The Third In TVG saga: Welcome, Welcome

This is the 3rd one. Im sorry. Rules: Name, district, age, abilites, weaknesses, and token and choice of weapon.

Since this is the 3rd One, There are 30 tributes



2-Anna Rose-D2-

3-Kaytlin Merrywoods-D10-

4-Audacia Undersea-D3-

5-Rasberry Swan-D11-

6-Anne Klein-D11-

7-Kelsey Vann-D7-

8-Ari St. Claire-D4-

9-Gabriele Berlitz-D4

10-Leah Lafleur-D1-




14-Cenelia Korse-D12-



1-Haf Niber-D1-

2-Jax Kates-D2-

3-Nathaniel Jackson-D4-

4-Alex Johnson-D4-

5-Treno Raporus-D9-

6-Lunix Xinul-D2-

7-Mark Bull-D10-

8-Jackson Fink-D12-

9-David Brawler-D7-


11-Matthew Jones-D12-

12-George Skylander-D4-

13-Sage everett-D13-

14-Carter Jenkins-D3-

15-Freddy Bonskin-D6-

The Reaping


I am sweating bad. i dont wanna get picked. I wont go back. I still have hauting dreams. OMG my name is picked. Im pissed

Training scores



2-Anna Rose-D2-8

3-Kaytlin Merrywoods-D10-9

4-Audacia Undersea-D3-10

5-Rasberry Swan-D11-6

6-Anne Klein-D11-9

7-Kelsey Vann-D7-5

8-Ari St. Claire-D4-11

9-Gabriele Berlitz-D4-10

10-Leah Lafleur-D1-9




14-Cenelia Korse-D12-12



1-Haf Niber-D1-12

2-Jax Kates-D2-13

3-Nathaniel Jackson-D4-13

4-Alex Johnson-D4-10

5-Treno Raporus-D9-9

6-Lunix Xinul-D2-11

7-Mark Bull-D10-12

8-Jackson Fink-D12-10

9-David Brawler-D7-12


11-Matthew Jones-D12-10

12-George Skylander-D4-8

13-Sage everett-D13-10

14-Carter Jenkins-D3-10

15-Freddy Bonskin-D6-7

The Arena

The arena is all water with islands surounding it. The islands are foresty. You must swimm to the cornicopia in order to survive. The islands are mossy and on one island, there is a house with supplies, and its not the cornicopia

Day One: The Bloodbath


I look around. I see water then islands. I must get to the cornicopia. Burr..Its cold. i jump off and im the first one at the cornicopia and chuck a knife at Cassie's Head. BOOM. Her cannon Blairs. i grab a sword and run on a bridge to an island. I hear BOOM. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. Six cannons already. wow.


i get to the cornicopia. i stabb lana and freddy at the same time. BOOM BOOM. there dead. i see matthew. i chuck a knife in his back. BOOM. His cannon. I see haf running and Haf decapitates anna. wow.


I am so sick of it i kill carter by drowning him. Then i stab alex in the face. BOOM. alex isnt dead, wow. i see kelsey. I break her neck. Im leaving when is hear a buzz. TRACKER JACKERS! i run and when i clear away from them i hear 3 cannons. I guess some couldnt get away


i barely escape death. Im bleeding bad. i runn and hide in a tree, a parachute flyies 2 me and i open it. medicine. i put it on and it heals quick. I sleep like a baby that night

Deaths day 1

Cassie-stabbed in head by mark

Lana- stabbed to death by Jax

Freddy-stabbed to death by Jax

Matthew-stabbed in back by Jax

Anna- decapitated by Haf

Carter- drown by Ari

Kelsey- neck broken by Ari

David-Killed by tracker Jackers

George- Killed by Tracker Jackers

Audacia-Killed by tracker jackers

Day 2: Starvation


Im starving. I am looking all around the woods. No animals. Then i see a Little house. i run up to it, then i see jackson walk out. I get my bow and arrow out. He ask to be allies. I say No and let the arrow go and BOOM shot in the face. He is taken and got endless supplies. Yayy me!


i am wonder thru the fields on one island. Then i see two people walking, i grab my dagger and jump out, sliting Kaitlyns throat. after that i feel a pain in my back. ive been stabbed. i run with all the strengh i have to a run down waterfall where i collaspe. A parachute comes down and i get medicine. i put it on my wound. awee so much better.


I have a base. Its nothing much but its cool. i see the a group of tributes. I through a grenade at them. BOOM BOOM. john and Nathaniel are dead. I see the survivor's lookig at me. next thing i no, im knocked out cold.

Deaths day 2

Jackson- shot in face with arrow by Gabriele

Kaitlyn- throat slit by Chrys

John- blown up by Rasberry

Nathaniel- Blown Up by Rasberry

Day 3: The Fire

This is from my piont of view

All the tributes gather on one island in the woods. when they are about to all fight, fire surronds them. They all run. A Tree blows up and send a peice of wood in Marks Chest. BOOM. Then an explosion kills Jax, Lena and Anne. Only Sage, Treno, Haf, Alex, Gabriele, Adelaide, Leah and Ari make it off the island before it explodes

Day 4: The Conclusion

Again, My point of view

I see treno and haf fighting. Then Gabriele kills them both with a grenade, Only to have her throat slit by Sage. Ari attackes leah and Leah puts a knife in ari's chest. Leah gets up to only be killed by adelaide. Alex, Adelaide and Sage are the victors....

One Year Later...


Im mvery lucky to have won with adelaide and alex. Alex is a gamemaker with Raven and Adelaide is working with Raven's wife Lily. Me, well im in buiness with prezzie snow. Yep. I love my life and couldnt be happier....

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