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Welcome To The 110th Annual Hunger Games!

“and so it was decreed, that each year the twelve districts of Panem shall offer up in tribute one young man and woman, between the ages of 12 and 18, to be trained in the art of survival, and to be prepared to fight to the death.”

It is the Year of the 110th annual hunger games, And President Snow has just died. In His Honour, the new president has decided some Twists will be added!

The Arena

A jungle with an Volacano which erupts every night.

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The Arena is a Massive Jungle with a Volacano which erupts every night and Destroys any Human Life in its path so, the tributes must find special holes that lead to an underground forest which they spend the night. If they do not, they die. Theyre are Dinosaurs scattered over the jungle plus Tiger Mutts.

Good luck!

Tribute Form

Full Name:




Preferred Weapon: 3 Words To Describe Your Character:

Preferred Alliance: ( See Below)

( I'll make up personality Etc.)


The Careers:

The Young Ones:

The Different:

The Sly/Sneaky:

The Others:

No Alliance:


SP's = Sponsor Points

You start with 100 SP's when you make a Character . You can get things for your tribute or another you like.

How to Get SP's.

  • Make a character: 100 SP's
  • Make Another: 10 SP's
  • Suggest Idea: 50 SP'S ( dont suggest like 10 ideas please or your tribute is in Peril! )
  • If I use it: 100 SP'S
  • All Last 10: 50 SP'S
  • Sponsor Question at the end of each day 100 points for first answer.

All last 5: 100 SP'S

Things You Can Get

Iodine - enough for 5 bottles (10 points)

A box of crackers (10 points)

A bowl of soup (10 points)

A bottle of water - already pure (11 points)

A sleeping bag (10 points)

Burn ointment (10 points)

Anti infection ointment (8 points)

First aid kit (13 points) no meds except fever reducer, caffeine rushes and pain killers

Spile to get water out of trees (13 points)

Extra Arrows (15 Points)

Dagger (200 points)

Sword (350 points )

Bow and arrows with 20 arrows (200 points)

Throwing knives (100 points)

Meal (10 points)

Jacket (20 points)

Trident (350 points)

Mutt repellent (50 points) - available for 5 uses keeps mutts away within a 10m radius for an Hour.

A week's worth of food (250 points)

All Medication (250 points)

Tent (50 points)

A backpack (300 points) - holds a sleeping bag for two, iodine, a bottle unfilled, a knife, a jacket, throwing knives, and a box of crackers

Poison (50 Points) One Dose.

Going Away Notices

  1. SilverCrownFoxface Away For a week starting 25th July 2012.

Tribute List

District 1 M:

District 1 F:

District 2 M: RESERVED

District 2 F: RESERVED

District 3 M

District 3 F:

District 4 M: RESERVED

District 4 F: RESERVED

District 5 M:

District 5 F

District 6 M:

District 6 F

District 7 M

District 7 F

District 8 M

District 8 F

District 9 M

District 9 F

District 10 M

District 10 F:

District 11 M:

District 11 F:

District 12 M

District 12 F:

( Im Leaving Escorts and Mentors out. They're NPC's... You can make up their names. )

Rules And Useful Info

  • You can Have 4 characters at the most. But please dont take whole districts.
  • Try and Get a Lunaii and Real pic of your Character in the Tribute Form.
  • Most Characters will get a POV. The High standard ones will get lots.
  • In this HG there is a Tribute ball the night before the Games. You are paired like this, First Tribute girl and First Tribute boy + Second Tribute girl and Second Tribute boy. in each District
  • No God modding/ Perfect Characters.... Yeah.
  • Please Try to Join!!!!! This is my First hunger games so I need Tributes!
  • Anyone Can Join. Even if you're Cato! ( I know that Makes no sense... Bear with Me)
  • if you are going away tell me and i'll post in on the going away notice.

Please Read this.

Training Scores


Let The 110th Annual Hunger games begin!

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