This is the very first Hunger Games I'm making and I'm so excited!I might have a little trouble with this, but I will try my best. I hope you enjoy:)


  1. The tributes will be from District 1-13 (26 tributes) Sorry if  you wanted the capitol included.
  2. You can have up to 3 tributes(might change), but only 1 career per user.
  3. Make your tributes interesting. They can't be perfect.
  4. When your tribute dies don't complain. That's why I am saying you can have up to 3 tributes.
  5. Your tribute can't be one of those tributes that never die.
  6. Reservations will last 72 hours.
  7. I will be writing two days of the training and then just give the score of your tributes. So the score will be based on the two days of training instead of the individual training.
  8. I will also be writing your tribute's days in the arena.
  9. No "on my profiles" unless you give me a link.
  10. Give advices to your tribute(s). It will help them live longer.
  11. Fighting with another user before entering the arena will cause your tribute(s) (all) to die. Keep in mind they can be replaced(ONLY IF BEFORE THE GAMES) and other people can have that spot if they want it. You will not be able to participate in that Hunger Games any longer.
  12. You have to use the template I give you.
  13. NO CURSING at all.
  14. First come, first serve.
  15. Only accepting finished tributes.
  16. If you're reading this, sumbit a tribute
  17. I know, I know. What's up with all these rules Sgirl?! I just want you guys to have fun without any problems sooooo Enjoy and Have Fun:D





District:Put a second one just in case

Personality:Please not a novel, but if you do accidently and it turns out pretty good you can keep it(I'll read it)

Appearance:Please use Lunaii






Training Strategy:

Individual Training Strategy:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:




District Name Age Gender Weapons User


Brett Jansen 18 M sword, close range Vatonica
1 Shimmer Goldstien 17 F throwing knives Rueflower
2 M
2 F
3 Radio Foldesky 15 M wires, traps, daggers SuperTomato
3 Liliana Jones 12 F wires Rueflower
4 M
4 Cassandra Oracion 15 F tridents and axes PumPumPumpkin :3
5 M
5 F
6 Car Pondy 18 M sword, spear SuperTomato
6 F
7 Kelly Mindriac 15 M axe, throwing axe, spear, throwing spear Vatonica
7 Madison Gross 14 F bow and arrow, throwing axe Vatonica
8 M
8 F
9 Wheat Wheaton 15 M pitchfork, sword SuperTomato
9 F
10 M

Valerie Moonshine

15 F mace Nightlock Kryptonite
11 M
11 F
12 M
12 F
13 Harley Swoop 14 M knives, blow dart Nightlock Kryptonite
13 Piper Quinn 18 F bow and arrow Nightlock Kryptonite

Part of the arena.


This is how the arena will mostly look like. There will be a big open space in the middle of the arena where the cornucopia will be. It will have a variety of weapons. There will be a river towards the east of the cornucopia where your tribute can get water. Mountains are to the west of the cornuopia. Forests are surrounding it.


You can sponsor your own tributes to help them out in the arena. You don't have to, but your tribute will have better chances in living if you did. You will have 500$ for each tribute. You can sponsor up to six tributes. If you have three tributes, you can sponsor them and three other tributes. Yes, you can sponsor other people's tributes if you want. I will put the chart up when I get all the tributes.


I will be writing your tribute's Day 1 and Day 2 of training. On Day 1, I will put the POV of 13 tributes then I will put the POV of the rest of the 13 tributes on Day 2. I just want to split it so it's kind of easier for me:3 The score will be based on these two days instead of the individual training.

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