This is my first time submitting a Hunger Games story so I don't no how good I will be at writing it. You can submit two tributes (one boy, one girl), per district. And please, try not to include a romantic life between your characters. They are fighting to the death and I am really bad at writing romantic stories.

Submitting Tributes

When you submit your Tributes, please include this information.






Arena Strategy:




Any Other Important Info:


District 1: Syr Wrath (male) and Bliss Creme (female)

District 2: Jake Moulis (male) and MeiTotoo (female)

District 3: Radion Plonmot (male) and Gigaa Lokler (female)

District 4: Edward Teach (male) and Sky Cloud (female)

District 5: Jake Tucker (male) and Molly Brechin (female)

District 6: Ruby Steiner (male) and Liesel Hammerman (female)

District 7: Cole Smoke (male) and Lizzy Blue (female)

District 8: Nylon Denim (male) and Silk Denim (female)

District 9: Mason Fowler (male) and Halley Paga (female)

District 10: William Reed (male) and Rio Werckmister (female)

District 11: Garrick Gardiner (male) and Issabella Stone (female)

District 12: Saffron Rye (male) and Garnet Baltmore (female)

Chariot Rides

District 1
District 1's chariot is lined with beautiful gold designs, swirling around. The rest of the chariot is deep blue, glinting in the sunlight. The horses pulling the chariots are snow white, their harnesses gold too. Bliss and Syr are standing on the chariot, heads held high. Bliss wears a snow white dress. The bottom of the dress is lined with blue. Bliss also has a stunning smile on her face. Syr has a confident expression. His outfit is simple but bring out He is dressed in a white button up shirt with rolled up sleeves and black pants. The crowd loves them.

District 2

The crowd is quieted as the District 2 chariot rolls out. Green leaves cover the chariot like vines. the background of the chariot is silver. Mei looks beautiful with a grass green dress just past her knees and a flower in her hair. Jake has black shirt and pants with what looks like vines wrapped around the legs. Mei looks shy with a small smile in the corner of her mouth while Jake looks around stunned, like he's never seen a crowd like this before in his life.

District 3
Gigaa is quiet as she stands on the chariot. She looks smaller on the chariot next to Radion. Her blue eyes are wide with excitement. She has a light blue dress with a long a train coming down behind her. Radion has a hint of a smile in the corner of his mouth. He wears a blue dress shirt with a black jacket. The chariot has black swirls and white background. It makes Radion and Gigaa look more important than the presentation.

District 4

District 4's chariot is fascinating. The chariot is entirely made of glass. The glass is filled with water, like a tank, with bright blue water. Colorful fish dart around in the water making the crowd gasp at the chariot. Edward looks down on the crowd with a gloating look, which makes him look proud to be a tribute. Sky gives the crowd a shy smile. She, on the other hand, looks worried about the games to come.

District 5

Jake and Molly in the next chariot are more enthusiastic. Jake smiles and laughs at the crowd making everyone smile with him. Molly smiles and waves. But when the chariot rolls by a few peacekeepers Jake's smile falters for a moment. The crowd doesn't notice but Molly does. She grabs his hand and squeezes it tightly which brings his smile back.

District 6

Ruby and Liesel look happy they are with each other. Ruby gives a slight but stiff nod to the Peacekeepers and they return the nod. Liesel waves to the crowd. Some people wave back. Ruby whispers something to Liesel making Liesel laugh.

District 7

The 7th chariot rolls out as slowly as the previous ones. Cole has a dark blue, button down shirt with rolled up sleeves and grey pants. Lizzy has a long grey dress. Her hair is curled so it has beautiful ringlets. A single rose sits in her hair. The chariot has simple designs. The horses have dark blue harnesses that match Lizzy's eyes, although the crowd doesn't see it.

District 8

Nylon's eyes dart across the crowd, excitedly.

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