wehn i was five plp askd me wat i wantd to be n ov corse i sed action man but now im almost sixteen n realise the many opputunities out there for me n say i tink i wanna be sumthing important to not juss myself but others. i want to be able to say that my parents r proud to say im their dughter n not coz ov me academia or music affects. i tink i might do sumthing lyk day care centres or help my mate morgan become a famous singer, who knows a thread of dreams starts from believeing am i right? so i guess ihts dee lil tings that matter n not about the money, who needs iht anyways? but srsly i dnt care waht plp say im going my dream n making a difference around here you can too if you'd lyk too i mean its better to hav sum motive on the way XXDD well atleast thats my mum says i want to be sum one and not be a silent leader any longer if i wanna get sum where i hav to speak up for my self! new rule for me dnt get shy coz their older do what i think is best! >=)

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