Twelve in. Eleven Dead. One Out

Welcome to the Victor games, they gather all the Victors from the twelve 12 disricts and pick 12, and they can be from the same disricts, fight to become the ultimate Victor and move to the capitol with your family! GOOD JOBS THERE! rules, age abilites, weakness. WHO WILL BECOME THE ULTIMATE VICTOR?


1-Sheen Harris-D4-

2-Digit Starr-D3-Wikiacontributor-

3-Robbie Moore-D11-



6-Johnathan Fay-D4-



2-Katherine Loula-ILP-D5-

3-Depha Harris-D4-

4-Lily Alexlhurst-D6-

5-Luna Snare-Justafox-D8-

6-Ellery Daimooth-D1-Milly-

Training Scores


1-Sheen Harris-D4-5-

2-Digit Starr-D3-Wikiacontributor-1-

3-Robbie Moore-D11-8-



6-Johnathan Fay-D4-9-



2-Katherine Loula-ILP-D5-7-

3-Depha Harris-D4-9-

4-Lily Alexlhurst-D6-11-

5-Luna Snare-Justafox-D8-8-

6-Ellery Daimooth-D1-Milly-10-

Day of the games


all i am worried about at this point is wining, screw them, they dont know me, they will die, watch. i have them in my hands, i will play them. Just run to the cornicopia and Boom, kill acouple, steal alot

~We have an announcement..the arena is in LA~

Really, now im pissed


Wow...LA, now there is gonna be some fun. That stuck up lily girl will parish, i will cut her heart out. i am a guy. i know LA of the bat. Watch as i win...

The games


i see were at the beach, i dart to the cornicopia and watch as digitt is drown by Raven. Wow. Oww. i feel a knife jabb my arm and a grab a gun i found a shoot sheen in the face, sadly, i had only one bullet. so i grab a bow and run to a bar. Anthony walks in and i point my bow at him. "Allies?" he askes. I kiss him. I admitt my love for him. He loves me too. I think i found my soulmate....but at the wrong place...


i run with my brother, sheen. he hits Ellery and i am happy! i hear a pop and blood is on my face and i see sheen slump to the ground. She will die. i turn around and slit luna's wrist, but then i realize, she would be a good ally

End of day one


digitt-drown by raven

Sheen harris-shot in head by Ellery

Day two


i wake up to fined myself on top of a bar called Silentstab's. I am thirsty. i walk to bar. i get a drink. as i am drinking, i look in a mirror. Ellery! I jump before the arrow hits me and i kick her, only to be hit in the head with a bottle. I wake up tied to a chair. Torture. How Friggin nice. then i am untied and they say "Alliance?" i say yes, but i ask why. "your can find raven, and we need you" i hesitate, but i realize, there the only chance i got to winning


okay, now raven has joined us. Like i need a him here. i see katherine and i stabb her in the chest. we all take her meat. It taste just like chicken. I fall asleep hearing the waves. I wake up in the middle of the night to kissing. i get up and i say "really?" they anwser with yeah. I am extremely sick. we wonder to a mansion with lights on. We all split up and i meet eyes with robbie before i stabb him..


i manage to convince Lily i am worthy and i team up with her group. I see a dog, we take it in and i name it Rosemarie. We go to sleep in a mansion. i confess my love to robbie. we talk all that night. we sleep but we wake up to hear rosemarie wimper. i go in the kitchen and i see Raven. Awee shizz...

Deaths for day 2

Katherine-stabbed in chest by Luna

Day 3


i hear a scream, i ceck the kitchen and raven stands there. i rush christine out of the room. i kick Raven out the door and we fight outside. i am being strangled by Depha now form behind. Raven is about to stabb me when i move and Depha is stabbed in the heart. i run in the house to find a crying christine and two cannons, i know on is Depha, but who is the other one?


i run upstairs and find robbie bleeding on the floor. I cry. he holds my hand and says that he wanted me to get pregnant. Wow. But i am happy to have his child. I see luna and she dipps out the window with raven. he tells me he loves me and he kisses me one last time. he dies and i run to the living room and cry. Why Robbie? But im pregnant, so my life is spared either way, rite?


i find Rosemarie. shes dead. i runn and tripp on a dead skunk. i am so scared at this point i run and i fall in the woods. I dream about marring anthony and having children. they i wake up and my stomach hurts. i need to use the bathroom pronto..


That tart. i will kill her. she took my love. but guess what, i have heres, i will torture him. she has to come for him. Now i am at a shelter with luna. i cut anthony's stomach. i am about to chopp of his finger and i feel a pain. i fall to the floor and Luna gave me a paralyzing drug. she strangles me, i black out. i wake up rolled up in a sheet of plastic tied up. i count my last breaths before i black out again...

Deaths day 3

Robbie-stabbed in stomach by Luna

Depha-stabbed in heart acciedently by raven

Day 4


as i am taking my last breath, Luna cuts the plastic open, but i am still tied up. she puts tape on my mouth and get ontop of me."I am haveing a good time tortureing u, this is the best day of my life" she says. i pannick. why me!.


We are all looking for them at this point. we hear Raven scream. we open the door to see him being tortured by Luna. WTF!. i unty raven and luna flee's. we all are outside we see a massive tsunami is headed towards use. Lily's gone now, so is raven, the only person i see is anthony. we hold hands and we go go ontop of a building. Luna jumps on am pushes anthony off. he is impaled in the chest with a flagpole. i run and luna flees again...


me and christine are running and raven is with us. i look at him when were on top of a building. why did he do this to us. we all start to talk when Raven said this was his plan, killing depha and killing luna, but Luna became Homicidal. He says that being tortured was the worse feeling ever. i look at him at night, after the tsunami hit. how beautiful he look, precious hair, cute eyes, sexy lips....MY GOD....Im falling for the bad boy!

deaths day 4

Anthony-pushed off building by Luna and impaled in chest by flagepole.

the final day


i am with raven, we find ellery and we are running around. we find Luna on the beach. there is and intense scuffle between ellery and luna and ellery falls, she ok, but raven is fighting her. just as he is about to kill her, she stabbs him in the stomach. I fight her. i take a knife and stabb her in the throat. i get on top of raven and kiss him.

Annoncer: the hunger games are over. thank you to are tributes and good luck!

we won....

1 year later


i am married to raven, we are expecting twins in the summer. Ellery had a baby girl named Elisha Mae. she is married to president snows son now, we are close friends. Christine has a family now, but she will forever remember robbie. she is works for the capitol's government. raven is the gamemaker now and i am head of training life is complete...but i will always remember what brought me here.....

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