Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my 3rd games! I will be doing all the stuff I did last time, and I'll add in a victory tour for the winner! If you submit a tribute, please put their: Name, Age, District, Personality, Skills, Strategy, Weaknesses, Appearance, Token, and History.

I will (most likely) NOT accept overpowered characters! And please make your tributes at least a little realistic!

All spots are now taken.


District 1: By Sparrow Hazelthorn

M: Satin Lockfrost (Kills: Glace Cannon)

F: Marlo Frayk

District 2: By Fidofiderson

M: Ernie Sasalot

F: Lucy "Dumb Blonde" Fighter

District 3: By Phoenixfeather13TheSecond

M: Gizmo Genius

F: Glace Cannon

District 4: By Skybender101

M: Len Grellin (Kills: Jake Tucker)

F: Nila Frost

District 5: By TotalDramaRox97

M: Balson Munder

F: Nari Laora

District 6: By Fidofiderson

M: Ruby Steiner

F: Liesel Hammerman

District 7: By Panther12

M: Samuel Birch

F: Erica Bushel

District 8: By DMadoxx

M: Jasper Stone

F: Soleille Stone

District 9: By Anon...

M: Elder Thorne

F: Ivy Thorne

District 10: By Firecatcher3

M: Jake Tucker

F: Molly Brechin

District 11: By Mockingjay5

M: Grain Follows

F: Reed Bliss

District 12: By Phoenixfeather13TheSecond

M: Dusk Oaks

F: Dawn Rose


The arena is a series of cloud-like structures floating in the sky (don't ask how that's possible, I don't know myself). They are connected by bridges and aren't surrounded by a force field, so if you walk off the edge you'll fall to the ground and die from the impact. On the middle cloud is the Cornucopia.


Skycrawlers: Lizard-like mutts that only have two legs, and have a mouth full of sharp teeth. They have spines all along their back, and can shoot them at will. Their tails are as sharp as blades, and can slice tributes in half.

Screechers: Bird-like mutts that cry ultra high-pitch screams that can make tributes go insane (if heard enough). Also have sharp claws that they could slash tributes with.

Creature (Monster X?): A monster that has only been seen as a blur, unknown what it can do. It's incredible strength and speed make one think of a certain evil monster. Could it be Monster X?


Just ask for it and I'll give you the price.

Chariot Rides

District 1:

District 1's chariot rolls out, and the crowd sighs. Once again, the tributes are dressed in costumes with jewels on them. Suddenly, the chariot explodes (EXPLOSIONS ARE EPIC) and the crowd gasps. The tributes are standing in the middle of the crater, completely unharmed, wearing golden suits. The crowd screams in amazement.

District 2:

The chariot rolls out, and the horses are wearing war armor, complete with helmets. The tributes are wearing knight's armor that is pitch black, and Ernie is holding a bloody lance. The crowd screams again, this time in humorous fear.

District 3:

The tributes are wearing armor like District 2, but the armor is made of wire. The crowd begins to sigh, but then electricity starts flowing through the wires. The crowd still isn't very impressed.

District 4:

The tributes are wearing shiny fish scales woven into suits, and the horses are dressed like fish. The crowd is disappointed.

District 5:

I couldn't find what it's industry was, and I can't remember, so...

District 6:

A giant medicine case comes rolling out, being pulled by oxen because of the weight. Suddenly, the top pops off, and a stage with Ruby and Liesel rise up. They are wearing doctor clothes. The crowd is fairly impressed.

District 7:

The tributes are wearing overalls, and have giant axes. The crowd sighs at the unoriginality.

District 8:

The chariot is wrapped in silk. The tributes are wearing silkmade clothes. The crowd likes silk. It's soft.

District 9:

The tributes are in a chariot shaped like a factory (even has windows, but they are tinted). The chariot opens up to reveal Ivy and Elder processing the food. The crowd is impressed by the idea.

District 10:

The chariot is shaped like a cow. The tributes are riding on top of the cow. The crowd sighs again.

District 11:

The tributes are wearing banana suits, and the chariot looks like a banana. Suddenly, the tributes start doing the Banana Dance. The crowd laughs at the dance.

District 12:

The tributes have pickaxes and are wacking at a rock made of coal. The crowd is impressed by how stupid the idea was.

Training Scores

Satin: 10

Marlo: 11

Ernie: 9

Lucy: 11

Gizmo: 7

Glace: 8

Len: 10

Nila: 9

Balson: 9

Nari: 9

Ruby: 8

Liesel: 9

Samuel: 8

Erica: 7

Jasper: 10

Solielle: 8

Elder: 7

Ivy: 8

Jake: 9

Molly: 9

Grain: 7

Reed: 1 (she accidently killed one of the gamemakers during her demonstration of poisonous and non-poisonous plants)

Dusk: 8

Dawn: 10

Day 1: Paradise of Death

1st Person-Jasper:

The first thing I see when my plate reaches the top is white. Everywhere I look, I see white. The boy from 5 is on my left, and the girl from 12 is on my right. I get ready to run, and wait. It seems like forever before the gong rings.

3rd Person:

There is tons of confusion as most of the tributes make a dash for the Cornucopia and the rest run in the opposite direction. Ernie gets there first. He grabs a small pack and runs. "That traitor!" Satin yells out. The careers get there next. All the other tributes are the last to get there. Elder and Ivy grab backpacks and manage to escape the fray. Dawn also escapes with a backpack. Suddenly, mutts go swarming into the Cornucopia area and attack the tributes. A screecher swoops down and scratches Balson across the eye and partially blinding him. He managed to spear it, and ran off with it. A skycrawler pounced on Jake, but it was hit by an arrow. Molly appeared in front of Jake and helped him up. "Let's get out of here." He said as he grabbed a large pack. They both ran away. Soon, the careers were the only people still at the Cornucopia who were alive. Most people had escaped, but some weren't so lucky. Nari had been pounced on by a skycrawler as she was running away. Samuel had suddenly been beheaded as a blur passed in front of him. Grain was carried away by a screecher, and Ruby as well. Glace was stabbed by Satin as she retreated. All had fallen. But the games were not yet over.


Erica sat down, hungry and tired. She didn't go to the Cornucopia, and so didn't get any supplies. Liesel and Gizmo were in a similar situation, but I'll go back to that later. Erica looked at the sky, amazed by how close it seemed. She thought she might be able to grab the stars if she tried to. She lyed down, not needing anything because the ground was so soft. She stared up at the sky as her eyes closed, and sleep overcame her.

End of Day 1

Day 1 Deaths

Nari Laora (skycrawler)

Samuel Birch (beheaded)

Grain Follows (screecher)

Ruby Steiner (screecher)

Glace Cannon (stabbed by Satin Lockfrost)

Day 2: Dark Alliance

3rd Person- Centered around the Careers:

Movement was heard outside of the Career's tents. At first, everyone stayed still. But when no sound was heard, Satin stepped outside to make sure nothing was there. As he stepped outside, he saw, standing there, directly in front of him, himself. The clone copied every move the real Satin made,and even poked itself in the eye and pretended to reel back. Satin stood there, mesmerized by himself, not able to turn away. He didn't even notice the clone's hand raising towards his stomach region. He finally realized something was wrong as the hand went flying into his stomach. It came out holding his large intestine, and began choking him with it.

Godzilla Neo MONSTER X by GodzillaSamurai

Monster X

The other Careers heard the sounds of struggle, and ran outside, weapons ready. However, it was too late. Satin was lying facedown on the ground. Before them stood the skeletal Kaiju, Monster X. It had returned. (In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, read my 2nd games.) It licked the blood off of it's hands. Smoke billowed from it's mouth. "I wish to speak with you." It said, speaking for the first time. "Why should we listen to you? You just killed one of our allies!" Len yelled at the space creature. "Because, I can help you win." It replied. "I'm siding with you." Len said. "This is the perfect opportunity to kill everyone." "Excellent..." It said. "Anyone else wish to join?" (If you want your Career tribute to join, say so.)

1st Person-Glace Cannon(?):

I sat up and looked around. The world around me seemed desolate and grey. There were 4 people lying on the ground around me, seemingly unconscious. I looked at my hands and saw they were a light white, and I looked down at my stomach and saw a stab wound. As I looked at the others, I saw marks on them, too. One was chewed up like a dog toy. One didn't even have a head. The other two had sharp marks all over their bodies. I looked around once more for any recognizable landmarks, but all I saw were some jagged rocks. The sky was blood red. I heard movement behind me and turned around to see one of them that had marks all over themselves was trying to stand up. I decided that he might me able to help me figure out where this place was. As I helped him up, I saw another body appear next to where I was lying down. He had marks around his neck. "I think I recognize him." I said. He was Satin Lockfrost, the man who killed me. Of course, I wanted revenge. I picked him right up of the ground with him propped up in the air with my hands around his neck. "You...I'll make you pay!" I tightened my grip. He made no movements. I decided it was useless since he seemed to be out cold, so I dropped him to the ground. The boy behind me tried to quietly slink away. I let him go. I'm not one to care what happens to him...I just need to find a way out of this place. I kick Satin in the face for good measure, knocking out one of his teeth, and sit beside one of the larger jagged rocks. It's going to be a long day/night/whatever time it is in this place.

363px-Bagan Neo


1st Person-Grain Follows(?):

I can't believe she actually let me go. I was worried she might choke me like that Career. Now, don't get me wrong, I would've done that myself, but she got there a little before I did. As I walk down the black pathway on the grey ground, I notice a shadow fly past. It wasn't very large, but it's still concerning...I look around, making sure whatever that was is gone...apparently it is. I wonder whether I should go, it's too late to turn back. I've gone to far along this path. Suddenly I'm covered in the shadow of something huge. I reluctantly turn my head, and see, standing before me, a legendary creature I never thought could possibly exist...the guardian of evil, Bagan. "Just where is this place?" I ask as it's saber goes through my neck.

3rd Person:

Monster X led Len along a path inside the cloud. Suddenly Monster X stopped. "There are humans above us." It said. "Let's attack!" Len yelled out, and jumped up through the fluffy ceiling. His head bumped directly into Molly Brechin's foot. "What was that!?" She yelled out as she jumped back. "I'm sure it was no-" Jake Tucker was cut off as a fist went flying through his chest, holding his heart out in front of him. He was paralyzed, but not yet dead. "Do you wish to die, mortal?" An evil voice growled from behind him. Smoke flowed around his neck. The hand crushed his heart before he had the chance to respond. "JAKE!!!" Molly yelled out. Jake fell to the ground, and his cannon boomed. Monster X stared at Molly, and his glare made her feel like her soul was burning. "Do you wish to meet the same fate as him?" Monster X said as he pointed to Jake's lifeless body. Molly freaked out and ran away. "...Hmph." Monster X said. Len finally managed to get through the ground. "Aw, you already killed him? You just scared her away! She was mine, remember?" He said. "You were late." The monster replied. Len growled with frustration. "Let us go. There are more souls to claim." Monster X said, gesturing for Len to follow it.


Ivy sat beside her sleeping brother, looking up at the sky. The stars were mesmerizing, and the moon was magnifecent. Absolutely stunning. She woke up Elder as the fallen tribute's faces began to light up the sky. She counted only two, the boy from D1 (a Career? How unlikely...) and the boy from D10.

Day 2 Deaths

Satin Lockfrost (Monster X)

Jake Tucker (Monster X, Len Grellin)

Day 3

To be continued...

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