Hello, everyone who is reading this! I'm thinking of starting a fanfiction. Here is the story:

Although Panem was supposedly at peace, it wasn't truly. Other countries who thought Panem was wasteful and destructive mobilized to stop the nation. Now Panem must prepare to fight or be destroyed.

Now, submit some people, kinda describe em a bit, and I shall include them. You can have average people who help out and become soldiers, people who are already soldiers, former victors, or various other people included, your choice. But if you don't say which they are, I'll pick one myself. Here, I'll start off with 1 for each category:

No spots left. Sorry.

Panem & Allies

Average People:

1: Cat Ifes

2: Mist Rollen

3: Ren Var

4: Phillis Kufte

5: Sebastian Herlis


Combat Division:

1: Hanzo Hattori

2: Jake Hawk

3: Saydee Flynn

4: Kessen Forles

5: Ethan Ravage

Recon Division:

1:Jagke Opal

2: Hisahide Matsunaga

3: Yema Firen


1: Evermore Rivers

2: Ronda Grouge

3: Dawn Rose

4: Destiny Bow

Allied Soldiers:

1: Elliot Helos

2: Kojiro Hesei

3: Yoshino Hesei

4: Ferris Lebuno


1: Iris Gold

2: Cole Smoke

3: Iris Fang


1: Tyler Quist



1: Raris Gameed

2: Roy Isuder

3: Nirgest Dira

4: Omar la Ingard

5: Lio Graci

6: Heirre Davince

7: Porliquin Lois

Enemy Leaders:

1: Markus Levii

2:Hera Leegarse

3: Jack Navris

Enemy Commander:

1: Jason P.J.N. White

Be warned: I can only have so many people in each category, so please submit them now if you want to. Oh, and if you're submitting a victor, please tell which game they won.

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