Hello, it's Shelley, and I'm really excited to be hosting my first games!


The 38th Victory Tour is over, and the reapings are coming. Districts 1-13 will be "donating" two tributes, one boy and one girl, to be trapped in an arena from a blazing desert to a frozen wasteland to fight to the death. This arena will be a dense forest with only salt water to be found, fresh water will only come from rain. Instead of roots and soil for ground, the Capitol has altered it to be thick sand with hidden quicksand about.


1) You may have up to 2 tributes each.

2) I will not do group training, chariot rides, and stylists.

3) I will be doing inerviews, reapings, and private training.

4) Reservations last three days.

5) Make detailed tributes with descriptive stuff in there so I make the games more dramatic.

6) Try to make new tributes. They will have a higher chance of winning if new.

7) No spamming at all.

8) There will be two victors.

9) Give advice, but not constantly. The longer it is, the higher the chances of your tribute's victory in the games.

10) You may have 1 stylist.

Tribute Template

Please use this template to submit a tribute:





Weapon of choice (no more than two weapons, and yes, camouflage does count):


Appearance (please include height):


Strategy for Bloodbath:

Strategy for Games:

Alliance (optional):


The arena will be a dense forest with only salt water (With the exception of rainwater). The Corncoupia is underground and in the shape of a cube, with only six tunnels leading into it. Traps have been placed around the arena, such as pressure plates that cause fire, trees that seem sturdy but fall if climbed, and quicksand. The floor, instead of roots, leaves, and bushels, is all sand and some salt water ponds. As said before, quicksand is disguised as real sand all over. The sand is covered with posionous creatures, such as rattlesnakes and scorpions, making the ground not so pleasant, and hiding there could mean a painful death for your tribute. Hidden behind vines, there is one part of the arena that is underground that has things just as valuable as the Corncoupia. However, there are four of these in the arena, three are booby trapped with all kinds of mutts, one is untouched unless your tribute discovers it. Finally, an earthquake has been set to commence anytime during the games, that will set off lots of traps and send tributes to either trees or their doom.

Tribute Reservations

No tributes are currently reserved.


District Gender Name Age Weapons Height Creator
1 Male Tex Arrow 17 Sword, Spear 5'8 AxedFox
1 Female Alexis Icer 16 Axes, Throwing Knives 5'7 AxedFox
2 Male Jacob Lawson 18 Sword 6'2 A random person who likes hunger games
2 Female Ashley Diamond 17 Bow and Arrow, Knife 5'7 A random person who likes hunger games
3 Male
3 Female Techna Cable 13 Wires 5'8 ~glitterday~
4 Male
4 Female
5 Male
5 Female Icelia Wintersmith 16 Knife, Traps 5'10 Leapkit
6 Male
6 Female Ellowyn Blakk 14 Trident, Daggers 5'8 Everderp
7 Male Majoris Ivory 18 Axe, Tomahawk 6'4 Nhtomahawks22
7 Female
8 Male
8 Female
9 Male
9 Female Kittiwake Wynters 14 Trident, Traps, Dagger 5'0 Everderp
10 Male Tyler Ashford 17 Knife, Trident 6'0 Leapkit
10 Female Susan Gatelock 17 Whip, axe, nightlock 5'7 ~glitterday~
11 Male
11 Female
12 Male
12 Female
13 Male
13 Female


This user helped me put the finishing touches on the page, so she gets her tributes in automatically.


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Private Training

Coming Soon

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