Yes, itz back

after last year, things have changed. mentors are given and things will be twisted and gutted. rules: name, age, district, abilites, weakness. ohh and guess what, 16 tributes!

We Have An Anounncement

Luna snare is back, we ressurected her from the dead, now have fun.


1-Kele Grane-D4

2-Kiriato Kauso-D2-

3-Marley sereno-D11-

4-Jacob Hills-D12-

5-Ethan Mason-D7-

6-Harrison White-D10-

7-Channing Friendlie-D11-

8-Kay Nielson-D7-



2-Carriettum Downstreet-D1-QuinnQuinn-

3-Sophie Flane_D8-

4-Feline Ster-D5

5-Summer Hills-D12-

6-Taytum Mason-D7-

7-Lacie Axelhurst-D10-

8-Luna Snare-D8-

Training Scores


1-Kele Grane-D4-11

2-Kiriato Kauso-D2-6

3-Marley sereno-D11-8

4-Jacob Hills-D12-9

5-Ethan Mason-D7-10

6-Harrison White-D10-1

7-Channing Friendlie-D11-11

8-Kay Nielson-D7-11



2-Carriettum Downstreet-D1-QuinnQuinn-10

3-Sophie Flane_D8-9

4-Feline Ster-D5-8

5-Summer Hills-D12-11

6-Taytum Mason-D7-10

7-Lacie Axelhurst-D10-8

8-Luna Snare-D8-11

The Day Before The Games..


Its good to breath again. I will kill again. I will win cuz i always win! And just becuz i died last year doesnt mean i cant win. I am gonna train somemore at the sword station, im gonna decapitate some peeps this year. I wanna make friends with the guy named Channing, He is so hot! I need an ally if im gonna win....


I cant believe the ressurected that Luna gurl, they must be desprate for action if they cant let us fight. But we will kill her again and we will win, cuzz i will not let my fellow careers die. Sorry, but your wrong if you think careers are gonna die, cuzz we will win, Watch....


That Luna is giving me googly eyes. Does she wanna team up, cuzz i really want to team up with Lacie becuz i know her and her family. I hang out with lacie after training and i asked her if she wants to team up. She says...


Uggh. Where is my sword! That sophie will die of course after that, how dare she take my sword. Well im gonna ally with Taytum and Ethan and we will Dominate. three D7 tributes, of course we'll win.

The games

The arena has been chose as New York City


i am half way up the tube on the plate and i see that im in new york city, on the friggin empire state building. 15 people surround me on top of the empire state building and the cornicopia is in the middle. i dash to the cornicopia only to be throw off the builing. as i think im gonna die, i swing in a window, on the 16 floor with a sword and skamper off to broadway.


After i throw shimmer off the builing, i see she managed to live. I get so angery i slit harrison's throat. he falls to the ground holding his throat, i kick him off the building. i manage to also kill sophie kiriato. i find channing, we run off with lacie to the GMA studios..


i am running with my brother to broadway. we are sitting on the stage talking and eating. i hear a whisper. Its Shimmer, we ally with her. She seems useful. that day was one of the best days of my life with my brother and Shimmer, we watched movie's, ate all around town and werent seem or killed. i hope i dont die soon..

Deaths day one

Harrison- Throat slit by luna

Sophie-Beaten to death


Day 2 Part 1


Help me. Im losing alot of blood from the wound on my tummy. Mommy, Mommy help me i scream. why me, why me. i go unconsious. the last image i see in channing with blood on him, picking me up.


I look around with my knife. im in time square. i heard someone walking. i stabb them in the heart and i find out its Ethan. NO NO NO.. i did not just kill my ally. bring him back. I curl up in a ball and lay there. Waiting. to die, to live, to sleep...


i hear a cannon. I look up to see D7 boy tributes face. wow. less compitition. I hear breathing. i go to get a closer l see luna over lacie with a sword. i yell at lacie to wake up. Cat fight Cat fight! they are fighting and then BOOM! blood spayed on my face with the noise cannon....

Day 2 part 2


I see Lacie and luna fighting. pulling hair, biting, nail breaking. There is a bunch of hair and Luna stands up and get her blow gun. i help lacie up and i ask Luna why does she hate lacie. she says becuz she's the only one that u liked. she shoots we duck and a cannon goes of..and the hovercraft picks up Kele. i also find Feline. The arrow whent thru kele and hit feline. i must take her in. Luna's Gone and marley is with us too


As i walk the streets, i find Taytum. She's crying and cold. We go to broadway. we walk in and i find D12 boy and girl. I cut her stomach and then i feel a pain in my back. Ow ow. this pain is horrible. The last thing i see it taytum blowing me a kiss before she leaves.


Am i that much bad luck, i killed both of my peeps. i mean really. i Run really fast now. i trip and fall and roll under a car. they go back. i see Luna and she pry's the door open. I her a boom and next thing i no, i smell burning fleash. i look its mine! Luna laughs and runs..well i gues im gonna die. as i lay there wiith bad burns to my leg. I see a person. Im gonna die. Its carriettum. she takes me to the hospital and we go down to the cafe and we her a crack and we see a 50 wave hitting the glass. we get up to the six floor intime. No cannons yet so it probably only hit us so far.

Deaths day 2

Ethan- stabbed in heart by Taytum

Kele-shot by a blow gun from Luna

Kay-stabbed in back with a sword by Shimmer

Day 3


i receive a parachute. Yay. medicine for Taytum. she always tells me to leave her. that she's bad luck. But she will suvive and i plan on winning. I put the medicine on her wound we sleep snuggly that night. I hear a noise. i look around a taytum tells me no one is there. Then Marley shoots an arrow thru her stomach. I throw a knife at him. i look to see him painful get hit in the face. BOOM. theres his cannon. "You have to win, For me, For you" Tatum says. I will, i promise. She dies looking at my face. BOOM. her cannon shouts and the hovercraft takes marley and taytum. i kiss her on the cheek and shes gone. I begin to cry and throw things. In the rubble i f a picture of us i took in the apple store. I hold on to that all night and i wont let i go...


Marley's dead. His fault, not mine. I am with lacie and feline, we are scared. we go back to the corncopia and are attacked by an unkown person in a mask. I wake up and im tied up by my feet hanging from the empire state building. Nice way to die. the Masked person is there, i ask where Feline and Lacie are. And masked person takes off the mask, OMG its...


We cant find Jacob. He leaves a note and says he is eliminating compitition. I am going for food when i hear a scream. I see Luna attacking Summer. I run in and stabb Luna in the leg only to be greeted with one in the arm. i punch luna knocking her down. I run with Summer to a mall..i see jacob with a mask and blood. He says he had to. They i see lacie jump out and gouge Jacobs eyes out. before Summer kills her, i point out a dead feline. as jacob is screaming in pain, summer lets the arrow go, hitting jacob in the chest and BOOM, BOOM two cannons. Feline and jacob are dead. Wheres channing i ask lacie. At the cornicopia she replies, Time to find Channing..

Deaths day 3

Marley-knife throw in face by Carriettum in revenge killing for taytum

Taytum-arrow in the stomach from Marley

Feline-Strangled and stabbed By jacob

Jacob-eyes gouged out by Lacie and shot in throat by Summer

Day 4: The Final Day part 1


As i walk down the streets, i see smoke. then is see someone hanging from the cornucopia. Awee shizz. Its channing. Then i see Channing fall. Splat. Hes dead. Then i see lacie, Shimmer and summer. i pick up my bow. they i see luna attack them. stabbing shimmer seven times in the chest. BOOM. Shimmers cannon. Then Lacies's Throat is slit. BOOM. Her cannon. i see Summer limping away. she is gone for now. Luna see's me. I better start running


Ow. my leg is hurting. she stabbed it. Now lacie, channing and Shimmer are dead. How nice. I dont wanna die. I risked so much. I must win for them. the deserve to have me win. the final battle is gonna happen soon. All of Asudden, The empire state builing collapse's. There is the calling for the final battle. I cant be scared anymore. I have to fight. Luna will kill Carriettum, cuz i wont kill her, and i will finally kill Luna.


I have never felt this alive. Killing is who i am. I was a natural born killer. Now i will kill Carriettum. I look for her. We fight. Then she jumps up and runs away. What a crybaby. She will die soon. I gett ontop of a builing and i spot Summer. I pick up a rock and let it go. BOOM. Theres her cannon.

Day 4: The Final Day part 1 deaths

Channing- fell to his death

Shimmer- stabbed seven times in chest by Luna

Lacie- throat slit

Summer- Skull crush by a rock Luna Dropped on her

Day 4: The final day part 2: The conclusion

This is my point of view

i see Luna running toward Carriettum. Blood thrist as ever. she attacks carriettum. She stabbs her is the stomach once. This is a bloody battle. All of a sudden. Luna is hit in the face By Carriettum. We send Wolf mutts. Luna is attacked and Carriettum sends and arrow thru her heart. BOOM. Luna's cannons. THE GAMES ARE OVER

One Year later

I am overjoyed about winning TVG2, It was hard and i wont forget my friends that are deseaced. I am carrieng on my life in the capitol. Im a good person and have a good job, good husband, and a good dog. My life is better now than ever. Im glad im here and i wouldnt change a thing. Love Carriettum....

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