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    i have Written one other game which i believe was a success. For those of you that dont know my work. read the 41st Hunger Games. I will do my best to make these games enjoyable.

    Nico Banuelos was the tribute that won my last games. He was the Male tribute from District 2. He wanted to avenge his friends which led to his victory. There is a picture of him below. Tell me your ideas about his appearance. Did he look like you imagined?

    As a bonus. These hunger games are featuring Capitol and District 13 tributes

    District Male Name Male Age Female Name Female Age
    Capitol Caesar Daftingman 15 Jubelee Hope 16
    1 Josh Eagleye 17 Amanda Hawks 16
    2 Gunner Pann 16 Marla Kantoon 18
    3 Sumit Price 16 Victoria Derman 12
    Anna Karp 17

    Demi Campbelle

    6 Emanuel…

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    same as the 41st lets comment our application

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    The 41st Annual Hunger Games Welcome, welcome. Let us begin naming the tributes for the 41st Hunger Games. An application will look like this:




    WOC (Weapon of Choice):


    Wanted Allies:


    Those marked with an * are REQUIRED.

    I will start.

    District Name Age Gender WOC Weakness Wanted Allies
    1 Sparkling Crestoon 13 boy sword not very strong all careers.
    1 Aria Camelliston 16 girl Bow and Arrows heights, tight spaces. careers
    2 Nico Banuelos 17


    Spear refuses to kill young tributes careers
    2 Malley Tan 14 girl knife swimming issues career
    3 Tyren Lotiz 14 boy knives can't swim district 10
    3 Montza Bezza 16 girl bow heights desparate,anyone.
    4 Florin Waterheart 13 boy blowgun low pain tolerance careers
    4 Ally Louis 12 girl Mace young ca…

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