Welcome to the 59th Annual Hunger Games! I will try to finish my games unlike the other times.

Tribute Template


District: (Please choose at least 3 because I can't also guarantee that the district you want is there) Age:




Strengths:(Don't put a lot if you don't have a lot of weaknesses)


Background Story: optional(If your tribute is interesting I will keep it in the games longer)


1. I DO NOT go on profiles. I'm sorry for that but it takes SO much longer to get the games set up if I go there

2. Reservations last 2 days  

3. You can have up to 1 career tributes (Districts 1,2,&4) NOTE: This rule might change due to the fact that I might not get a lot of tributes  

5. On the tribute template it said Don't put a lot if you don't have a lot of weaknessesWhich means if you have 4 strengths you MUST have 3 weakness. Another example: if you have 10 strengths you MUST have 9 weaknesses

6.You can spam if you entered a tribute or if all the tribute spots are filled but don't cuss  

7. No more than 4 tributes


District 1 Female-Amanda Shiloh Lavenski

Age: 17

Weapon: Scythe

User: Aquastar4infinity

District 1 Male- Raven Mockingjay

Age: 16

Weapon: Scythe, Throwing Knives,Mace

User:Raven HG

District 2 Female-Raspberry

Age: 16

Weapon:Throwing Knives and Hand to Hand Combat

User: District2Career

District 2 Male- Cadberry

Age:16 Weapon: Sword and Teeth

User: District2Career

District 3 Female Water Stone

Age: 12

Weapon:Plants,Dagger,and Camoflague

User: Foxface D5

District 3 Male- Isaac Presko

Age: 16

Weapon:Mace, Machete, and Spear

User: Raven HG

District 4 Female Karina Sunglow

Age: 16

Weapon:Trident and Axe


District 4 Male Valhall Berserk


Weapon:Axe and Sword

User: SuperTomato

District 5 Female Kayleigh Power/Powerkiller

Age: 12

Weapon: Wires, Knives, and Plants


District 5 Male Aaron Surge

Age: 18 Weapon:Spear,Throwing Axes, and Knives


District 6 Female Megan Crouse




District 6 Male Wintergreen Koolbottom




District 7 Female-Kiki Woods/Mockingwidow

Age : 12

Weapon: Bow and Arrow, Knives, Axes, and Swords


District 7 Male- Aber

Age: 14

Weapon:Throwing Axes

User: District2Career

District 8 Female Dosh Sonar


Weapon:Bow and Arrow


District 8 Male Arthur Kuhn


Weapon:Spear and Sword


District 9 Female Alianna "Ali" Zenith


Weapon:Throwing Stars, and Spears


District 9 Male Caleb Stoll


Weapon: Axe and Machete


District 10 Female Karman Littlewood




District 10 Male Grylto Hill


Weapon: Bow and Arrow,Throwing Knives, and Ace

User:Super Tomato

District 11 Female Marlen GG Jones


Weapon:Bow and Arrow


District 11 Male Tiger Door Nut


Weapon: Spear


District 12 Female Becky Michealson


Weapon: Machete  


District 12 Male Grant Doniel




Districts Available

District Status
District 1 Both Female and Male Taken
District 2 Both Female and Male Taken
District 3 Both Female and Male Taken
District 4 Both Female and Male Taken
District 5 Both Female and Male Taken
District 6 Both Female and Male Taken
District 7 Both Female and Male Taken
District 8 Both Female and Male Taken
District 9 Both Female and Male Taken
District 10 Both Female and Male Taken
District 11 Both Female and Male Taken
District 12 Both Female and Male Taken

Training Scores

Name Score
Amanana Shiloh Lavenski 9
Raven Mockingjay 10
Raspberry 11
Cadberry 11
Water Stone 5
Isaac Presko 6
Karina Sunglow 8
Valhall Berserk 9
Kayleigh Power/Powerkiller 7
Aaron Slurge 5
Megan Crouse 6
Wintergreen Koolbottom 7
Kiki Woods 5
Aber 4
Dosh Sonar 6
Arthur Kun 7
Alianna "Ali" Zenith 8
Caleb Stoll 6
Karman Littlewood 7
Grylto Hill 7
Marlen GG Jones 5
Tiger Door Nut 5
Grant Doniel 6
Becky Michaelson 7



59th Annual Hunger Games Arena

This is the arena. As you can see there is a source of water but it contains poison which can be purified using iodine.                


Axe-$100 Knives-$50

Bow and Arrow(12 Arrows)-$150

Scythe-$150 Katana-$100

12 Arrows-$75


Throwing Axes(3)-$200

Throwing Knives(3)-$150




Survival Needs

Bread(Small Loaf)-$10

Chicken(Medium Sized)-$50

Soup(Enough to feed 2)-$50



Water(Small Jug)-$10

Water(Medium Jug)-$30

Water(Large Jug)-$50

Iodine(50mL with dropper)-$50

Empty Water Bottle-$10

Rope(50 feet)-$50

Matches(Box of 20)-$20


Burn Cream(Treat 5 Burns)-$50

InstaHeal(Instantly heal any wounds)-$400




The person who created the tribute is the mentor. You will start out with $500 for your tribute. If someone wants to sponsor your tribute you get another $500. The more sponsors you have the more money you will get. Another thing. Please write notes to your tribute. Bloodbath strategy,feast strategy, etc.

Tribute Sponsor Money
Amanda Lavenski $500
Raven Mockingjay


Raspberry $1000
Cadberry $820
Water Stone $500
Issac Presko $250
Karina Sunglow $500
Valhall Berserk $500
Kayleigh Power $500
Aaron Surge $500
Megan Crouse $400
Wintergreen Koolbottom $500
Kiki Woods $1000
Aber $500
Dosh Sonar $500
Arthur Kun $500
Alianna "Ali" Zenith $500
Caleb Stoll $500
Karman Littlewood $500
Grylto Hill $250
Marlen GG Jones $500
Tiger Door Nut $590
Becky Michaelson $500
Grant Doniel $500

The Games

Day 1-Bloodbath

Kiki Woods POV "You can do this" I whisper to myself.I step into the glass tube and breath in my last moments of life. The metal plate rises up. The countdown begins60,59,58,57

Karina Sunglow POV 56,55,54,53,52,51,50,49 I look around. It's a forest. I stare at the golden Cornicopia and see a trident. It's mine. The tributes this year seem weak and I know this might be an easy win. It could be without District 2.....48,47,46,45,44,43,42,41

Grylto Hill POV 40,39,38,37,36,35,34Only a few seconds left. I'm scared for my life but I have to keep it cool. Should I go? Should I run? I'm breathing heavy. Cadberry gives me an icy glance then mouths "Your first". Please not me. I don't want to die. Not know....Karman screams at me. It kind of startles me but I don't move. 33,32,31,30,29,28,27,26

Raspberry POV 25,24,23,22,21,20,19,18 Cadberry's last words to me lingers in my head. "You're my best friend and I don't want to lose you. Promise me this stay with me all the way and Ill love you forever." Before I got an explanation Cadberry was yanked away by the peacekeepers. I'm so confused. He loves me but I'll have to kill him sooner or later right? Should I do it know to get it out of my head? What should I do? 17,16,15,14,13,12,11,10 Issac Presko POV My last ten seconds of life. 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 GONG!!I dart into the woods. BOOM!BOOM!BOOM! Three kills already?!? Now I'm gonna run even faster.

Amanda Lavenski POV Not bad at all.Karina gets first and Raspberry gets second. The games are gonna be fun. I grip my scythe and stab District 8 Female. BOOM!Then I stab District 9 Male BOOM! The blood from the dead tributes has stained a forth of the Cornicopia. Huh. More than 6 tributes died in the first few minutes. Weaklings

Cadberry POV 1 kill. Gotta keep up my pace.Two arrows fly past me. I swing my sword to District 11 Female. BOOM! My hands are getting sweaty as I see someone approaching Raspberry. "NOO!!!"I screech. I plunge my sword into District 12's heart. BOOM! BOOM! I take a look around to see Vahall raising his sword up form a dead body.

Raven Mockingjay POV I feel hazed.My vision is blurry. Using my last ounce of strength I hoist myself up and grab some throwing knives. THWAP! Everything seems clearer now. "YOU IDIOT!!! GET UP AND FIGHT!!!" shouts Amanda. "What happened?" "You hit your head in the Cornicopia. Lucky I slapped you back to life. You should be greatful."she says. I get up and start fighting. I pick the sharpest knife and throw it at Aber. BOOM! I take another knife and throwit towards District 5 Male BOOM! By the time he's killed everyone is gone except the careers.


The Rest of Day 1

Alianna Zenith POV Huff, puff,huff,puff Im exhuasted. I've ran about several miles now. I sit down on fallen tree and empty the contents from my backpack. Rope, matches, water, and knife. I rip open my canteen of water. The cold sensation calms me down as I catch my breath. I know I'm still alive but I'm just bearly breathing. WHOOSH! I flip around to see Kiki pointing her bow and arrow at me. "Wait!!" I yell "Listen these are the games and to win you have to kill. Im sorry but you're gone"she says. My hands are shaking so hard. Im trembling. 'I'll give you whatever I have if you spare me. Please. Or we could be allies." my voice is shaking. 'Sorry Ali bye." She releases the arrow as I throw my knife at her.WHOOSH! I close my eyes but nothing hits me. Kiki isn't dead. What happened she just disappears. I scan the area to see my knife is gone along with Kiki.

Issac Presko POV I can't believe I made it out alive! For the rest of the day I look for a good spot to rest. I climb up a tree and just lie there. Suddenly, a paracheute drops down. I open it and find chicken,iodine, and a machete. The metallic silver and leather blue handle,it must be from the Capitol. I hop off the tree and walk towards a narrow stream I saw earlier. I create a makeshift cup using the paracheute fill it with water then add the iodine. I let it sit for a few minutes like the instructions said then drank it. I have food and a weapon. let the Games begin.

Grylto Hill POV I'm in such shock right now.The games have begun. I'm alive and thanks to my mentor I have the essentials, chicken,water, and a bow and arrow. I decide to test my bow and arrow by staking out in a bush and wait for an oncoming tribute. The day grows late and no tributes have passed. What now? Instead I decide to shoot an animal. I load my bow and arrow and shoot a squirrel. It went straight into the squirrel's eye in a few seconds. I find a cave and decide to call it a night.I hear the Capitol anthem and see all the faces. I don't remember some but I count and see 11 people died today. These games are gonna be harder than I thought.

Amanda Lavenski POV We have the Cornicopia secured and piled high with supplies. "So who's gonna stand guard for tonight?" Cadberry says. "I will." I announced. 'Everyone agree?" Cadberry says. I hear murmers of yes and I know this is my only chance to wipe out the careers and their supplies. "Let's get some rest so we can be rested and ready to fight tommorrow." Raspberry announced. Each career got their own sleeping bag. After a few hours I know everyone is asleep. I carefully and quietly fill a large backpack with mediecine, water, food, rope, matches and iodine. Next, I take my scythe and stab Karina' s heart. BOOM! Shoot! That boom is gonna wake them up.I already see Raven slightly waking up. Instead of wiping them out I take my match and light it on fire. I toss several of them into the supply pile and watch it burn. I take everyone's weapon and throw it into the fire. I run away with my supplies. I know I have to run far to avoid everyone.

Day 2- Raspberry Snaps

Megan Crouse POV "HAHAHA!! It's okay,it's okay." I whisper to myself. I've gone a bit crazy since I saw Karman die. He was the only one I could trust. I try to keep calm but I just can't. I stalk the careers hoping that I could find the right way to kill Raspberry. She deserves to die after what she did to Karman. Valhall wakes up. He seems frightened. He wakes up the rest of the careers. I could slightly hear him and make out "Karina and Amanda are gone! So are our supplies!" I remember what happened. Amanda killed Karina then burned the supplies. " THOSE BIATCHES!!" Cadberry yells nice and clear. Rapberry announced "Well if anyone else knows hand to hand combat or something that doesnt require a weapon then we could go and kill Amanda and Karina. "I could use my teeth" Cadberry announces." But don't you think they would be smart enough to actually take some supplies, maybe weapons" Raven said. Cadberry looks frustrated now or irritated. "HEY!!" an unknown tribute shouts. The careers look ready to fight but then realized they don't have weapons. Becky steps into the career's territory and says "I'll tell you everything that happened last night and give you some of my weapons, if, you ally with me." "We have no choice." Cadberry says. "Well you have to earn a weapon from me. I can't exactly trust you right now." Becky said. " Allies?" "Allies." " What's that nosie over there?!" Valhall asks. I know they're talking about me so I run off.

Becky Michaelson POV "Maybe it was a squirrel?" I suggest. "Maybe, or it could be a tribute." Cadberry says. "Well who has the weapons, info, and knows where Amanda is."I say. I'm walking on fragile territory where they could turn on me any minute but I try to sound confident. "Fine, what do you want?" Raspberry asks. "Hmm...let's see....IF you get any sponsor gifts you have to give them to me, you have to protect me during battle, and if you weaklings get to the feast give me your bags."I say. " No way. We're not gonna give up all of that for some weapons and Amanda's location. You don't even know where Karina is." Raspberry snaps. "Oh she died." I say. I think she might be breaking. I smirk. "Amanda was gonna wipe all of you out except those cannon booms stopped her. Instead she burned your supplies." I say. Just a bit more pushing until they crack. "Valhall, sorry about your district partner, ally with me and I'll give you a weapon." I say. "I thought we were allies." Cadberry said. "That was before Raspberry snapped on me." "I didn't do anything!" Raspberry snapped. "There you go again!" I say. "C'mon guys lets just leave Becky alone and not ally with her. She has too high expectations for us." Raven says. " No, I'm not gonna be pushed around by a 14 year old. I'll kill you and Amanda. Even if I don't have weapons I can still fight." Raspberry says. "Let's go District 2." I say. I grab my machete out of my back pocket and swing it at her. Even with her fiery attitude she seems so graceful, dodging my every attack. Suddenly, she disarms me and pins me to the ground. "What are you gonna do now, I'm stronger than you." Raspberry's haunting voice said.Using my last ounce of strength I manage to grab my machete and stab her "That's what I'll do." "NOOO!!" Cadberry shouts. He rushes over to Raspberry and holds her hand."Before you go. I want you to know, I love you." he says sobbing. "I love you too." she says. They share a kiss until the cannon sounds BOOM! "Good bye Raspberry."Cadberry says. "Great...." I SAY. Cadberry rushes over to me and pins me down like Raspberry did. "HOW DARE YOU KILL HER!!! YOU'RE GONNA HAVE A SLOW AND PAINFULLY DEATH!!" he screams. "Don't you want to know where the weapons are?" I say hoarsley. "I might spare you if you do." he says. I'm desperate know so I say. "By that tree with the red flag." "Good. You know how I said I might spare you? I didn't say I will I said might so here it goes." Cadberry said. He lifts me off the ground and twist my neck. CRACK! Then he snaps both me legs. CRACK! Here I am slowly dying like Cadberry said.Everything hurts. I do weird spazzams every once in a while but after a few minutes I start to black out. BOOM!

Cadberry POV I dash towards the tree Becky pointed at and grab some throwing knives and a sword. I sit there and sob until Raven and Valhall show up. We're the last careers. "Dude,you don't even use throwing knives."Raven says. "But Raspberry does." I say. I can't keep together. Raspberry was the reason I fought now I don't know what to do.We collect the weapons. All 5 of them then, we find a spot to camp out and for me to cool down. I guess we'll be here for a while

Tiger Door Nut POV I wonder the mountains in search of a place to stay. The mountains seemed like a good to stay since I could climb and no one wants to be here. I find a small cave stay. The Capitol anthem begins and I see Raspberry from District 2 and Becky from District 12 then the sky goes black again

Day 3- Cadberry Runs Away

Kayleigh Power POV I need blood. I must kill. I jump onto the ground and pick off the leaves in my hair. crunch, snap! crunch I swivel around. No one. I hear the noises again crunch, snap!,crunch The sound of leaves. I'm disarmed so I decide not to attack. Then I see a small glimpse of brown hair in the trees. I climb up and see Kiki with her guard down. I grab a weapon while she's not looking and stab her BOOM! I still see her trembling and clutching her wound. As I'm about to climb down a sharp pain begins in my back. I feel around and to touch a handle of a knife. Great......I pull out the knife and stab my heart. BOOM!

Valhall Berserk POV "You okay?" I ask Cadberry. "Leave me alone" he moans. "C'mon you've been like this since Raspberry died" I say. "Don't you dare say her name!!" he shouts. "Leave the guy alone Valhall, he seems a bit off...." Raven says. "Let's go hunt tributes." I say. "Wanna come Cadberry?" Raven asks. "No. I'll guard camp." he says. "We're off." I say. Raven and I wonder around the arena. "Look over there." Raven points out. It's Amanda. What is she doing? We quietly walk closer to see that she's tinkering with the force field. "Let's kill her." I say. We walk closer but Amanda sivels around. "Hi Raven, Hi Valhall." she says awkwardly " Hi Amanda." Raven says. "If you don't know we're gonna kill you now. Cause you know, you killed Karina." I say. This is awkward...."Wow.....Umm I'm trying to break the force field and if you let me live I'll be able to break it." she said. "How are you gonna do that?" I ask. "Issac. You know the guy from District 3.I promised to protect him if he let me out of here"she said. "Listen, lets cut the awkwardness and kill her already." Raven said. "Okay." "Wait no! Let me explain!!"she cried."Too late." I push her into the force field. BUZZ She falls to ground and manages to say "I'm still alive." "Not anymore.Finish her off" Raven says I grab my axe and hit her neck BOOM! We walk back to camp to tell what we did to Cadberry. "Cadberry guess what!?!" I shout. No response. "Where is he." Raven asks. I shrug. We search camp and found no Cadberry. "Great, Cadberry ran away." I say. "What now?" Raven asks. "I guess we're the only careers." I say "I guess so.."he replies

Alianna Zenith POV I have to find a place to stay. As I roam the woods I hear sobbing under a rock. I'm not sure if I could lift it but I try. My hands reach the rough surface and lift the rock. It was suprising light. I look inside to see Cadberry crying. Must be about Raspberry. "Leave me alone!" he yells. He lift up a sword weakly. Since he was a bit off I decided to take advantage of that. He's sexy too so that will make it easier. I flip my blonde hair and in a seductive voice I say "It's okay baby, we'll get through this together." I slide in the hole and push away the sword from Cadberry's hand. I lean in and kiss him. " See didn't that feel better?" I say. Cadberry's speechless. Instead of attacking me, he leans in again and starts kissing, more passionately this time."It feels much better." he finally says. It grew more intense and we kissed and cuddled each other for the entire night. I wrapped my legs around his and my arms around his neck. It does feel wrong to betray Jared like this but I need someone who can fight hard.

Day 5-The Final Six

Cadberry POV Ali's sleeping next to me. We've been at this all night and I can't do it anymore. Everytime she kisses me I feel pain. Ali is just something to fill the gap left by Raspberry. Raspberry was the best part of me. I know Raspberry is gone, moved to District 14, but somehow I know she's watching this. I shake Ali's shoulder. "Is it morning time already baby?" she ask. "Don't call me that. Listen you're nice, sweet, and pretty but I can't do this anymore." I say. "Do what?" she asks. "Be with you. All this time I've been with you I thought of Raspberry. The times me and her have been together. I'm sorry Ali but..." I lift up my sword and stab her BOOM! As Alianna falls a parachute drops down with her. I open the container to find matches,iodine,soup,water,and a backpack. I stuff everything in there and head out in search of tributes. I'm over Ali now. I know my one true love is Raspberry and one day I'll meet her in District 14. Some day....

Tiger Door Nut POV I'm awkaned by the sound of the cannon. A kill this early in the morning!?!?! I decide to pack up. I keep wondering the arena because I know it's dangerous to stay in one place. 

Issac Presko POV I need wires. I can't destroy the force field without them. I leave the forcefield and search for Raven. My mentor told me to trust him. I need to get a knife and some instant heal so I could cut out my tracker. I run along the arena swiftly and quietly so no one notices me. I pass by Megan who is laughing hystericly up in a tree. I was thinking of killing her but I have no weapons. I keep running and find a small camp set up. Must be Raven's. I decide to stay and wait for them. 

Few hours later

They still havent come back......

Day 6-The Feast

Megan Crouse POV A parachute drops down and as soon as it's in my reach I snatch it from the air. I rip it open and see food and water. I stuff my mouth with the chicken and then wash it down with water. Suddenly, the Capitol anthem plays and is followed by an announcement Congratulations to the final six tributes of the 59th Annual Hunger Games! We invite you all to a feast where there will be something each tribute desperately needs. I need a weapon. The feast will begin when the sun sets. Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor! The announcement closes off and ends with the Capitol anthem. I decide I'm going

Issac Presko POV I decided to leave the camp but I did take a knife and instant heal. I go back to the force field and try to find it's weakest spot again. I throw a stick into the force field and it almost goes through but bounced back. I wrap the wire I got earlier from a sponsor around a tree.But before I destroy the force field I take a knife and stab my arm that has the tracker in it. I fish around my arm until my hand touches it then pulls it out. I'm already getting hazy and as I reached for the instant heal I realized it's gone. Frantickly searching for it, I know that I don't have much time. I finally reach the jar of instant heal but I'm already blacking out. Then and there I kmow it's over. BOOM!

Valhall Berserk POV The sun sets and Raven and I set out for the Cornicopia. I know we're late but it doesn't matter anymore it's the past. We reach there and see Cadberry guarding the table and a dead body. It's Tiger....."What do we do now?" Raven hisses. "I don't know wait for Cadberry to leave?" I weakly suggest. "But he killed TIGER!! He is crazy dude. We need a plan." Raven whispers to me. "Hey you over there!" Cadberry shouts. "I can see you I'm not stupid!" I hope he's not talking about us. "This is useless. I don't want to get killed and I don't want Cadberry as victor." I say. "I have a plan." Raven says. He whispers me the plan and we get ready. I go ut first to distract Cadberry. "Haha. Think you're gonna get your bag? I may have let one get away but I'm not letting you go." Cadberry says. This is awkward.....I wait for Raven to come but it seems he isn't coming. Cadberry gets closer and I'm not sure what to do.

Cadberry POV Valhall is standing there defensless and I decide to attack. As I lift my sword a bang hits me. I swivel around and see Raven. "Oh you're trying to kill me?! Well guess what! I have armor that I got from my bag. You got armor too but I threw it in the river." I say. Raven is staring at me. His confidence slowly drains out and I know it's time to strike. BOOM! "Bye Raven!" I say as he falls. I turn back and Valhall is as hot as a tomato. "Now you're left." I say. "Yes. I'm the only career left." he says. He lifts up his sword and thrusts it at my face, the only opening in my armor. Before I can react it hits my eye and it's all over. BOOM! At least I can see Raspberry again. In District 14......

Day 7- The Victor Emerges

Megan Crouse POV I can't believe I've been living here for a week. I just need a plan, a plan to get rid of Valhall and Grylto. Soon, a parachute drops down and I open it to find poison. This is it......I dip my knife into the poison and start searching for Grylto or Valhall. I keep the bottle of poison close to reach just incase I become defenseless. After wandering for a few hours my feet have grown tired.I hear rustling of the leaves as I walk. I'm not sure whether its the wind or maybe it's me.I stop to rest then it hits me. In the trees. I stare up and find a the slightest pieces of fabric. Bingo

Grylto Hill POV I've been stalking Megan for a while. She didn't seem to notice until now and I decide to make my move. I load and arrow into my bow which I got from my sponsors and release the string. Swiftly, she dodges. "Aren't you gonna come down and fight?"she shouts. It's time. Time to win for District 10. I load my arrows quickly, almost robot like but everytime I shoot she gracefully dodges. One after another......soon I'm down to my last arrow. My last hope. I load it into the bow and aim perfectly. I release it and the seconds it's flying seems more like hours. I catch every movement of the arrow, hoping it would pierce her. As always she dodged it. I slowly sink. I can't win it, I just can't. I have no more arrows nothing.......I give myself up and surrender. "Thought it might come to this"she said. "Listen I don't want to kill you but...." She lifts her knife and stabs my heart. BOOM! I died instantly but the pain. The pain of living in the arena for a week. Fighting thoses mutts. The pain is gone but my life, District 10, it's gone. Gone forever.

Megan Crouse POV Something is gonna happen. I know it. I watch Grylto get picked up by a hover craft and taken away. I need to find Valhall but the arena is so big he could be hiding anywhere but then I remember. The Gamemakers. The will find a way. I sit at the death place of Grylto and wait. The ground is rumbling. I get up and look around me water is trickling from behind. WHOOSH A giantic wave emerges and I run. snap snap I'm still running on the wet ground but I turn around to see shark mutts. The wave is gaining but I manage to find the Cornicopia. I struggle to climb on it but my feet slipped several times. "Need help?" Valhall asks. I couldn't say no. "Yes" I murmer. "Alright." He lifts his hand out and I see a knife. Using my hands, I deseperatly try to climb away. Soon I feel a sharp pain and watch blood trickle down my arm. "Sharks smell blood well" Valhall says "YOU JERK!" I shout. Some dirt has fallen off my face as I said that. I stare at my arm looking at the knife he pierced it with. I lift it out and stab the Cornicopia with it. Using my good hand, I try to hoist myself up. I look down and see sharks and a whirl pool of water below me as I'm deseperatly climbing. I say one more thing "Please...." I manage to hoist myself ontop of the Cornicopia to find Valhall staring. I lift up my knife and throw it at him hoping it would end him. It touched his back but I don't hear a cannon or see him fall down. Suddenly he says "For District 4!" Then it hit me. The poison washed away. I grab the left over poison from my belt. Valhall grabs my hand and I try to open the bottle. It opens and Valhall throws me into the water. I try to climb back up but it's no use. I throw the poison on top of the Cornicopia hoping it would hit him. As I struggle to get on the Cornicopia again but the slick metal and the water isn't helping. WHOOSH I loose feeling in my left leg and find a shark has it. I remeber Valhall's words to me "Sharks smell blood well." I give myself up into the bloody water. I feel yet another sharp pain in my chest. A trident. The pain of struggling was over. BOOM

Valhall Berserk POV The water cleared out and so did the shark mutts. The games are over. I won. The Capitol anthem plays and is then followed by "Congratulations to Valhall Berserk from District 4, the victor of the 59th Annual Hunger Games!" A hover craft picks me up and I notice weird green bubble on my arm. Megan's bottle she threw at me, it might have contained poison. The team of doctors grab me and prepare me, and make me look almost flawless wiping away scars both new and old from my skin, but there isn't a scar they can wipe away. The loss of my friend Raven who saved me. "Are you ready?" a Capitol atendent asks. "They want to do an interview here" she says. I put myself together and take a deep breath.

Congratulations to SuperTomato and his tribute Valhall Berserk!

Death Chart

Place Name District Killer
24 Wintergreen Koolbottom 6 Karina Sunglow
23 Karman Littlewood 10 Rapberry
22 Dosh Sonar 8 Amanda Lavenski
21 Caleb Stoll 9 Amanda Lavenski
20 Arthur Kun 8 Cadberry
19 Marlen GG Jones 11 Cadberry
18 Grant Doniel 12 Cadberry
17 Water Stone 3 Valhall Berserk
16 Aber 7 Raven Mockingjay
15 Aaron Slurge 5 Raven Mockingjay
14 Karina Sunglow 4 Amanda Lavenski
13 Raspberry 2 Becky Michaelson
12 Becky Michaelson 12 Cadberry
11 Kiki Woods 7 Kayleigh Power
10 Kayleigh Power 5 Kiki Woods
9 Amanda Shiloh Lavenski 1 Valhall Berserk
8 Alianna "Ali" Zenith 9 Cadberry
7  Issac Presko 3 Issac Presko
6  Tiger Door Nut 11 Cadberry
5 Raven Mockingjay 1 Cadberry
4  Cadberry 2 Valhall Berserk
3 Grylto Hill 10 Megan Crouse
2 Megan Crouse 6 Valhall Berserk
Victor Valhall Berserk 4 N/A

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