Yeah. Hi. New games. Fun times.

I swear, my games are literally annual at this point.


1. There are none.

While this isn't a rule, there is something I'd like to mention:

If you have any advice for me on how to improve my writing, please let me know. I'm always striving to improve my writing, so constructive criticism is appreciated.

Special Twist Thing

All of the tributes are guilty (or not) of some sort of crime, ranging from just being a generally useless and unproductive person to intentionally killing fifty people for no reason.

There won't be any chariot rides or training, because all these people are "failures" and deserve treatment as such.

Instead of a bloodbath, everyone will be herded into a large room and given a bag full of supplies and a random weapon, Battle Royale style. Then they'll all shuffle out of the room in a nice orderly fashion or something pleasant like that.

The age range is increased to 12-30.



Name, Gender, Age, District, Skills, Weaknesses, Personality, Appearance, Crime (and whether they're guilty or not)


History (I'd really prefer if you included this), Preferred Weapon(s), Token, Strategy (I highly recommend you include this) anything else that you want to include.


District Male Female
District 1 Anders Longtail Alex Haines
District 2 Guy Shotgun Angelina Stotch
Extra D2 Tributes Korrey Arlington Peaches Vamp
District 3 Twix Juniper Catie Oplit
District 4 Dylan Murrow Ophyra Grate
District 5 Welson Dare Aeralene Ekiert
District 6 David McKelly Ruby Burn
District 7 Thesil Jacobs Guinevere Bordeaux
District 8 Favian Thread Kim Carett
District 9 Jacob Antio Bailey Snowbelle
District 10 Ash Lorelle Artemis Moonsliver
District 11 Tobias Drew Boni Gernt
District 12 Samuel Sinser Ophelia Zigler

Slashed out= Dead


This time around, the arena is IN SPAAAAACE.

Just kidding.

This time around, the arena is a small town full of half-built skyscrapers. A small area around the town full of caves and the like is also part of the arena, and a giant (rather out of place) clock tower stands in the very middle of the town.


All of the mutts created for the Failure Games were personally named by President Newton.

Justice: A mysterious creature that emerges from the clock tower from 12-1 AM and 3-4 AM. Not much is known about it at this point.

Virtue: Flying spider/wasp mutants that are about the size of a tribute. If that isn't a horrifying image, I don't know what is.

Vengeance: A large hagfish-like creature that burrows into the bodies of dead (or, possibly, living) tributes and takes control of their body. The undead tribute will attack anything within it's sight range, and will only stop once the Vengeance within is destroyed. SYMBOLISM!

Only 3 Vengeances exist. So far, one of them has been destroyed by Ophyra Grate.


"Hello, respectable members of the Panem community. I'm sure that many of you out there will appreciate the special rules we have in store for this year's Quarter Quell. We will not be holding Reapings this year. Instead, we are plucking several of the...less adequate members of society to participate in the games. Yes, this year, anyone who is sentenced guilty of a crime has a chance of being entered into the games as punishment. This year, redemption shall substitute tragedy. This year, the failures of society will compete for who deserves to resume living a respectable lifestyle. This year, justice will be served."

-The new president, President Newton

After the tributes are brought to the Capitol, they are instantly transported to the Arena. President Newton had this to say:

"These criminal scum do not deserve such luxuries as training and relaxation."

After all the tributes arrive at the Arena, they are shuffled into a large building on the south side of the half-built town. Before them stands a large man with a large, bright smile on his face. His brown hair is neat and slicked back, and his teeth are a perfect white. He wears a rather standard grey business suit with a red tie. Near him lay about 26 or so green duffel bags. After all the tributes get settled, the man suddenly speaks up.

"Greetings, tributes participating in this year's Hunger Games! I, as I'm sure you all know, am President James Newton. I've come to personally welcome you to this year's Games, and to wish you all good luck at achieving redemption!" His smile suddenly disappears, being instantly replaced by a much more aggressive expression. "Of course, none of you deserve're all criminal scum, undeserving of such an honor..." Most of the tributes grit their teeth at this, but manage to hold themselves back thanks to the particularly discouraging armed guards in the room. "...but I'm willing to grant reprieve to the most skilled of you. Moving on to the rules..."

President Newton pulls a clicker out of his pocket and presses a button, activating a projector that's set up on the far wall. A large, blank white background is projected onto the wall behind the president. He presses the button again, projecting a picture of the green duffel bags set down nearby onto the wall. "Each of you will grab a duffel bag and leave when, and only when, your name is called. Whichever duffel bag you choose is up to you."

Another click of the clicker projects a picture of the building they're in. "You may not engage in combat with another tribute until you're off the premises of this building. If you choose to ignore this rule, you will be instantly executed."

Click. This time, a large clock tower appears on the screen. "The clock tower is off limits most of the day. The only exceptions are between 12 AM and 1 AM, and 3 AM to 4 AM. If you choose to ignore this rule, you will be instantly executed."

Click. A picture of a mangled dummy appears on the screen. The president coughs. "That is, uh...that is supposed to be a dead tribute. Use your imaginations." He coughs again, this time clearing his throat. "If you successfully eliminate one of your competitors, you are allowed to do whatever you wish with their body, as long as you leave their face intact enough that we are able to recognize them."

He tosses the clicker aside. "Those are the rules. Be sure to follow them, if people like you are even capable of such a thing...and one last piece of advice from me." He looks around the room with a suddenly cold gaze. "Trust no one. If you think you know someone, you don't. Not anymore." With that last statement, he walks out of the building. Someone among the tributes remarks "What a dick.".

A few minutes after the president's departure, the guards begin calling out the names of the tributes one by one. They start with the District 1 male and end with the District 12 female. The whole process goes by surprisingly quickly, despite how each of the 26 tributes is called up one at a time and are given ample time to leave the premises before the next tribute is called.

The Games

Day 1

So much for the Careers.

Anders Longtail paces back and forth, remembering how the guards forced him away before he could regroup with the other members. He tried to leave a trail of rubble (there was plenty just lying around), but no one seems to have picked up on it. At least he managed to find a pretty nice place to hang out in. It seems to be one of the more fully built buildings in the town, with most of the first and second floor being completely fleshed out.

He sighs and sits down in a nearby chair after pacing a bit more, idly looking around the waiting room that he's resting in. His eyes suddenly focus on the green duffel bag he's been carrying around. Why didn't I check this earlier?, he wonders to himself. *coughcough* Because I had to give exposition *coughcough*. After simply gazing at it a bit longer, he picks it up and unzips the zipper, peering at the contents inside. Within the bag are a simple sleeping bag, some canned food (with a can opener, luckily), a few bottles of water, and...a spoon.

...You've got to be kidding me, he thinks. My weapon is a spoon!?

As he ponders over the possible death sentence that he's been handed, he hears the sound of rubble cracking against the ground. Shit, an enemy?, he scowls, grabbing the spoon tightly in one hand and rising stealthily out of his chair. The noises seem to be coming gradually closer, so he hides behind a wall near the only entrance to the room with his "weapon" raised. He stands there for a while, listening to the sounds grow closer before stopping right before the door that leads to the waiting room. Anders feels his breath catch in his throat as he prepares to strike.

Suddenly, the door opens. Anders holds his spoon high in preparation for the coming moment. In strolls Peaches Vamp, seemingly totally unaware that a maniac wielding a spoon is about to beat her. Anders stares at her for a moment before recognition fills his mind and he lowers his "weapon". Peaches looks around for a moment before noticing him standing there, holding a spoon.

"Hey, Anders! So you were the one who laid the trail, huh?" She grins at him, inwardly barely holding herself back from killing the bastard on the spot. Anders nods, letting out a sigh of both relief and disappointment. "Yeah, that was me. I'm glad one of you idiots finally noticed." He peers behind her to see if anyone is following her. "Did you bring anyone else with you?" Peaches shakes her head, looking a bit pouty. "Those guards kicked me out before I could wait for anyone else..." "Seems we're in the same situation, then." Anders nods and shuts the door before sitting down, shortly joined by Peaches. "Say..." Anders speaks up, looking at Peaches's duffle bag. "What weapon did you get?"

Peaches shrugs and unzips it, foraging around in it for a moment before pulling out a large, orange chainsaw. She's barely able to keep an evil grin from settling on her face. Anders's envy is obvious. "How the hell is that fair!?" Peaches shrugs innocently and revs it up before experimentally slicing a nearby chair neatly in half. "Aaaaah...that's the stuff." Peaches grins widely, unable to hold it back anymore. She looks over at Anders and flashes him a smile. "Let's go find the others...partner~"

Alex Haines can hardly believe her luck.

Her eyes examine every crevice of her sniper rifle, making sure that there aren't any traps to discourage her from using such a powerful weapon. It seems she has limited ammo (she's only got about 5 or 6 bullets), but if she's careful, those bullets will get her 6 kills.

Still, the gun will take a bit of getting used to. It's best not to waste her ammo practicing her shooting. She folds the rifle up and places it back in her duffle bag before standing up and taking a look around. Where would be a good place to set up an observation post? Her eyes slowly wander over the tall, half-built skyscrapers around her before settling on a particularly fully-built building.

That'll do.

Why'd I have to get stuck with this guy?

Guy Shotgun laments over his current position, stuck with quite possibly his least favorite other member of the Careers. Even though they're from the same District, Korrey Arlington simply rubs him the wrong way. Hell, the only reason he's even putting up with him is because going on his own would be inviting death upon himself.

"Oi, cocky brat..." Guy speaks up with a confrontational tone. "You found any trace of other tributes yet?" Korrey waves off his attempt at taunting him. "Not yet, man. Maybe instead of standing around and pouting like a little kid, you should look around yourself?" Korrey responds with a sneer.

Guy scowls and storms up to him, grabbing him by the collar. "Goddamn it, I don't have to put up with you! I could kill you right now and get rid of your smug ass!" Korrey smacks his hand away and fixes his collar. "I wouldn't be so hasty, Guy. You really think you could take care of some of these people on your own?" Guy seems to falter a bit at his question. "Well...probably..." Korrey simply laughs at his failed attempt to stand strong. "Look. While we work together, we both have a higher chance of surviving. I don't like you, and you don't like me, but that doesn't mean we can't kick some ass together." Guy frowns and looks away, tightly gripping the handle of his pistol. "Alright, fine. But the first chance I get, I'm offing you."

Korrey shakes his head and sighs. "You're hopeless."

Perspective switch: 1st Person

Selected target: Ophyra Grate


I think I'm lost.

Wait, scratch that. I am lost.

Let's see...I was following a trail of pebbles, one that was probably left by one of the other Careers (we had discussed this idea before the Games began in case we were split up), but it suddenly stopped in the middle of the street. I tried to find any traces of where the path went, but I couldn't find anything, so I ended up getting horribly lost just searching for the rest of the trail.

Well, retracing my steps didn't help much. Wonder what I should do now. Trying to find the trail again doesn't sound particularly enticing, so I'll just...wait. I think I see somebody up ahead. I can't quite recognize who it is from here, but it could be one of the other Careers...or it could be easy pickings. 

Time to put my stealth skills to use.

Perspective switch: 3rd Person

Returning to default position...

Ophyra immediately crouches and sneaks over to a large piece of rubble, hiding herself behind it as she tries to identify who the tribute is. Whoever it is, they seem to have some sort of cancerous growth on their back. What it is, exactly, is hard to determine thanks to the arena uniform covering most of the person's body. Ophyra crouches there, waiting and observing as the tribute begins twitching unnaturally.

Suddenly, the tribute in question turns around, giving Ophyra a good view of his front. Isn't that...Thesil Jacobs?, Ophyra wonders, remembering how he approached the Careers before the Games began and requested to join them. Something's up with him...but what?

As Ophyra muses over the cause of Thesil's strange behaviour, she fails to notice him slowly edging closer. He looks as though he's continually stumbling as he walks, his eyes rolled back in their sockets and his mouth hanging slightly open. Ophyra notices that he's approaching her and quickly pulls the weapon she recieved out of her duffel bag before standing and stepping out from behind the large piece of rubble. 

"Thesil...that's your name, right?" Ophyra asks, her hand tightening on her weapon as Thesil gradually heads towards her position. No response from Thesil. "Is this because we didn't let you join?" Still no response. Ophyra sighs and shrugs. "Well, if that's how you're going to be..." She pulls her weapon out from behind her back and points her glove covered hand at him, the claws fitted to the top of the glove glistening in the morning sun. "I'll just have to end you." 

Thesil's head shakes about jerkily for a moment before he suddenly charges straight at Ophyra, rapidly swinging his arms around in some horrible imitation of boxing. Ophyra easily dodges his wild punches and slides behind him, wasting no time in slicing the back of his right leg and severing his hamstring. Thesil falls over, unable to support his weight without the crucial muscle, but quickly bounces back by pushing himself off the ground with enough force that he's sent airborne.

He soars towards Ophyra, resuming his crazy swinging motions in midair. Ophyra manages to dodge again, but she seems to have much more trouble this time. Thesil lands on the ground fist-first, creating a small crater around the impact zone. I knew he was strong, but not this human should be this strong!, Ophyra feels her breath catch in her throat in disbelief, and for the first time in a very long time, she hesitates. Her hesitation lasts but a moment, however, and she quickly speeds over to Thesil. Using her momentum to account for her lack of strength, she aims the blades of her glove straight for Thesil's neck.

Her sharp blades slice cleanly through his spine and the rest of the muscles in his neck, the force of the blow sending his head flying off a short distance away. Ophyra laughs and flicks the blood off of her clawed glove. "If only you'd calmed down, you wouldn't have lost your head."

As Ophyra begins to check the vicinity for Thesil's duffle bag (he must've dropped it somewhere nearby), his headless body slowly pulls itself up and begins walking towards her once again. Ophyra freezes mid-motion as she hears the rubble behind her shift and she quickly turns around, brandishing her claws once again. A short distance away, a headless Thesil stands, blood still spurting from the stump on his neck. Ophyra feels herself hesitate again, though it's a much more powerful reaction this time around.

She begins backing away slowly, stopping as she feels rough stone against her back as she finds herself backed against a wall. Thesil resumes slowly approaching her, his arms twitching with every movement. Ophyra holds her claw protectively in front of herself, taking deep breaths in an attempt to regain her composure. It takes but a  few more steps for Thesil to begin charging at her like a raging bull once more, arms flailing in an attempt to strike her. As he does so, a worm-like head emerges from his neck, slithering out to gain sight of it's surroundings once more.

Ophyra has a moment of realization as she spots the worm emerge from Thesil's neck, and instantly regains her confidence as a plan forms. She dodges to the side of his wild charge and slices at his neck again. This time, however, he seems to be prepared. He quickly blocks her blow, the claws of her weapon embedding in his well-muscled forearm. She gasps and pulls her hand out of the glove, quickly backing away to avoid being hit. As she backs up, she suddenly trips over something lying on the ground, though she quickly regains her balance and examines what it is.

It seems to be Thesil's duffel bag.

She speedily begins rummaging through the bag, searching for the weapon Thesil recieved as fast as her arms can move and tossing supplies aside as she does. Ophyra feels her fingers touch something metal and quickly pulls it out before examining what exactly she's holding. She gives the weapon a rudimentary examination before turning around...almost twirling right into Thesil, who was standing right behind her. She looks up at the worm head and grins as Thesil pulls his arm back to punch her. She quickly pulls a small firecracker launcher out from behind her back and fires it right into the worm's mouth, causing the worm to gag as it soars past it's mouth and into it's throat. 

The force of the shot causes the firecracker to go down the worm's esophagus, making it hack and claw at it's throat. It looks down at her with rage for a moment (despite not having any eyes) before it's head and part of Thesil's upper body explodes in a shower of brightly colored sparks, blasting Ophyra a short distance away.

She lands arm-first against a piece of rubble, crying out as an audible crack sounds from her left arm, and sinks to the ground. After lying there and regaining her strength for a moment, she stands and, softly clutching her arm, walks over to Thesil's body before kicking it to make sure he's dead. After kicking him a few more times and getting no response, she retrieves her claw from his arm and sticks it back on before walking over to where she was first spying on him and sitting down with her back against the large piece of rubble. A small smile appears on her face as she revels in her victory. Far away, the sound of a cannon shot can be heard.

Thesil Jacobs: Eliminated

Elsewhere, a small group of tributes sits around a makeshift campfire, the light from the flames illuminating the walls of the cave around them. They rest and catch their breath in total silence, the entire group rather tired after hiking across the entire city to reach one of the numerous caves surrounding it. The cave that they are currently in has a very spacious interior and only one entrance, so it's the perfect base camp for anyone, really. The only downside is the constant darkness without human intervention.

"This place seems nice enough." Jacob Antio speaks up after a while, casually examining his surroundings. "Yeah, we got lucky." Twix Juniper lies back on the reasonably cold floor, resting his head on the sleeping bag that was in his duffel bag. "This was a good plan. Great job, Catie!" Angelina Stotch smiles at Catie Oplit, understandably pleased with her. Catie nods and smiles back for a moment before returning her attention to her duffel bag as she forages through it.

Ruby Burn also sits among the group, though she remains quiet and focused as she stares at the marshmallow she's holding over the fire. She keeps a keen watch over it to make sure it doesn't burn, just as she's done with the previous few marshmallows. I'm glad we had the supplies we need to make s'mores, Ruby thinks happily to herself as she squishes the now well-cooked marshmallow between two graham crackers and a piece of chocolate and sets it down on a piece of cloth with the other few she's prepared. Counting them up to make sure there's enough for everyone, she nods and puts her s'mores supplies away before speaking up.

"The food is ready, everyone!" Ruby announces happily as she stands and begins handing them out, each tribute in the group gladly accepting their share and thanking her before digging into their snack. The tributes begin talking with each other as they eat, their conversations allowing them to get to know each other a little better. As the meal progresses, the group doesn't notice a tall, menacing shadow stretching across the cave floor as someone watches them from the entrance...

A few hours pass with no particularly interesting events occuring...

Samuel Sinser's gaze sweeps over his surroundings as he walks through the ruined town, searching for the figure he saw but a few moments ago. Whoever it was, something seemed to be wrong with their arm. Easy pickings.

After a few minutes of searching, Samuel finds something: a trail of blood, leading down an alleyway. At the very end of the alleyway, a female tribute rests. She's obviously exhausted, and she's clutching her left arm close to her body. Samuel grins as he backs up and pulls his (rather large) weapon out of his duffel bag.

It's not exactly something he's used to, but it shouldn't be that hard to use. The tribute looks up as he approaches, dragging a huge, double-bladed battle-axe close behind. Once he reaches her body, he takes the handle in both hands. The girl looks up at him as he stops in front of her and raises his weapon, feebly holding out her claw-gloved hand and forming a confident smile as her body trembles from the pain of her injuries. He grins at her useless show of bravado and raises his axe overhead before bringing it downwards onto her form.

The axe cleaves her cleanly in two and strikes with enough force to bite into the wall behind her. Both of her halves fall to the ground as Samuel pulls his axe from the indention it made in the ground below, a cannon booming in the distance to signify her death.

Samuel looks down at his latest victim's remains and laughs a single, brief laugh before propping the axe on his shoulders and returning to his stroll through the city.

Ophyra Grate: Bisected

To be continuuuuued...

Random Trivia of the Day: If you can guess who the character in my profile picture is, you'll have my eternal respect. Maybe I'll even set up a shrine to you.

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