The 41st Annual Hunger Games Welcome, welcome. Let us begin naming the tributes for the 41st Hunger Games. An application will look like this:




WOC (Weapon of Choice):


Wanted Allies:


Those marked with an * are REQUIRED.

I will start.

District Name Age Gender WOC Weakness Wanted Allies
1 Sparkling Crestoon 13 boy sword not very strong all careers.
1 Aria Camelliston 16 girl Bow and Arrows heights, tight spaces. careers
2 Nico Banuelos 17


Spear refuses to kill young tributes careers
2 Malley Tan 14 girl knife swimming issues career
3 Tyren Lotiz 14 boy knives can't swim district 10
3 Montza Bezza 16 girl bow heights desparate,anyone.
4 Florin Waterheart 13 boy blowgun low pain tolerance careers
4 Ally Louis 12 girl Mace young careers
5 Spencer Johnson 12 boy slingshot blood issues? any
5 Thalia Evans 15 girl ninja stars not a fighter none
6 Kub Emrille 16 boy whip water Nico of district 2
6 Giana Fillo 16 girl knives can't swim desparate, anyone.
7 Risco Navsdi 18 boy vines/ropes heights none

Emma McEsure

13 girl axe too kind, sacrificial someone, anyone, not careers.
8 Caleb Yates 16 boy knives weaker, swimming issues District 9 Boy
8 Derryn Tai 15 girl scimitar? not the best swimmer, District Partner, District 7 Tributes.
9 John Jolon 14 boy spears, bows, swords, knives short distance District 8 boy (Caleb Yates)
9 Calistia Lexington 13 girl sickle like Emma, is kind and sacrificial young kids 12-13, or district 3.
10 Onyx Di Vasco 14 boy Ninja stars can't swim the boy from district 5

Abital Zertofi

15 girl whip stubborn district partner, no one else
11 Skout Pyleigh 17 boy bare hands rude to careers, makes careers want to kill him. none, hates everyone
11 Nina Cratiwits 12 girl stealth fire none
12 Ganeken Hobbert 18 boy anything weak none
12 Meri Langsword 12 girl spears afraid of animals only ones she can truly trust

if bolded, That means they are DEAD

The Hunger Games

The Bloodbath: Day 1

Nico (District 2)'s POV:

Sixty seconds, that is how long we have to stay on this plate before the gong sounds and we all run for our lives. Kub is about 7 tributes to my left, and Onyx is next to me, eyeballing the spears. My spears, I thought. He was also watching the ninja stars. If Kub runs away I will just have to deal with "my friends" the careers. Alia seems to be the only nice one there.

Fifty Seconds. Sparkling, the boy from district 1, is 2 tributes to my left, the rest of my allies are out of sight. 40 seconds. Deep in the mouth of the cornucopia are my spears. Onyx, still drooling over them. I tell him "Ey, they're mine, you back off or die."

"Don't be cocky, they're mine. You never know. Even the careers tend to fail!" He says all arrogant.

I just want to ring his neck. I am definately killing him now. And Skout, that stupid district 11 boy.

25 seconds. I am now nervous and cant think.

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. The gong sounds and everyone is running, except Ally, who seems mesmorized, her lover, Florin is Protecting her. I run towards the spears, and see Onyx, who just killed Thalia from district 5. Grab the spears and throw one at me. One barely misses my leg and i grab it and drive it through his chest. What a waste of grabbing the ninja stars from him. I also caught sight of Skout and killed him. I meet with Alia, who gives me a big hug. And Malley, who just sits there. Florin and Ally embracing. Wow, haha. We run out of the cornucopia and find a great big tree and rest in it.

Ally (district 4)'s POV:

The gong sounds, and i am paralyzed. I am watching everyone run in. Onyx killing Thalia, Then Nico killing Onyx, And Nico killing Skout. Then the boys from 8 and 9 killing Risco of district 7. As well as the 12 year olds grouping up. Two were missing. Meri, who was killed by Aria, and Me. Montza just was killed by Abital. Giana was killed by Calistia, who was then killed by Kub. That is all I see when Florin starts holding me. OH Florin <3.

Kub (District 6)'s POV:

The gong rings out and I have no idea what to do. Nico will probably go find me later. I need my whip. I run to the cornucopia while Calistia pulls me down. And she runs away. I got the whip anyway, and a bag. I see her attack Giana... Giana! She fell to the floor, blood raining from her mouth. I whipped Calistia, and she was then killed, Brains bashed in, "Sorry," I whisper, then run off.

Sparkling (District 1)'s POV:

When that bell- thingy sounded. We ran off. I killed three: Ganeken from District 12, Abital from District 10 and Spencer from district 5. We then met up with the non stop couple Florin and Ally "Oh Florin" She says. We found a giant oak tree that fit us all well.

Nightly Death Chart

Victim- Killer

Thalia D5- Onyx D10

Onyx D10- Nico D2

Risco D7- D8 & D9 Boys

Skout D11- Nico D2

Ganeken D12- Sparkling D1

Montza D3- Abital D10

Giana D6- Calistia D9

Calistia D9- Kub D6

Abital D10- Sparkling D1

Spencer D5- Aria D1

Meri D12- Aria D1

Day Two

John (District 9)'s POV:

Me and Caleb found a big wheat field, far from the cornucopia. And we made a lot of crackers and bread. I was just sifting through the grains when a small box falls from the sky. It had full water bottles and bags! That is amazing! I gave the knife to Caleb and we were very glad! Because there is no water for a large distance. No one could have found us in the wheat field.

Derryn (District 8)'s POV:

Me and Emma were just hanging around the lake, that is where we set up camp. And Met up with Kub, who suddenly whipped me! Emma says that there is decreased nightlock on the tip, and i am poisoned and slowly dying. It instantly killed Calistia. I am lucky, yet i am dying. It will kill me in a week if I cant find some antidote. I want to go home!

Kub (District 6)'s POV:

After I whipped Derryn, who should be dead, someone must have liked that and gave me a knife and a jar full of water. That is funny because I wanted a vine or rope. I got a bag, but it only has a fishing line. I might want to discard it being scared that Ally or Florin will want it.

Day Three

Tyren (District 3) 's POV:

I am starving, hungry and sad. I lost Montza Bezza, my district partner. All my team, Onyx and Calistia were wiped out, By Nico and Kub, and the Careers. They said they'd help me out, I need to find them. Aria is my next target. And i wont give up until she is dead! I walked around looking for The Careers, when i see Nina, the District eleven girl shoot an arrow at my shoulder, "OWW!" I yell and throw a spear at her. the spear dives into her skull and she falls off the tree. I grab her bag and run off.

Aria (District 1)'s POV:

I hate this. The careers are all treating me as a slave, except for Nico, I feel something for him. And Sparkling thinks i am dating him. Tonight is his death, planned by me. The sun lowers and everyone is alseep, There was ketchup in my bag, perfect for this stunt, I sprinkle some on my stomache, face , and arms and then Stab Sparkling. then I scream (fake) and everyone is awaking to me "trying to save" Sparkling, Nico dashes to me and gives me a big hug (fake tears from my eyes) and leans in and kisses me.

Derryn (District 8)'s POV:

Everyone must love me, because the sponsor pods were raining down medicines and stew, And now i am all better! Thank you sponsors so much!

Nightly Death Chart

Victim- Killer

Nina D11- Tyren D3

Sparkling D1- Aria D1

Day Four

Nico (District 2)'s POV:

I was sponsored some bread, probably from district 4's Ally and Florin's families. It had a hint of seaweed in it, so i gave it to ally and florin, They lit up and knew it was their parents' bread. They love it. The couple sits and eats it, giggling and feeding eachother bites and giggling again. Aria comes around

"Awww," She says, wrapping her arms around me.

Caleb (District 8)'s POV:

I found nightlock berries and crushed them and spreaded them all over my knives, I don't want to have to come back and finish anyone off, like my brother, Tory, had to do, and that got him killed. I walk to the cornucopia, just to see my partner picking out small duffle bags and what-not.

A Few Days Pass, Nothing Happens, until Day 8

Day Eight

Emma (District 7)'s POV:

Derryn is my best friend, Like my older sister, she cares for me, yells at me only to protect me. I am like her younger sister and it is my job to protect her, Time to reward her for her kindness,

"Derryn?" I say.

"Yes?" She says.

"I want to give you something, it was in my bag, buy i was hiding it from you cause i didn't want to waste it."

"What is it?"

"It is a scimitar," I pull it out and she stares in awe. She jumps up and gently takes it.

"Oh my gosh!" She squeals in her teen voice.


Me and Derryn are terrified by this, there is a lot of screaming, Caleb, who is extremely troubled- sounding says "John? John! No! Why Nico!! No! AHH!" I hear a knife. They are near us! we climb in our tree, and stay quiet to see Nico and Aria running off, looks like the careers are over. Time to move out of trouble.

Malley (District 2)'s POV:

"Lets go!"



I hear running. Nico and Aria. They are ESCAPING??

"Get back here!" I yell.

BANG! Someone tackles Aria. John. Nico is very angered at this point. He throws a spear at Johns brain, I hear a small "No one does that to my girl," Out of him. Ugh They are gone, Here comes Caleb, distraught, I decide to throw a knife at him, It hits his arm. He is not dead. Yet. There is nightlock on that knife, and it is slow, but it should kill him in a week. If i don't kill him first!!!

Florin (District 4)'s POV:

I had the most horrifying dream EVER, last night. John killed Ally! There was nothing I could do about it. But when i awoke with her by my side, It was the most relieving thing ever. Nico and Aria ran off. I wish we could do that! Malley is not a good leader, at all. Nico and Aria were our friends, but Malley was planning something for falling in love with her boy. No. Just... No. Don't mess with love, Malley. And anyways, if we tried to run off, that would be risking it for Ally. If only Ally and I weren't chosen. Me and her could have lived a good life. Not try our best NOT to die. These games are sick. Why rebels, Why? Anyways, I am really not a career. But my district has those, which gives me hope to win the games. Darn it. I will never win. I will let Ally win. No matter what. But we have to either run from Malley or kill her, or maybe... Have someone do it for us.

Nightly Death Chart

Victim- Killer(s)

John D9- Nico D2

Day Nine

Caleb (District 8)'s POV:

DANGIT! John is dead! This whole thing is ruined, Malley poisoned me but someone who must love me sponsored me some antidote. Everyone of the careers are split up. Aria and Nico, the love group. gross. They will be my next target! Agh! But, I am still alive. I thought i would die day six. Nope. Malley has nothing on me!

Aria (District 1)'s POV:

I love how nico saved me, He told me that Malley was planning to kill me! Now we are in an area where there is a lake, Ally and Florin would love this, I am recalling my mother, and Toreck, the peacekeeper. As nico sees tears down my eyes he places my mothers ribbon, one she used to where to all of the reapings including her wedding and to her graduation, in my hair

"Its perfect for you," Nico says.

"Yea?" I am blushing. He picks me up and puts me in a tree. I am laid down on the thickest branch and Nico lays by my side.

Tyren (District 3)'s POV

Kub has found me at last! I finally have a chance to survive these games! He hands me a couple of crackers and some water. This is the first time i've eaten in the last few days. IM STARVING. I munch down all of it and i feel Content. Kub and i decide to walk a little since i have been here for too long. "ouch!" I yell. "whats wrong?" Kub questions. "my .. Shoulder The girl from 11 shot me and its hurting" I respond." I might have something for that" Im startled at the sound of the voice. Then seconds later Nico jumps out of the tree and of all people with Aria. I Feel all hope is lost.

Kub (District 6)'s POV

Nico hops out of the tree with Aria. Thats a Shocker, I never thought she would be willing to run off with Nico. Nico seems diffrent not his old self. His Light blue eyes now seem a damp Depressing blue. His hair is no longer its jet black self. "How did you escape, I mean Malley hade it out for you". He just sighs and climbs back up on the tree with Aria. "Kub keep watch, Tyren get up here so we can treat that arm." Aria says. Maybe hope isn't lost

A Few days pass until day 13

Day Thirteen

Derryn (District 8)'s POV

Dawn is arising. I decide to go and hunt for food Considering i have my new Scimitar. I end up capturing a few rabbits that I skin with a knife. THUMP. This noise startles me. It not a cannon but then again nothing around me is- Is that Tyren? I get closer. "Just Put me Out of my Misery" he says almost crying. I pick up my Scimitar and willingly drive it through him. "The odds were never in you favor" I say with a smirk. BOOM. Kub is just standing there Glaring at me.

Kub (District 6)'s POV

"You monster!" i yell to Derryn. I run at her with my whip just as she raises he Demented weapon. It gets a piece of my hair but not before i whip her down the back. She falls to the ground as i yell "NEVER MESS WITH MY FRIENDS!" iI walk away knowing i lost Tyren. BOOM. Derryns dead, I can't help but feel bad about leaving the Emma girl with no Allies. Maybe i could help her out considering i killed her partner.

Nightly Death Chart


Tyren D3 -Derryn D8

Derryn D8 -Kub D6

Day Fourteen

Nico (District 2)'s POV

I have no idea what has been going on these last few days Aria, Kub, and Tyren all left. Tyren ended up getting killed but other then that, the whereabouts of Kub and Aria are unknown. Maybe i should just stay here get some more rest i feel like i have not slept at all. I hear footsteps. I look down and see Emma and Caleb, I guess they found eachother. I decide to leave them considering im way too tired.They set camp up in front of my tree. "We will find them dont worry we will kill both Kub and Nico to avenge Derryn and John." Caleb says in a hushed voice. "You think so" Emma asks. "for sure" he says. Ill deal with them later on.

Ally (District 4)'s POV

I feel very confortable here with Florin. Malley may be going mad trying to find Nico and Aria but I do not believe She is having much luck. I want to help her but im scared she will kill me instead. i decide to go to sleep again i dont feel like i have the energy. Strangely enough i feel neither does anyone else.

Malley (District 2)'s POV

I will find you Nico and Aria and when i do i will Kill you both for betraying the team. I found out that Aria faked the whole "Helping Sparkling" thing it was ketchup on her shirt. I feel so outraged but then again I feel like I have had no sleep but i have slept everynight. Florin and Ally feel the same way. Is some sort of Plague overcoming the arena? I have no time to worry about that now.

Day Fifteen

Emma (District 7)'s POV

I don't feel comfortable anymore without Derryn. She was like my sister but she is gone now. Caleb appearantly has sponsers so I got a jar of water from him. Being with Caleb makes me feel a little safer but I can't help but feel like someone is close. "what was that?" I ask frantically. "Let me go check it out" Caleb suggests. He walks in the direction of the noise and that when it happens. Kub darts out of the bushes and send Caleb chasing after him! HE LEFT ME! I am very worried considering Caleb has my weapons. Nico jumps out of the tree In front of me and approaches me."Oh great im gonna die" i think to myself. But what happens is completetly unexpected. "Here take this run Kub and Aria are planning to kill you both. Run! She isnt far! I will be a distraction just get out of here!" he yells as he hands me a Bow and Arrows. "Where do i go?" i ask. "Anywhere but in the direction im headed now go!". I run faster than ever. "Thank You Nico." I think to myself.

Aria (District 1)'s POV

I feel so bad for leaving Nico alone like that. Kub, Tyren and I just felt he was going to kill us. Tyren ended up getting killed. Kub and I decided to attack Emma and Caleb. Kub did well in seperating them but Emma is no where in sight. I head to a meadow full of strange Teal flowers. I observe them for a while. Out in the Distance i see Nico and i feel relieved until he yells "YOU LIED ABOUT THIS WHOLE THING! I WAS JUST A TOY IN YOUR GAME!" He throws a spear and it barely misses my left shoulder. He is charging at me and tackles me into the flowers. He grabs his spear and runs in the opposite Direction of the meadow. I want to chase him but these flowers smell so weird i just feel so tired.

Florin (District 4)'s POV

My Ally and I both ended up escaping Malley we are now camping out in this tree. A lot must be going on i saw Caleb running after Kub the Aria getting tackled my Nico. She betrayed their love i bet. I would never do that to my Ally. I just hope that no one finds us.

Day Sixteen: The Feast

Kub (District 6)'s POV:

I finally escaped from Caleb's little game. I walk down toward the cornucopia, The lake is very close to it, and by now there should be a feast. The other tributes are all about, I recall Florin and Ally are the only alliance now. I obviously need some medication from this flower plague (its what Nico called it).

"Attention! A-ttention!" Julius Flickerman says, his child, Caesar in his arms. Couldn't leave Caesar, I think.

"There will indeed be a feast. At the large mountain, You can't miss it! May the odds be ever in your favor!!" He says.

The mountain. Seriously.

Nico (District 2)'s POV:

Feast? On the mountain? This is not usual. They don't always have the feast. But they never have it on the mountain! That is just wierd. I walk to the mountain, there is a clearing on top. I see a table. And six bags. Marked with 1,2,4,6,7 and 8. I see my bag is the largest, And it has golden butterfly spears. The best! I sprint in to the area I was about to grab my bag when a knife hits my arm. Screaming in pain. I notice Malley, infuriated, with blood all over her face. i take out the knife and charge at Malley who took my bag. We are wrestling, when i hear screaming. Its Malley. I look up to see Aria. She dives her knife in Malley's skull. BOOM. "I wanted to help you. I am not using you," She says and comes up to hug me. Meanwhile Caleb and Emma run in along with Kub. But i am not focused. i take the bag and Aria takes hers and we walk along the mountain side.

Caleb (District 8)'s POV:

I get to the top of the mountain to see many bags. six of them. One for me. I run in to get the medium sized bag, Noticing Nico and Aria, hugging, i want to kill Aria. It is to dangerous. I just run off. BAM! BOOM. I had tripped over Emma and Malley finally died from the knife in her head. I leave the little girl and run off.

Emma (District 7)'s POV:

At the feast, I had been tripped on by Caleb. He had so much weapons. But. He didnt even think about hurting me. I saw Malley, dead. And ran for my bag. Gold Arrows. Everyone was coming in every which way. Florin and Ally especially. I run for a tree. And I make it.

Florin and Ally (District 4's) POV:

I have to get that bag. Ally and I do get it. With the female from district 7 in our way. she runs off, though.

It was the bloodbath in day one all over again. Everyone running in. Malley's damaged body. It was.... it was frightening.

Day Seventeen

Aria (District 1)'s POV

I decided to tell Nico it was time we broke our alliance. He agreed not wanting it to come down to the two of us. He left but not after giving me a kiss. His last words to me were "I'll never forget you Aria" I began to head to the Cornicopia knowing that some idiots would be there. Well ill just try my luck.

Nico (District 2)'s POV

After the death of Malley I really began to miss her she was like a friend back home and i shouldn't have betrayed her. After Aria broke off the alliance i headed back up the mountain hoping there was still stuff left. I finally Arrive up here. Nothing left just my luck. "Oww!" I wince in pain as i turn around and see that Kub is throwing knives. I sprint towards him but not before an arrow Zips out of a tree and strike's him in the heart.BOOM. He dies in that instant. I turn to the tree and see Emma. "Thanks" I say. She just nods and jumps out of the tree. "Allies" she asks. "Of course" i Reply. We get back on the tree and decide to just stay here. "I promise to not allow anyone to kill you i failed with Tyren. But i promise i wont with you." I assure her. Hopefully i can get her out of here ill just need to kill the rest and allow her to kill me in the end.

Nightly Death Chart


Kub D6-Emma D7

Day Eighteen

Emma (District 7)'s POV

As soon as Nico and i allied. Everything seemed to get very easy. He would hunt get food and protect me. I dont know why But he turned out to be a nice guy. Unlike Malley, Career Status Didnt matter to him he's just like the rest of us. We get off the mountain because someone is bound to get up there. Once down the hill Nico get very serious. "Footsteps' stay quiet" he warns. Floring and Ally pop out of a bush and Nico sends a spear flying. Florin ducks and is terrified at this point. "Florin, Ally you're ok!" NIco yells with glee. He hands them a bag of food and whispers something. Florin and Ally run off. "What did you tell them?" i ask. "I told them that Aria is at the Cornicopia' to warn them." We walk off and find shelter.

Caleb (District 8)'s POV

Well Kub is finally gone. I want to know who killed him. For now i will just stay here in this tree and hope for the best. I look up at the sky and relax. Then some gigantic buteerfly type creature swoops over head. Looks like the Gamemakers are starting to get bored with all this. I remember in some games a few years back the gamemakers created some Hamster-like creature that seemed so calm but when approached it turned into a rabid beast with long sharp claws. I hope these butterfly things arent like that

Day Nineteen

Florin (District 4)'s POV

Ally and I are the only partners left in this game. I think i could actually get her out of here! But for now we have Some wierd gigantic creature to deal with.

Ally (District 4)'s POV

The gruesome death of Malley still play over and over again in my head.I've had quite a few nightmares aswell. Im really starting to feel Hopeless but Florin urges me to keep smiling so i do.

Day Twenty

Emma (District 7)'s POV

Nico is starting to suffer from all those knife wounds. First Malley then Kub but luckily they both died before any permanant damage was done. He was appearantly sponsered some healing cream, so that helped us very much. I decide to go for a stroll in the wood with him maybe. I finally begin to realize why i didnt trust Caleb so much. He killed My district partner Risco. Back in the district Risco helped many people and he was like a big brother figure to me. Too bad hes gone. Nico still feels injured so we just stay in this tree for a while longer.

Florin (District 4)'s POV

"put her down!" i yell attempting to tackle Caleb. He pushed me into a tree and verything get blurry. "Time to slit your throat' Caleb snickers. Ally's now bleeding out but not before i hear an aroow zip past. "Only Emma has arrows" I think to myself. that was my last thought before seeing ally collapse to the floor and a cannon sound

Nightly Death Chart


Ally D4-Caleb D8

Day Twenty-One

Caleb (District 8)'s POV

I lost Emma a while back but i still have to keep alert. Why has she all of a sudden been trying to kill me. I haven't done anything to anger her so why is she acting up. Then it hits me. Risco! Thats why shes mad at me! I didnt mean to kill him i just did what john said.

Aria (District 2)'s POV

I have been camping out in the last few day right here at the Cornicopia. Ally and Kub are both gone. I finally decide to come out of the Cornicopia but then i see Emma. And some Butterflies. but the mutts do not hurt her she just hops on one a flew away. She maybe gained their trust.

Day Twenty-Two

Nico (District 2)'s POV

Emma never came back. Im hoping shes ok. i decide to come out of the tree and walk around. I come near some type of lake thing. Some strange flapping sound comes to life and i see a giant butterfly. It lands and off comes none other then Ms. Emma hah. she comes and gives me a hug as to say she has found me. we agree to leave this area Knowing that Aria or Caleb may be by. I havent the slightest idea of Florins whereabouts. as we walk Emma takes the lead and begins walking backwords. I just laugh at the good times but then i catch sight of a tree stump up ahead. "Emma Careful- Emma? where are you?" i worry. "NICO HELP!!!!" Emma says in pain. i look around and dont see anything. Then i see a pit. I look inside and there is Emma. Along with giant snake Muttations. Emma is stiff non moving. BOOM. I am just miserable. I climb up a tree and just lay there.

Florin (District 4)'s POV

I am finally awake but my Ally is gone. I feel i have failed. I just dont feel Comfortable anymore i just want to cry and allow Caleb or Aria to kill me knowing that NIco and Emma Wont. If they havent Died. I guess i can just be miserable for a while and someone can find me. Hopefully.

Nightly Death Chart



Day Twenty-Three

Nico (District 2)'s POV

Im done being depressed! Its time to be brutal. I will not allow the death of each of my friends so far go without avenge. I will avenge Tyren, Giana, Risco, Emma, Kub, Ally, and soon to be Florin. The capital will learn at some point that these deaths will not go without pay. I will now just win for my friends and make sure their deaths will not be just passed by!. I hop out of the tree to go tribute hunting. No one messes with Nico Banuelos' Friends!.

Caleb (District 8)'s POV

I didnt mean to kill Ally. I came into these games knowing that i would be kind and not kill. But i guess the games have changed my perspective. I just wish i wouldn't have left Florin alone without his beloved. OH WELL i guess. I Decide to try to find Florin to apoligize.

Aria (District 1)'s POV

BOOM. Little Florin lays there dead. Serve him right for giving me a cut with his bowie knife. I raid the supplies he has. I turn to leave and i spot Caleb. I give him a smirk and throw a knife at him. He dodges it and throws one in return. The chase begins.

Nightly Death Chart


Florin D4-Aria D1

Day Twenty-Four

Caleb (District 8)'s POV

This is about the thrid time i have been chased while in the arena! But luckily all 3 times i have escaped. Mayeb i can win this. Nico and Aria thats all two more deaths. I can do this maybe i can return home!

Aria (Distrtct 1)'s POV

Caleb got away! i shouldve just thrown the knife when i was in reach then he wouldve died! Nico hasn't made a single appearance since the death of Emma. Could he be hiding or what?

Nico (District 2)'s POV

I have been spying on Aria for a while now. HA! She thinks im hiding!. "Nico come out and fight whereever you are!" she yells loudly. i decide to come out of the bush, "Im right here Aria.have a problem?" She looks scared and mouths out something i believe she is beging for alliance. "Well Aria You killed Florin so I dont think i can do that." I say in Hushed laughter as i pull out a spear. "Payback time" i say with a smile. I hurl the spear at her but she dodges and runs. I decide to grab my spear and not chase her. Caleb is only a few yards away anyway

Memory: Before the games and the Interview clothing of the remaining tributes

Before the games pictures

Aria 1

Aria on a usual day in district 1

Caleb 1

Caleb on a usual day in District 8

Nico before the games

Nico on a usual day in District 2

Chariot Ride pictures (explained)

Aria 2

Aria: Her hair tinted into two colors black and blond, adding beauty. She is heavy doused with cosmetics to resemble her luxury working district, She has a pink dress with microscopic diamonds. "I thought the whole look was very pretty, i even asked if the designer could dye my hair like this for the games. I liked everything except the makeup. WAY too much."

Caleb 2

Caleb sports a district 8 woven cloak, his hair slightly lightened. He wears red- orange eye contacts, that is his favorite color, he says "When i am in the arena, i think i will be killing alot, I just love that blood red color!"

Nico 2

Nico's district was mostly masonry, so his designers wanted him to look like he was made of stone. They tinted everything they could a stone grey, even his eyes and hair. "I refused to wear the grey and glitter makeup, no thanks."


Day Twenty-Eight

Aria (District 1)'s POV

"Well Caleb we meet again" I say He just stares at me a draws his knife. I do the same but we both stand there having some sort of a Stare- Down. we both just circle around. So i make the first move.i throw my knife at him but he dogdes and throws one in return. it gets my arm and i fall in pain. Caleb towers over me. Well at least Nico can still win this.. BOOM.

Caleb (District 8)'s POV

After i killed Aria i realized it was only me and Nico left in this arena. He could be anywhere! i am starting to become frightened by the fact that he is trying to avenge his friends. I decide to go to the one place i remeber i had luck. The wheat fields. Maybe i can do this after all

Nico (District 2)'s POV

Just a while ago a cannon sounded. i wonder who it couldve been. Aria or Caleb. I decide to just prepare for this oncoming battle because whoever it is has Knives. And i think even the Capitol knows i havent had good expieriance with knives in this arena.



Day Twenty-Nine

Nico (District 2)'s POV

Well last night i found out that Aria had passed. Looks like it is Caleb and I fighting for the Crown. Trust me i do not plan on going down easy; i need to avenge my friends and if i die im gonna dissapoint them.

Caleb (District 8)'s POV

Nico and I hmm i have a worthy opponent. But he doesnt even stand a chance. Knives arent his strong suit. I know from when Malley threw one at him. I have this in the bag.

Memory: Tyren and John's Interview with Julius (Predictions)

Tyren (District 3)'s Interview Prediction

Julius: Well Tyren we all know that other then youself you are secretly rooting for someone else.

Tyren: Well actually yes, I am.

Julius: And which tribute might that be Young man?

Tyren: Well actually im rooting for Nico if i do not make it.

John (District 9)'s Interview prediction

Julius: Is there one other tribute your rooting for right now?

John; Well yes we are allies of course.

Julius: and who is that

John: My Allie is Caleb. so im root for him once i die but only if i die.

Day Thirty

Caleb (District 8)'s POV

When I awoke this morning there was a metal tube next to me. Sponsers. I opened the Tube to find Some knives. There was something peculiar about them though. Then it hits me. They have a purple tint to them meaning that they are Nightlock Filled. This is good it gives me even more of the chance i had over Nico. I walk around the arena for a while hoping to find Nico but he seems to be no where in sight. Then another parachute comes but instead of a metal tube its a box of crackers. The sponsers must love me. I go to the cornicopia and to my surprise I see knives laid out. I grab 2 only and run off knowing it could be a trap.

Nico (District 2)'s POV

I do not like being considered a "Career". I was only in the pack at the begining because Kub and Tyren had ran off. If they wouldn't have i would've never been with the careers. I decide to wash up considering im near a lake, i take my jacket , which has many cuts from knives, and my shirt off. Which to my surprise have not caused me a problem. I mean like someone wearing a bright blue jacket and Lime green shirt. would be easy to find but no ones ever done it yet. Once in the lake a sponser tube comes down. I open to find 2 spears and a note. " we have sponsered you 2 spears for the care of Emma and Risco during this time -DISTRICT 8" I finish washing up and put my shirt and jacket back on. I can do this. For my friends.

Nico's Family's Thoughts

Nico's Mother: Amid Banuelos

I want to tell Nico to keep his shirt and sweater off for Dos Razones (two reasons). For one the colors give him away too much. what was the capital thinking when they gave him blue and green clothes. and The ladies in the capitol would love it. I know he can do this Te tengo fe Nico (I Trust You Nico)

Nico's Father: Salvador Banuelos

My son can do this he can win he has made it this far! I just want him to come home Lo extrano (I Miss Him) I just want him back so life can go back to normal i wouldnt have to worry constantly. BUt for now i can only hope. Regresa Hijo (Come Back Son)

Nico's Brother: Sal Banuelos

I Havent been watching the games in fear of Watching my brothers death. I got throught my Teen years without being reaped. Why did it happen to my little brother! Nico win for us please me miss you we need you! Please return Little brother.

Caleb's Family's Thoughts

Caleb's Father: Joey Yates

My son has exceeded my expectations! He has made it to the top 2! I can only be happy for now This is very good news! I have constantly worried but no longer my son will return i can feel it! Good luck Caleb Do it for us

Caleb's Mother: Tiara Yates

Oh good joy! My boy is in the top two! he may bring home the crown! I am so excited! I cant wait to see his face once again! Oh my boy I knew you could do it i always knew you had it in you. Now just kill the Boy and come home!

Caleb's Sister: Nat Yates

My brother is doing really good! Even my teachers think so everyone here in District 8 thinks he can win! and know he just has to prove it by Killing Nico! Alothough he is the enemy at this point i still believ Nico is good looking. But the games have their rules and only one victor is allowed and It has to be Caleb!!

Day Thirty-One

Caleb (District 8)'s POV

I am Still at the Cornicopia awaiting for Nico to head over here. I had seen him by the lake the other day washing up. I was tired at the time so i did not approach. These games have gone on for Exacly one month as of today. Or at least i believe that they have. All of a sudden a spear zips past me.

Nico (District 2)'s POV

I throw spears at Caleb for a while until he leaves the cornicopia. I dont want to kill him at the moment because i am trying to relax a while. He finally leaves so i go and collect my spears. I get comfy and realize its been a full month since we have been here. Meaning its December 9th. Tommorows my birthday.

Julius Flickerman's Report.

Hello My capitol friends how are you this fine Hunger day? I am feeling that our Victor will soon be crowned!. I will not say my bet because of the legal reasons but lets say i think they will have a great victory. From my stage to your home I am Julius Flickerman Goodbye.

The Final Day: Day Thirty Two

The Gamemakers room

"Romulus! They arent doing anything! it has been nearly a week!"

"OK, lets set up a suprise, Laterin, spawn the tracker jacker mutts"

Nico (District 2)'s POV:

I was just relaxing in my tree, i hear a rumble. I see caleb running. Lets end this. I jump out of my tree, to see what he was running from! Tracker Jackers! I follow Caleb to the cornucopia. The large bees do not move into the clearing. Instead, the form a large wall around it. I see what is happing. The wall is closing in slowly. Caleb throws a punch at me, knocking me to the ground. He takes out his knives, I can only notice his evil, deadly bloodred eyes, and his fiery red hair. I am holding away the knife. And i kick him off of me and climb atop the cornucopia. He tries to get on but i kick him off. He throws a knife at me and it hits my upper arm. I am knocked off the cornucopia. He comes around and i take out the knife. He has a spear. I throw the knife at him the same time he throws a spear at me. I drop to the floor, and successfully dodging the spear look up. Caleb. He is laying on the hard grass floor. His dead eyes staring at me. BOOM. I can see him and the bees all vanish. A hovercraft comes around. I won. I am alive. I can go home. And it my birthday.

Nico's Winning interview with Julius

Julius: Well Welcome our Champion NIco Banuelos!!!! So Nico how was finally getting that last kill and being able to finally leave. And Happy birthday i will add.

Nico: Well actually i did this all for my fallen friends during this game. I knew caleb was gonna be hard to beat. But i did it. and im happy that i got to be alive for my 18th birthday.

Julius: I cant imagine how it wouldve felt to have all those knife wounds. and when you took off your shirt in the lake. let me tell you the ladies went wild! Am i right ladies!! *Crowd Cheers*

Nico: oh ha. well thanks


Epilouge: Day 3154

As soon as i got back to District 2 I began a Service for kids who wanted to be tributes. I taugh hand-to-hand combat and most skill they needed. But i made sure that each tribute that i taught knew my one rule. Protect your friends. And never be a career. I am Now 21. And its been 3 years since i won. exacly considering my birthday is today. I have had 1 tribute come back. and he obeyed my rules. I have a feeling this could begin a way to show the capitol to not mess with us. I know live in Victor's village with my Mother, Father and brother Sal. But i still teach to tributes. Let it be known to future tributes. We can stop this. And to honor our fallen friends i have named my three kids after 3 of the people i was close to during the games. Emma Kub and Aria

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This is how Nico looks like. This is a photo of his creator because Nico is based off him.


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