knife. Marko didn't want to fight his former ally Tinder, so they just watched. Destiny stabbed Levae, but Levae shot a dart accidently out of pain. It hit Marko in the eye, and he yelled a curse. He pulled it out and threw it at the ground. It stuck, and the ice cracked. The crack moved slowly over to where Tinder was. The crack grew larger and Tinder fell through. Marko grabbed her hand, but it felt as though she was being pulled down by something strong. In fact, it was too strong. Marko's grip slipped, and Tinder was pulled under. Her cannon boomed shortly after. Strangely, the water started to turn red. Then a skeletal hand broke through the ice, grabbing Destiny and pulling her through. That spot turned red as well as the cannon boomed again. With that glimpse, Marko and Levae were even more confused. But that didn't stop Levae as she shot a dart at Marko. Marko's eye burned, and blood seeped through the cracks in his hands, but he still managed to dodge it. He started to run/walk towards Levae, while Levae kept shooting darts at him. Out of 15, 6 darts hit. However, they each hit an important place.One hit a blood vessel in his arm, another a blood vessel in his leg. Marko didn't give up though, as he leaped onto Levae and started to punch her face. Levae grabbed a dart and stabbed him repeatedly in the back, but Marko didn't let up. Marko continued to punch her, even after there was a boom that filled his ears. He payed no attention to the voice that filled his ears, and eventually 3 peacekeepers had to pry him off of Levae. That was when Marko regained his senses. He looked in horror at Levae, whose face was literally beaten into her head. He threw up some blood, then collapsed, and the 2 of the peacekeepers hauled him away, while the last looked around, looking for any sign of life. Then a skeletal hand grabbed his heel, and everything went black for him.

The other 2 peacekeepers turned back when they heard the yell, and they found something that they thought had persished. Monster X. It stood there with blood coating it's fanged mouth, and the peacekeeper's head in one hand. The peacekeepers pulled out their machine guns, but it disintegrated them with lightning. It jumped back down into the hole in the ice, laughing evilly.

Day 8 Deaths

Tinder Leafs (Monster X)

Destiny Bow (Monster X)

Levae Locker (beaten to death by Marko Flame)


Marko was transported home, and made a full recovery. He never did forget his experiences, and still wakes up every night covered with sweat. Monster X is presumed alive, as they never found a body. The capitol never found it again, nor did they want to.

The End...?

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