Welcome to the 100th Hunger games! says President Whisplist Snow. This year it will be the most horrifying year of them all! MORE DEATHTRAPS AND WAYS MORE OBSTICALES! Happy Hunger Games!


Tributes: 2 Tributes per person max.... Reservations are 1 day.







Preffered Allies:


Lunaii or Picture of Tribute:


Game Plans

Tribute Clothing:


soon to be announced


district name age appearance weapon skills weaknesses allies personality picture user



18 Messy blonde hair, gorgeous emerald green eyes, perfect white teeth, tanned, ripped, tall hand to hand, sword, spear, knives, can use any weapons but prefers those mazingly strong, extremely fast, can hit bullseyes from behind him 70 ft away, flexible, seductive, plants, hunting, survival skills (fires, knots, etc), fast swimmer, agile climber afraid of massive spiders (like, 5x bigger than wolf spiders), arrogant, kinda loud Careers flirty, clever, funny, sly, sneaky, michevious, smart, confident, logical soon readwritelivenikki
1f Aurora Gold 14 blond,purple eyes,thin,attractive halberd, or sword Careers arrogant but has a sweet side, flirtaticious, soon :~poundthealarm~:
2m Zacharius Thorne 17 Flippy black hair, tall, handsome, muscular. His main weapon is a sword but he also throws knives and spears. Athletic, Strong, Bred for battle, trained with weapons. Falls Easlilly for a girl, Bad Swimmer Careers He is fearless and ready to win. He is seceretly very loving but is always ready to fight. Captainsv
2f Demetria Callitor 15 large brown curls with red highlights, hazel eyes, tall, confident, fit, thin, fashionable, beautiful spear, knives, bow & arrow climbing, weapons, fast runner, flexible, very likable, amazingly accurate aim, knows plants well, wonderful at acrobatics, stealthy, unbelievable night vision swimming, complete darkness Careers Funny, smart, sweet, caring, alluring, but devious. Very energetic and pert. Confident, risky, stubborn. soon readwritelivenikki
3m Chris Smith 16 long black hair,brown eyes,upper body streangth axe Looking after himself and usually trusting the right people. Not being nice to people, which can lead to consequences. He is not very friendly with people he only just met, if he's met them for awhile he trusts them, if they're completely new, he does not trust them one bit. soon Haalyle
3f Aria Camelliston 16 : Beautiful, brown hair,with blonde and copper-like highlights, very distinctive bright blue eyes, tanned skin, thin, petite body bow and arrows Great arm for throwing or swinging, flexible, good swimmer, adrenaline rush that makes her incredibly strong and ruthless when extremely angry, beauty causes the power to seem innocent and sweet to reel people in to trust and fall for her , trained with bow and arrows since age 5 by older brother, strong-willed, risk-taking HEIGHTS, very tight spaces, her family being hurt Careers Sweet, fun, good sense of humor when happy ; rude and thoughtless when angry, very close to her older brother Katelyn.Danita
4m Eros Lujano 14 Dark Brown Hair, Freckles, brown eyes Throwing Axes Axes, Running, Swimming Losing A Loved One, Fire Careers Funny, happy, serious(at times), playful, and awesome. Erosdistrict1
4f Quiley Glade 16


trident,knives very charmastic not a fast runner careers Elusive,Seducial,Bubbly soon :~poundthealarm~:
5m Flame Power 15 orange eyes, orange highlights in blackhair bow and arrow can shoot arrow ok under estimates himself Loner but tries to have allie weird awkward dedejacob
5f happy meadows
6m Kang Kao 17 brown skin, black hair, brown eyes any close range weapon. stamina, built body, short attention span, no tollerence. Dont mess with me and I wont mess with you. Thresh is Fresh
6f Cassandra Castle 16 pretty, blond hair haliberd charming,fast,attacking falls for a boy easily guys Loving, Slow, Carefree nommyzombies
7m Ivan Delvechhio 15 Tall 5'9, Tan skin, Brown hair, Dark green eyes Axe, Throwing Axe, Stealth, Small Sword, Knives Fast Runner, Very good manipulater, active, Hyper Active. Water, Fire, and Spiders, Snakes, and getting killed. : Careers because Eros Lujano is his cousin. Very outgoing, Down-to-Earth, and Hard Worker. Erosdistrict1
7f Priscila Grimoire 17 Dark brown curly hair,pretty Dagger never lets her gaurd down hates boys lone, unless finds someone who she can trust Vengeful, Sophisicated, Sexy, Arrogant nommyzombies
8m Mike Konks 16 :Blue eyes and blond hair and is tall :Bow and arrow, daggers, and rocks :Runnng, Climbing, Hearing, Seeing :May Axe, Throwing Axe, Stealth, Small Sword, Knivescrack under pressir Nice and will help anyone but doesnt hesitate to kill Archer n' KatnissReal
8f Amy Gold 17 pretty,long blond hair anything can use any weapon rude, scared of hights, and cant take a joke anyone desparate mean, rude dedejacob
10f Lilac Autumngrove 18 : Long black hair down to her waist, Dark Blue Eyes, Pale Skin, Ravashing Beauty whip Acrobatics, Agility, Stealth pain sweet,loving madgeical
12m Jasper Cypress 18 spear, sword,axe He is fast, very fast. He isnt your typical strength tribute but is more fast and tactical. He is a great climber. He is very skilled with weapons such as an axe and spear. He is very intelligent an strategic, when he joins an alliance he plans to be the strategist rather than the leader. He is a great cliber of both trees and cliffs and could also keep pace with any chase he makes. He isnt the strongest career. He prefers strategy to brawn. He also is unable to swim, due to never wanting to learn. He prefers to use close range weapons due to his terrible accuracy. His worst weapon is a bow, and is closely followed by Throwing knives anyone He is a very funny, humorous person. People find him very easy to get alog with and enjoy being with. He isnt good at getting personal though and prefers to joke about things rather than face out talk about them.
12f Dacey Hawethrone 16 Hazel eyes, dark curly brown hair, olive skin Bow and arrows, spear Hunts in the wilderness of 12 often and has grown very talented at it; stealthy and agile, clever. Being insulted or her family being put down, not the best swimmer Anyone willing. Preferrably districts lower down. Will be alone if she can't trust anyone Bubbly and energetic; Exciting, likeable girl. Cute and funny. But a bit two-faced.. vicious and ruthless when it comes to. Katelyn.Danita


Sienna Goldmith<>Head Game Maker<> 21<>Siesieo

Sofia Carlos<> Co Head Game maker<>23<> Katniss Jane Mellark

                  <> Head of Training



Sponsor username Tribute being Sponsored What they Have What they need Money Left
Jake Olmos Quiley 500
Jake Olmos Dustin 500
Jake Olmos Dacey 500
Jake OLmos Zacharius 500


Item Use of Item Quantity Price of item
Medicine To help tributes overcome pain and relieve them of symptoms. 10 $100

Gauze Wrap

Used to wrap up the tribute's injury to keep out bacteria. Commonly a cut or burn. Used with medicine, any cream, or antibiotics. 10 $50
Cut Cream Helps to close and heal wound. Works at a fast rate, created in Capitol. 10 $75
Burn Cream Helps to heal burns, leaves a scar afterwards. 10 $75
Antibiotics Used to help fight infection. 10 $30
Painkillers Sooth pain. 10 $50


Item Use of Item Quantity Price of Item
Soup Helpful for badly injured tributes to drink down easily. Calms stomach. Helps hunger. Warm. 10 $30
Fruit Healthy. Gives energy. Helps hunger. 10 $20
Water+Canteen Hydrates. Cleanses wounds. Holds liquids. 10 $35
Full-course meal Includes meat, fruit, and water. Lasts about 3 or 4 days is used wisely. 10 $75


Item Use of Item Quantity Price of Item
Backpack Carries items around. 10 $25
Rope Helps hold items together or tie things. 10 $20
Compass Shows you where you are going. Nearly useless. 10 $10


Item Use of Item Quantity Price of Item
Bow and arrows [3 arrows] Shoots target like a mechanical spear, but smaller and more accurate. 10 $175
Spear Sharp end. Punctures target. Large. 10 $100
Throwing knvies. [5 knives] Small and sharp. Punctures target and easy to throw. Lighweight. 10 $125
Sickle Sharp and curved. Used in District 9 to cut wheat. 10 $200
Mace Round, metal end with spines all over. Large and quite heavy. 10 $175
Axe Sharp metal blade. Used in District 10 to cut down trees. Large and heavy. 10 $100

Warmth/ Miscellaneous

Item Use of Item Quantity

Price of Item

Jacket Waterproof, keeps tribute semi-warm. 10 $50
Sleeping Bag Place to sleep, insulated. Keeps tribute warm. 10 $50
Canopy Protects from rain, shelters. 10 $150
Boots Waterproof/fireproof. Protects feet. 10 $40
Hammock For lazy tributes or tributes unable to create shelter. Can be hooked between two trees. 10 $100





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