FANDOM's been a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time since I was last (active) on this wiki...let alone writing Hunger Games on it...but I'm back! Let's just hope it's for longer than last time...

Now, for the task at hand. I'll accept up to 4 tributes from each user who submits them, with a limit of 2 boys and 2 girls for each user. I'd appreciate it if they were realistic, but...they don't have to be. As for the information, I'd prefer:




Appearance (With a lunaii, or whatever stuff this wiki uses for tributes now, if possible)


Weapon(s) of Choice







(Crossed out names are dead)

D1 Male: Cream Donahew

D1 Female: Naarah Tompkins

D2 Male: Stuart Hummes

D2 Female: Geneive Terrion

D3 Male: Generator Captate

D3 Female: Talia Viro

D4 Male: Pirate Mast

D4 Female: Bubbles Foam

D5 Male: Basch Ronsenburgh

D5 Female: Feline Ster

D6 Male: Jack Gardes

D6 Female: Lillian Gardes

D7 Male: Ethan Mason

D7 Female: Taytum Mason

D8 Male: Aidan Flames

D8 Female: Luna Snare

D9 Male: Spark Jones

D9 Female: Rose Jones

D10 Male: Hunter Colt

D10 Female: Fallon Echo

D11 Male: Benjamin Jackson

D11 Female: Jay Sparrow

D12 Male: Tate Fowler

D12 Female: Violet Willowshire

Ah...I just got hit by a huge wave of nostalgia.


The arena is...a castle in the middle of the desert (hooray for compromising!). There are about 5 floors to the castle, in addition to a courtyard (where all the supplies are, and the bloodbath will be), a gate, the walls (which are easy to walk on...the problem is getting on to them), and 4 towers at the northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest corners of the castle perimeter.


There are several mutts wandering throughout the castle and outside it's perimeters.

Within the Castle:

Bloodhounds: Wolf-like mutts that are covered in armor. Underneath the armor, the wolves have no fur or skin, only muscle. The armor acts as an artificial skin, and basically fused to the muscle. There whole body is covered in the armor, including their eyes. the only exposed spot is there snout. If any of the armor is ripped off, the wolves will bleed to death.

Gargriffins: Stone statues of griffins that are located in the courtyard. Come to life if bothered, and cannot be destroyed (at least, no one's discovered a way yet).

The Gatekeeper: A cerberus-like monster that guards the gate to the outside of the castle. Has flaming blue eyes, and is completely skeletal. It's blue, flaming heart is visible within it's ribcage. Especially fierce about guarding the gate, but likes to sleep.

Wall Ball: Small little balls that teleport out of and through walls. Covered in bright neon green stripes. Seemingly harmless.

The Serpent King (not really a mutt, but...): You'll see. Oh, you'll all see.

Within the surrounding Desert (Flying counts as being outside the castle):

Pit Viper: A large snake that hides inside a hole beneath the sand. The sand is held up by a rock slab, strong enough to hold the weight of the thin layer sand, but thin enough to break if a tribute walks over it. Vigilant tributes might be able to identify the pits. Can also spit acid.

Rune Falcon: A gigantic thunderbird covered in mystical, glowing runes that soars over the desert, scanning the sands for prey. This prey includes, but is not limited to: Snakes, Smaller birds, Pit Vipers, Tributes, Blazehounds, etc.

Blazehounds: Basically flaming versions of Bloodhounds, except their snouts (excluding their mouth) are covered, and their eyes are showing from behind the armor. The Blazehound's armor is fire-proof.


Every tribute starts out with $5000 of sponsorship money.

Empty Water Bottle-$10

Note (Include what it will say)-$50

Apple x5-$100

Bag of Dried Fruit-$150

Bottled Water-$150

Mouse Trap-$200

Quiver of Arrows (Arrows x10)-$200

Bait x10 (Meat, Veggies, Fish, Dairy, or Fruit)-$200

Chicken Legs x4-$200

Beef Strips x5-$200

Silk Cloak-$200

Bear Trap-$300


Metal Detector (Will be pretty useful...)-$350



Wooden Shield-$400

Bow w/ 6 Arrows-$400

Beaker of Poison w/ Vial-$400

Trident x2-$450

Throwing Spear x5-$450

Throwing Knives x8-$450

Whole Cooked Chicken-$450

Steel Shield-$600

Leather Cap-$600

Leather Armor-$600

Leather Boots-$600

Leather Gauntlets-$600

Whole Roasted Pig-$700

Iron Helm (Covering whole head except face and neck)-$700

Iron Helmet w/ Hanging Chainmail (Covers entire head)-$800

Iron Greaves-$800

Iron Pants-$900

Iron Gauntlets-$900

Iron Chestplate-$1000

Training Scores

Will do after Chariot Rides.

The Games

Will do after Training Scores.

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