This is the last one in TVG saga sadly

Okay,This is the catch, ten boy and ten girl that are deceased will be ressurected, and only ten new people will be accepted. Rules: Name, age, district, token, abilies, weaknesses, and weapon.

This is more of a fanfct than a games type thing, i am putting parts up, Not tributes, but parts

Prezzie Milly- Milly

Gamemaker- Justafox AKA Luke

Sunshine"Suni" Buttercup- Christine


1-Haf Niber-D1-Myne

2-Jax Kates-D2-Myne

3-Mark Bull-D10

4-Jacob Hills-D12-

5-Channing Friendlie-D11-

6-Kay Nielson-D7-

7-Rune sereno-D11-

8-Sheen Harris-D4-5-

9-Robbie Moore-D11-8-



12-Matthew Jones-D12-Myne

13-Feddie Bonnkin-D6-Myne

14-Jeramy Al-D4-Myne

15-Henry SaundersMyne



18-Kean Faust-D3-Myne


20-Jolen Stanza-D6-Myne

21-Sharpy Yup-Capitol Kid-Myne



2-Rasberry Swan-D11-

3-Ari St. Claire-D4-


5-Luna Snare-D8-

6-Lacie Axelhurst-D10-

7-Taytum Mason-D7-

8-Summer Hills-D12-

9-Katherine Loula-ILP-D5-7-

10-Depha Harris-D4-9-Myne

11-Colorado Garcia-D2-Myne

12-Avianna Jones-D11-Myne

13-Brie Jensen-D10-Myne

14-Stephanie Crystal Bellison-D12-Myne

15-Lila Woods-D7-Myne

16-Rose Juna Ice-D1-Myne


18-Blair Rosetta-D2-Myne

19-Brielle Moio-D4-Myne

20-Tobi Odair-D4-Myne

21-Miily Gerno-Capitol Kid-Myne

Prezzie Milly

"The way in which our tributes perform during training sessions gives us a 'sneak peek' at how they are to execute their abilities in the arena. Training scores show the tributes their chance of winning the Hunger Games, whether it be a small chance, or a large one."

Gamemaker Luke AKA Justafox

“You would fall, and turn the snow, red as strawberries in summertime.” – Birdy

The arena of this year is a tundra, snow, mud and grasfields. But this ain’t a normal arena, this one is special. Extraordinary. Our 40 tributes will be locked in a death cage filled with: dinosaurs, mutts, cavemen and dangerous animals. Were our tributes friends, or enemies? It doesn’t matter, because only one will find the key of the cage

Chariot Rides


The girls are first. Luna is the one that make the impression. She wears the faces of her victims on her dress. The crowed goes banana's! But move over Luna! New-comers Avianna, Tobi and Brielle all hold hands and the crowd is starting to jump the railing, throwing money and rose's.

The Guys are awesome. Everyone is waiting a BOOM Haf Appears and steals the show. Dressed like a greek god. he has a spear out like he is gonna kill. Kay steals the show then dressed like Peeta Mellark, and the crowd gasps when Peeta actually makes it to te podium after having typhoid, Which killed Katniss and buttercup, Prims cat. Peeta discusses how hard it was to lose katniss, but he says he has there children which make it better for him to mourn. Prezzzie snow comes up and tells peeta that the kids do not have to compete in the hunger games or victor games ever. Peeta mellark also discusses how important the victor games are. He also points out luna or kay will be the winner this year. And then, before he is done, confesses that he is infact luna's father, That Katniss and peeta actually did have the baby right after the quarter quell but she gave it up for adoption. The crowd gasps again and then they go crazy and the stands collapse, thus making the tributes run to the exit gate. Chrys hair gets stuck and it is chopped off and she has a boys hair cut, so they shave her head and give her a wig.

Training Center

its not normal this year, i will have 16 tributes, same Gamemaker Luke. Luke's is first so enjoy!

Gamemaker Luke's Training POV

Sheen goes straight for the trident, and makes the other tributes die mentally. After he killed 20 training dummies, he joins the other careers to watch the skills of the other tributes.He sees a lot of tributes that could turn out to be the victor. Suddenly, he hears someone screaming. It’s Taytum, she fell of a training object. All the careers start making fun of her. Ari, starts calling Taytum names. ‘You’re going down, girl.’ Taytum replies. The careers start laughing again, not noticing someone is following them.

Mark, Mark Bull. The boy from district 10; he first goes to the survival station, and then starts attacking dummies with his whip.The careers are deeply impressed by this, Sheen has a quite jealous look on his face. I don’t think Sheen will be an awesome ally to Mark, if the careers let them join. Later Jacob joins Mark at the agility station, Marks fails the test. But Jacob ducks, jumps and dodges everything. And completes the training station without a little pain.

As Lacie is following the careers, she finds out a lot: The D2 boy is not very smart, the girl from 1 is just a.. Well, the D2 girl seems clever. After Lacie has enough information, she joins Summer at the station of survival; they plan to ally in the arena. Summers knows how to survive, Lacie knows how to kill. She’s a tall, girl with red, brownish hair. They dance like feathers around her head, she is beautiful. AndKay seems to notice that too.

Robbie is just crying in a corner, all the tributes want to stab them.But, they can’t. Rune is throwing spears, and hits targets. For every 5 throws, he hits 2 dummies.Luna is behind him, and “accidently” hits him with the side of her spear. He’s not that injured, just bleeding. Luna says sorry, but Rune keeps holding a grudge against her.

Katherine, and Rasberry are having a fight; calling names, and other stuff.Katherine tries to punch the other girl, but she ducks. Peacekeepers come and take the girls away, their screaming goes through the whole building. Searching for the door, searching for a way out.

Anthony starts flirting with Shimmer, who is not interested. She laughs, he replies with a word that fits him perfectly, and she walks away. Whispering to herself: ‘We’ll see who turns out to be victor.”


I see haf decapitating stuff bodies by the second. But Finnick Odair starts using his trident and is wacking them all, he hits all the targets. Aviana, brielle and tobi are at the station for healing. Tobi cut's herself and aviana and Brielle watch as Tobi heals herself with moss like Rue did for Katniss in the 74th games. Blair starts messing with the arrows and one slide off and near hits Chrys. Chrys and Blair start fighting when haymitch dumps liqiour on both of them and says thats enough. They get up and then from all the way across the room, effie screams out "Manners!". Cato, A guy they restored from the 74th games it going hard with his sword. They all of asudden BOOM and they play all of the hunger games and victor games for them all to watch and stratigize. Next thing i here is Tobie whisper "We are so gonna win..,"

The Games, My POV

it is about to begin, the games. 40 TRIBUTES STAND ON THERE PLATES. I am nervous. BOOM the gong goes off and i see tributes running, and i also see tigers and lions running forward. The tributes are so scared they dont kill eachother, they kill the animals. BOOM. the capitol girl Miily has her throat ripped out by a tiger. a pod comes out and decapitates 5 tributes, Rose Juna, Rue, Lila,Freddie, and Kean. Julian, Jacob and Jearmy, Stephanie, Summer, Ari, katherine, Depha, brie, Blair, Mark, Robbie, Henry, Alex and Jolen are eaten by zombie's. by the end of the bloodbath 29 tributes are left to either die or live.

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