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Chapter 1: Panem Will Die

1st Person- Cat:

There's a commotion in the district square. My friend Mist came and told me to come with her to the square. At first, I thought she was crazy. But now that I'm here, I understand what's going on. Apparently, the nations of France, Italy, Mongolia, India, Poland and The Netherlands are moving to attack Panem, so it's lucky that Panem found allies in Japan, China, Australia and Canada. "Whoa. I never thought I'd see the day." I say with shock. "Do you think we have a chance?" "Who knows?" Mist says. "Guys, guys! We've gotta get out of here! They're attacking!" My friend Herb yelled out while running towards us before we saw the bombs drop. There was a huge explosion and Herb was incinerated. "Herb!" I yell out, but it's already to late. Hovercrafts appear in the sky and land, trying to evacuate people. We saw enemy infantry starting to break through into the square, so I grabbed Mist's arm and dived into the hovercraft just as another explosion blew up another portion of the square. A few more people managed to get on before we had to leave because of the danger. As we flew away, I looked out the window and saw District 9 on fire, and I couldn't help but think of District 13.

1st Person- Ren:

When I heard the news of District 9 being destroyed, I was shocked by how similar it's destruction was to District 6. I was all alone, with only my new friends/roomates Phillis Kufte (from District 6) and Sebastian Herlis (from District 9). Our room was large enough to house 5 people, but there weren't that many people who survived the destruction. All 3 of us had already signed up to become soldiers and assist, and I was wondering if this was what war is like as the door opened, and two people walked in. "Who are you?" I asked. "Well, I'm Cat Ifes. I'm from District 9." The boy said. "And I'm Mist Rollen, also from District 9. So who are you?" The girl said. "Ren Var. District 6." I said, not bothering to get off my bed. "Are you also soldiers?" The girl asked, and my eyes widened. "You're soldiers!?" Phillis and I both yelled out. "Oh, forgot to introduce myself. I'm Phillis Kufte, District 6, and that sleepin' guy over there is Sebastian Herlis, whose from District 9 just like you 2. We're all soldiers." Phillis explained. Sebastian rolled over, apparently annoyed by all the noise, and fell off the bed. "WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE!!!!" He jumped and yelled out. "Relax, you fell off you're bed." I say nochalantly. "Oh." He said. Then the door slammed open. "Soldiers! Follow me!" That Hunger Games victor Dawn Rose walks in and yells out. "Whatever..." I say, and we follow her to an armory/briefing room.

3rd Person:

The group walked in, and Dawn said, "Choose your weapons." Cat is the first to start looking around. "Ooh, can I use these pistols?" He said, pulling two silver pistols with the words 'CAT' imprinted on them. Dawn nods, and Cat runs excitedly into training area of the briefing room while the others are still picking their weapons. Mist chooses a machine gun. Ren chooses a machine gun as well. Phillis calls the rocket launcher, and Sebastian swears and grabs an automatic rifle. "Now, to the briefing room." Dawn gestures towards the desk at the end of the armory. Cat runs out the training area, yelling "These things are awesome!!!" Then he notices the desk, and Dawn gestures towards it once more. Sitting at the desk is none other than Army General Cole Smoke. "Welcome, soldiers. You will be known from now on as Squad 35, and your leader is..." He stops as someone walks through the door. "...Ronda Grouge!" Ronda walks up to the desk. "Hello, everyone. You may call me Captain Ronda, or Captain Grouge, whichever you prefer." She says. "Well, your mission today is to launch a strike on Poland, along with the asistance of Squad 32, led by Captain Evermore Rivers, and Recon Squad 3, lead by Captain Jagke Opal. Your mission is effective now. Good luck, Squad 35." General Cole said, dismissing them with a wave of his hand.

Chapter 2: Blood and Glory

3rd Person:

Squad 35 arrived at the rendevous point, which was the door to an abandoned building. Soon, Squad 32 and Recon Squad 3 showed up together (members of Squad 32: Captain Evermore, Jake Hawk, Saydee Flynn, and Hanzo Hattori. Members of Recon Squad 3: Captain Jagke, Hisahide Matsunaga, and Yema Firen). "Here's the plan. Jake and Saydee, sweep out this area, Hanzo and Cat, this area, Mist and Ren, this-" Ronda's cut off by Sebastian yelling out, "Alright, time's up, let's do this! LEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOY JEEEEEEENKIIIIIIIIIINS!!!" Then Sebastian ran inside. They all sit there stunned for a while, then Jake says, "Oh my god, he just ran in!" "Let's go help him!" Hanzo yells out and they run inside and see Sebastian yelling, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" while getting chased by 3 enemy soldiers with knives. Cat shoots 2 of em and Saydee shoots the other. "Move, move, move!" Evermore yells out as they sweep the area and eliminate enemy resistance. Hanzo is sweeping a room, but is ambushed and shot by enemy forces. Mist and Cat run in, and see Hanzo lying on the ground with a shot in the stomach. He spits up some blood. "Go." He says. They obey reluctantly, and continue to sweep the area as he dies of blood loss. Evermore says, "Where is Hanzo?" Cat and Mist tell her he's dead. "Oh. That's too bad." She says and moves on. Cat says, "Is it just me or does she not care?"

After the building is cleared, Ronda slaps Sebastian and calls for a pickup to their target: the capitol building.

Part 2

They were picked up by a helicopter and transported to the capitol building. On the way, they saw the destruction that was going on. Almost every building they saw was on fire. People were running away screaming on the streets. "Ugh, I don't like this." Jake said, wincing everytime he saw a civilian be shot. "Same here." Almost everyone said. As they arrived, they noticed something was wrong. They saw the guards, about 10, lying dead on the ground before the door. "It seems someone got here before us..." Ronda said. They went inside, on alert incase any enemies were waiting. They were stunned by what they saw. Blood splattered all over the walls. About 30 guards and politicians, all dead. They were silently moving on towards the main room, the only noise being the occasional wince as someone stepped on a dead body. "Wait." Evermore said. "I hear something coming from behind the door." "I hear it, too. It sounds like... laughing?" Ronda said. "I can't wait... I'm too curious to find out what that laughing is!" Cat said as he ran in. "WAIT!" Ronda said. "Why is my squad full of idiots? C'mon!" They ran inside. "Hyahahahahaha!" Was the only sound that they could hear as they ran into the room. Cat was staring in shock, and Jagke soon joined him. Eventually, everyone was staring in shock. The scene was simply that shocking. Elliot Helos, General of the Allies of Panem, sitting in the president's chair with the president dead on the floor with a bullet in his head. 16 other soldiers were searching the room for something. "What the hell, Elliot! We weren't supposed to kill everyone!" Ronda said. "Sorry, I guess I did go a little overboard, hyahahaha!" Elliot said, laughing maniacly some more. "I swear, if you weren't an allied general, I'd..." Evermore said. That merely caused Elliot to laugh somemore. "You're all fools! You know nothing of warfare! If you can't capture an enemy... kill them! HYAHAHAHAHA!" Elliot continued to laugh. "Well, that would make this mission a failure, since a certain someone killed the president." Ronda said. "I'll inform General Smoke." Evermore said, pulling out her radio. "No need, I heard it all from the other room, and WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED HERE!!!" General Iris Fang yelled out as she saw the devastation. Ronda and Evermore pointed at Elliot. Iris gave Elliot an angry look, but Elliot just laughed. "I'll contact Cole." Iris said, pulling out her radio. "Hey!" Evermore said. Iris merely shrugged.

Back at the briefing room after the mission:

"Elliot Helos, huh? Dawn, what info do we have on him?" Cole said. "Well, we have a medical record stating that he has an I.Q. of 350, but is diagnosed as 'mentally disturbed'." Dawn replied, looking at some papers. "Well, even though the president is dead, this has eliminated one opposing force... so I guess that this is actually a success." Cole said, scratching his head. "Congradulations, Squad 35, and watch out for Elliot. Be very careful around him. He seems like a dangerous character. Dismissed." And with that note, Squad 35 split and went to their rooms. "This isn't what I joined for. I joined to defend Panem, not to kill people." Ren said. "Defending Panem means killing people, I guess." Sebastian said. "Sebastian, what was up with that Leeroy Jenkins thing?" Cat said. "I saw it on the internet once." Sebastian replied. "Internet?" Cat said. "Nevermind." Sebastian said and flopped onto his bed. "I think I'll sleep too." Phillis said. "So... that mission was... ugh." Mist said and shuddered. "I'm not sure if this was such a good idea." "Everyone, lights out." Dawn said as she opened the door, then shut it and continued walking.

Chapter 3: Squad 1

The transmission was breaking up. "We're being attack... strong sol...invincib...ARGH!" "Squad 15! Respond! Squad 15!" Cole said. "We've lost their signal, General." Dawn said. "Call for Squad 35! We need to begin a rescue mission!" Cole commanded.

Ronda was the first to arrive at the briefing room. "What is it, General Smoke? What's happened?" She asked. "We've... lost contact with Squad 15." Cole replied. "What!?" Ronda yelled out, surprising the rest of the squad as they arrived. "You've lost contact with Destiny!?" Ronda said with shock. "That is correct. That is why we called upon you. We need you to begin a rescue mission to rescue the survivors of the attack. Just be careful. During Squad 15's last transmission, they said something about 'invincible soldiers'. Be on your guard." He said, nodding.

On the way towards the building where Squad 15 last was (a building in France), Ronda was completely silent. No one attempted to ask what was wrong. When they arrived, they saw the outside of the building looked completely normal, except for a hole in the wall where the 2nd floor was. Ronda signaled for them to move in. Mist opened the door, shots were fired, and she fell to the ground with several shots in her. "Mist!" Cat screamed with anguish and anger. He threw about 3 grenades inside and charged in after they exploded. He saw no one left alive after the grenades, and fell to his knees with sorrow for Mist. Phillis ran in next, checking left then right, but didn't see anyone who was still alive. "We have to move on to the 2nd floor. Cat, stay here. Phillis, you too. Guard the entryway." And on that note Ronda, Ren and Sebastian ran up the flight of stairs to the 2nd floor. When they reached the top, Sebastian was pumped full of lead. Ronda and Ren both fired their guns, only to be answered by more guns. Ren soon joined Sebastian. Ronda had to retreat back down the stairs to the 1st floor. When she reached the front door, Phillis asked where Sebastian and Ren were. Ronda said they were dead, and that they were killed by...

Pt. 2

"They were killed by one of the enemies' strongest generals, Jack Navris. Here, I'll pull up some information on him..." Ronda said, bringing up her watch and opening it. Immediately, thousands of words appear on a hologram in the air in front of her. Phillis stares in awe, while Cat sits in the corner gripping his head. "Okay, here we are. Jack Navris, originally a general of Panem, discharged for disobeying a direct order to capture an important figure and killed him instead. Apparently, he wanted revenge and joined the other side, quickly rising through the ranks and once again becoming a general." After she finished, the hologram disappeared. "We have to call in reinforcements. I'll call in a relief squad." She pulled out her radio, contacted Cole, and he decided to send Squad 1. Ronda's reaction was, "What!? Squad 1!? Is that truly necessary, General?" "We have no choice; We will mobilize Squad 1 to assist you immediately." And with that, the transmission ended. "Squad 1..." Ronda said. "What do we do now?" That was Phillis. "We wait." Ronda replied. About 15 minutes later, a helicopter was heard landing outside the building. Ronda and Phillis rushed outside, and standing there was the ultimate squad, Squad 1. But the most amazing thing about Squad 1 was it's members. They are General Cole Smoke, General Iris Fang, General Iris Gold, and led by the leader of Panem. Commander Tyler Quist.

Chapter 4: Super Soldier

"Squad 1." Tyler said. "Reporting for assistance." Ronda nodded and stood at attention as Tyler walked into the building, frowning when he stepped over Mist's body. He looked towards Cat, decided to leave him be, and pulled out the biggest machine gun you could imagine. It was so heavy that he had to drag it along the ground. Cole pulled out a pistol, Iris G. a rifle, and Iris F. a bazooka. "Oh yeah!" Iris laughed. "Captain Grouge, report on the situation above." Tyler said. "Well, 2 members of our squad were killed. The status of Captain Bow is unknown at the moment. Only one enemy soldier is stationed above." Ronda said. "The soldier is Jack Navris." "Jack Navris!? We should have come in the first place. There wouldn't have been as many fatalities." Tyler said, shaking his head. He signaled 'lets go' and Squad 1, along with Ronda, moved up the stairs. They reached the final step, and the first person they saw was Destiny. She was lying on the ground, unconscious, though unharmed. The rest of her squad was dead, lying all around Jack. Jack had a minigun. Yes, a minigun. He held it up with both hands as he saw Squad 1 and yelled out "Booyah!" as he began to fire. He was aiming at Iris G, who ran along the wall, dodging all the bullets fired at her. Next, Cole stepped up and ran up to Jack, held the pistol to his chin, and fired. Jack fell backward onto the ground. Iris G. walked up and kicked him to make sure he was dead. His hand grabbed her leg and threw her into the wall beside him. Then he stood up and punched Cole, which sent him flying into the wall. Tyler arrived, and set up the machine gun. "Eat lead." He whispered as he pulled the trigger. Jack's body was ruptured as the huge bullets went flying through his body. However, he didn't fall over. In fact, he held up the minigun and fired at Tyler. "That's impossible!" Tyler said as the minigun destroyed his gun. He managed to dodge all the bullets fired at him, and did a barrel roll into a side room. Then Iris F. stepped up. She pulled up her bazooka. "Eat this!" She yelled out as the rocket went flying out of the bazooka. Jack tried to dodge it, but it managed to hit him directly in the stomach. He was sent flying into the sky, then the rocket exploded. "He's dead." Iris F. said, relaxing. Tyler walked out and helped Cole up as Iris F. helped Iris G. Ronda grabbed Destiny, and everyone (including Cat) got onto the helicopter, and flew back to base.

Back at the base:

"How is it possible that someone could survive a shot to the head?" Tyler said. "Steel plating?" "No... not possible. It would've broken through." Cole said. "I found something! A 'Super Soldier' program. Apparently Jack was the only one who survived the tests." Iris G. said. "'Super Soldier', eh? Well, that explains it. But what are we going to do about Squad 35 and Squad 15?" Iris F. asked. "We'll have to put them off duty for now, until we can find more members." Tyler said. With that, everyone left, still wondering if it was possible that Jack had survived.

Chapter 5

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