Hi guys, this is my first Hunger Games! :3

Backstory of these games, Harry Potter was killed by Voldemort before he could stop him. As punishment, Voldemort created The Hogwarts Hunger Games, a game in which the twelve districts must offer up two kids between 12-18 to fight to the death in the ruins of Hogwarts.

In these games you do Mentor/Sponser your own tributes. Happy Hogwarts Games! And May The Wands Be Ever In Your Favor!

The Tributes

You can enter up to three tributes. To Enter your tribute please fill out the information below:





Skills(This includes what Hogwarts CLass they're best at and what spell they're best at):

House they're in:





Tribute Token:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Name District Gender Age Skills Spell They're Best At House they're in Mentor
Aria Camelliston 1 Female 16

Throwing Knives/Axes, Swimming, Seductive, Strong, Bow and Arrows, Apparition

Obileration Charm Gryffindor Katelyn.danita
Bentley Emerson-Odair 1 Male 17

Seductive, Strong,Smart, Axe, Knives, Sword,Spear, Swimming, DADA

Avada Kedavera Slytherin Katelyn.danita
Bianca Cole 2 Female 17 Speed,Strong, Unforgivable Curses, Dueling, is a Metamorphagus, Transfiguration Bombarda Maximus Ravenclaw Mysims
Zachary Max 2 Male 17 Strong, Is an Animagus - Lion, Quick, Good with silent spells, Transfiguaration

Protego, Carpe Retractem, Glacius, Incendio

Slytherin Mysims
Allie Vetter 3 Female 16 Dueling, Quick Spell Casting, Smart Knives, Charms

Incedio, Oppugno

Ravenclaw RueButtercup
Tyler Tonic 3 Male 12 Smart, Spells, Transfiguartion, DADA

Petrificus Totalus

Ravenclaw Tybomarq
Thorn Redfire 4 Female 17

Fast, Is an animagus - Hawk, Friendly, Transfiguartion

Stupefy Gryffindor Rainbow Shifter
Nicholas Davenport 4 Male 17 Speed, H-H Combat, Plant/Water Ident., DADA Imperio Slytherin FinnickForever
Elena Phoebe Prescott 5 Female 18 Seductive, Smart, Knows Hogwarts Well, Spells, Knives, B&A, Mace, Divination Diffindo Slytherin Katelyn.danita
Justin Preece 5 Male 18 Fast, Very Athletic, Smart, Throwing Knives, Sword, Is an animagus - Owl, DADA Bat Bogey Hex, impdimenta, episky, expelliarmus, stupiefy Ravenclaw Readwritelivenikki

Beatrees Vortez

6 Female 17 Fast, Agile, Good with Spells, Is an Animagus - Tigress, DADA Bombarda Maximus Ravenclaw Rainfacestar
Johnathan Ford 6 Male 15 Fast, Good Climer, Is an Animagus - Panther ,Axes DADA, Charms, Apparition Imperio Ravenclaw Trackstar
Tilde Willow 7 Female 17 Fast, Quick Spell Caster, Nonverbal Spells, DADA



Ravenclaw RueButtercup
Chris Everheart 7 Male 15 Spears, Axes, Plant Identification, Is a Seer, Divination Impedimenta Gryffindor Pazzie (W.C)
Ashley Flame 8 Female 15 Very strong, DADA, Potions Unforgivable Curses Slytherin Lead The Careers
Draco Mellark 8 Male 16 Scythe, DADA Expelliarmus Hufflpuff SupKatniss
Rhonda Wittle 9 Female 13 Offensive Spells, Animals, Divination Expelliarmus, Flipendo, Locomotor Mortis and Petrificus Totalus Hufflepuff Mysims
Jacob Hoods 9 Male 15 Fast, Camoflogue, Throwing Axes/Knives, DADA Expelliarmus, Episky, Immobulus Ravenclaw Eleni12
Anna Maybelle Smith (Anna May) 10 Female 16 Seductive, cunning, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms Aguamenti Hufflepuff XKatnissxEverdeenx
Jackson Jackson (Mad Jack) 10 Male 17 Healing, Plant Identification, Good Hunter, Transfiguration Crucio Slytherin Srish3211
Heather Mirror 11 Female 15 Throwing Knives, Axe, Rope, Herbology Episky and Imperio Hufflepuff Haalyle
Rocky House 11 Male 17 Crossbow, Good with spells Flipendo Gryffindor SupKatniss
Candice Bolt 12 Female 12 Throwing Knives, Spears, DADA Patronus Charm - Otter Ravenclaw Polinarose
Mame Xeno Goll 12 Male 16 B&A, Transfiguaration, Charms Unforgivable Curses Gryffindor Supkatniss

1 Kill - $100

Top 10 - $200

Top 5 - $350


Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans - $50

Chocolate Frog - $75

Soup - $100

Chicken - $150

Full Coarse Meal - $300

Drinks and Potions:

Water - $100

Pumpkin Juice - $125

Felix Felisis - $400

Antidote To Common/Uncommon Poisons - $300

Love Potion - $250

Exploding Potion - $300


Wand - $400

Axe - $200

Blowgun - $150

Darts (10) - $100

Spear - $150

Throwing Knifes (3) - $100

Throwing Axes (3) - $175

Bow - $150

Arrows (10) - 150

Trident - $375

Sword - $250

Scythe - $300

Other Items:

Bezoar - $400

Medicine - $300

Blanket - $50

Poison - $75

Rope - $150

Night-Visions Glasses - $250

Matches - $50

Maraurder's Map - $450

Canteen - $100

Sneakoscope (Will tell tribute when an enemy is near) - $350

Gillyweed (Will allow tributes to swin underwater for exactly 4 hours) - $300

Robe - $150

Textbook (Can be used for example, if tribute is in the forbidden forest, a Care of Magical Creatures Textbook can help tribute determine which animals to stay away from, Etc. Textbooks are available in any Hogwarts Subject.) - $250

Gifts Given

Day one-

Jonathan Ford - Darts and Water ($300) - Trackstar

Chris Everheart - BBEFB and Wand ($450) - Pazzie (W.C)

Zachary Max - Medicine ($300) - MySims

Rhonda Whittle - Water and Darts ($200) - Mysims

Rocky House - Water, Blanket and B&A ($450) - SupKatniss

Bently Odair - Medicine ($300) - Katelyn.danita

Mame Goll - Wand and Throwing Knives ($500) - SupKatniss

Day Four-

Allie Vetter - Water ($100) - RueButtercup

Elena Prescott - Wand ($400) - XKatnissxEverdeenx

Day 5-

Aria Camelliston - Full Coarse Meal ($300) - Katelyn.danita

Chris Everheart - BBEFB ($50) - Pazzie (W.C)


Map of Hogwarts

Map of Hogwarts

Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts Catle

The Arena consists of:

Hogwarts Castle (Including The Dungeons, All of the towers, Green Houses and common rooms.)(The cornucopia is the Great Hall.)

Hogwarts Grounds

The Quidditch Pitch

The Black Lake

and The Forbidden Forest


District 1 (Bentley's POV)

Today is the day, reaping day. I’ve been waiting for this day since I watched my first hunger games when I was two. After 15 years over training, it was time. The reaping began as usual, some capitol nutjob blabbing on and on about how great these games are. After ten minutes of his ramblings he finally decides it’s time to start. “Aria Camelliston!” He cries. No, not aria. I’m going to be competing against her? I never really got over her. She looks scared. Why her? Wait, did she just look at me? I think she did. “And now for the boys…….. Tristan Spencer!” “I volunteer!” The words immediately shoot out my mouth. I begin advancing towards the stage. I see Tristan who had begun walking forwards, can’t be more than 13. Lucky he had me to take his place, he wouldn’t have lasted past the bloodbath. “What is your name young man?” The escort asks. “Bently. Bently Emerson-Odair.” Me and aria shake hands and are then taken inside the justice building.

District 2 (Bianca's POV)

The escort begins with the capitol statement, “Happy Hogwarts Games! And may the wands, be ever in your favor!” Then begins her tedious speech on some boring history which I really don’t care about. After about five minutes of this my mind begins slipping away into a daydream. I wish she’d just pick a name so I could volunteer. I really just want to get this over with. “Now, it’s time to pick our female tribute.” She picks a name out of the huge reaping ball. “Our female tribute is…Chelsea To-“ “I volunteer as tribute!” are the words that escape me. Good timing too, another girl was only about two seconds behind me, and is now giving me a look of death. Better luck next year. After I introduce myself, she picks a boys name. Immediately someone volunteers, no surprise there. He introduces himself as Zachary Mac. I’ve seen him at school and know he’s not the sharpest crayon in the box. It’ll be easy to get on his good side and take him out when the time is right. Now is when the real games begin.”

District 3 (Allie's POV)

“Allie Vetter!” the escort cries. I look around for the poor girl whose name was just called. Wait, why isn’t anyone going forward? I feel someone give me a slight push as I still look around for a moment. Hold on a second, I’m allie vetter. How can this be? I only had five names. Five, out of thousands. The odds were in my favor, this can’t be. There was a mistake. “Come on up, dear…” The escorts says. My legs move on their own. They’re moving me towards the stage. Why isn’t anyone stopping me, saying there was a mistake? I can’t be the tribute. The truth settles in after I announce my names and the escorts continues…. I’m going in. I’m a tribute. I look up and see my face on the giant screen, and I look on the verge of tears. The Ravenclaw family mind kicks in with forming a plan. I put on my blankest face as a boy named Tyler Tonic is called. I can’t tell if he’s worried, frightened, or scared. Probably all three. I already know before I even set foot off this stage that I’m going to win. ‘Wit beyond Measure is man’s greatest treasure.’ My ancestor said. If that’s true, I’m sure to win. Before I know it I’m being taken into the justice building, but it’s okay. I will see this my home again. I know it.

District 4 (Nicholas's POV)

Of course I’m going to volunteer, why wouldn’t I? It’s in my blood. My grandfather volunteered, and so did my father, and my older brother. It’s what my family does. We train, we fight, we win. I really don’t care what the escort has to say. I really don’t care what any capitol citizen has to say. They’re pathetic. The only decent thing about them is that they are all pureblood. “Thorn Redfire!” the escort says. Strangely no one volunteers for her as she goes up. Weird. “And now for the boys, our boy tribute is…. Charles Mc-“ “I volunteer!” I say. “What a brave fellow. What is your name?” she asks me as I go up. “My name is Nicholas Davenport.” I say. “District 4, I give you your tributes: Thorn Redfire and Nicholas Davenport!” One the way in, I give the camera’s a wink and a smile. ‘See you soon District 4’ I think to myself.

District 5 (Elena's POV)

The escort begins the reaping by reading a list of names of past victors. This only takes 30 seconds as only about two people from district 5 have survived these games. But no matter, soon my name will be added to that list. And one house will be occupied in our victors village when these games are over. I’ve already gotten my entire strategy figured to the last detail, my plan cannot and will not go wrong. “I volunteer!” I yell. The escort looks shocked. “Well, this is quite a surprise…What’s your name, child?” she asks. “Elena Phoebe Prescott” I reply. I pass the young girl who’s name was reaped. She can’t be a day more than thirteen. She says a silent thank you as we pass. I remain calm, cool, and collected, still acting on my plan. “Justin Preece!” The escort says. Unfortunately there’s no one volunteering for him. I’ve seen him at school. He seems funny and kind. Although looks can be deceiving. We shake hands and I can already hear the trumpets playing in my ears as we enter the justice building as Claudis Templesmith is saying, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you your victor, Elena Phoebe Prescott!”

District 6 (Beatress's POV)

The escort is already at the girls ball. Instead of just grabbing one off the top of the pile, she digs her hand deep into the ball of names. It’s really unnecessary and kind of funny when she almost makes the ball topple over. But she managed to grab a slip from the bottom. Now it just doesn’t have to be my name on that slip and it’s all good. I can already taste the great meal that’s just waiting back at home. I hope this ends soon, my stomach’s already beginning to growl. “Beatress Vortez!” Damn. Why me? I’m not a bad person. I guess you really just can’t trust the odds. Before I can even get into place on the stage, she’s already rifling through the boys ball, which she almost knocks over too. “Jonathan Ford!” she says. He comes forward, looking blank. No emotion or reaction, just blank. As we enter the justice building it hits me. I’m probably not going to make it. I’ll never see district 6 again. I turn around and get one last look at the town square before the doors close, sealing my fate.

District 7 (Chris's POV)

Me and my best friend enter the courtyard laughing. We never really take the reapings seriously because the odds of either one of us getting picked is so slim compared to other people who have like, 45 slips. The escort begins in his usual pitchy and awkward voice, “Happy Hogwarts Games! And may the wands be ever in your favor!” I tell me friend, “I bet whoever came up with that phrase thought they were a sheer genius. “ He smiles at my sarcasm as the escort goes on, “Now… It is time to pick the tributes! First, the ladies.” He crosses to the ball, grab a slip, and calls out the name, “Tilde Willow!” I had predicted she would be reaped. I saw it in the crystal ball the other night. Professor Trelawney would be proud of how much my inner eye has improved. Tilde walks up looking calm. I bet she’s a nervous wreck. I know I’d be if I was picked. Which I won’t be. “And no for the gentlemen…” the escort continues. “Let’s hope these wands are in our favor.” My friend whispers. “Chris Everheart!” the escort calls. “I guess not mine…” I mutter. But, how? I don’t think this is right. My mind is going in a thousand different directions when a peacekeeper gets tired of me just standing there and grabs my arm and walks me towards the stage.

District 8 (Ashley's POV)

I’m already in place before they begin. I wonder what it’d be like to be a tribute? Not that I want to be a tribute, I bet it’s just weird knowing you’ll be going into an arena with 23 other people, knowing some are trained killers, knowing you probably won’t come out. It’s horrible. I guess it’s time to start since the escort is coming onto the stage. “Welcome, Welcome, Welcome…” Dear god. I hate people who talk to much. I can already tell she’s a talker. This is going to be a long reaping. Blah, blah, blah, I couldn’t care less about anything ever. Finally she advances to the reaping balls and picks the names. “District nine’s first tribute is…. Ashley Flame!” I look up. Me? I don’t even have time to process the situation before someone gives me a slight nudge and I walk forward, passing friends who are on the verge of tears. Why are they crying? I should be the one crying, I’m the tribute. I guess the escort doesn’t want to wait because she’s already calling out the next tribute as I mount the stage’s steps. “Draco Mellark!” she calls. He comes forward and we shake hands. “Get one last look.” She tells us before taking us inside.

District 9 (Jacob's POV)

We barely get to the reaping on time. Good thing too, Trevor Phelps, our head death eater gives me and my mom a look of death before saying, “About ten seconds after this and I would’ve counted you late. Wouldn’t want to be late now would we?” No, but only since being late means public execution. “No sir.” I say politely. By the time I find my place the escort has already been talking and is picking a name out of the girl’s ball. “Rhonda Whittle” he cries. I’ve seen her at school. She’s a bit odd. She believes in these weird animals. I recall one time I tried to say hi to her in the school hallway. She gave me one look before muttering, “You head’s infested with nargles, you know.” After explaining what she believed nargles were, I said I didn’t think they exist, at which she screamed a whirl of insults at me before walking away. Anyway, she’s the female tribute. “Jacob Hoods!” the escort says. What happens next is a blur. Apparently I tried to run but am tackled in a matter of seconds. As I’m being carried to the stage, the escort says, “Now, now. One should be honored to represent your district!” If that means dying, I’d rather pass at playing these games.

District 10 (Anna's POV)

I walk to the reaping hand in hand with by two best friends. Remembering that this time two years ago there was four of us, before the capitol took her away from us with these games. You really don’t have a chance at winning if you’re from 10. No one notices 10, they just overlook us. All anyone sees us as is the livestock people. I doubt any tribute from her gets sponsors. We have no mentor since only few have won and are no longer alive. It’s so unfair. Our escort comes bouncing onto the stage, with a huge smile on her face. I can tell by her voice she’s eager to get started, glad someone is. She finishes her short speech and grabs a slip from the top of the reaping ball. “Anna Maybelle Smith” she calls. I don’t move. My legs are frozen. My friends grip my hands tighter as I can already hear them starting to cry. My first instinct is to hug them tight and go up to the stage in silence. “Now, for the boys, our tribute is, Jackson Jackson!” Nice. I’m not one to wish death upon anyone, but Jackson is a real jerk. Even as he gets on the stage he whispers, “Hey pretty thing. At least one good thing came out of all of this, I get to spend time with you.” Beautiful. I get to spend my last few weeks alive with him. Lovely.

District 11 (Heather's POV)

The escort wastes no time getting started. Man, these capitol people really do just love to watch children kill one another don’t they? I won’t be shocked if I’m chosen. My name’s in there about 50 times because of all the tesserae my family needed for all my younger siblings. What are my parents going to do without me? My family is one of the poorest families in the district. My parents say it’s because the dark lord voldemort has always hated my family since some of my ancestors, known as the weasley’s, were a major help in the fight against him. “Heather Mirrors!” the escort calls. Silent tears stream down my face as I approach the stage. “Come now, be excited! This is going to be fun!” the escort says to me. “Our male tribute is, Rocky House!” He comes forward looking ready. I wish I was ready. I’m going to fight though. I have to. For my family.

District 12 (Mame's POV)

It’s not good to be a tribute from district 12. Mostly because that’s pretty much guaranteeing you death. The reason for this is because when the order lost and voldemort rose to power, all the rebels were either executed or sent here, the outskirts panem. If the other tributes don’t kill you, the gamemakers with their traps and mutts surely will. When the escort, Teffie Rinket, calls out, “Candice Bolt!” I see a twelve year old little girl go up. How can they mark a little girl like that for death? It’s awful, it’s cruel and it’s evil. “Mame Xeno Goll!” she calls next. Wait, me? I don’t get it, why me? I don’t want my family to watch my death from the screen of a T.V. “Come on up, dear.” Treffie says. I silently advance to the stage. Hatred for the capitol growing with each step I take.

The Games

Day 1 (Bloodbath)

The tributes are in the tubes… The tubes being to rise. The tributes look around to see the huge great hall, once the place where hundreds ate meals, laughed, and shared memories. Now it’s in decaying ruins. The center of this vast room, the cornucopia, is filled with supplies, food, and weapons, with various bags, weapons, and other items scattered about in the outer skirts of the hall. Just outside the cornucopia entrance is a table. On this table is each tributes wand. The clock counts down as the tributes decide on their action plan based on the setting and their mentor’s advice. 35, 34, 33, 32, 31 KABOOM! An explosion happens as Draco Mellark is blown sky high. Bianca Nicole had thrown her hammer and set off Draco’s plate explosive. 15, 14, 13, 12, 11. The tributes prepare to run, fight, or die. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BOOM! The tributes are off. Aria Camelliston and Nicholas Davenport make it to the wand table first and have just received their wands when Tyler Tonic runs behind Nicholas with a sword. Before Nicholas can react Tyler hits him in the head with the handle of the sword and he’s out cold. Aria outraged begins shooting spells at tyler who quickly grab Nicholas’s wans and they begin to duel. Bentley soon comes to aria’s rescue but Tyler sends the petrifying curse and it hits him. Aria, at full anger shoots a killing curse but it misses tyler and manages to hit Mad Jack who was trying to crawl to the wand table. Thorn redfire in hawk form soars and begins clawing at tyler, which gives Aria a chance to hit him with the killing curse. Meanwhile, Elena Prescott and Jonathan Ford are dueling Bianca Nicole and Zachary Mac. Bianca and Zac are winning. Bianca disarms Elena and is about to send a killing curse when an arrow soars by her head, nearly missing. Zac turns and sends a curse at anna who doges it and runs out the hall, grabbing a bag on her way out. During this, Elena and Jonathan manage to slip away, but not before collecting a bag and a clear ball on the way out. Rocky decides not to fight but runs from the cornucopia. He does find a wand on the ground and a choclate frog nearby it before running into the castle. Rhonda Whittle runs towards the cornucopia for a wand, but is knocking down by Bently Odair, who had come to from his attack. He is about to slit her throat when a throwing knife hits his arm and he roars in pain. He jumps up to face his attacker and sees Tilde Willow as she shoots a curse directly at him. Before he can react, Ashley jumps in the way of the curse and falls to the ground, crying out in pain. Tilde runs off with her wand but bumps into Candice, Mame, and Heather who were leaving with supplies they’d gotten. They accepted her into their alliance and they all ran out of the great hall, and up the grand staircase. Rhonda uses this distraction to run into the cornucopia, grab her wand, a medicine kit, and a blowgun. She sees a huge bag marked weapons, but decides against taking it. She runs out of the great hall with her supplies. Allie Vetter and Jacob Hoods decided to run at the very beginning and both left the hall without supplies, running towards the quidditch pitch. Justin Preece ran into the cornucopia during the fight and saw the huge bag marked weapons and decides to grab it. He also takes his wand, some robes, and a maraurder’s map. He runs out the cornucopia, at top speed, past Beatress as Zac hits her with a killing curse, and out of the hall. Chris grabs an axe and attempts to hit zac, but only manages to hit his shoulder. After hitting him, Chris sees a crystal ball on the ground, grabs it, and runs from the hall. Everyone settles into their places just as the cannons go off, signaling the end of the bloodbath. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Shortley after this Justin decides to open his huge bag of weapons. He opens the bag, only to see a dementor come out. Justin reaches for his wand but the dementor grabs him by the throat and gives him a demetor’s kiss. Later on the careers decide to look around for tributes. They find him and decide to kill him out of mercy. BOOM! Chris begins to wander the castle and finds anna. They form an alliance and settle in their hiding spot. Rocky is also roaming the castle and walks into the charms classroom. Alliance one think over killing him but decide against and they let him into their alliance.

Aftermath: The tributes soon discover that the spell aguamenti does not work. From any wand. Only those who grabbed a bag have water. The career alliance have set up camp in the great hall. They have all the supplies and weapons they need, except medicine. Zac and and Bently need medicine soon or they will die. Alliance one is hiding in the charms classroom. Alliance two is hiding in moaning myrtles bathroom. Rhonda is hiding in the hufflepuff common room. Alliance Three is hiding in one of the Quidditch Pitch’s changing rooms, where they found some robes and textbooks. Alliance Four is hiding out in the North Tower, where they find divination textbooks and begin telling each others fortune. Only four died at the bloodbath, the capitol residents are not happy with this.

Day 2 (The Secret Passageway)

It is now day 2 in the arena. Before sunrise the career alliance decides to go hunting for sleeping tributes. They decide to search all the major classrooms first. They search the transfiguration classroom, nothing. The search the muggle studies classroom only to find a troll. They battle with the troll and beat it. “Easy!” Bianca says as they leave behind the troll’s dead body. They decide to search the charms classroom next. While walking towards the classroom, Bentley drops his spear, which clatters very nosily on the stone floor. The commotion alerts Jonathan, who was on guard duty, and he wakes his alliance as they prepare for battle. The careers suddenly burst through the door. Spells fly as the careers flood into the room. Rocky is fighting Zac, Nicolas, and Thorn as she soars around the room trying to claw someone in hawk form. Elena is fighting Bianca, Ashley, and Aria, but is losing. Just as Bentley runs over Jonathan comes to Elena’s rescue. The spells are destroying windows, desks, and causing books to soar. One of Nicolas’s Confrigo spells flies into a bookcase which explodes, revealing a secret passage behind it. Jonathan notices it and yells for Rocky and Elena to follow him into it. They do so but as they run into the darkness Zac casts a carpe retractem spell which grabs Elena and pulls her back. Bianca grabs her and is about to slit her throat when an arrow comes shooting out of the darkness. It hits Bianca through the eyes and she falls over. BOOM! Elena gets up and tries to run when Thorn tries to claw her. Elena quickly reacts and shoots thorn with a glacius spell, freezing her. Elena runs into rocky in the tunnel, who shot the arrow at Bianca and they run after Jonathan, with the careers on their tail. They eventually lose them in the dark maze, and meet up with Jonathan on the sixth floor, where the tunnel lets out. They proceed down to one of the herbology greenhouses where they find one greenhouse guarded with a spell that doesn’t allow the occupants enemies in. Gleeful at the find of this magical fortress they try to look into the windows, but can’t see in. They decide against going in since they don’t know what vile creatures could be waiting inside. They then wander through the castle and settle in the arithmancy classroom. Meanwhile. The careers travel back to their camp and thaw Thorn as they mourn Bianca’s death and vow for revenge. No other alliance moved because of all the noise the fight caused.

Day 3 (The Doxies)

The suns rises on the arena of day 3. The capitol citizens are growing very bored at the lack of entertainment and death. For more excitement, the gamemakers release a swarm of doxies into the castle. (Doxies have very poisonous venom if bitten.) The doxie swarm flies through the castle, looking for prey. They find it as they soar into Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. Alliance two, caught completely off guard, panic as they begin to fight off doxies. After a few minutes this alliance two decide to run for it, fleeing from the bathroom, leaving a few supplies behind. They run through the castle and out into the grounds, and into the forbidden forest. One doxie catches up to Candice and bites her shoulder, she cries in pain but keeps going until they draw back. Candice evntually collapses, the venom going through her vains, and she passes out. Mame quickly grabs his bezoar and shoves it down her throat. After a minute, nothing has happened. Heather begins crying but suddenly Candice start coughing as she comes to. The alliance then moves and make camp onto the edge of the forbidden forest, near the black lake, where they find some edible plants. Meanwhile, back at the castle, the doxies fly into the Hufflepuff common room. Rhonda, ready for such an event, grabs her bag of supplies and runs away. She wonders if the career alliance would help her as the doxies are gaining on her. However, hearing the noise, the careers look and see Rhonda coming, an army of doxies behind her. Aria, Ashley, and Thorn smile and wave as Bentley, Nicholas and Zac close the doors, sealing Rhonda out. “I HOPE THE NARGLES GET YOU!” Rhonda shouts as she turns and runs up the grand staircase. She’s losing the doxies on the way up but ditches them completely on the seventh floor. Rhonda decides to hide up in the North Tower where she finds Aria and Chris, who accept her into their alliance. They swap some supplies: Rhonda giving Chris some water and chris giving Rhonda a Divination textbook. Rhonda then begins looking into the crystal ball, trying to find out the fates of her and her alliance. The doxies, roam again until they stumble upon alliance one in the arithmancy classroom. The alliance grab what they can and run for it, not knowing where they’re going. They continue to run until Rocky trips and falls. Elena and Jonathan keep running though. Silent tears stream down Elena’s face as they hear Rocky scream out in pain. BOOM! Elena and Jonathan finally run through a door which appeared to find the room of requirement. They make camp here and mourn Rocky’s death. The doxies finally draw back and fly out of the castle. Meanwhile, Allie and Jacob are getting restless and decide that they’ll go back up to the castle tomorrow to find the supplies they need.


The career alliance wants to go tribute hunting in the morning, but are unaware of where to go and ask their mentors if they should go and if they should, where do they go.

Alliance one are finding all kinds of supplies in the room of requirement, and wonder if something bad is going to happen. Aftr all and knowing these games, a huge room of supplies wont just be there, they wonder if they should leave and wonder if their mentors would give them advice on what to do.

Alliance two notice many supplies at the bottom of the black lake, and wondr if they should try to swim down to get them, and ask their mentors what to do.

Alliance three ask their mentors where to go to get their supplies.

Alliance four ask their mentors if they should remain in the north tower, or find a new place to camp.

MENTORS: Please send your tributes advice on what they've asked for, it's vital to their survial!

Day 4 (The Unexpected Battle)

It is now day 4 in the arena. The tributes receive their mentors advice. The careers decide to go hunting. Alliance one decides to act upon one of their mentors plans and are leaving the room of requirement. Alliance two are planning on going deeper into the forbidden forest. Alliance three decides that they will sneak into the castle to steal some supplies. Alliance four decides to move their camp. All of the tributes are leaving their hiding places at the same moment. Alliance two are walking around the edge of the forest when they spot alliance three walking across the grounds. Alliance three notice them too. Suddenly, spells are flying. In a colorful, bright blur the two alliances fight and seeing the fight, the careers run and join too. It’s like an unexpected feast. Jacob desperately searches through the battle to find Allie. He sees her fight Candice, Mame, and Zach and Thorn. Thorn throws a knife at her but Allie casts protégé and it bounces back towards thorn. It hits her in the shoulder and she falls over. Suddenly though, there’s a golden glow to everything. Jacob has no control over his motions as he picks up a knife on the ground and begins advancing towards allie and alliance two, who have temporality teamed up against the careers. He hears Nicholas’s voice commanding him and realizes he’s been put under the imperius curse. He begins the internal struggle in his mind for power as he walks over towards allie. “Kill Her…. Kill your own team member….” He hears Nicholas whisper into his mind. Jacob walks behind allie who’s busy casting at Aria and raises his knife. He’s battling with everything he’s got as his arms struggle against him. His arms begin moving very slowly though, jacob’s losing. He can’t kill Allie, she’s his only friend here. “NO!” Jacob shouts as the curse breaks. He has control of himself again and runs off to kill Nicholas. Meanwhile, Bentley and Ashley are battling Heather and Tilde. Bentley looks over as he hits Heather in the face with a flipendo spell and sees Jacob advancing on Nicholas with a spear. Nicholas’s back is turned, he’s going to die. Jacob raises the knife ready to kill, and falls over. Bentley had thrown a spear and it made contact with jacob’s stomach. BOOM! Allie looks over and begins to weep for her friend and runs off into the castle. Ashley sees tilde advancing on the unconscious thorn, knife in hand. Ashley starts running as tilde raises her knife to thorns neck. Ashley grabs her blowgun and shoots two darts, both which make contact with tilde’s neck. She falls down. BOOM! Heather sees this and shoots a paralyzing curse at Ashley in rage. It hits Ashley and she falls down face first in the black water. She floats for a few minutes until she drowns. BOOM! The gamemakers decide this battle needs to end so there will be enough tributes left for a good bloodbath. Suddenly, figures begin emerging from the water. The merpeople rise from the water, weapons in hand. Just the sight of them send alliance two running into the grounds. The career alliance head back into the castle, grabbing thorn on their way back. Alliance four saw the entire battle from the windows of Ravenclaw tower, their new hiding spot. Alliance one didn’t see the battle as they made their way to a new spot in one of the dungeons. Just as the sunsets after the faces of the fallen appear in the sky, trumpets blare and claudis templesmith’s voice booms around the arena. *Attention Tributes, tomorrow will be a magical feast! This feast will grant all of you the opportunity to get a weapon that will greatly increase your chances of winning. Or you may require some supplies, which the feast will offer you as well, be warned as if anyone tries to take a bag other than their own, a dementor mutt will be released onto them which a patronus charm will not be able to stop. Thank you, and may the wands be ever in your favor!*

Aftermath: Kills are now worth $100 a kill :3

The career alliance has moved into a room of the entrance hall. Thorn has recovered from the hit to the face but still seems somewhat disoriented. They vow to kill heather on sight as they mourn Ashley.

Alliance one are in one of the lower dungeons, deciding whether to go to the feast.

Alliance two are in hagrid’s hut. They don’t think they should go to the feast but ask for advice from their mentors.

Alliance three (Previously alliacne four) are up in ravenclaw tower, reading and wondering about the feast.

Allie is the library’s restricted section, crying over jacob’s death.

MENTORS: Be sure to submit advice on whether your tribute should go to the feast, and if they should, what should their fighting strategy be?

Day 5 (The Feast)

The sun was about to rise on Day 5 in the arena. All tributes were waiting in the shadows for the table to appear in the middle of the cornucopia, except Johnathan and Rhonda, who chose to not attend the feast. Bentley got tired of waiting so he decided to walk around a little bit before the feast. Out of nowhere Elena appeared and before Bentley could react, she hit him with the imperius curse. She then commanded him to drink a love potion she had gathered at the bloodbath. With Bentley now her minion, she waited for the supplies to rise. Just as the sun rose, the table appeared, full of supplies. A smaller table also appeared behind it, with only a large box marked with “Open at own risk” on it. For a few moments, dead silence filled the air. Suddenly, Candice and Heather dashed out, running for the table. Several curses shot at them from all angles. Heather was hit with a cruciartus curse. She instantly fell over in pain. Not wanting to leave her friend, Heather screamed, “ACCIO SUPPLY BAGS!” Her and Heather’s bags flew to her. She began trying to drag heather, who was still screaming in pain, when Thorn stepped out. Candice looked over and saw it was thorn who was casting the spell but before she could react, a dementor grab candice’s throat and raised her into the air. Mame came running to Candice’s rescue but his patronus had no effect on the dementor. The dementor kissed Candice, sucking her soul out of her. The demnetor dropped the now soulless Candice , picked up candice’s bag, and vanished. Mame looked into candice’s now blank eyes and killed her out of mercy. BOOM! With Heather passed out from the pain, Thorn raised her wand again, aimed at mame. Suddenly, Bentley slammed into thorn, knocking her down, on his way to the cornucopia. Mame used this to his advantage and grabbed his bag, picked up heather’s bag and used wingardium leviosa on heather’s body. He ran out of the great hall, heather’s unconscious body floating behind him. Meanwhile Bentley was running towards the cornucopia, with his beautiful master’s instructions on his mind. Bentley grabbed his and Elena’s bags. And made his way to the box. Normally, he wouldn’t open a box that says, “Open at own risk.” However, Elena was counting on him and he’d do anything to prove his worth to her so she would fall for him. He opened the box. Suddenly, a huge orange flash filled the great hall. Bentley fell over. BOOM! Elena ran through the fight. She grabbed her bag from bentley’s hands, and noticed he was burned to the point he was unrecognizable. She looked into the box, which seemed perfectly unharmed. A note lay on the bottom which read, “We warned you.” There was no weapon. It was a deadly trap. Elena immediately turned and ran, doging one of Zac’s spears, out of the great hall and back up the grand staircase. Meanwhile, Thorn had regained consciousness and joined Aria in fighting Allie and Anna, who had teamed up. It was clear that Allie had improved her spells, she had practiced several new spells she learned from a charms book in the library. Allie and Anna were actually winning until thorn grabbed a throwing knife and threw it. It connected with Anna’s temple and she fell over. BOOM! Outraged, Allie shot a bombarda maximus curse which hit Aira. Aria flew into a wall and was knocked out for the rest of the battle. Allie then ran, with thorn one her heals casting spells at her, towards the cornucopia. She grabbed her bag and without a second thought, turned and ran. Thorn however caught up to her and chased her into a corner. Allie backed against a wall as thorn raised her wand. Allie unknowingly pushed in a stone that caused the wall to open, revealing a secret passage. Allie fell in and the wall sealed, blocking thorn’s killing curse. Near the cornucopia, Chris was fighting Zac and Nicholas. Zac and Nicholas were clearly better fighters and it looked like Chris was going to die. Nicholas had disarmed him with the expelliarmus charm and Zac raised a spear, ready to strike. Just as Zac was throwing it though, a stray charm came flying and hit zac. Zac was knocked down and in turn, threw the spear in the wrong direction. It hit Nicholas in the chest and he fell. BOOM! Chris grabbed his bag as zac was still dazed and ran out of the great hall. The feast was over. The remaining careers grabbed their bags and collected the things from their camp.

Aftermath: While the Tributes each got one thing in their bag, any tribute that left had one item taken away while they were gone by the gamemakers. So most of the tributes now need something.

The Career Alliance had moved into the Defense Against The Dark Arts Classroom. With Zac still dazed from the unknown spell and Aria mourning Bentley’s death, Thorn took up the position of Career leader.

Alliance one decided to move again. They were wandering around looking for a good place when they bumped into Allie. They accepted her into their alliance and they ended up settling in one of the Herbology Greenhouses.

Mame and Heather made it safely bag to Hagrid’s hut and Heather woke up a few hours later.

Chris made it back to Ravenclaw tower safely and he and Rhonda mourned for Anna.

Day 6 (The Wandering)

Day six had begun in the arena. Heather and Mame were growing desperate for food and water. They decided to search the forbidden forest for some edible herbs. Using Heather’s Herbology Textbook, they searched the forest and found some herbs and fungi they could eat. They still needed water however, so they decided to try the water from the black lake. When they arrived however they discovered the gamemakers had put a charm on the water, turning it black. The black lake was actually black! They decided against drinking it but Heather gathered some in a kettle she got from hagrid’s hut for a possible weapon. They decided to search the castle for water. They crept through the castle silently and swiftly. They made it safely into moaning myrtle’s bathroom and turned the faucet on and to their delight, water came out. They quickly filled another kettle and hurried out of the bathroom. Little did they know, Chris and Rhonda had seen them sneak into the castle from the high windows of Ravenclaw Tower, and had decided to hunt them. They were both on the first floor when Mame accidently bumped into a suit of armor, knocking it over, and creating the loudest sound as the armor crashed onto the stone floor. The noise alerted Chris and Rhonda to Mame and Heather’s whereabouts and before Mame and Heather could react, Rhonda and Chris were whirling spells and darts at them. Before mame could react, a confundus charm hit him in the chest and he flew into a wall, hitting his and knocking him out in the process. While Heather was busy deflecting Rhonda’s darts, Chris went over to the unconscious Mame and snapped his neck. BOOM! Heather screamed in fury and shot spells at both Chris and Rhonda. Both spells missed but Chris and Rhonda dived out of harm’s way and it gave Heather enough time to flee. She ran deeper into the castle. She came across allie on the sixth floor, who had left her team to search for a better hiding place. Allie took out her wand, ready to duel. Before she could cast her spells though, Heather threw the kettle full of the water from the black lake onto Allie face. Her face immediately began to swell and burn. She could no longer see but tried to cast spells anyway, all of which miss Heather completely. She then shot a stupefy spell that Heather deflected. The spell deflected and hit Allie in the chest, causing her to fly out the window, and plummet to her death. BOOM! Before Heather could react, she heard footsteps and raced off. The footsteps belonged to Elena and Jonathan, who had come looking for allie. They looked out the shattered window and saw Allie dead. They vowed revenge against her killer.


The career alliance were still in the DADA classroom, Zac had discovered her could get water by using the glacius spell, then melting the ice with an incendio charm. They hadn’t left their camp all day.

Alliance One had moved into the kitchens.

Alliance Two (Formerly Three) decided to move back into the North Tower, where they were sure no one would find them.

Heather found the Room of Requirement and was mourning Mame.

Day 7 (The Clock)

Day 7 was about to begin in the arena. All the tributes were scattered about the castle, most of them still asleep. In the great hall, a giant grandfather clock appeared in front of the mouth of the cornucopia. Instead of numbers though, there were pictures of the eight remaining tributes faces and the hands of the clock didn’t move. This was a gamemakers trap to spice up the games for the capitol audience. Suddenly, Claudis Templesmith’s voice comes on and booms around the entire arena, “Attention Tributes. For a little more excitement, we’ve decided to set up a challenge. There is currently a clock in the great hall. This is no ordinary clock. Instead of numbers, this clock holds a photo of each remaining tribute. Every two hours, the clock hands will spin and lands on a random tributes face. Whomever the clock hands hit, is killed. Now, to disarm the clock, you must solve a riddle written on the face of the clock. I’d work together to solve it quickly because the clock will kill one of you every two hours until you’ve all been eliminated but one. Good luck! May the wands be ever in your favor!” Immediately and without a second’s thought, all the tributes rushed to the great hall. They waited in the shadows and remained frozen. They all knew everyone was there, but they were waiting for someone to make the first move. Yet another battle would take place. The tributes all gazed at the beautiful clock whose hands did not move. Is this for real? They honestly can’t be serious about a deadly clock can they? Rhonda thought. The tributes stayed in this silent, frozen state until it was broken by the clock chiming. Their first two hours was up. At first, nothing happened. What a bluff! Chris thought. Suddenly though, the hands began spinning around and around. They land on Zac’s face. The clock let out a loud ring as the clock face opened and a strange foggy mist came out. Zac knew that the fog was coming for him and only him and he took off running. The fog was quick and caught up to him before he had reached the great hall doors. The fog then engulfed him in its mists. Zac’s screamed in pain but it was lost to the sound of his cannon. He fell to the ground. Dead. BOOM! The fog then moved back towards the clock, into the clocks face which closed after it. All seemed as if nothing had happened. Most of the tributes were in shock but it was aria that ran to zac’s body. Aria looked at him and then said aloud, “Well I think we all know this is the real deal. I know we’re enemies, but can we at least team together just until we can get this clock to stop?” Thorn stepped out of the shadows and said, “Why don’t we just smash it?” As if by response, Claudis came back on, “Attention Tributes, If the clock is attacked by weapon or force, it will unleash the fog onto all of you and there will be no victor. You must solve the riddle. Thanks you.” “Well that answers that.” Heather said. “Let’s just solve this thing and go back to being death enemies, ok?” The remaining tributes came forward and went to the back of the clock. A small plague read: What is once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a thousand years? The tributes all turned to jonathan. “You’re the last Ravenclaw here, you can solve it, right?” Thorn asked. “I can try.” Jonathan said. After an hour and forty-five minutes everyone was getting anxious. “Come on!” Chris said. “I don’t know. I can’t. I’m sorry.” Jonathan replied. “I think I’ve got it!” Thorn screamed two minutes until the two hour mark was up. The clock face opened and a microphone came out. Thorn walked up to it and said, “The answer is blinking.” The microphone went back into the clock face which closed. “How is it blinking?” Aria asked. “Well, A person probably blinks twice in a moment and they can’t in a thousand years because they’re dead by then.” “What about once a minute?” Rhonda asked. “Oops. Forgot about that.” Thorn replied. “What now?” Elena asked everyone. As if by answer the hands began spinning again. The hands landed on Heather. The fog came emerging from the clock face. Heather took off at top speed without a word out into the grounds. The fog quickly followed. Rhonda covered her ears so she wouldn’t hear the screaming. Heather’s cannon sounded. BOOM! About thirty minutes later, Rhonda silently got up and walked to the clock. She knew the answer. The face opened and the microphone came out. She spoke to it, “The answer to the riddle is letter M.” “Thank you.” The clock said. Rhonda then turned and ran out of the great hall with Chris running after her. The clock was going to explode. Aria, Thorn, Elena, and Jonathan ran after them at top speed. None turned to look as the great hall exploded sky high. Thanks to Rhonda, everyone had got out in time. They all found hiding spots and made camp. It was later that night, after Elena had gone to sleep that the owl appeared. It flew towards jonathan through the open window and dropped a letter at his feet, turned around, and soared out the way it came. Jonathan was dumfounded as he opened the letter. It read:


Hey Jonathan. You know, Death is pretty...... peaceful. I want you to know that I'm supporting you as a friend. Remember; stick with Elena unless numbers get very close to ending these games. Elena is a good ally. Anyway, I'm behind you no matter what, whenever you need me, I'll be there to help you gain strength. Don't ever lose hope and win this thing for District 6. Beatress

Jonathan didn’t know how she did it, but he knew it was from Beatress. Silent Tears slid down his face as he stared at the letter, remembering his friend and how he was going to win this for her.


The Career Alliance has made camp in the Muggle Studies Classroom.

Alliance One made their camp in the Owlery.

Alliance Two were hiding in Slytherin Common Room.

Day 8 (The Castle Crumbles)

Day 8 began in the arena as the sun rose. There was a strange feeling in the air today. Almost as if, it’d all be over with soon. All of the tributes felt this strange vibe. The gamemakers had big plans to end these games off with a grand finale. None of the alliance had left their hiding places since the night before and all planned to stay exactly where they were. Chris and Rhonda were quietly in their camp in the Slyhterin Common Room when suddenly an army of merpeople began pounding on the glass window which overlooked the bottom of the black lake. Terrified as the glass would shatter any moment, completely flooding the dungeons, they both took off at lightning speed without looking back. They had made it to the entrance hall when they were the dungeons flooding, signifying that the dungeons were not an option for a hiding place anymore. They decided to try hiding in the charms classroom. They realized this mistake when they opened the door to the classroom. Inside was a basilisk. Chris made the mistake of gazing into its eyes. He fell down. BOOM! Rhonda took off yet again, the basilisk on her heals. She was running down the fourth floor corridor when she was knocked over by Aria and Thorn, both whom were running from a Three-Headed Dog which had found them at their camp. With both monsters heading towards them, Rhonda got up and ran off, not without dodging the killing curses from Aria and Thorn. Thorn decided at this moment that it was time to ditch Aria. She transformed into a Hawk and flew out a window. Now abandoned and alone, Aria decided to try to outrun both monsters, both who were now chasing her. Aria made it all the way down to one of the herbology greenhouses. She knew this greenhouse would protect her with its mysterious magical enchantments. She quietly shut the doors once she was inside. It was pitch dark but she waited silently and sure enough, the basilisk and three-headed dog went off away from the greenhouses in search of her. Aria decided to wait here. She whispered the charm Lumos and the tip of her wand began to glow. What she saw though defiantly caught her off guard. There were at least 50 sleeping mandrakes in this greenhouse. One slight sound would wake them all and cause her immediate death. She quietly walked backwards and was reaching for the doorknob when she accidently knocked over a planter, which shattered quite loudly. This awoke all of the mandrakes at once who all began to scream simultaneously. BOOM! Meanwhile, Alliance one were sitting in the owlery when a dragon suddenly slammed into a wall of the tower. Elena and Jonathan instinctively ran at top speed out of the owlery as the dragon lit it on fire. The dragon then went on a rampage and burned all of the other towers in the castle as well. Rhonda was still running. She had made it to where she thought she was safe, The History of Magic Classroom. When she walked in however, the door magically slammed shut behind her and locked. She tried Alohormora many times, none worked at unlocking the door. Rhonda turned and her eyes widened to find that the classroom had been transformed into a giant Spider’s web. Rhonda began pounding on the door and begging for help until the Spiders overwhelmed her. BOOM! Jonathan and Elena had decided the safest place was outside since the castle was: flooded, on fire, in ruins, and crawling with monsters. They knew there was only one other tribute besides them. Just as they made it to the entrance hall though, Thorn in hawk form came flying out of the shadows and used her claws to slit Jonathan’s throat. He collapsed. Elena outraged, aimed her wand at the soaring thorn and shot a killing curse at her. It hit her chest, right where her heart was and Hawk thorn went down. BOOM! Elena took Jonathan’s hand as they both knew there was no saving him. Jonathan said in a faint voice, “I see her Elena….. I see Beatress….. If it couldn’t be me…..I’m glad… it could be you.” Jonathan’s eyes went blank. BOOM! Elena began sobbing as the trumpets blared. Claudis Templesmith’s voice boomed around the arena, “Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Elena Phoebe Prescott, your victor of the Hogwarts Hunger Games!”

How tributes are doing
Tribute Alliance WTH WTN Sponsor Money
Aria Camelliston Career Water, Wand, B&A, Warmth, Maraurder's Map, Sneakoscope, Full Coarse Meal Nothing $300
Thorn Redfire Career Food, Water, Wand, Throwing Knives,, Night- Visions Glasses Warmth $650
Elena Phobe Prescott One Robe, Water, Soup, Sword, Wand, Night- Vision Glasses Nothing $100
Jonathan Ford One Wand, Blanket, Blowgun, Darts (10), Water, Chicken, Sneakoscope Nothing $300
Chris Everheart Two

Axe, Crystal Ball, Divination Textbook, Wand, Water, Soup, BBEFB

Nothing $100
Rhonda Whittle Two Food, Water, Medicine, Blowgun, Darts (6) Wand $300

Alliance Who's in it Where they are
Careers Aria and Thron, Muggle Studies Classroom
Alliance One Elena and Jonathan Owlery
Alliance Two Chris and Rhonda Slytherin Common Room

Death Chart

Name Day they Died How They Died Who Killed Them
Draco Mellark 1 Blown up Bianca Cole
Jackson Jackson 1 Killing Curse Aria Camelliston
Tyler Tonic 1 Killing Curse Aria Camelliston
Beatress Vortez 1 Killing Curse Zachary Max
Justin Preece 1 Killing Curse Thorn Redfire
Biance Cole 2 Arrow in Head Rocky House
Rocky House 3 Doxie Bites Doxie Swarm
Jacob Hoods 4 Spear to Stomach Bentley Odair
Tilde Willow 4 Darts in Neck Ashley Flame
Ashley Flame 4 Drowned Heather Mirror
Candice Bolt 5 Killing Curse Mame Goll
Bentley Odair 5 Unknown Fire Charm Gamemakers
Anna Smith 5 Knife to Head Thorm Redfire
Nicholas Davenport 5 Spear to Chest Zachary Max
Mame Goll 6 Snapped Neck Chris Everheart
Allie Vetter 6 Fell Heather Mirror
Zachary Max 7 Suffocated Deadly Fog
Heather Mirror 7 Suffocated Deadly Fog
Chris Everheart 8 Looked into Basilisk's Eyes Basilisk
Rhonda Whittle 8 Eaten Spiders
Thorn Redfire 8 Killing Curse Elena Prescott
Jonathan Ford 8 Slit Throat Thorn Redfire


Tribute District Mentor
Elena Phoebe Prescott 5 Katelyn.danita

Congragulations to Elena and her Mentor for winning the first Hogwarts Hunger Games! I hope you guys enjoyed being a part of it because I had a great time writing it! Thanls to everyone who submitted tributes and were active throughtout the games! :)


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