the first annnual Silent stabbing games

okay, the rules are that u sign ur name at the bottom with two charaters names and there abilities and district, u cant pick 2 didtricts only one. Training scores will be up first and then Each hour at least 2-4 people will be killled off till the final 8..then only one each hour.....This is the first one, but please sign up!!!!!!!!!!!!

D1-boy-brandon downstreet-QuinnQuinn-score-9-stabbed to death by alliance team jilly and rose, both are considered the killers because the were stabbing at the same time

D1-girl-Cariettum Downstreet-QuinnQuinn-score-10-Dead-first victim-killed by cecelia when she stabbed her in the neck with a knife.

D2-boy-michael vermas-Iluvgale-7-dead-killed by luna after she drown him

D2-girl-jilly markes-iluvgale-9-

D3-boy-johnathan day-millie n. hodgins-10-dead-killed by rose jones after she poisions him with pink paint.

D3-girl-cecelia corrigan-millie n. hodgens-6-dead-murder by rose after she attackes rose and rose stabbes her with the trident that killed her brother

D4-boy-nickolas breiri-theseveroussnape-5-dead-bleed out after being stabbed by river from D6

D4-girl-luna daris-theseveroussnape-9-decapitated by a flying sheat of metal

D5-girl-rose jones-iluvgale-8

D5-boy-spark jones-iluvgale-7-dead-killed by Cecelia corrigan for revenge-was severly muttalated with a trident

D6-boy-sutton-wolverine-8-gutted by herba

D6-girl-river-wolverine-4-killed by trackerjackers

D7-boy-orgrassu cramer-trd-1killed by trackerjackers

D7-girl-herba hemway-trd-9

D8-boy-jack-peetasucks-7-dead-throat slit by herba


D9-boy-Yancolis Fanbelli -Keap- 9-killed by jacob after he attacks him only to be greeted with a wooden stake to the heart.

D9-girl-kation kiel-Keap-12

D10-boy-tykwon-thehungergamesarenottilght-9-killed by trackerjackers

D10-girl-christine-thehungergamesarenottwilight-8-dead-aphyciated by kation after katin strangled her with her own scarf


D11-girl-abby-primrose33-12-dead-killed by tykwon after abby cut tykwon's legg and he burried her alive.

D12-boy-jacob hills-primrose33-6

D12-girl-summer hills-primrose33-11-

Final 8

D12-girl-summer hills-

D12-boy-jacob hills-


D9-girl-Kation Kiel-dead-killed in self defense by rose after kation killed jilly, she attacked rose and rose killed her


D7-girl-herba hemingway-

D5-girl-Rose Jones-

D2-girl-jilly markes-dead-killed by kation after kation slammed her head in a tree, ultimatly killing her

The Feast

D12-girl-summer hills-alive-formed alliance with Rose to live-

D12-boy-jacob hills-dead-killed by herba after she thru a axe in his stomach..last moments: looking into his sisters eyes after she sings to him

D11-boy-josh-killed by Summer after she retaliates from her brothers death from herba, so she saw Josh and summer shot him with a arrow in the abdomin and left him to bleed to death.

D8-girl-Scarlett-alive-barely survived the feast, watching her back now-

D7-girl-herba hemingway-alive-kills anyone she sees, but will sooner or later have to battle summer

D5-girl-Rose Jones-alive-formed an alliance with Summer to live-



D12-girl-summer hills-Won

D7-girl-herba hemingway-Died

D5-girl-Rose Jones-'Won

The final day is here and a announcement is made that people who form alliance can survive. As Scarlett turns the tree she is met by a knife and is threatened by Summer, but her and summer and rose for together and confront Herba. As Herba manages to run, they are all confronted by giant bear muttions of there fellow tributes. The run to the cornicopia and all manage to get on there and begin to fight. Herba stabs Rose in the stomach and throws Scarlett to the mutts, so with no one to help her, summer is now being choked by her and is in a choke hold. Herba pulls out a plastic bag in one hand and tells Summer that she was told by her mentor to make you suffer, so she thought that taking away her air was the only way to make her indefinatly hurt, just as the bag is placed on summers head, Herba is attacked by scarlett and is stabbed by her and summer put the plastic bag on her head and kicks her down to the blood-thirst mutts. As they watch Herba die horribly, Rose spits on herba and calls her a nasty hoochi. after 2 hours, Herba pleas to die and Summer, Rose and Scarlett pull out a bow and each hit a main artery at the same time, Rose its her in the heart. Scarlett hits her in the throat. and after she is still moving, Summer delivers the death-blow to the head and a hovercraft picks them up, ten years later a interview is set, and shows them all married and also shows how Rose never got over her brothers death, same with Summer, the final moments are all of the survivers and the husbands and kids waving goodbye at the camera and it goes black...thus ending the first silent stabbing games!!!!!

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