Yeah, so...I'm making another games. Happy days. This one'll be a Quarter Quell, with twice the number of regular tributes among other things. Also, ZOMBIEZ! I'll only be doing the games, because I'm no good at Reapings and I don't feel like doing Chariot Rides or Training Scores. :/ So...yeah. I feel like this intro should be longer, but screw it.


1. Limit of 6 tributes per person (I may make exceptions, I dunno)

2. I won't accept tributes I don't like. But luckily, I like most tributes as long as they aren't completely ridiculous.

3. Reservations last 2 days.

4. You can send your tributes supplies by asking for them in the comments. I'll let you know how much an item costs. Everyone starts out with $500.


Every Quell must have its twists.

1. Double the number of tributes.

2. Zombies infest the arena.

3. The arcana thing in the Pre-Games section.



Name, Gender, Age, District, Skills, Weaknesses, Personality, Appearance (with Lunaii, if possible), Strategy


History (I'd really prefer if you included this), Preferred Weapon(s), Token, anything else that you want to include.

There are NO spots left!

District Boy 1 Boy 2 Girl 1 Girl 2
District 1 Brandon Shank Cygnus Black Cyrilla Dusk Astoria Lovelace
District 2 Knox Shade Mason Brown Maia Loverock Herleva Diester
District 3 Bolt Storm Sean Host Syren Song Nyoka Spade
District 4 Jinks Glade Drikker Bleu Kraken Reed Kilani Ung
District 5 Yuma Ivory Canaan Blanchette Adela Shadowmere Constance Stonegate
District 6 Axl Lockhart Arios Windburst Alexis Castle Lillian Pierrot
District 7 Stone Wore Kai Shadows Camellia Winchester Selena Kyle 
District 8 Brann Clatch Ren Almwyne Cashmere Sew Ethel-Seymone Townsley
District 9 Silver Clockson Sam Jones Glitter Sparkle Haylin Fontaine
District 10 Jake Hunter Bullhorn Xerx Flannel Miley Longhorn Amaryllis Blackberry
District 11 Grass Whistle Taytus Crem Anja Crazwyn Melly Reesha
District 12 Volcanic Activity Golden Sunraiser Jessica Maik Lily Dawn

Slashed out= Dead


The arena in these games is a large village overlooked by a castle located on the top of a cliff. The castle is unreachable unless you use either the unstable rope bridge or mountain climbing gear. The village is divided into four areas: The village square, the residential district, the school district, and the medical district. To the west of the village is a lake (polluted with corpses and turned slightly acidic by the gamemakers), and to the south is a large forest full of animals. To the east is a crevice that leads to a large underground cave system.

As the games progress, the level of infected in each area will rise or fall as hordes move to different areas or split up and spread out.

The levels are: 

Peaceful= Relatively few zombies, around 20 at the most.

Normal= A fair amount of zombies, from 20-50.

Dangerous= A large amount of zombies, from 50-100.

Infested= A huge amount of zombies, from 100-200.

Game Over= A ridiculous amount of zombies, from 200+.

Infected Levels

Village Square: Peaceful

Residential District: Normal

School District: Dangerous

Medical District: Infested

Lake: Peaceful

Forest: Normal

Caves: Normal

Castle: ???

Pre-Games Stuff

3rd Person

The television broadcasts are all interrupted to show a message from the gamemakers. A robot stands before the podium, adjusting it's loose tie. "*ahem* Citizens of Panem!" It begins, its voice sounding rather unfitting with its body. "We, the gamemakers, have an announcement that concerns the Hunger Games. If you aren't paying attention, our scanners will pick you up and I'll send some peacekeepers in to beat you senseless! We don't want that happening, now do we?" The robot chuckles, and the audience laughs also, much more nervously. "So, back to the announcement. Later today, each tribute will report to the training hall and, one by one, draw a card from a deck of 48 cards based on the major arcana. Each card will appear at least twice, with the exception of 0 the Fool. Whatever poor sucker draws that card will be placed in the middle of a zombie horde once the games begin!" The robot bursts into laughter at this last part. "Good luck to you tributes out'll need it." He says, leaving the stage and leaving the audience rather bewildered at its behavior.

Golden Sunraiser

After seeing the announcement, I decide that I should go to the training hall early. I bring my own foldable lawn chair, since the Capitol will no doubt get chairs that are cheap to save money. As I'm riding the elevator out of my housing, I spy a Capitol citizen being beaten by a peacekeeper. That silly-looking robot wasn't joking...even Capitol citizens aren't exempt.

I arrive at the training hall about 2 hours early. Good thing I brought a book. I walk in and immediately see that I'm not alone. The tributes from District 4 (with the exception of the rich guy) are hanging out over by the training dummies. The brown girl is practicing on one of the dummies while the fish girl and the boy argue over who is better. "Since I'm a guy, I'm stronger than you are. That gives me the advantage!" The boy says triumphantly. "Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't kick your ass!" The fish girl fires back. "Oh yeah? Let's see what you got, then!" The boy yells, and the fish girl leaps onto him as they start scuffling on the mats around the dummies. I decide that they're both idiots, and move to talk to the other girl. She makes a strike at the dummy with her axe, slicing right through the wood of the neck and kicks the head away. It hits the fish girl, who starts using it as a club. They should probably break that up's starting to get pretty bad. "Admit it! I'm better than you!" The fish girl yells, holding the boy in an armbar while smacking his head with the dummy head. "Never!" He replies and flips over on top of her, turning the tables. I ignore them and talk to the other girl. "Hey." I say. "Hello." She answers before turning to leave. Huh...awkward. I decide it's probably best to leave her alone, and I go set up my chair. As I take a seat and get out my book (and some earplugs to tune out the fight), I think about what may happen tonight. Someone's going to lose all hope of victory...and the inevitable question on everyone's mind will be:

Will I be the Fool?

Astoria Lovelace

I arrive at the training hall just in time for the drawings. Unfortunately, all the seats except 3 are taken. I decide to sit inbetween Jessica and...err..."Clocky" (I'm not sure what to call him...the records call him Silver but he refers to himself as Clocky.). It's a good thing I did some research on everyone before I came here, or else I may have sit somewhere I would have regret. As I sit, I realize that the chair is wooden and rugged, giving it a very cheap look. Unfortunately, it's as uncomfortable as it looks. While I try to adjust to get the right position, the robot from the announcement video walks onto the stage, still wearing the same loose tie. It should really fix that.

"Attention, tributes! We shall begin the drawings immediately. If you don't become silent within the next 5 seconds, I'll shoot all of you." It says, pulling out a pistol. Everyone shuts up at the sight of the gun, except for Jinks, who yells out, "Why should I listen to you?" The robot simply shakes his head and points the gun at Jinks. It pulls the trigger, firing a load of confetti directly into Jinks' face. Jinks jumps back in surprise, falling out of his chair. The robot laughs and holsters the "pistol", while Jinks gets up and storms onto the stage. "Who do you think you are?" He says, angrily pointing a finger into the face of the robot. "Wow, you have a lot of questions. I'm the head gamemaker, Elliot Helos." He says, his screen of a face showing a mocking smirk. "Pfft, you're the head gamemaker? Robots can't even think for themselves." Jinks says, scoffing. At this, the robot merely gestures to the deck of cards stacked in front of him. "Since you're so eager, why don't you pick first? That, or get beaten to death by me." He says, cracking his knuckles (robots have knuckles?). Jinks looks at the robot, then at the deck of cards. He pushes past the robot and grabs a card off the top of the deck. A large holographic projector mounted at the back of the stage shows the card he drew. The image on the card flashes onto the screen, with the card's name underneath the picture. It reads:

18 the Moon

Jinks visibly sighs in relief, but quickly covers up his relief and walks triumphantly off the stage. "Alrighty then, I think it'll be best if we go in order of tribute number from now on. Which means next up is Brandon Shank."

Brandon strides onto the stage, looking confident in his luck. He pulls out a card from the middle of the deck, and the image reads...

13 Death

His cocky smile simply grows larger as he puts the card into his pocket and walks out of the training hall instead of going back to his seat. I...really don't like that guy. "Next is Cygnus Black. Get on up here!" Cygnus walks calmly onto the stage and draws the top card, shrugging at the result.

11 Justice

Cygnus puts the card back down and leaves, looking as though he would survive even if he drew The Fool. He seems like he'd make a good ally. Maybe I should talk to him after this. "Cyrilla Dusk, your turn has arrived." The robot says in a deepened, dramatic voice. Cyrilla skips to the deck of cards, pushing over the robot along the way. The robot growls at her, but she simply snickers. She grabs the card at the bottom of the deck, which reads:

15 the Devil

She smirks at the robot, who gets up and grabs her, throwing her off of the stage. "Astoria Lovelace." He says, having run out of interesting things to say. I stand up and walk onto the stage, feeling the eyes of everyone (well, almost everyone) on me. I walk over to the cards, wondering which way I should pick my card. I arrive, and move my hand to pick my card. My hand hovers over the deck for a while, then I decide I should just let my luck decide my fate and pick the top card. I flip it over and I can't help but gasp at what's printed on the card...

1 the Magician

I let out a sigh in my relief. I was one number away from getting 0 the Fool. I feel slightly lightheaded in joy, and feel better after I sit down back in my seat.

Mason Brown

I steel myself as my turn comes closer. I can't get the Fool card. I need to get back and take care of my family. "Knox Shade." The robot shouts. Knox walks up onto the stage and stops behind the deck of cards. He looks at the cards for a moment, as if trying to read what's on the other side, before grabbing the top card.

12 the Hanged Man

He stares at the card for while before pocketing it and taking a seat. "Next up is Mason Brown." I stand up and walk onto the stage, feeling as if time is slowing down as I walk up the ramp. I stop at the top of the ramp, and the robot gestures to the cards, wearing a smirk on its face, as though it's mocking me with the thought that I'll get the Fool. I shake my head to get all these thoughts out, and walk up to the cards, picking the bottom card. The image on the picture shows:

9 the Hermit

The Hermit? Interesting. This card is normally linked to solitude...I wonder what that could mean for me (if these cards have any meaning at all). I return to my seat, and recieve congratulations by one of the people sitting next to me. "Alrighty, next is Maia Loverock." Maia walks up onto the stage, makes a comment about how stupid the robot looks in a tie, and picks her card. The screen shows the card:

10 of Fortune

Maia simply grins at the result, walking off the stage with an air of confidence around her. "Herleva Diester." Herleva walks onto the stage, making sure to steer clear of everyone, including Elliot, on her way to the deck. She draws the top card and flips it over.

9 the Hermit

Herleva's relief is evident as she walks off the stage. She seems to have gotten the same Arcana as I did. Could that mean anything in the future?

Bolt Storm

"Bolt Storm." I slowly rise to my feet and walk over to the card deck. Elliot stares at me as I pass by him, as if marking me for something. I grab my card from the middle of the deck, and turn it over. The words read:

8 Strength interesting card to draw. Maybe some tributes have taken notice of the fact that I drew a "virtueous card" and want to ally with me. Maybe some of them want to kill me. I guess I'll just have to take the good with the bad and be on my guard during the bloodbath.

District 3 Results

Sean Host: 12 the Hanged Man

Syren Song: 15 the Devil

Nyoka Spade: 16 the Tower

District 4 Results

Drikker Bleu: 13 Death

Kraken Reed: 20 Judgement

Kilani Ung: 11 Justice

District 5 Results

Yuma Ivory: 19 the Sun

Canaan Blanchette: 14 Temperance

Adela Shadowmere: 3 the Empress

Constance Stonegate: 2 the High Priestess

District 6 Results

Axl Lockhart: 4 the Emperor

Arios Windburst: 8 Strength

Alexis Castle: 17 the Star

Lillian Pierrot: 7 the Chariot

District 7 Results

Stone Wore: 5 the Hierophant

Kai Shadows: 19 the Sun

Camellia Winchester: 0 the Fool

Selena Kyle: 10 of Fortune

District 8 Results

Brann Clatch: 4 the Emperor

Ren Almwyne: 5 the Hierophant

Cashmere Sew: 17 the Star

ES Townsley: 21 the World

District 9 Results

Silver Clockson: 18 the Moon

Sam Jones: 16 the Tower

Glitter Sparkle: 3 the Empress

Haylin Fontaine: 2 the High Priestess

District 10 Results

Jake Hunter Bullhorn: 6 the Lovers

Xerx Flannel: 7 the Chariot

Miley Longhorn: 6 the Lovers

Amaryllis Blackberry: 0 the Fool (What a twist!)

District 11 Results

Grass Whistle: 9 the Hermit

Taytus Crem: 19 the Sun

Anja Crazwyn: 20 Judgement

Melly Reesha: 13 Death

District 12 Results

Volcanic Activity: 10 of Fortune

Golden Sunraiser: 20 Judgement

Jessica Maik: 21 the World

Lily Dawn: 1 the Magician

3rd Person

"Well then, now that that's all sorted out, you all have one last day to do whatever you like. Except for you Fools, who will be in captivity until the Games begin. Lucky you!" Elliot remarks, wearing a large smirk on his face. "But wait, there's more! While in captivity, you guys'll be tortured! Aren't I just a generous person?" As he says this, peacekeepers grab Camellia and Amaryllis and drag them away. "Well, that's all, folks. Run along and play now." Elliot says, making a shooing motion. 

Camellia Winchester

I open my eyes and find myself in a rather dark chamber, with the only sources of light coming from a few torches mounted on the walls. The room around me is chilly yet damp, and the floor is a shiny, glossy material. The walls are made of mirrors, except for a potion of the wall to my left which has a viewing port. A figure stands behind the glass, observing me. I suddenly notice heat flowing from behind me and twist my head around, seeing Amaryllis hanging behind me by her hands. My head pounds like I've taken a blow to it, and I can't shake a feeling of imminent pain. Suddenly a door opens in the mirror to my left, and a few peacekeepers walk out, along with that robot, Elliot. The peacekeeper are carrying a scaldingly hot chamber pot, and set it down in front of me. One of the peacekeepers grabs a piece of iron, twisted into the shape of molten words. He inspects it, making sure it's searing hot. The iron's yellow orange glow proves that it's still extremely hot. "Oh no..." I whisper to myself. Elliot's head perks up. "Ah, already awake, are we? I was hoping to get the gear set up before you woke up, but I guess I waited too long." He sighs, shaking his head slowly.

I feel Amaryllis stir behind me at the sound, and she slowly opens her eyes with a slight groan. As she realizes where she is, she starts to struggle, shouting "Let me go, you bastards!" Elliot simply shakes his finger back and forth. "No no no, you drew the Fool, you take the punishment. And then you die." He laughs, almost mockingly. "But it was a card draw...why should we be punished for what card we drew?" I ask, glaring at Elliot and the peacekeepers. "Pfft, I don't have to have a reason to torture people. 'Tis what I do!" He replies, smirking. "Anyway, enough of these questions. You guys know what to do." He nods at the peacekeepers, who nod back. Elliot leaves the room, and the peacekeeper holding the molten iron steps up and twists me around, the chains above me spinning into a new position. "I'm real sorry about's nothing personal." He sighs, before pressing the scalding metal directly onto my back. My face contorts into a mask of pain, and I almost yell from the burning sensation.

After a short while, the peacekeeper removes the metal from my back, although it still feels as though my back is on fire. Another peacekeeper, holding another piece of iron, inspects the work. "Nice job, Matt. It's almost like a tattoo..." He says admiringly as he turns me around and lifts my uniform up as he presses his piece of metal onto my stomach. This time, I'm unable to hold in my scream. Steam sizzles off my burning skin, and the pain is so unbearable I almost pass out. My vision blurs a bit before the peacekeeper finally removes the metal. He stands back, admiring his work, before I here a scream of pain come from behind me. They must be torturing Amaryllis now, too. Yet another peacekeeper steps up with more metal words. Not this time, I think to myself. I blindly kick out, striking the peacekeeper in the face. He stumbles backwards, colliding with the other two, and they all fall into the chamber pot. I feel bad about the first guy, but the other two I could care less about. I feel Amaryllis realize what I did and copy me, to the same effect. "Hey, Amaryllis. You happen to have a lockpick on you?" I ask, turning my head. "You kidding? Of course I do!" She replies, turning her head and revealing a grin. She picks her lock, dropping to the floor below us, and then moves towards the exit. "Hey, don't leave me!" I shout after her, feeling betrayed that she'd just leave after I helped her. She sighs and turns around, walking to where I am and reaching up to pick my lock. As I drop to the ground, she says "It's Ellis, by the way." "Call me Cam." I nod at her, and we shake hands.

3rd Person

"My my, what have we here?" A voice rings from the now open doorway. Camellia and Amaryllis look over and see Elliot there, trying in vain to slowly clap his hands. "Stupid...robot...appendages..." He says, struggling. Camellia barely holds in a laugh, and Amaryllis rolls her eyes. "Anyway..." Elliot says, realizing it's futility. "What have we here? Two prisoners attempting a jail break? Now that just won't do. I'm supposed to have you in the hovercraft by 9:00. It's already..." He quickly checks his internal system. "Oh. It's only 6:00. Seems I have plenty of time to play with you girls." He smirks mockingly. Camellia growls and picks up a piece of metal handing it to Amaryllis and picking up another one for herself. "Pfft, you're going to beat me with sticks? I'd like to see you try." He says, waving his hand tauntingly. Amaryllis pulls out a knife from her uniform's pocket, and Elliot's screen shows an exclamation point. "W-Where'd you get that?" He stutters, shaking in fear. Amaryllis grins at his fear. "I always carry a spare knife with me." She replies, grinning like a mad dog. Suddenly, Elliot stops shaking. "You think I'm scared of a tiny piece of metal like that?" His expression returns to a smirk, but now his eyes glare at Amaryllis, then at Camellia. Amaryllis scowls, and makes a 'Go!' gesture to Camellia. Camellia runs at Elliot, whacking his screen with her scalding iron. Elliot simply stands there for a moment, then grabs the iron and pulls it from her hands. He bends it into a U-shape, then throws it behind him. His screen has a hole in it, revealing a camera lens beneath it.

"Now look what you've done! I'm going to have to get this repaired!" Elliot frowns, shaking his head. His expression is somewhat marred by the hole covering the middle of his screen. He checks his internal system again. "Well, it's 7:00 now. I suppose playtime's over." Elliot says, rather regretfully. He grabs Camellia by her throat and hoists her into the air, laughing at her choking and struggling. Amaryllis leaps onto his back and stabs him with her knife, but the blade bends before it even touches the cold steel. Elliot grabs Amaryllis and hoists her into the air as well, then smacks the two tribute's heads together, knocking them out.

"Well then, I suppose it's time for the games to begin." Elliot speaks, laughing like a maniac.

The Games

Volcanic Activity

As my plate rises into the dim light of dawn, I take this chance to examine my surroundings. We seem to be in the Village Square, surrounded by old wooden buildings. To my left, I see Selena Kyle, and to my right is Maia Loverock. It seems like the gamemakers grouped together the tributes that got the same cards, which makes the chance of alliances making easy rendevous very low, but the careers are relatively close together. Luckily, they're rather far from my position. In front of me, about 20 feet away and surrounded by supplies, is the Cornucopia, shining brightly on one side. The closest weapon to me is a pair of steel claws. Seems like the gamemakers were going for "exotic" weapons this time. I don't spy many more "conventional" weapon, like maces or bows. There are a few swords and daggers, but that's about it.

As my eyes scan the weapons and supplies, I see something that catches my eye. A crossbow, with a quiver of bolts nearby. I'm no sniper by any means, but a crossbow is a powerful weapon, even for people who don't use ranged weapons as much. Unfortunately, it's very close to the Cornucopia, meaning I'll have to take some risks to get it, but I don't want anyone else getting such a potentially deadly weapon. I mark that as my main target, along with a backpack and a sword that happen to be along the way.

My reason to win might not be as strong as some of the other tributes, but those kinds of convictions are simply distractions. They'll probably get more people killed than help them power through.

...9, 8, 7, 6, 5...

Kraken Reed

I can't believe my luck.

To my left is the smart boy from District 12, and to my left is the kiss-ass from District 11. Neither one is particularly dangerous to me, considering all the amazing skills I have. Plus, just a few feet in front of me is a rack of tridents, with about 7 in all. A net lies nearby, too. It's almost like the gamemakers wanted me to completely destroy people. I laugh silently to myself.

Like lambs to the slaughter, as they say.

...4, 3, 2, 1...

3rd Person

As the buzzer sounds, all the tributes spring from their plates, with tributes going in all directions. The first person to reach their designated target is Kraken Reed. She grabs up a trident and takes aim at the person closest to her, which happens to be Golden Sunraiser. She throws it with tremendous accuracy, but Golden simply stops and the trident sails right past him, soaring past the place where he would've been had he kept running. As soon as the trident misses him, he leaps forward, grabs the backpack closest to him, and bolts off. Kraken curses to herself and drags the trident rack closer to the cornucopia, leaving it there in case she needs to restock.

As more people reach the items they wanted, the cornucopia begins to descend into chaos. In the distance, the sound of shuffling feet and growling can be heard...

Numerous people grab supplies and retreat. Grass Whistle picks up a knife and runs in the direction of the forest. Herleva grabs a backpack and leaves immediately. Adelia and Constance both grab a few weapons and a backpack each before running off. Melly runs off without bothering to get supplies. Taytus grabs a slingshot and splits.

The careers finally manage to meet up and start attacking other tributes who are trying to get away. Among their victims are Xerx Flannel (shot repeatedly with arrows), Glitter Sparkle (stabbed repeatedly with sharp weapons) and Canaan Blanchette (double teamed by Mason and Cyrilla). Sam Jones died around the same time as the careers regrouped by tripping and falling onto a sword.

Lily Dawn meets up with Astoria Lovelace, and they decide to start an alliance. The others who join their alliance are Kai Shadows, Cygnus Black, Jessica Maik and Axl Lockhart. Safety in numbers, as they say.

To be continued... (I'm no good at Bloodbaths, so I'm not going to go into detail for this. :P)

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